Wellington Stone of Remembrance

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Reference WMO213084


Wellington Park

Courtland Road


TA21 8NE


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War Memorials Trust case: War Memorials Trust needs to avoid Contributors changing location/description details as we help to protect and conserve this war memorial through our casework. You can add photographs, update condition and use the tabs below. If you believe any of the information you cannot edit is wrong or information is missing, please contact us.

Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Within a garden/park/churchyard/enclosure/Marketplace
Description: Stone of remembrance
  • Metal Metal (any)
  • Stone Stone (any)
Lettering: Raised
  • First World War (1914-1918)
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: Rough-hewn stone on similar base on grass mound in park. Four steps to reach base. Encircled with wooden posts and linking metal chain. Three metal name plaques.
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To Our Glorious Dead.

1914-1918 A Ackland, C Alway, H Alway, P C Avent, C Baker, F J Baker, S W Baker, W H Ballinger, C W Bartram, F J Bartram, F W Best, A E Blackwell, A J Blackwell, E Board, E Bowden, A J Bowerman, J F Bowerman, J M Bradford, W Braithwaite, W J C Brown, H S Bryant, F H Buller, S A Buttle, S J Carter, F T Chard, W E Chave, H G Chipling, W J Chipling, R Clark, A F Clarke, H F Clarke, W C Coles, J C Connett, C R Cook, P T Cook, F Cornish, W Cornish, F W Cowley, W C Cridland, A Curtis, B Curtis, A J Darch, C Darch, E A Duley, W E Dunbar, W R J Edwards, F A Eno, H W Eno, S H Eveleigh, E Ferris, R W Fox, R Francom, T H Fry, T H Fry, J Furze, R Giles, W G Giles, R Gillard, W Glass, C H Goodwin, N Grabham, W H Grafton, L G Greddy, W S Gregory, W E Grinter, W J Hake, G E Hall, S J Harding, J Haynes, W Hellings, S J Hill, C P Hine, W E Hines, F Hitchcock, W Hitchcock, H Hold, A J Holley, T Hookway, S Hurley, E Jenkins, T J Jewell, T B Joyce, E Lane, T Leeworthy, T J Luxton, V J Luxton, I Macey, W C Macey, F E Mahrenholz, F Manley, H T Manley, A W E Marke, F J Marks, P W Marks, G Marsh, R J W Masters, T Matherick, W Merchant, C R Milton, E J Moore, F H Mundy, W Newberry, G Northam, E G Nott, F Osmond, H E Osmond, A H W Palfery, T Palmer, J E Parsons, W A Parsons, I H Perry, H Phillips, H Phillips, C Porter, H V Porter, A E Preston, G Pyne, A G Randall, G Ridgway, C D Roberts, H Roberts, J Roberts, B J Rowe, P H Rowe, H J Rugg, A G Salter, T Salter, W H Salter, T R Sanders, J Sanger, L J Sawyer, F Shaddick, T Simmonds, A L Slade, W Slade, W R Slade, J Sloman, W Sloman, J G Spry, H B Steager, A E Stephens, A Stevens, G Stone, E M Studley, G Studley, R J Talbot, C H Taylor, W F Taylor, W H Thomas, A Thorne, F Thorne, J Tottle, S Tottle, H W Towell, S J Trevelyan, C Troake, E Troake, F Troake, G Troake, S Troake, V Troake, V G W Tryon, H Tucker, E Viney, W Viney, J Warren, T Warren, T Way, H Westaway, E Westcott, F B Westcott, T Westcott, W White, C H Wood, G Woodbury, J H Woodbury, W Woodgate, H E Wright. 1939-1945 G Acreman, D H Allan, A Backhouse, W H Barrington, F H J Bond, H J Bowerman, W F Bowyer, L Brewer, W J C Channon, J Churchill, N L Clarke, P W Clist, F Deem, G A Dineham, S G Fuller, W T Giles, G E Goldsworthy, C W G Grabham, W Hewett, A H Hiles, A J Hill, S F Hines, F J Hutchings, H G Kallend, Kathleen M Kershaw, M H G Lane, E E Marks, P Oaten, H D Oates, C G Parr, H J Pascoe, S W Perry, E J Phillips, W J Pyne, F Ridgway, P W Seaman, R Shaddick, F C Smith, D H Sparkes, K P Symes, A Thorne, W T Totterdell, G F H Tredwin, E S-D Troake, R Troake, O C Walters, I G Warren, S J N Warren, L Westcott, H Westcott, W F Baldock.

Grade II (England)


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