Malden and Coombe

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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Roadside
Description: Cenotaph
  • Metal Bronze
  • Stone Stone (any)
Lettering: Inscribed on a plaque
  • First World War (1914-1918)
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: Located outside Waitrose (the former Town Hall). Memorial has Second World War bomb damage still evident. Metal name panels have been fixed over the original carved names which were part obliterated by bomb damage. Plaque to note same.
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Lower Tier 6 o'clock face-IN GRATEFUL MEMORY OF THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR KING AND COUNTRY IN THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918 On the joint between the lower tier and the plinth 6 o'clock face-AND ALSO THE 1939-1945 WAR 3 o'clock face Plaque 1-1914-1918/ Lieutenant H.O.B. Firman VC/S.S. "Julnar", Royal Navy/ Died age 20 0n 24 April 1916 3 o'clock face Plaque 2- [WW2 military names] 9 o'clock face Plaque 1- [WW1 names] 12 o'clock face Plaque 1- [WW2 civilian names] 12 o'clock face Plaque 2-DAMAGE TO THIS MEMORIAL/WAS CAUSED BY A GERMAN BOMB/WHICH FELL TWENTY FEET AWAY/ON 16TH OCTOBER 1940 6 o'clock face- THIS PLAQUE TO COMMEMORATE THE CENTENARY OF/THE GREAT WAR 1914-1919/AND/IN MEMORY OF ALL MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES/INCLUDING POLICE FIRE AND AMBULANCE SERVICES/WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE SERVICE OF OUR COUNTRY/SINCE THE END OF BOTH WARS/LAID BY THE MALDEN AND COOMBE BRANCH OF TYHE/ROYAL BRITISH LEGION/WE WILL REMEMBER THEM Civilians Plaque- In memory of all the civilians/of Malden and Coombe/killed by enemy action//In recognition of the services/provided and the support given/by civilians and by military/personnel in times of conflict/and in times of peace. Bazalgette Plaque- Acting Squadron Leader Ian Willoughby Bazalgette V.C. D.F.C./R.AF.V.R. 635 Squadron/On 4th August 1944, Squadron Leader Bazalgette was 'master bomber' of a Pathfinder squadron/detailed to mark an important target at Trossy St Maximin for the main bomber force.//When nearing the target the Lancaster came under heavy anti-aircraft fire. Both starboard engines/were put out of action and serious fire broke out in the fuselage and the starboard main-plane//The bomb aimer was badly wounded., he pressed on gallantly to the target,/marking and bombing it accurately. That the attack was successful was due to his magnificent/effort.//After the bombs had been dropped the Lancaster dived, practically out of control. By expert airmanship and great exertion Squadron-Leader Bazalgette regained control. But the port inner/engine then failed and the whole of the starboard main-plane became a mass of flames. Squadron-Leader Bazalgette fought bravely to bring his aircraft and crew to safety.//The mid-upper gunner was overcome by fumes. Squadron-Leader Bazalgette then ordered those/of his crew who were able to leave by parachute to do so. He remained at the controls and/attempted the almost hopeless task of landing the crippled and blazing aircraft in a last effort to/save the wounded bomb aimer and helpless air gunner.//With superb skill, and taking great care to avoid a small French village nearby, he brought the/aircraft down safely. Unfortunately, it then exploded and the gallant officer and his two comrades/perished.//His heroic sacrifice marked the climax of a long career of operations against the enemy. He always/chose the most dangerous and exacting roles. His courage and devotion to duty were beyond/praise./4th August 1944-Senantes, north west of Beauvais, France Barton Plaque-Pilot Officer Cyril Joe Barton V.C./R.A.F.V.R. 578 Squadron/On the night of 30th March 1944, Pilot Officer Barton was captain and pilot of a Halifax aircraft of/578 Squadron detailed to attack Nuremberg. When some 70 miles short of the target, the aircraft/was attacked by a Junkers 88.//The first burst of fire from the enemy aircraft made the intercommunication system useless. One/engine was damaged when a Messerschmitt 210 joined the fight. The bomber's machine guns/were unable to return the fire.//Fighters continued to attack the aircraft as it approached the target area and, in the confusion/caused by the failure of the intercommunication system at the height of battle, a signal was/misinterpreted and the navigator, air bomber and wireless operator left the aircraft by parachute.//Pilot Officer Barton faced a situation of dire peril. His aircraft was damaged, his navigational team/had gone, and he could not communicate with the remainder of the crew.//If he continued his mission, he would be at the mercy of hostile fighters which silhouetted against/the fires in the target areas and if he survived, he would have to make a 4 1/2 hours journey home on/three engines across heavily defended territory. Determined to press home his attack at all costs, he flew on and, reaching the target, released the bomb himself.// As Pilot Officer Barton turned for home the propeller of the damaged engine, which was vibrating/badly, flew off. It was discovered that two of the petrol tanks had suffered damage and were/leaking. Pilot Officer Barton held to his course and, without navigational aids and in spite of strong/head winds, successfully avoided the most dangerous defence areas on his route.//Eventually he crossed the English coast only 90 miles north of his base. By this time the petrol/supply was nearly exhausted. Before a suitable landing place could be found, the port engines/stopped. The aircraft was now too low to be abandoned successfully.//Pilot Officer Barton therefore ordered the three remaining members of his crew to take up their/crash stations. Then, with only one engine working, he made a gallant attempt to land clear of the/houses over which he was flying. The aircraft finally crashed and Pilot Officer Barton lost his life,/but his three comrades survived//Pilot Officer Barton had previously taken part in 4 attacks on Berlin and 14 other operational/missions. On one of these, two members of the crew were wounded during a determined effort to/locate the target despite appalling weather conditions.//In gallantly completing his last mission in the face of almost impossible odds, this officer displayed/unsurpassed courage and devotion to duty./31st March 1944-Ryhope Colliery, Sunderland, England Firman Plaque- Lieutenant Humphrey Osbaldeston Brooke Firman V.C./R.N./At 8 pm on April 24th, 1916, with a crew from the Royal Navy under Lieutenant Firman, R.N./assisted by Lieutenant Commander Cowley, R.N.V.R., the 'Julnar' carrying 270 tons of supplies,/left Falahiyah, in an attempt to reach Kut.//Her departure was covered by all artillery and machine gun fire that could be brought to bear, in/the hope of distracting the enemy's attention. She was, however, discovered and shelled on her/passage up the river.//At 1 a.m. on the 25th, General Townshend reported that she had not arrived, and that at midnight/a burst of heavy firing had been heard at Magasia, some 9 miles from Kut by river, which had/suddenly ceased.//There could be little doubt that the enterprise had failed, and the next day the Air Service/reported the 'Julnar' in the hands of the Turks at Magasia.//The leaders of this brave attempt, Lieutenant H.O.B. Firman, R.N. and his assistant, Lieutenant -/Commander C.H. Cowley R.N.V.R. the latter of whom throughout the campaign in Mesopotamia/performed magnificent service in command of the 'Majdish' have been reported by the Turks to/have been killed, the remainder of the gallant crew, including five wounded, are prisoners of war.//Knowing well the chances against them, all the gallant officers and men who manned the 'Julnar'/for the occasion were volunteers./24th April 1916-River Tigris, Mesopotamia Tree Plaque- 2010/PLANTED THROUGH DONATIONS/FROM THE CITIZENS OF/MALDEN AND COOMBE/IN MEMORY OF THOSE/CIVILIANS OF THIS TOWN/KILLED BY ENEMY ACTION/1939-1945

Grade II (England)


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