Blackpool War Memorial

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Reference WMO121900


Central Promenade

Princess Parade




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War Memorials Trust case: War Memorials Trust needs to avoid Contributors changing location/description details as we help to protect and conserve this war memorial through our casework. You can add photographs, update condition and use the tabs below. If you believe any of the information you cannot edit is wrong or information is missing, please contact us.

Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Roadside
Description: Obelisk
Lettering: Leaded
About the memorial: The Blackpool war memorial is a Grade II Listed granite obelisk on three-stepped plinth and set of square steps located on the seafront. Each side of the plinth has large bronze reliefs depicting allegories of Victory, Grief and Justice. There are also four smaller reliefs of servicemen. Alongside the main obelisk are two freestanding chest tombs with covers of cast bronze listing the names of the fallen.
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Front (West) Face: IN MEMORY OF/ OUR/ GLORIOUS DEAD/ 1914 - 1918/ 1939 - 1945 Rear (East) Face: IN MEMORY OF/ OUR/ GLORIOUS DEAD/ 1914 - 1918/ 1939 - 1945

Names Panels show name and service/unit. These names are taken from official records. WW1: Adcock, S., Addison, E., Ainsworth, J.E., Allday, S., Allen, James Matthew, Allen, Percy, Allen, Robert, Ambler, Edmund, Ambler, G.H., Anderson, Alban, Anderson, T.C., Anderson, W., Andrew, G., Andrew, R., Andrews, T., Annand, George H., Armistead, T.C., Armitage, B., Armitt, G., Armitt, J., Arnold, A., Arrowsmith, J.F., Arton, N., Ashbridge, T., Ashcroft, A., Ashcroft, Joseph Henry, Ashcroft, W.H., Ashforth, C.W., Ashridge, A., Ashton, E.S., Ashton, T., Ashworth, F., Ashworth, H., Aspinall, F.C., Aspinall, W.S., Atkinson, J., Atkinson, J.H., Atkinson, Richard, Atkinson, W.P., Audsley, J., Austin, H.A., Bagot, Thomas, Bailey, E., Balderstone, H.H., Ball, J., Bamber, F.W., Bamber, R., Barker, J., Barlow, J., Barlow, S., Barnes, A., Barnes, Harry, Barnes, W., Barraclough, H., Barrett, Fred, Barrett, G.E., Barrow, E., Barrow, J., Barrow, R., Barrow, W., Barton, J., Barton, John Willie, Bates, D., Bates, N., Baylis, A.E., Bazley, R., Beaumont, G., Beaumont, Harold, Bell, Charles, Bell, E.W., Bell, W., Bellarby, H., Bennett, J.A., Bennett, Reginald George, Bennett, W., Benson, J.W.S., Bentley, C., Bentley, F.H., Bentley, O., Bernardt, A., Best, R.J., Bibby, W., Bickerstaffe, J.E., Biltcliffe, P., Binns, T., Birchall, H., Bishop, Arnold, Blackhurst, C., Blacow, R., Blane, S.T., Blaylock, W., Blezard, T., Blundell, A.G., Boardman, H., Boardman, J., Boardman, R., Boden, Lewis, Bolton, J.H., Bone, S., Boothroyd, W., Bottomley, B., Bottomley, E., Boughey, S.H.P., Bowden, Herbert, Bowman, L.J., Boyer, Herbert, Boyle, G., Bradley, E.T., Bradley, Richard, Bradley, W., Braithwaite, J., Briggs, A.S., Briggs, V.J., Broadley, W., Bromwell, J.P., Brooke, William, Brookes, John