About war memorials

Find out more on the 'what is a war memorial?' page.

Read our definitions to see if your item fits. Alternatively contact the project with a description and photograph and we will let you know.

As discussed on the definition of a war memorial page an addition to a grave can be considered a war memorial. Visit 'what is a war memorial?' to find out more.

Most reports of war memorials in 'Poor' or 'Very bad' condition are passed to War Memorials Trust to investigate. However, due to the complexities around 'Additions to graves' these cases are not dealt with by the charity and further information on the reasons for that can be found on WMT's website.

Ownership of a war memorial can be straightforward but in some cases it is unclear or complex. War Memorials Online uses the term custodian rather than owner as sometimes ownership is not legally defined but an individual or organisation has taken on responsibility. War Memorials Trust's helpsheet on 'Ownership of war memorials' is a good starting point for further information. Local authorities and councils may take on responsibility for war memorials but they are not obliged to as outlined in War Memorials Trust's helpsheet on legislation.

War memorials have traditionally been erected and paid for by local communities. They generally remain the responsibility of the local community through custodians such as councils, churches, organisations and individuals. War Memorials Trust supports the repair and conservation of war memorials through grant programmes and other sources of funding are available for war memorial projects.

War memorials are part of the local community and it remains the responsibility of the local community to look after them. Getting involved in this can be undertaken in a variety of ways.
If you want to do something about a specific war memorial then you should always ensure you speak to whoever owns or maintains the war memorial first. You should also be aware of the impact of any proposals on the integrity of the memorial and recognise that there are appropriate treatments and procedures which should take into account the type of memorial. For further advice, you can discuss your concern with War Memorials Trust.

About War Memorials Online

Find out more about the project on the About the project page.

War Memorials Online is run by War Memorials Trust with the support of Historic England. Find out more on our supporting organisations page.

Information on war memorials submitted to War Memorials Online is accessible to the public and will be made available to the IWM’s War Memorials Archive, Historic Environment Records and other heritage bodies to support the protection and conservation of the nation’s war memorial heritage.

By sharing information with War Memorials Online, you will be contributing towards a comprehensive understanding of the condition of war memorials across the country. War Memorials Trust and Historic England will use this information to find ways to protect and conserve war memorials for future generations.

Memorial search

There are two different options to search: keyword and location. The name by which the memorial is identified on War Memorials Online may differ from that by which the memorial is known within the local community. You may need to search creatively, for example search using the parish, suburb or town name. Additionally on the Memorials page you can add filters for condition, description and conflict options. If you know the location of the memorial or are trying to find memorials in a certain area we would recommend using the location search, one of the easiest ways to search is using post code, although we appreciate this is not always available. If you cannot locate your memorial after trying both the keyword and location search then it may not be on the website in which case please do add a memorial.

In order to create a new memorial you must complete both stages of the adding process. This means you must have completed two pages. On the first page you add the memorial's location on the map, give the memorial record a title and add address details. You must then click ‘Continue’. You then move on to page two where you will be asked to add memorial details (type/description/materials etc.). At the bottom of page 2 you will have the option to ‘Create memorial’. You will then be able to view the memorial record you have created. If you believe information has not been saved contact War Memorials Online with details of what you tried to add.

Adding a war memorial

To add a memorial you need to be on the 'Memorials' page. Click on the ‘Add a memorial’ link when you are ready to add your memorial to War Memorials Online.


Due to our system there are some restrictions on the size of images that can be uploaded. When you click ‘submit a new image’ on the memorial page you will be taken to the ‘submit a new image’ page. On this page all the details about photograph size can be found. At present this is a maximum size of 5MB. You may need to reduce the size of your image before you can upload. Acceptable formats include png, gif, jpg and jpeg.

Underneath each photograph on the website, in the bottom right of the blue box is a link to 'report image'. Click on ‘report image’ which takes you to the 'Report inappropriate content' page, select ‘Other’ and advise that the photograph should be removed. Once you submit this report the image will be removed.

