Gloucester Regiment South Africa

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Status: Unknown
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Roadside
Description: Serviceman/woman sculpture
  • Metal Bronze
  • Stone Granite
Lettering: Incised
  • Boer War, Second (1899-1902)
About the memorial: A bronze statue of a regimental solider of the time mounted on a stone plinth, a gold coloured regiment badge is at the top of the plinth below which are the inscriptions. Situated on a busy traffic island, the figure with its back to the Victoria Rooms looks over the City of Bristol
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In Memory of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the Gloucestershire Regiment who gave their lives for their sovereign and country in the South African campaign. 1899-1902 --- Erected by all ranks of the seven battalions of the regiment.

1st. Battalion: Colonel Wilford E.P. S.Major Gray B. Sgt. Agg M. Pte Acott H.W. Baldwin F. Ball G. Baker W. Sgt. Banks J.W. Pte. Bassett C. Bayliss A. BaylissT. Bearne F. L.Cpl. Bradley T. Pte. Brown H. Sgt. Bricknell T.W. Pte. Burnett J.J. Burns R. Butler W. Bygrave Cpl. C.J. Carr E.W.C. Pte. Cavill G. Chorley J. Cpl. Coles A. Pte. Cole W Coward C. Cox R.W. Cox T. Couzens F. Cratchley H. Davis W. (4703) Davis W (4875) Daykin H.G. CSgt. Dennard D. Pte Drew w. Edwards M. L Cpl. Edmunds O. Pte. Emery E. Evans J. Farr F.J. Fido W. Fowler H. Ford A.E. Gabb W.C. Garland G. Gubbins J.W.E. Giles J. Gore J. Gregory W. Grainger W. L. Cpl. Griffin J. Pte. Hall F. Halliday E.J. Haslem C. Hawkins F. Hill W. Hopson J. Hooper C.H. Drumr. Horner J.W. Pte. Jenkins A. Jolley A. Jones E. Jordan J. King H. Sgt. Leeson A.C. L.Cpl Leighton W. Pte. Lister G. Love W. Lusty C. Maunder F. Marshall F.R. Martin H.E. L.Cpl. Martin T.Pte. Miles C. Miles W.J. Neal F.C. Newman F. Nelmes J. Nicholls W.M. Oborne H. Offer F. Offer B. Cpl. Oxenham C. H. Pte. Paget C. Sgt. Parks W.I.Pte. Penny C. C.Sgt. Pittaway C.J. L.Cpl Pigeon A.J. Robinson E. Pte. Rowland E.Salcombe F. Sandall W. Selby J.Shelley J.H. Sims W.E. Squires E. L.Cpl. Stainer C. Pte. Stevens A. Smitn C. Smith F. Smith F.G. Smith H. Smith W.H.Stone W.J. L.Cpl. Sullivan W. Pte. Thomas H. Tracey W. Venn S. Vines A.C. Cpl. Vizard A.E. Pte Waite H.J. Walding C. Wharley W. Cpl. White W.S. Pte. White C. Williams A.J. Wintle C.C. 2nd. Battalion: Lieut.Matthews G H. 2nd. Lt. Noel E.W.M.N. Pte. AverissJ. Bailey W.T. Banting H. Batten G. Bond J. Browning A. Bryant G. Cullum A. Card H.C. CarterG. C.Sgt. Channon W.H. Pte. Chappell W.Clarke W. Cpl. Condon J. L.Cpl Connock A. Pte. Cook H. Sgt. Cooper A. Pte. Cossins W. Court H. Court W. Crocker H. Davis J. Dawes R. Dean W. Dodwell T.C. Dunn E. Dunn H. Emery W.F. Edward B. Farmiloe J. Farmiloe R. Ford E.G. Fox W. Garraway F. Gillett J. Gillett W. Cpl. Green T. Pte. Guest T. Halliday W. Hawkins H. Hayes J. Sgt. Hember J.Pte. Hemmings J.Hill F.J. Hockey L. Hole S. Horder J. James C. Cpl. Jeffery A.H. Pte. Jeynes W. King A. Kitchener J. Lafford E. Lancaster F. Lea W. Lewis G. Malty W. Pte. Macey J. McLennon H.C. Drumr. Miles W.A. L.Cpl. Murphy A. Pte Naish C. Newham F.A. Norman F. Oakley R. O’Ryan D. Owen W. Parker J.L.Cpl. Paskins C.W. Pearce G. Pte. Phelps F.Pile B. Cpl. Pollard E.H. Pte Powell C. Quick R. Ralp T.C. Reed E.M. Regan T. Richer S. Rivers W. Cpl. Ruck E.J. Pte Rush T. Rissell W.E. Sallis E. Savery A. Spiers H.J. Spratt A. Stevens F.H. Strong J. Tanner C. Tanner H.a.A. Cpl. Tansiel G.T. Pte. Trottman W. Turner C. Turner J.W. Walton G.F. Warne T. Warner H.A. West F.H. Wheeler G. Wilcox W.Wilks T.C.Williams A.C. Williams G. Williams T. Willis L. Young A.G. 3rd Battalion; Pte Aston C. Ball W. Clapham A.G. Dowler W.G. Edmonds H. Flook G.H. Leonard G. Reardon J. Rudge T. Smith D. Thomas A.C. Turner W. 4th Battalion: Pte Dean A. Jeynes F. Mott W.R. S.Drumr. Somers W.G. Pte. Tibbles J. Woodman G. 1st Vol. Battalion: Pte Davis T.H. Pte Harvey W.F. Pte. Took F. 2nd Vol . Battalion: Pte. Bishop R.W. Hannis W.E. Maisey W.T. Smith W.

Grade II (England)


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