Robert, Brookman, C.H., Brough, J., Broughton, J.B., Brown, A.H., Buckley, E., Buckley, L., Bullock, W.J., Burns, W., Bury, E., Butcher, H., Butcher, John R, Butler, E., Butler, J., Butler, S., Butterworth, D.V., Butterworth, P., Bywater, G., Callaghan, J., Callow, F.Edward, Calvert, H.B., Calvert, J.N., Calvert, R., Cameron, John Gordon, Campbell, Thomas Alfred, Capstick, W., Cardwell, A.S., Cardwell, Cornelius, Cardwell, E.W., Cardwell, F., Cardwell, F.J., Cardwell, H., Cardwell, John William, Cardwell, T., Cardwell, W., Cardwell, William Henry, Carney, T., Carr, R., Carter, J., Cartmell, G., Cartmell, J., Cartmell, J., Cartmell, J., Cartmell, Robert, Cartmell, T., Cartmell, T., Cartwright, J.H., Caveney, J., Caveney, W., Chadwick, T.L., Cheetham, W., Clark, D.J.S., Clark, G.F., Clarkson, A., Clarkson, Robert E., Clearer, J.R.D., Clegg, J.H.B., Cleghorn, John, Clements, Joseph William, Clinch, J.L., Clitheroe, J.J., Clitheroe, J.N., Clow, A., Coles, A.H., Colston, J.P., Colston, Norman, Comor, M., Comor, M., Conway, T., Cookson, F., Cookson, J., Coope, A.R., Cooper, J.A., Cooper, James, Corbet, E., Cornall, H., Cottam, Lawrence Alfred, Coulston, L., Coulton, J.W., Coulton, Thomas, Coupe, A., Courtman, James, Cowell, E.G., Cowper, Harry Pearson, Cowperthwaite, H ugh C., Cox, F.E., Cox, H., Cox, W.J., Crabtree, J.M., Cragg, Fred., Craig, H., Craig, W.F., Crane, A.R., Crane, J., Crawshaw, C.N., Crawshaw, R., Croasdale, H.H., Croft, G., Crompton, Harold, Crompton, Thomas, Crompton, W.N., Crookall, J., Crosland, Norman Fawcett, Cross, A.M., Cross, J., Cross, James, Crossley, C.E., Crowther, James, Cryer, J.A., Cummins, J., Curwen, J.R., Curwen, R., Dagger, Thomas, Dakin, John, Dann, P.W., Davey, Ernest, Davidson, C., Davies, A.G., Dawson, W., Deane, J.H.F., Degnan, Owen, Denney, J., Denney, J.A., Dennison, E.W., Dewhirst, J., Dewhurst, C., Dewhurst, E., Dewhurst, J., Dewhurst, J.J., Dewhurst, P., Dickie, H., Dixon, J.A., Dochard, A.A., Dodd, S., Dolman, H.E., Donald, J.A., Donohue, James, Doran, S., Doran, William Henry, Douglas, F., Douglas, H., Douglas, W., Doyle, Stanley V., Drew, A.E.E., Drury, A.H., Duckworth, H., Duckworth, Joseph, Dugdale, J., Dunn, D., Eastham, B., Eastham, C.V., Eastwood, Frederick, Eastwood, J., Eastwood, S., Eastwood, Will, Eaves, Edward (Eddie), Eaves, George, Eaves, John, Eccles, Frank, Eccles, V., Edmondson, A. (Robert), Edmundson, W.D., Edwards, D.G., Elliott, H.V., Ellis, C., Elston, Fred, Emby, C.H., English, G.W., Entwistle, J., Evans, J.H., Evans, J.W., Evans, M., Everett, C.F., Fagen, T., Fairclough, W.W., Fairhurst, J.D., Farnworth, Ben, Farrand, H.P., Fawcett, F., Fearnley, Levi Garth, Fegitt, C., Fenton, J., Fidler, H., Fielden, R.W., Fieldhouse, W.E., Fielding, Joseph Henry, Firth, J.O., Fish, E., Fish, H., Fisher, C., Fisher, D., Fisher, W., Fiske, W., Flanaghan, Francis, Fletcher, C.E., Fletcher, E.C., Fletcher, Ernest