No, you should only report an image that you believe is inappropriate. Please do not report images because you have uploaded another one - we want to see different images over time and the memorial from different perspectives. Add your additional image and make sure you have an accurate date for date photo taken thus adding to the timeline of images showing below the main image.

Please use the report buttons on the relevant war memorial page to let us know. We will review the report as soon as we are able and will take appropriate action and advise you of the outcome.

Any materials uploaded to War Memorials Online are considered non-confidential and non-proprietary and can be used for most purposes. Appropriate acknowledgement to contributors should be made, and materials cannot be used for commercial purposes. Further information can be found in Terms and Conditions points 4.4 to 4.6.

Incorrect/wrong information

Use the edit information buttons to make changes or use the report buttons to let us know. If we need to take action we will then review this as soon as we are able and advise you of the outcome.

War Memorials Online is aware that sometimes location information is inaccurate and part of this project is to request help to correct this. If you know where the memorial should be located we would greatly appreciate you editing the memorial record to show the correct location of the memorial. You can do so by selecting ‘Edit memorial location & address’ and adjusting the position of the pin on the map.

This is a technical issue which occurs on some systems of this type. You should be able to re-enter the editing section and amend again and it will correct itself. If you are having an ongoing problem with this issue then contact us and provide details of the record(s) and what needs to be corrected and we will investigate this for you.

Additional/missing information

There are a number of ways you can add information to War Memorials Online.

  • You may want to add general details to the ‘About the memorial’ section.
  • The ‘Comments’ tab will enable you to add information which cannot be edited.
  • The ‘Links’ tab allows you to add links to your own or other websites with relevant information about the memorial.
  • The ‘Names’ tab offers you the chance to share inscription details.
  • Information for the ‘Protection’ tab can be submitted but will not appear immediately due to this being legal and statutory information which needs to be reviewed before appearing on the website.

County boundaries and local authority areas change from time to time. This could create a significant amount of work in the future readjusting records when these changes take place. We are investigating options so that if this can be included, in a way that makes the project manageable, it will be. We are taking our time to get the right answer rather than creating something which does not work in the long-term.

Historical information and material might include original meeting minutes, unveiling programmes, newspaper cuttings and photographs from any time since a memorial was planned and erected. Whilst information can be uploaded to War Memorials Online it does not hold an archive and encourages the public to share such holdings with relevant organisations. If you have physical material or background information then please consider contacting one or more of the following:

IWM (Imperial War Museums)
Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road London SE1 6HZ
T: 020 7207 9863/9851
E: memorials@iwm.org.uk
W: www.iwm.org.uk/warmemorials

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS)
RCAHMS, John Sinclair House, 16 Bernard Terrace, Edinburgh EH8 9NX
T: 0131 662 1456
E: info@rcahms.gov.uk
W: www.rcahms.gov.uk / http://canmore.rcahms.gov.uk

Historic Environment Records - England
Many English HERs can be accessed via Heritage Gateway to be searched.

Local museums or historical societies

Local schools may be able to use resources particularly if they are working on war memorials with support from War Memorials Trust's Learning website.


Condition information changes overtime and can also be subjective. Condition reports are therefore fixed information which cannot be edited. Instead we enable people to upload an unlimited number of condition reports thus creating a timeline which can be viewed to show any changes. Please keep adding condition updates to create a record of condition overtime

When you click on 'submit a condition update' the condition page provides information on this. There are also helpsheets available on Good, Fair/Poor and Very bad condition.


Use the ‘Report this link’ option below the link. This will remove the link once you have reported it. When reporting select ‘Other’ and advise that it is not working or is a duplicate in the comments field. Please note for a link to work it must start http://

Report the broken link using the ‘Report this link’ option below the link. This will remove it from the website and enable War Memorials Online to review the details.


Your account will be locked after five failed attempts to logon to your account due to an incorrect password. To have your account unlocked:

  • Contact War Memorials Online
  • Enter:
    Your name in the Name field
    Your email address in the Email field
  • Explain your account is locked in the message field and provide your user name. Please tell us if you believe you have entered your password correctly or not and any other problems you have found when trying to logon.