Bangor War Memorial

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Reference WMO148462


Ward Park

Hamilton Road


Nth Down Borough

BT20 4LF

Northern Ireland

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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Within a garden/park/churchyard/enclosure/Marketplace
Description: Pillar/column
  • Stone Portland stone
Lettering: Incised
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Bangor War Memorial is located in Ward Park off Hamilton Road.The memorial to the 124 sailors, soldiers, and airmen belonging to the town and district who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War, occupies a commanding position formerly occupied by the Bandstand. It is constructed of Portland stone and is 40 feet (12.5m) in height and 36 feet (11.50m) square at the base. On the north side is a life sized bronze figure representing Erin, holding a palm branch, symbolical of victory, while nearer the top of the column is a figure representing the Lion of Victory. Midway is engraved the inscription;
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“The Great War, 1914-1918. To the memory of our fallen sons.” On the south side is a bronze shield, surmounted by laurel and oak leaves, on which are inscribed the names of the fallen, and on a lower panel is the quotation: “Dulce et decorum est Pro Patria Mori.”

DIED IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY First World War Main Plaque Absolom, Harris Lee Moore. Aicken, Edward. Anderson, David Anderson, Robert. Angus, Blair. Angus, James. Angus, Robert Armstrong, William Wilberforce. Barnes, David. Barrett, Ernest William Barrett, Knox Gordon. Barrett, Norman James. Bell, Alec Stewart Bell, Charles. Bell, William Austin. Bingham, Richard Gerald Ava Birch, Alexander. Blackwood, Basil Ian Temple. Brown, Francis Alfred Joseph Brown, James (RFA). Brown, James (RIR). Burns, George. Burns, James Campbell, Alexander. Carlisle, Alexander. Carson, Robert Claney, Robert McKee. Coleman, Samuel.Collier, Reginald John.Crozier, William Cumming, William Herbert. Darnell, Charles Verdon. Davidson, Edward Davidson, James Samuel.Despard, Charles Beauclerk. Ferguson, David Harvey Ferguson, Robert. Finlay, Andrew Campbell. Fitzpatrick, William. Gamble, David Gibson, William. Gray, Robert James. Greenwood, John Edwin Hanna, Robert Alexander. Hassan, Henry. Hassan, William. Hardy, Harold Henderson, William. Hewitt, Ernest Henry. Hewitt, Holt Montgomery Hewitt, William Arthur. Hind, Ernest William Gayles. Hollywood, Arthur Carson Hollywood, James. Hughes, Robert. Hughes, William. Irwin, David John. Kane, Robert Keating, John. Kyle, William George. Lytle, Robert McCalla. MacAlpine, George Turner. McAlorum, Daniel. McClelland, James Arthur McClements, AlexandeR. McClure, James. McConnell, David. McConnell, Robert McCready, Andrew. McCready, Nathaniel. McDowell, William. McEwan, Arthur McEwan, David. McGilton, James. McMurray, Alexander. McNair, Robert McQuoid, Tony. Mahaffy, Henry Irwin. Malcolm, William. Mann, Fraser Douglas Midwinter, William Edward. Milne, George. Miskelly, Thomas. Moffett, Samuel Montgomery, John. Montgomery, Thomas. Moore, Robert. Morgan, Robert John Neill, David William. Nelson, Samuel. Newell, Hugh. Newell, Leslie. O’Neill, John Orr, John. Paton, Norman Giles. Patterson, John. Patterson, Thomas Rea, Vivian Trevor Tighe. Reilly, William. Ritchie, William Morgan. Robinson, George Robson, Richard Ivan. Rogan,James. Savage, John Graham. Scott, William Shaw, Thomas Herbert. Skimin, George. Sloan, William A. Smith, Albert Steele-Nicholson, Alfred F J. Steele-Nicholson, William H. Stephenson, Thomas Stewart, James. Stone, Robert. Taggert, James. Todd, James. Tyrrell, John Marcus Tyrrell, Walter Alexander. Weir, Harry Leebody. Welsh, Hugh. Wilson, Hugh Skillen First World War Subsidiary Plaque Alexander, Robert. Alexander, William. Campbell, David. Cooke, Thomas E L Gorman, William J R. Jordan, Robert. Keane, Ernest John. Keane, Stephen Vincent MacDonnagh, William J. Montgomery, Andrew. Schofield, Thomas Second World War Plaque Allan C, Anderson W, Andrews W H L, Barbour C, Barre J G, Bell G M Bewley G B N, Bowman E R, Bowman G A, Braisher F W, Brown A S Callister D, Cameron C C, Campbell I ,Carson R S, Coffin W, Cooke D A Corbett J, Corry G, Coulter J, Crone R, Crothers N, Crozier C, Cummins W Devenney J, Dickson T, Earley J G, Gault W J E, George D B, Gibson R G Glass J L T, Goodchild D J, Gorman F J N, Graham J T, Graham W H Griffiths G, Hamilton J H, Hamilton J N, Hanna N, Hannay H, Harrison R L Hawthorne J, Henderson D F, Hodgett D A H, Hoey R Jnr, Holland J C C Hollywood D F A, Houston T M McM, Hossuck I M, Irwin R G, Irwin W D Jamfrey J, Kennedy H, Kidd-May H A, King D, Lindsay D, Lough W, Lowden G H C Lowry G E, Lowry G V, Luke S J, McCann T A, McClean R, McCullough J McCullough W E C, McCutcheon T, McDonald W M, McFarlane A G, McHugh J McMeekin H, McMurray F W, McQueen T J, McReynolds N, Mailey R Mahaffy W H, Marr J D, Martin E, Martin W, Martin W J, Meek W J Megarry H R, Mercer J, Miley F J, Miller W W, Moore R, Moore R A Morrison W J, Morrow D, Oliver J C, Orr D, Pedlow D, Pentz L T, Polley E V Rea C A, Rae W, Rogers T, Rowan J H, Rutherford R H, Shipcott T, Sloss F N Sheriden B, Smyth J S, Stockdale T N, Templeton A M, Thompson E C, Thompson E O Thompson J C, Thompson W, Totton R (Snr), Totton R (Jnr), Trimble W E, Watson E Weir D R, Whiston L, Wilson A McD, Wilson R L, Young M E

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