War Memorials Trust works to protect and conserve war memorials in the UK. The charity relies on donations to provide conservation advice, facilitate grants and manage War Memorials Online.

If you can help this work, please make an online donation here today. By clicking the donate button you will be taken to the online giving website managed for War Memorials Trust by CAF Donate. Once your donation is complete you can return to War Memorials Online homepage.

Alternatively, find out more about supporting War Memorials Trust at This includes information on joining the charity, standing orders and legacy gifts.

We cannot accept donations towards specific war memorials. Check the record for a war memorial to see if the custodian information is given on the Protection tab if you are looking to support a specific war memorial.

If you have a concern about a war memorial being at risk, neglected, damaged or threatened please report this via the ‘Report a concern with this memorial’ button on the relevant war memorial record on War Memorials Online. If the memorial is not yet recorded, please add it first.

Concerns reported through War Memorials Online, and condition updates indicating Poor or Very bad condition will be investigated by the staff at War Memorials Trust. Please ensure you add photographs to your report or to the war memorial record so staff can make an assessment.  

We encourage you to report concerns and submit condition reports to War Memorials Online in the first instance. War Memorials Trust’s Conservation Officers work remotely meaning if concerns are reported on War Memorials Online they have immediate access to this information rather than having to wait for it to be processed in the office.

War Memorials Trust's small team are sadly unable to visit every war memorial we deal with as part of our grants work or casework. We are therefore asking for help from members of the public with visiting or researching a number of specific war memorials to assist us with cases where we need further information.

We have added these cases as Can you help? requests to War Memorials Online. You can find them by going to the Memorials page, filtering results and selecting 'Can you help?' under condition.

There are three different types of Can you help? Requests:

  • Post grant condition update and photographs; War Memorials Trust previously awarded funding to these cases and would like someone to visit to ensure the war memorial is being appropriately cared for. In these cases we would like an up to date condition update and recent photographs of the memorial to be added to the war memorial record
  • Current condition update and photographs; War Memorials Trust may have received a report that a memorial is at risk or in Very bad or Poor condition, but insufficient or out-of-date information to accompany this report. For these cases we would like a current condition survey and photographs to be added directly to the War Memorials Online record so we can identify if any action from the Trust is required
  • Finally, there are a number of war memorials which are missing due to building closures/buildings being demolished etc. If you have information about a missing war memorial we would be most grateful if you could add a comment to the War Memorials Online record so we can investigate further

In each case the information required will appear under the Can you help? section of the individual war memorial record.

We would be very grateful for your help with these cases. To find Can you help? requests near you, go to the Memorials page enter your postcode as the search term in the location search and set the radius to how far you are willing to travel. Filter your results by condition, selecting 'Can you help?' and click the yellow Filter results button. If there are any requests near you they will appear as mustard pins with a question mark in them. Thank you!


War Memorials Trust has been working with Historic England Education to develop teaching materials that guide school pupils and youth groups through collecting and adding information about their local war memorials to War Memorials Online. These materials are available on our learning website,

Over the course of the centenary of the First World War, Civic Voice created a War Memorials Condition Survey Toolkit as part of the First World War Memorials Programme.

The kit is designed to be used alongside War Memorials Online and will help you to identify the condition of a war memorial and record this information online to kick-start any action that is needed.  Find the toolkit here.

If you have physical artefacts or materials associated with war memorials then please visit our FAQs page for further information on what you can do with these.