Feltham War Memorial

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Reference WMO199752


High Street


TW13 4GD


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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Roadside
Description: Cenotaph
  • Stone Marble
  • Stone Portland stone
Lettering: Leaded
  • First World War (1914-1918)
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: A stone war memorial, of around 1920, with further names and dedications added in the later C20. MATERIALS: Portland stone monument, with marble plaques. DESCRIPTION: the monument is rectangular in plan. At the top is a plain tomb chest with a moulded cover, on which lies a laurel wreath carved in relief. It stands on a tall plinth, supported by a stepped base. On the side faces, the plinth is set back towards its upper section, where there is a high-set, laurel leaf carved in relief. The ensemble stands on a wide base with a cyma recta moulding. The upper part of the principal face, carries the carved inscription 'IN MEMORY OF THOSE/ WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES/ DURING THE/ 1939 - 1945 WAR'. Below, there is a large plaque, which is inscribed with 'OUR/ ILLUSTRIOUS DEAD/ 1914-1918', and the names of the fallen from the First World War. The side faces have smaller plaques, inscribed with further names. The rear face is dedicated to the Second World War, and has a large plaque with the inscription '1939-1945'. The names of the fallen from the Second World War are inscribed below, along with a secondary dedication 'AND ALL THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES FROM/ ENEMY ACTION IN THIS AREA'. Underneath the main plaque, a further two names are inscribed on a secondary plaque. Grade II listed, list entry number 1457400.
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[Incised at top, front] In memory of those / who gave their lives / during the / 1939-1945 war / [front plaque] Our / illustrious dead / 1914-1918 / [names] [left plaque] [names] [rear plaque] 1939-1945 / [names] / And all those who lost their lives from / enemy action in this area / [rear addendum plaque] [names] [right plaque] [names]

[front plaque] George Adams, John F. Bates, John W. Bax, D. C. Billinghurst, Ernest Blackwell, Ernest Brandon, Chas. E. Brown, Fredk. C. Brown, Fredk. E. Burgess, John W. Bushnell, Percy Cadman, John Carter, Chas. J. Challis, Robt. E. Cherry, John Chilton, Fred Clark, Fredk. Coleman, Fredk. Collier, Chas. Collins, Cyril F. Cook, Rowland Corry, Chas. Cox, Harry Cox, George W. Cromwell, Harry Crook, Wm. C. Croxford, Thos. H. Curl, Arthur Day, Chas. Dare, Wm. Dickens, Alfred Dunbar, Wm. Gardner, John L. Gilpin, George Edmeads, Arthur Etoo, Fredk. H. Flockhart, Walter J. Freeman, Harry Gardener, John Gardner, Wm. Gardner, Arthur S. Glading, Fredk. C. Glading, Chas. Goddard, John W. Green, Albert W. Hall, Harry A. J. Hall, Sidney Hatch, John Hatcher, John R. Hawkins, Chas. Hempstead, Wm. C. Holding, Herbert Hoskins, Alfred C. Hurworth, Wm. W. Isaacson, Fredk. Jewell, Chas. E. Johnson, Fredk. J. Kevan, Bert Kitney, Frank Lane, Robt. Lane-Hall, Ernest J. Lewis, Thos. Littlewood, George Lovick, Henry Lynch, Samuel Hasler, Albert Hoskins, Harry Mansfield, Albert Mansell, George A. Mansey, Albert E. Marshall, Wm. Matthews, Fredk. E. S. MacMahon, Ord S. Meikle, Archd. E. Morris, C. Dwight Morris, Wm. A. Musk, Wm. Neale, Cecil W. Neave, Albert H. Paget, Edward J. Peats, John G. Phillips, John Phipps, Wm. G. Prickett, Alfred W. Prince, Bernard Radford, John Radford, Alfred J. Ray, Fredk. J. Ray, Jas. Redden, Arthur Redford, George Redford, J. Hbt. N. Roberts, Wm. Roberts, Harold Robinson, Robt. C. B. Robson, Leonard C. Russell, Sydney Russell, Cecil J. Scott, Albert E. Skinner, Joseph Ryan, Wm. Salter, John A. Samworth, Fergus A. Sangster, F. V. Scoones, Alfred Scott, Alfred C. Scott, John Selwood, Wm. H. Simmonds, George Skittrall, W. Wyville Smith, Harry Strudwick, Ernest Tedder, Matthew Tedder, George M. Tedder, Herbt. E. Tillyer, Henry P. Tillyer, Reuben A. Tillyer, Chas. L. Tocock, Francis C. Tripp, Chas. H. Turner, Chas. Webb, Joseph Webb, George J. Weeks, George Wells, George F. Wheeler, Percy White, Edmond A. Winch, Wm. Woods, Henry Worsfold, Chas. Merrick, Fredk. G. Suter, Harry Robbins [left plaque] Albert Clow, Alfred Edmeads, George W. H. Elsley, Edward J. Kinzett, [rear plaque] Frederick T. Allen, Alfred A. Asher, John Banks, Ken M. Bardell, Dennis Bennett, Sidney M. Bradshaw, Edward A. Bristow, Horace P. Brown, Brian P. Brownlie, Arthur S. Burnham, F. Bushell, William E. Capel, Geoff G. Chilton, Albert J. Clapp, Lucien A. Colarossi, James Connor, William G. Constable, Charles Cripps, Thomas Cripps, William E. Cummins, W. Curran, Frederick C. Deayton, F. Drinkwater, John T. Durant, Wm. P. Edwards, Gladys Foster, Charles E. Franklin, Sidney G. Frost, Douglas Fryer, Fredk. A. Garlick, Ernest W. Gray, Harold G. Haskins, Robert Hathaway, James H. Hewitt, Edward Holgate, Sidney A. Holliday, Thomas Stockley, Harry J. Hooper, Richd. J. Humphries, Gordon H. Hurrell, George Imber, Thos. J. Irwin, Arthur Johnson, Raym. K. Kitney, Roy E. Layton, Frederick W. Lewin, Frank W. Malpass, Joseph W. Massey, Harry Matthews, Arthur Maynard, Peter J. McKeown, Herbert Moody, George W. Morcom, Frederick J. Newman, Harold Parton, John G. Phillips, Wm. J. Pitman, Geo. A. Price, Stanley F. Printer, Thomas Pritchard, Brendon J. Scanlon, Geo. T Scobie, Geo. W. Selwood, James H. Sexton, Frank Smith, Ronald F. Stubberfield, Leonard Town, Reuben Townsend, James S. Twigg, Joseph W. Tyler, Derek J. Walmsley, Cyril Wellstead, William H. Woods, Wilfred Yarnell [rear addendum plaque] Ernest G. Blair, J. C. Tocock [right plaque] Harry O. Legg, Walter R. Lewis, Joseph Palmer

Grade II (England)


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