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Reference WMO183673


Consett Civic Centre

Park View

Medomsley Road



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War Memorials Trust case: War Memorials Trust needs to avoid Contributors changing location/description details as we help to protect and conserve this war memorial through our casework. You can add photographs, update condition and use the tabs below. If you believe any of the information you cannot edit is wrong or information is missing, please contact us.

Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Roadside
Description: Wheel cross
  • Stone Stone (any)
Lettering: Incised
  • First World War (1914-1918)
  • Korean War (1950-1953)
About the memorial: Cross, with circular centre showing wreath & cross, set on tall octagonal column, with reverse steeped cap, and standing on a shaped plinth with dedication and wreath in relief on one side. The cross has a large, 2 stepped, square base showing names on both steps. In front of each face is a metal stand for wreaths. The memorial is set on a brick laid plot in a car park..
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To the glory / of God and / in memory of / the men of / Consett / who gave their lives in / the Great War 1914-1918Their name liveth for evermore.

Ackerman, G.E. Bellamy, T. Chilton, T.E. Dixon, W. Adamson, A.T. Bennison, J.P. Clark, H. Dodd, W.H. Aitchison, S.G. Blair, R. Clark, P. Donaghie, D. Allison, W. Blemings. J. Clarke, J. Donaghty, A. Anderson, J.W. Borthwick, F. Clarke, J.A. Doran, J. Applegate, G.W.E. Bowery, F. Coburn, W.A. Douglas, I.H. Applegate, W. Bowes, B. Coleman, A. Dowden, J. Asbridge, T. Brady, J. Colling, A. Doyle, W. Askew, W.R. Brennan, A. Cook, J.T. Drugan, J. Atkinson, A.H. Brewerton, W. Coxon, E. Dunne, C. Allen F. Atkinson, E. Brodie, W. Cranney, J. Atkinson, J. Browbank, A. Croft, R. Armstrong, G. Brown, J.A. Croft, R. Eales, F. Brown, M. Cullen, P. Eales, F.T. Barnett, J. Brown, T. Eccles, R. Barron, A.T. Burrell, W. Edwards, R. Barron, J.W. Dailey, J.C. Ellis, J.E. Bell, E.S. Darnton, J.A. Ellison, J.F. Bell, G. Cain, D. Davies, D. Emmerson, G.R. Bell, H. Campbell, T. Dimmock, A. Bell, W. Carr, J. Dixon, R.W.K. Chapman, A. Dixon, T.H. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Front face lower pedestal (1939-45) Aldred E.S. Bell, W. Chilton, S. Dale, J.D. Allen, C.D. Bernard, K. Clayton, W. Davidson, W. Anderson, L.A Boyd, P.N. Clifford, P. Davison, H. Angus, C.W. Brady, W. Clough, L.W. Davison, S. Anderson, W. Bradley, K. Coates, H. Doyle, H. Brown, A. Coleman, T. Bamber, J.W. Brown, R. Colwell, W. Bardwell, J. Bunney, J.G. Conroy, L. Edmunds, L. Bell, A. Byrne, T. Coombes, S.T. Edwards, J.G. Bell, J.T. Cornforth, S. Edwards, J.M. Bell, J.W. Cowie, J. Edwards, W.R.M. Bell, L.E. Campbell, G.W. Craggs, T. Bell, T.A. Cant, J.L. Clarke, G. Korea 1951 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Second face upper pedestal (1914-18) Emmerson, J.J. Gill, R. Heaviside, J.H. Jacques, W. Etherington, D. Gladders, S. Heslop, W.S. Jeffrey, J. Glasgow, H.E. Hickford, A. Jeffrey, J. Gledstone, H.R. Higham, P. Johnson, F.C. Finlay, J. Goldsmith, E.R. Hill, C. Johnson, J.W. Finnigan, J. Graham, J. Hinds, J. Johnson, T. Finnigan, T. Greenwood, S. Hope, I.W. Joyce, R.W. Finnigan, T.J. Griffiths, T. Hornsby, H. Foreman, D. Hudson, H. Forster, G.H. Hullah, J.L. Keenan, P. Forster, G. Hall, J. Hunt, W. Kirk, J. Fowler, R. Hand, J. Hurson, P. Kirkhouse, G. Foy, W. Harris, A.D.S. Hurst, C. Kirkup, G.W. Frere, F.J.H.T. Harris, S.J.H. Hutchinson, A. Kitchen, W. Frere, L.B. Harrison, H. Harrison, T.W. Fuller, W. Hart, A. Harris, J.D. Harwood, J. Lamb, R.W. George, E.B. Haughey, J. Irwin, C. Lamb, T. Gibson, C.R. Haughey, M. Ivey, J. Ledger, T.W. Gibson, J. Haughey, T. Lee, J.W. Gill, C.H. Haworth, C. Lewis, J. Gill, J.J. Jackson, E. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Second face lower pedestal (1939-45) Ferguson, T.E. Green, R.N. Hauxwell, J.W. Hurson, V. Finlay, G.R. Gribbin, R. Hayward, J.N. Hutton, J.D. Forster, E. Griffiths, G.W. Hedley, J.A. Humphry, E.H. Friek, J. Grogan, P. Henderson, R. Fulton, J. Gunnion, W.N. Henderson, R. Henderson, S. Jarvis, F. Heppell, H. Jones, C. Gallacher, H.E. Hall, J. Heslop, T. Jopling, J.W. Gardner, J. Hall, J.L. Hetherington, R. Gent, R. Hanna, W. Hodgson, E. Gettings, F. Hannant, N. Hogg, A. Keegan, W. Gill, J. Hardy, J. Holmes, E. Kenny, B. Glew, W. Harris, L. Hopper, K. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Third face upper pedestal (1914-18) Lister, A. McGough, A. Murphy, H. Perry, A. Lowdon, M. McGough, J. Murray, J.W. Perry, M. Linskey, M. McGarth, P. Pickering, H. McGuckin, P. Pogue, N. McIntyre, D. Nesbit, J.H. Purvis, J.T. Mackin, H. McIntyre, J. Newbigging, R. Makepeace, F. McKenna, M. Malone, H. McKenna, O. Rafferty, J. Malpass, A. McKie, T. O’Connor, F. Redshaw, G. Marshall, J. McNally, J. O’Hanlon, H. Redshaw, T.W. Martin, G. Merritt, G.J. O’Neill, D. Redshaw, W. Martin, P. Moffitt, A. Ormston, J. Reed, T. Martin, W.C. Moffitt, J.G. Rice, T.W. Massey, J.L. Monaghan, F. Ridley, F. Maughan, W. Moore, H. Park, J. Richards, T. McBride, P. Moore, J. Parker, J.W. Richards, T.R. McCarthy, J. Moore, J.T. Parker, M.F. Richardson, J.T. McCaughey, J.W. Morgan, D. Patterson, J. Richardson, J.W. McCourt, M. Morgan, H. Patterson, J.T. Richardson, W. McCusker, H. Moyle, H.E.H. Pearson, T.E. Richardson, W.M. McDonald, F. Mulhearn, A. Pattison, E. Roberts, J. McGeoghegan, J. Mulligan, D. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Third face, lower pedestal (1939-1945) Lamb, E. Loy, F. Millhouse, M.E. O’Hagan, J. Lamb, S. Loy, O. Mitchell, K. O’Hanlon, W. Lee, O. Monaghan, T. O’Leary, A.V. Lee, W. Morgan, J.A. Oliver, D. Lilley, T. McBride, P. Muldoon, D. Oliver, J.R. Lisle, A. McCullough, J. Mulligan, T. O’Neill, H. Lisle, F. McDonald,F.G.R. Mullin, B. Oxley, R. Little, J.W. McGuckin, J. Lonsdale, W. McKay, J. Loughran, B. McKeown, G. Nattrass, F. Page J. Low, G. Mackenzie, H.D. Newbould, J. Page R. Lowson, M. Meegan, F. Nichol, J.H. Page T. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Fourth face, upper pedestal (1914-18) Robinson, A.W. Shannon, M. Surteess, R.R. Walker, J. Robinson, H. Sherry, B. Symington,J.H.C.Walker, T. Robinson, R.W. Shield, J.J. Walker, W. Robinson, W. Shorter, A.G. Wall, J. Robson, E. Siddle, W.C. Taylor, A. Walton, B.T. Robson, G. Smith, A.N. Taylor, E. Ward, E. Robson, J.J. Smith, J.E. Taylor, J. Ward, T.H. Robson, R. Smith, M.D. Teasdale, T.A. Welford, T. Robson, R.J. Spencer, J. Thackwray, W.T. Werry, H.S. Robson, T. Spencer, J.H. Thomas, S. Whaley, G. Robson, W. Stadius, C.M. Thompson, H. White, C. Rolfe, J.G. Stafford, J.R. Thorpe, J. White, J. Reed, W. Stafford, W.J. Tinkler, W. Whitfield, W.E. Stoddart, A. Todd, J.H. Wilkinson, J.J. Stoddart, N. Tucker, J.G. Williamson, G. Scott, A.D. Stokoe, H. Turnbull, F. Wilson, B. Slagar, H. Storey, W. Turnbull, T. Woods, J.G. Selby, W. Straugheir, R.W.Turner, J.J. Wright, R. Shaw, C. Stephenson, R.W. Wynnie, C. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Fourth face, lower pedestal (1939-1945) Pape, E.W. Redshaw, T. Smith, W. Walkington, R.J. Parker, J.W. Renshaw, A. Snowdon, E.I. Walsh, T. Parkinson, W.A. Richardson,J.A. Stephenson, H. Ward, J.J. Patterson, R. Ridley, J.W. Stephenson, J. Watchorn, R. Pearson, R.H. Robson, J. Stephenson, W. Watson, P.E.H. Pegram, F.A. Rowland, E. Stobbs, R. Wedderspoon, P. Pegram, T.H. Russell, R. Sutton, E.C. Welsh, J. Penrose, H.P. Swainston, J.C. Westthorp, G.A. Pooley, W.T. Swan, J. Westthorp, K. Proud, W. Scarlett, A. White, J.A. Proud, J. Simpson, W. White, J. Plummer, W.C. Slater, J.A. Tarn, W. Wigham, M. Smith, C. Toole, W. Winter, N.C. Smith, J.F. Wintrell, W.R. The following has been submitted by NEWMP, who has compared the names on the memorial with those on a. The Order of Service for the unveiling of Memorial 1923 Gibson, C.R. is Gibson, C.E. in Programme Hope, I.W. is Hope, J.W. in Programme Johnson, F.C. is Johnson F.G. in Programme McGarth, P. is McGrath, P. in Programme Slagar, H. is Seagar, H. in Programme Stoddart, N. is Stoddart, H. in Programme Welford, T. is Welford, T.H.B. in Programme Wright, R. is Wright, P. in Programme b. The Service of Rededication in 1958. There is no W. Anderson on the Dedication list at all. Bradley, K. reads Broadley, K. (CWG agrees with Broadley) Coombes, S.T. reads Coombe, S.T. (CWG agrees with Coombe) Hannant, N. reads Hannant, N.J. (CWG agrees with Hannant, N.J.) McCullough, J. reads McCullouch, J. (Cannot find anyone definite in CWG with either spelling). Tarn, W. reads Tarn, T.W. (CWG agrees with Tarn, T.W.) The Korean death is not mentioned. Allen, F. is not in 1923 or 1958 Programme Harris, J.D. is not in 1923 or 1958 Programme 4 names are listed as being added from 1914-1918: Croft, R., Harrison, T.W. , Mulligan, D., Thorpe, J., and are listed in the correct places alphabetically -so from this it would seem to me that when the cross was moved from Ainsley Terrace to the Civic Centre the name panels were replaced and new ones put up and these mistakes occurred then.

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