Norris, Flood, J., Floyd, G., Folds, William Robert, Forbes, G., Ford, Thomas, Forshaw, B., Fothergill, C.H., Fothergill, F.C., Fothergill, George Edward, Fowler, H., Fox, G.R., Fox, H., Fox, W., Friend, H., Frith, J., Furlong, Ernest John, Furnevall, W.H., Furnevall, W.H., Gallagher, A.G., Garnett, Henry, Garratt, G., Garsden, G., Gartside, W., Gaulter, C.P., Gay, J., Gee, A., Gildersleve, A.E., Gledhill, G., Goldbrough, J., Goodall, Norman K., Goodier, J., Goodwin, Josiah Albert, Goodwin, R., Goodwin, W., Gordon, George Arthur, Gormlie, A. Henry, Gosling, F., Gotheridge, George Wilfred, Gotheridge, T.H., Grainger, H., Greaterex, F.T., Greaves, B.H., Greaves, Edward, Greaves, G., Green, Benjamin Haigh, Green, E., Green, H., Green, J., Green, J., Green, William, Greenwood, J.J.J., Gregory, W.S., Gregson, Alfred James, Gregson, R., Gregson, T.E., Gregson, W., Griffiths, Clarence Birch, Grime, J.C., Guest, F., Guest, J.E., Gunn, J., Gunn, R., Hacking, Harold, Hadall, R., Hague, Joseph Eugene, Haley, R.C., Hall, G., Hall, H., Hall, H., Hall, Henry Monton, Hall, R.H., Hall, T., Halsall, Thomas, Halstead, Frank Eversleigh, Hampton, G.F., Hamston, S., Hand, T.B., Hanson, C., Hanson, N., Harding, C., Harding, L.N., Hardman, T., Hare, H., Hargreaves, G.W., Hargreaves, P., Harland, H., Harling, C., Harrison, E., Harrison, G., Harrison, R.H., Harrison, T.W., Hartley, Herbert, Hartley, S., Harvey, J., Haslam, H., Haslem, J., Haworth, H., Hayes, J.D.R., Hazeltine, T., Heap, E., Heaton, James, Helm, George, Henthorn, J., Hepworth, H., Heyes, G., Heywood, W., Higgins, H., Hildebrandt, A., Hill, F.J., Hilton, W., Hinchliffe, J., Hindle, J., Hindle, J.A., Hinnley, A., Hirst, J., Hirst, J.S., Hobson, A., Hodges, J., Hodgson, T.I., Hogarth, W., Holland, J., Holliday, C., Hollingworth, B., Holroyd, C., Holt, G., Holt, J., Holt, L., Hopkinson, W., Hopwood, F., Hornby, J.W., Horne, Hubert, Horridge, F.V., Horsfall, C.H., Horsfield, William, Howard, F., Howarth, B., Howarth, F.J.Y., Howarth, T.H., Howarth, W., Hoyle, A.J.E., Hoyle, J.W., Hoyle, S., Hugill, C.E., Hull, H., Hull, P., Hull, T., Hulme, F., Hulme, J., Humphries, B., Hunt, Joseph H, Hutchinson, F., Hutchinson, G, Hutton, G.W., Hyde, F., Ibbotson, C.F., Ibbotson, R., Ingham, H., Irving, A.H., Irving, Henry, Irving, J., Irving, J., Jackson, Butler, Jackson, C.R., Jackson, J., Jackson, J.C., Jackson, W.W., Jagger, H., Jewitt, Joseph William, Jones, Arthur, Jones, W.J., Kay, John Thomas , Kaye, W., Keate, Haydon, Keir, A., Kemp, Harry, Kenny, J.W., Kerr, J.H., Kinsey, John, Kirkham, W., Kirkham, W.T., Kirkman, Thomas, Knowles, J.A., Lamb, T., Lambert, L., Lambert, W., Lancett, J.W., Landles, W., Launders, Harold, Lawson, W., Leach, H.G., Lee, J., Lee, J.D., Lees, William