Edith Weston : WW1 Plaque.

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Reference WMO228088


St. Mary the Virgin Church,

Church Lane,

Edith Weston, Oakham, Rutland, Leics

LE15 8EY


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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
  • Metal Bronze
  • Stone Stone (any)
Lettering: Raised
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Wall mounted, portrait orientated nowy-headed bronze plaque surrounded by a moulded stone frame with a rose boss at each of the four corners. Inscriptions, in relief, on nowy-headed part of frame and also plaque. At centre top of plaque is a circlet of thorns surrounding a coronet. Inscription below.
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On nowy-headed part of frame : FOR GOD KING AND COUNTRY // Plaque : IN GRATEFUL MEMORY OF / (10 NAMES) / MEN OF EDITH WESTON / WHO DIED FOR THEIR COUNTRY / IN THE GREAT WAR 1914 - 1918 // Lower rail of frame : R I P

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