Ravensthorpe : WW1, WW2 Church Seating.

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Reference WMO138962


St. Saviour's Church,

Huddersfield Road,



WF13 3HL


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Type: Freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Seating
  • Timber Timber (any)
Lettering: Painted
  • First World War (1914-1918)
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: Ravensthorpe Parish Church is situated on the main Huddersfield Road between Mirfield and Dewsbury The Church also includes two Memorial Chairs which were transferred from Ravensthorpe Methodist Church when it was closed for worship many years ago The period commemorated is 1914 – 1919 and 1939 – 1945 Location of Memorial – located in the South West Corner of the Church Description - a large wooden carved memorial in Oak listing the names on four panels containing those who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War 1. Also an additional panel was added to the above following World War 2. There are four columns listing the names in Gold lettering for World War 1 as detailed Panel No 1 Jesu Mercy Regimental Badge Duke of Wellingtons King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory Pte. Willie Allatt L/Cpl. Harry Armitage Pte. William Astbury Pte. Fred Auty Pte. John A Barnes Pte. Ernest Beckett Pte. Willie Beckett Pte. Percy Bennett Pte. John Blakeley Pte. Charles Blamires Pte. Percy Boothroyd Pte. Frank B. Bower Pte. Sam Brierley Dvr. Charles Buckley Pte. Leonard Calvert Gnr. Harry Campbell Pte. Fred Cardwell Pte. William Cawthorne Gnr. James A. Chapman Pte. Philip B. Chapman Gnr. Thomas W. Chapman Pte. Charles Crabtree Pte. Leonard Crane Pte. Ralph Crawshaw Pte. Maurice Crossley Cpl. Henry Davill M.M. Dvr. John H. Davill Pte. Albert Dent Gnr. Ewart Doodson Panel No 2 The Great War Regimental Badge West Yorkshire East Yorkshire To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory Pte. Fred Eastwood Sergt. Harry R. Eastwood. M.M. Pte. Harry Ellam Pte. Charles Ellis Pte. Henry Ellis Pte. John Ellis Pte. George H. English Pte. Frank D. Fearnsides Pte. George Fieldhouse Spr. Stanley Fisher Pte. Herbert Gamble Pte. Alfred Gardiner Pte. Walter Garfitt Cpl. Lewis Garside Cpl. Stanley Gawthorpe Pte. Arthur Gill Pte. John Gledhill Pte. Cyril Glover Pte. James Goodfellow Pte. William Greaves L/Cpl. Herbert R. Greenwood Gnr. Harry Griffith Pte. William Haldenby Pte. Clifford Haley Pte. George A. Hammond Pte. Arthur Hampshire Pte. Harry Harris Pte. Joseph Harris 1914 – 1919 Panel No 3 1914 – 1919 Regimental Badge Yorkshire Yorks and Lancs. of the Glorious dead may they rest in Peace Pte Harry Hemingway Pte Fred Hey A.B George Hoggarth Pte Charles H Hollingworth Pte Fred Holmes Pte William Hopkinson Pte Bertie Howroyd Pte Vivian Hickling Sergt Ernest Hinchliffe Pte John R Hinchliffe Spr Wilfred Hirst Pte John Arnold Hemingway Sergt George Jackson Pte Albert Jewsbury Pte William H Kay Pte William Kendal L/Cpl Arthur Kershaw Pte Charles Lapish Pte Joseph Laycock Pte Luke C Leadbeater Pte Ernest Ledgard Pte George A Ledgard Gnr Arthur Lister Pte Charles A Matthews Seaman Harry McDonald Pte Fred Mellor Seaman Willie Mellor Pte Herbert Nicholls Panel No 4 Jesu Mercy Regimental Badge RFA / RHA / RGA. Royal Engineers of the Glorious dead may they rest in Peace Pte Allen Oldroyd Pte Horace W.D Oldroyd Dvr Robert Ouldridge Pte Hubert Oxley Pte John T Pattison Spr George A Pickles Sllr Albert E Pizer Pte W Ewart Popplewell Pte Fred Preston Pte William Ridley Pte John W Roberts Pte John E Schofield Pte Horace Scott Pte Arnold Sheard L/Cpl Clifford Simpson Pte Fred Smith Pte George C Sutcliffe L/Cpl Fred Sykes Lieut Neville Tattersfield Cpl Isaac Thompson Pte Arnold Tompkins L/Cpl Ernest Walker Spr Jack Walker CSM Frederick W Watson Pte Tom Wattam Pte Harry Webster Pte Friend Whtwam Pte Jack Whiteley Pte Beaumont Wood 1939 - 1945 Also in Loving memory of those who gave their lives in the Second World War. 1939 – 1945 Marine Stanley Armitage Cpl. Colin Batley Pte. William Bedford W.O. Clifford A. Bentley Sgt. George Crabb L/Cpl. George Farrand Sgt. Herbert Gibbs Cpl. Walter Gledhill Cpl. Ernest Greaves S.B.A. Stanley Hepworth Pte. Reuben Jackson A.B. Harry Marshall Marine William H. Morton A.B. Arnold Newsome Pte. Walter S. Poskitt Flt.Sgt Cecil B. Robertshaw Sgt. Harry Roscoe A.B. Albert Smith Fusl. Kenneth Sykes L.A.C. Clifford Tudor Cpl. John M. Wailes Marine. Frank Webster 1935 - 1945 The two seats in Ravensthorpe Parish Church were transferred from Ravensthorpe Methodist Church when the Church closed for Worship many years ago and detail the following:- In Memoriam The World War 1939 – 1945 The Fallen Harry Roscoe Frank Webster 1935 - 1945 In Memoriam The World War 1939 – 1945 The Fallen William Morton William Bedford
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