H., Levene, N.N., Lewis, Sydney, Lewtas, J., Lewtas, J.P., Lewtas, J.W., Lewtas, W., Lightbown, Henry, Linden, M., Lindley, F., Lindley, F.M., Lister, J.W., Livesey, H., Livesey, R., Lock, J., Longworth, George, Lucas, L.J., Lucas, W.H., Lund, S.C., Lupton, A., Lyon, S., Mann, H., Mann, J., Marland, S., Marlow, R.C., Marsden, B., Marsden, C., Marsden, H., Marsden, R., Marsden, W., Marsh, R.W., Marshall, J., Mary, Clough, Mason, S.J., Mather, V., Matthews, G.H., Matthews, L.W., Matthews, William, Maxwell, Thomas W., Maxwell, W., May, S., May, T., Mayer, E., Mayor, Edmund, Mayor, F.E., Mayor, Joseph, McClare, A., McEvoy, R., McMullen, J., McVittie, Bertram, McVittie, H.Y., Melling, H., Metcalfe, George Ernest, Metcalfe, John, Midgley, H., Midgley, W., Milkier, F., Miller, J., Milnes, E., Mitchell, A.E., Mitchell, C., Mitchell, George R, Mitchell, J., Moister, R.P., Monks, G., Moore(s), John, Moran, William, Morgan, S., Morris, F., Morris, G., Morris, J., Morris, L., Morton, R.F., Moss, G., Mount, E.A., Nadin, A., Nadin, F., Neale, C., Neep(d), J.W., Nelson, G.T., Newby, H., Newbye, E., Newhouse, M., Newsome, E., Newsome, Harold W., Nickson, A.J., Nickson, Robert William, Noble, William R., Noden, W., Norton, T., Nuttall, C.N., Nuttall, Norman F., Nuttall, W., Oakley, A.H., O'Connor, E., Ogden, J.H., O'Hara, J.W., Oldham, A., Ormond, James, O'Rourke, J., Ortloff, Ernest, Ostle, T., Page, G.W., Parker, C.D.H., Parker, J.E., Parker, T., Parkes, A., Parkes, Fred, Parkinson, Stephen, Parr, D.A., Parr, John, Peach, C.H., Pearce, J., Peard, W.I., Peck, F., Peel, S., Peeney, D.F., Pickard, James Arthur, Pickles, D., Pickup, D., Pilkington, Samuel, Pilkington, W.F.L., Pilling, A., Pilling, H., Pittaway, Cyril, Pixton, M., Platt, C.W., Platt, Robinson T., Ponter, W.C., Poore, Frederick, Porter, J., Priestley, J., Pritchard, A., Procter, W., Pryar, Albert, Quarrie, W.H., Quiggin, H.E., Rastrick, A., Rawcliffe, E., Rawcliffe, F., Rawcliffe, Richard, Rayner, George, Rayner, S., Ready, H., Reddy, W., Reilly, Ernest J., Rew, D., Richardson, R., Ridehough, T.H., Riding, J.L., Riding, P., Rigby, T., Riley, T.J., Riley, W., Rimmer, Harry, Ripley, F., Roberts, B.R., Roberts, J.A., Roberts, William, Robertshaw, H, Robey, N., Robinson, R.H., Robinson, S.H., Rogerson, C., Rogerson, G., Rogerson, J., Rollinson, J.W., Roper, T.L., Ross, L.F.W., Rowlandson, D.G., Rowson, D.H., Royle, Joseph, Sagar, R.H., Salthouse, G.A., Sanderson, A.S., Sanderson, Alfred S., Sanderson, Edward, Sanderson, Robert, Sanderson, Thomas Hill, Scattergood, J.W., Schofield, J., Schofield, J.L., Scott, A., Scott, W., Seabridge, Sidney, Seddon, Stanley, Segatto, R., Selby, S.E., Senior, W.E., Seymour, Frederick A.N., Shackleton, M., Shakespeare, T.H., Sharp, W., Sharp, W., Sharples, H.W., Sharples, L., Shatwell, A., Shaw, H., Sheard, W.D., Shepherd, G.H., Shepherd, William Leonard, Shepperd, W.H., Shields, Arthur, Shutt, A., Shuttleworth, J., Sidebottom, F., Sidebottom, George Alfred, Simister, R., Simmons, Albert, Simmons, Roland, Simms, Robert, Simpson, Henry, Simpson, O., Simpson, W.J., Sims, J., Singleton, A., Singleton, John, Singleton, R., Singleton, T., Sinnatt, W.H., Slate, A.B., Slater, C., Slater, F., Slater, W., Smalley, J.J., Smith, A.V., Smith, C., Smith, C.E., Smith, F., Smith, F., Smith, George