Penistone Royal British Legion WW1 Roll of Honour

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Reference WMO/178015


Penistone Royal British Legion Club

St Mary's Street



S36 6DT


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Status: Unknown
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Framed
  • Paper Paper
Lettering: Other
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Large framed certificate style with names hand written in decorative script. Difficult to photograph due to reflection off the glass from windows on the other side of the room.
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Roll of HonourFor King and Country European War Penistone Urban District

Frank Armitage, David Allott, Thomas Aston, , , Joe Booth, George Baker, Joe Bailey, Alfred Briggs, Francis M Barnes, Arthur Barsby, Joseph Bond, Herbert Bradley, Luther Beardsall, Henry Baiden, Abe Battye, John S Booth, Harold Bradley, Marsh Ronald Beever, Thomas Booth, Tom B?, Wilfred Barraclough, Squire Beaumont, Herbert V Barden, Mark Beever, George Barnes, James E Beever, Harold Briggs, George Booth, Harold Bill, , , Geo Herbert Claye, Hugh Coldwell, Arnold Crosland, William Cartwright, John Chapman, Richard J Coombes, Wm Ernest Croseley, , , James Donovan, John Dransfield, Harvey Depledge, , , John Fallas, John Fletcher, Willie Ford, Hubert Fretwell, Henry Fielding, Edward Horne Fallas, , , Geo Walter Fieldsend, Thomas Ford, , , Ernest Gray, Wm Osbert Goldthorpe, Mark Grainger, Albert Gaunt, George Green, , , Ernest Howard, Herbert Howard, Thomas Hirst, Albert Howard, Eric Hoyland, William L Hoyland, Clement Hall, Gordon Victor Haskell, Walter Holden, Irvine Hirst, Walter HIll, Geo Henry Hinchliffe, Harry Hodgson, Percy R Hales, Norman W Hampshire, Ton Hill, Alfred Hardy, , , Chas Henry Jesson, Herbert Jagger, Fred Jessop, Fred Jackson, Benj Johnson, , , Hewson Kirby, George Kaye, Fred Norrnan Kaye, , , John William Long, Walter C Lundy, John William Latimer, Ernest Liles, Herbert Marsden Lee, , , , , , , , Henry Moss, Joseph Moorhouse, William Marsh, Walter Maud, Ratcliffe Marsh, Harry Morley, , , William Nunn, Herbert Norman Naylor, Tom Newton, Harvey Newton, , , John Proud, George Proud, Albert Proud, Wm Edward Perkins, San Proud, Nathaniel Priest, , , James Roebuck, John Roebuck, Clarence Race, John W Roebuck, Ben Redfern, Norman Radcliffe, Chas Thompson Radcliffe, Roland Roebuck, Arnold Revell, , , William Stubbs, William Smith, Edmund Henry Smith, Bernard T Smith, Oliver Stenton, Willie Shaw, Arnold Stainforth, Robert Spence, Cyril Wm Senior, Alfred Sewell, Arnold Smith, , , Jonas Turner, Henry Turner, Hugh S Tomasson, , , , , , , , , Ben Turner, Arthur Taylor, George Henry Taylor, John Turner, William Turner, Ben Crosland Turner, , , Herbert Ho? Ullot?, , , Crol? Van Hemme, , , Roland Wilson, William Walters, William Welch, Henry Williams, Herbert Wood, Maurice Wadsworth, George Whitfield, Harland Watts, Austin Waring, Ernest Albert Wade, Albert John Walley, Harold North West, Jim Windle, Arthur Gordon Wilson, Edwin Eli Walls, Oliver Wood, Harry Wood, , ,

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