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Reference WMO199044


The Great Hall

Discovery Museum / Blandford House

Blandford Square

Newcastle upon Tyne



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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
  • Timber Timber (any)
Lettering: Painted
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: In Great Hall on top floor of The Discovery Museum ex Blandford House - Co-operative Wholesale Society North East Headquarters Building Plaque on carved wood surround with domed top, and pilasters with Doric tops at either side. The dates and 'In memoriam' are in gold Gothic lettering on the top frame. The central panel bears the words 'Members who made the Supreme Sacrifice' and 'Lest we forget' in gold lettering. The names appear between these, listed in three columns using sans serif capitals throughout. The panel has a glass front.
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1914 In memoriam 1918 / Members who made the Supreme Sacrifice / Lest we forget

Atkinson H. Heyworth G. Potts, L. Aggio, W. Haig, F.C. Pickering, S. Armstrong, E. Hall, T. Reed, T. Balmer, D. Headlem, G. Rule, G. Bell, R. Hughes, J.J. Riccalton, R.A. Bell, R. Hutchinson, J. Ross, T.W. Bell, E. Huddart, J. Rutherford, F. Boyle, T. Hedley, G. Russell, J. Briggs, H. Hogg, E.T. Robinson, L. Berry, A. Hyde, H.M. Robbie, A. Belgian, W. Iredale, H. Rowan, F. Brown, W. Kellie, W. Richardson, S.G. Brown, T. Latimer, J.W. Scorer, T. Broderick, R. Litchfield, W. Scott, W.R. Cook, F.G. Leech, J. Smith, G.C. Copeland, R. Lisle J.J. Smith, T.H. Clark, T. Lightfoot, T. Taylor, J.G. Crawley, J.W. Mayne, G.W. Taylor, T. Colman, E. Moorsom, G. Thompson, J.D. Carruthers, J. Murray, J.W. Thompson, J.R. Davidson, T. Murray, J.A Thompson, W. Dawson, W. Murton, W. Thompson, D. Dixon, G. Murton, J. Tulip, J.C. Dixon, F. Milne, R.B. Turner, J.F. Dodds, T.W.H. Moffatt, A. Todd, R. Findlay, W. Moul, F.J. Varley, A. Fulthorpe, R. McHenry, J. White, N. Gales, H.R. McHenry, D. White, H. Gibson, W.W. Mandale, J.J. Wilson, G. Gray, J. McWilliams, D. Waistell, W.E. Grieves, T. Moncrief, J. Whitehead, J. Gillard, H.W. Murr, W. Willmott, W.L. Goodrum, W. Palmer, H. Grey, G.A.

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