William, Smith, J., Smith, James, Smith, Leonard, Smith, Norman, Smith, V.A., Smith, William, Solomon, C., Speed, A.Edward, Speight, C., Spencer, J., Spiby, J.L., Stafford, Robert., Stansfield, F.C., Stead, Norman, Stevenson, William, Stirzaker, J., Stocks, S., Strickland, Arthur, Strickland, G., Strickland, George, Stuart, D., Stubbs, R.E., Styles, Arthur William, Sudell, R., Sutcliffe, Fred, Sutherland, A., Suthers, Albert, Swaine, W.G., Swallow, B., Swarbrick, J., Swarbrick, R.L., Swarbrick, William, Sykes, A., Sykes, H., Tandy, J.H., Tattersall, B., Tattersall, C., Tattersall, J.J., Tattersall, James, Taylor, E., Taylor, F., Taylor, G., Taylor, Herbert, Taylor, J., Taylor, J.T., Taylor, Joe H.enry, Taylor, R., Taylor, S., Taylor, S.L., Taylor, T.W., Taylor, W., Taylor, W.F., Taylor, W.H., Tetley, C., Thomas, R.C., Thompson, A.S., Thompson, F., Thompson, G., Thompson, L., Thompson, Percy, Thompson, R., Thompson, R., Thorpe, J., Tighe, C.E., Tighe, F.E., Titchener, Len, Tomlinson, J., Tomlinson, S., Tommas, W., Tootell, W., Topping, G.W., Topping, R., Travis, M.J., Troughton, F., Trow, A., Tunney, J., Turner, John, Turner, T., Turtle, J.H.D., Tweedale, E., Tweedale, Isaac, Tyson, John, Varley, H., Vaughan, A., Verdon, Wilfred Melville, Vollans, H., Waddington, S., Wade, G., Wade, J., Wade, Robert .E.B., Walkden, H.G., Walker, Jack Bertram, Walmesley, H., Walmsley, John, Walmsley, S., Walmsley, William, Walsh, H., Walton, N., Walton, N.G., Ward, C., Ward, E., Ward, W., Waring, R., Warren, H.J., Warren, P.H., Warwick, J., Waterhouse, G., Waterworth, J.R., Weeks, Robert Ernest, Welch, C.T., Welch, W., Wensley, T., West, G.A., Westhead, A., Westhead, J., Westmoreland, E., Whalley, Norman, Whalley, R., Whalley, W., Wharton, P., White, J.C., White, L., Whiteside, E., Whiteside, E.R., Whiteside, John Joseph, Whiteside, R.P., Whiteside, T., Whitham, C., Whittle, R.P., Whittle, W., Whyman, W.A., Wiggin, J., Wiggins, A., Wilcock, J., Wilde, Edward, Wilde, H., Willett, H., Williams, F., Williamson, A.H., Williamson, H., Williamson, W.T., Willoughby, H., Wilson, J.A., Wilson, Joseph Maun, Wilson, W., Winder, H., Winrow, O., Winstanley, G., Winstanley, T., Winterburn, J., Witt, E. (Fred), Wolfe, R., Wood, C.A.B., Wood, F., Wood, Fred W., Wood, H., Wood, L.A., Woods, J.B., Worsley, H.R., Worsley, James, Worsley, W., Wray, T.J., Wright, A., Wright, C., Wright, P., Wright, S., Wright, W., Wrigley, F., Wrigley, H.C., Yates, E.A.A., Yeardley, G., , WW2: Abbott, K.R., Allmand, C,, Aldcroft, W., Alder, J.R,, Allen, S., Allsopp, A., Anderson, G., Anderton, J., Annis, A.E., Ashcroft, J., Ashcroft, J.H., Ashton, E.E., Ashworth, R., Ashworth, T., Astor, J.F., Atkinson, W.H., Baggaley, G., Baggaley, J.A., Bagot, T., Bailey, J., Bainbridge, E., Baldwin, J., Bancroft, J.E., Banks, J.W., Barnes, T.E., Baron, F., Bateman, G.F., Bates, A,P., Bates, F., Bayliss, A,, Beard, H.N., Benfall, L., Bennett, W.A., Bennett, D.B., Berrie, C., Berry, J.T., Berry, N,, Best, W., Bibby, W., Binns, H.P., Birtwistle, N,, Birtwistle, D.S., Bispham, G.C., Blackburn, A.D., Blow, S.R,, Boar, A.S., Booth, A.V., Botterill, R.E., Bowman, H.H., Boyd, D., Boyle, H., Bradbury, J., Bradshaw, W., Brammer, E,C., Brassington, A.D., Briggs, W., Brock, J.A., Brook, A.J., Brooksbank, A., Brough, J., Brow, J.R., Burns, A., Burns, J.R., Burton, R.B., Busby, A., Busby, A., Butler, B.M.,, Butler, J.L., Buxton, R.H., Calderbank, R.A,, Calderbank, W.F., Caldwell, R., Cardwell, S., Cartmell, J.A., Cartmell, J., Cattle, W.P., CawthorneW, , Challoner, D,, Child, A., Clark, J., Clarke, J.B,, Cleary, T., Clement, GR., Coleman, R.A., Conway, P.D., Cooper, A., Cooper, K.F.., Cornall, R.W.., Corns, F.R., Cowgill, J.F., Cox, J., Crewe, A., Croker, D.R.,, Cross, W.G., Crossley, C.A., Culshaw, R., Curwen, S.G., Daley, , Dalton, J.S., Davey, W.R., Davies, D.R, Davies, E., Davies, J., Davies, J.P., Dsnby, E., Denison, E., Dewhurst, R., Dickenson, V.F., Dickinson, J.V., Digby, H,, Disley, A., Dixon, H., Dobson, P., Doig, H.A., Doran, E.B, Douglas, R.T., Dowling, F., Duerden, C., Duerden, R., Duffy, M.H., Dunn, H., Dunne, D.C.K.A., Dunning, G.E., Dyson, H., Eastham, R., Eaves, G., Eccleston, H., Eddleston, M.C., Edwards, C.J., Ellis, W.N., Ellershaw, C.H., Evans, G.E., Wans, R.A.W., Fairclough, J., Fairhurst, J.B.,, Fairhurst, P., Fairhurst, T., Fairhurst, T.A., Farrand, F,P., Fenton, E.W,,, Ferris, K.G., Fielding, J., Fielding, R.B., Firth, J., Fish, E., Fish, H., Fish, R.A.,, Fisher, H., Fleming, V.C, Foley, A.E., Foley, B., Forshaw, M.F., Foster, S.., Friesner, A., Gallagher, P., Gara, M., George, Doris E., Gibson, J,, Glynn, H., Goodall, J., Gornall, E., Gotheridge, F., Goulder, G., Gradwell, W., Graham, F., Grant, F.J.C., Greaves, G., Green, G., Greenwood, D., Gregory, K., Gregory, R., Gregson, T.W., Gregson, W., Griffiths, J., Griffiths, W.B..., Grimshaw, B., Grinnel, H., Hacking, J.A,, Hacking, F., Hatch, D., Haines, V,, Hales, J.E., Hall, S.L., Hall, J., Hall, S., Hall, W.H., Hallwell, E., Halsall, E., Halstead, J., Hailworth, L., Hamer, J., Hanes, P., Hankey, J., Hankinson, S., Hannam, ,R., Hanslip, W.R., Harding, L., Hardman, Irene, Hardwick, S.J., Harrison, J.H., Harrison, R.F., Hartley, R., Haslam, W., Haste, J.F., Hatch, P., Haworth, A.M., Haycroft, G., Hayden, P.A., Heald, H., Helme, A., Henderson, K.W.F, Hessey, G., Hesslegrave, W., Hewitt, G.W., High, A., Higham, E.S., Higson, J., Hilton, R., Hindle, W.L., Hine, J., Hirst, F., Hodgson, J., Hodgson, L., Holden, K.., Holland, J., Holmes, E.J.W., Hollo'tat, D.M., Holt, P.M., Horne, L., Horrocks, H., Howard, A., Howard, G., Howarth, A.V., Howarth, E., Howell, J.E., Hoyle, R., Hughes, P.M., Hulett, G.D.A., Hull, R., Hull, V., Hurstfield, L.A., Irvine, N.C,, Jackson, A., Jackson, C.V., Jackson, E.W.C., Jackson, J.W,, Jackson, V., Jacobs, R., Jacques, J., Jacques, L.J.S,, Jarman, A.A., Jayes, A., Jennison, N., Jobling, Annie, Johnson, J., Johnson, K.I., Johnston, N.R., Jolley, J.I., Jones, E., Jones, E.V., Jones, H., Jones, W.L., Joy, G.J., Kay, L.L., Kelshaw, G.W., Kemp, F.J., Kendrew, A.G., Kenny, J.W., Kenyon, H., Kenyon, N., Kenyon, R.A., Kershaw, W., KILBURN, A.¥., Kirkbride, J.S., Knuttqn, H., Latham, J., Lee, A.S., Leighton, J., Leeming, May, Lindley, D.S., Lister, D.M., Little, E., Littlewood, K., Livesey, J,, Livesey, J,R.,, Livingstone, J.K., Lorains, W., Lovell, P., Lucas, G.H., Lucas, J., Lucas, T., Lumb, E., Lynch, E., Lynch, H.E., Marsh, J.W.S., Marsh, H., Marshall, K.H., Marshall, L.N., Marshall, R.G.C., Martin, D., Martin, K., Mason, E.G., Mason, E.M., Matthews, L.J., Mccabe, H., Mcfarland, D.G., Mcintyre, W.S., Mcneal, R., Meikle, E., Melvin, J., Metham, J,, Milner, J.R., Midgley, S., Milner, R.G., Minshull, H., Mitchell, F.A., Mitchell, L., Moakes, A., Montgomery, G.V., Moon, D., Moqrhouse, A.E,, Moreton, G.A., Morris, D., Morrison, G.D., Morrow, J., Mosley, F., Mottershead, H., Mousley, S.W., Muller, D.M., Myers, L.R., Myers, R.W., Neal, E., Needham, A., Neimeyer, A.E., Newton, D., Noblett, C., Nuttall, J.F., Nutter, E,, Ollerton, L., Ollerton, R.H., O'neill, J., Owens, J.K., Padley, A., Page, A., Paltridge, W.J., Parker, A., Parker, R., Parkinson, J., Parkinson, W., Parr, W.W., Paxton, J., Payne, F.D., Pearson, J.O., Pearson, R., Pearson, V., Perry, A., Percival, F.V., Peterson, H., Pickles, J., Piddlesden, R.R., Pilbeam, A.B,, Pilling, J., Platt, J., Platt, N., Platt, T.E., Platt, W., Platts, L., Playforth, B., Porter, T., Postles, R., Pratt, T.F., Price, E.A., Price, R., Priestley, R.R., Pye, T.J,, Pye, W., Pyrah, J.W., Race, H., Rainford, R.G., Rawcliffe, R., Rayner, A.K., Reid, N., Relihan, P., Renfrey, J., Reynolds, L.S., Riddel, V.J.D., Riding, K., Riley, H.V., Rivington, J.D., Robinson, A., Robinson, .E., Robison, H., Robinson, H., Robson, E.C., Roscow, A., Rossall, R., Royle, D., Rump, R.D., Saul, S., Sayer, L.E., Scatcherd, E., Scatcherd, L., Schofield, H.S., Scholes, J., Scholes, K., Schorfield, D.F., Scott, F., Scrutton, C.W.F., Seabridge, J., Sellars, R.L., Shackleton, G., Shakeshaft, J., Shaw, B., Shaw, O., Shearman, R,M., Singleton, B., Singleton, R., Sleeman, W.S., Smalley, R.M., Smith, D.S., Smith, J., Smith, R., Smith, R., Smith, R., Smith, W., Smith, W.G., Snape, C.J., Sowery, E., Spence, D.A., Spencer, N.F., Stafford, S., Stansfield, B.A,, Stansfield, E,J., Steel, E., Stirzaker, J.R., Strickland, W., Styles, A.H., Summerland, J., Summersgill, S., Summersgill, T.R,, Sunderland, A., Sutton, K., Sykes, J.T., Tapley, F.N., Tapper, J.R., Taylor, H.A., Taylor, J., Taylor, K., Thomas, C., Thornley, H,, Thornley, J., Thornley, W., Topping, J., Topping, T., Traunter, G.R,, Trickett, W.H., Turnbull, J.T.., Tyson, V., Uttley, B.W., Verdon, R.B., Wade, T., Wades0n, A., Walpord, J.A., Walker, E., Walker, J.A,, Wall, R., Walmsley, H.W., Walsh, J., Ward, A.B.R., Ward, J.P., Wareing, J., Warren, R.J., Warrington, L.G., Watsrhouse, E.B., Waterworth, C., Waterworth, H., Waugh, H., Webb, J.A., Webster, H.S., West, P., West, J., Whalley, R., Whalley, R., Whitaker, P., Whitaker, P., White, S., Whitehead, G.H., Whiteside, T., Whiteside, T.E., Whitfield, J.E.., Whitworth, A., Wilby, R., Wilkinson, M., Wilks, F.A., Wilson, H.,C., Wilson, J., Wood, J.H,, Woodcock, G.H., Wright, J.E., Wright, J.P., Wright, N.D., Yates, F., This following list is recorded as a 'Supplemental List' of names not to be included 'unless verified'. These are also WW2: Adderley, T., Aitken, M.R., Anderson, A,, Aspinall, S., Atkinson, J.A., Atkinson, R,, Barlow, W.T., Beal, E., Bentley, J., Benz, W., Black, R.E., Blacow, W., Bligh, N., Boddis, A.B., Bridges, J., Brown, W., Butcher, J,, Carrington, J., Chattington, J., Clegg, J.R,, Coates, R., Cooke, C., Copland, F., Cottam, H., Cox, E., Critchley, N., Daley, J.J., Davidson, A., Dearnley, H., Dennett, C.T., Dewhurst, W., Diggle, A., Dunderdale, J.M., Eastwood, W.G., Feeney, B., Ferguson, J., Garsden, H., Glazebrook, S., Grady, C., Gray, J., Grsen, H., Green, R., Grimes, W., Grimshaw, B., Grindrod, G.E., Hamer, C.P., Hartley, W., Hampton, F., Harvey, D., Heyes, J., Hinde, J,, Hine, G., Hodgkinson, D., Hodgkinson, R., Hogg, G.H., Horsman, P., Hudson, J.H., Hume, N.J., Ince, L., Johnson, J., Johnson, J.B., Johnston, M., Kelsall, S.P., Kennedy, G., Kennell, M., Kenycn, J.C., Lawton, J., Lloyd, T., Lockyer, E.C., Macdonald, B,, McLeish, D., Mcclung, E., Marsh, J.A., Mason, R.H., Massey, H.A., Metcalfe, J.G., Miller, C., Mitchell, D.J., Mothersdale, T., Muncaster, C.B., Murgatroyd, R.B., Nanson, N,, Nelson, W.A., Newby, H., Nicholas, P., Nickson, F., Ogden, J., Ogden, W,, Palmer, R., Parker, G.A., Parker, J.H., Parker, R., Parkinson, N., Picthall, G., Preston, W.R,, Price, G., Ramell, J.L., Redman, W., Richardson, L., Roberts, G.H., Sanders, G.A., Scott, T., Sharp, P.W., Sheenan, J.C., Smalley, W.H.G., Southern, C., Speight, R.H., Stansfield, A.R., Stevenson, J.W., Storer, P., Stubbs, A., Swift, D.R., Taylor, A., Taylor, E., Taylor, R., Tattersall, H., Tester, D., Thompson, G., Thorne, A., Thornley, G.H., Timewell, G.R., Titchener, R., Tommany, J., Tyldesley, J. (Miss), Wadsworth, R., Walker, E., Walker, F.B., Walsh, E., Wilt0n, F.W., Waring, J., Warburton, H., Webb, T., Welsby, F., White, F., Wickham, J., Wightman, J., Wilcock, F., Wild, J., Wilde, H., Wilkinson, A.B., Willetts, R.F., Williams, F., Williams, J.J., Wilsea, H.H., Wilson, R., Wood, L., Wood, W.K., Woodward, H.J., Woodward, N.G., Wright, W., Wrigley, S,, The following names were added to the memorial during 1952: Beardsley, A., Burton, R.B., Connor, R.H., Coups, L., Hughes, S., Leather, W., McCullough, B,, Oldfield, J., Pager, J.A., Parkinson, P., More names have been added since.

Grade II* (England)


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