St Mark's Church Triptych

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Reference WMO/249122


St Mark's Church

Church Place



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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
  • Timber Oak
Lettering: Painted
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: A large triptych with opened panels making 5 boards with a central archway design with coloured embellishments of roses and greenery at top and bottom and with figure of St George (with sun radiating from the arch above his head) and his shield at its centre. The two panels on either side, with decorated tops & bottoms, show names in gold lettering. A red lighted lamp sits to the right of St George It is situated in the side chapel to the right of the main altar and is attached to the back and right hand side of the pillar
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under the 2 panels on the left - from us they went forth, to us they returned not under the 2 panels on the right - may God grant unto them refreshment, light, peace 1914 - 1918 at the bottom of the 5th panel

Aldworth Geo A/Archer Clarence/Bailey Frederick T/Ball George G/Barnes Arthur A S/Barnes Lancelot/Barnes William H F/Barrett James F/Barrett Walter F/Bartlett Frank/Beams Charles P/Beard Fred/Beaven Reginald W/Beckett Hubert/Birks Owen A/Bizley Archibald A/Booker Ernest/Boulton Ernest R/Boulton Reginald/Bowron Frank/Bowron Percy/Bradley Horace W/Brewer George/Brittain Harry V/Buller Robert H/Burchell Jack/Burke Montagu E J/Burness William J/Burt Christopher S/Burton O Edgar/Butler John/Butt William/Canning Ernest B/Chandler Fredk J/Chirgwin Hubert/Clapham Fredk C J/Clark James/Clifford Albt G/Clifford Robert/Cole Reginald A/Cole Wrexell J/Coleman Ernest/Coles Charles/Comley Frank/Cook Albert H/Cook Hubert/Cook Walter J/Cooper Arthur/Cooper Ernest/Cooper Victor/Coppock Edward/Corbett Arthur/Corser Horace/Corser Reginald/Couldry Horace/Cowley James E/Cowley James F/Cox Arthur/Creber Stafford W V/Crocker George A/Cumner Victor G/Curtis William G/Dadge Gilbert G/Dash Percy E/Davenport Horace/Davenport Zack B/Davis L Denis/Davis William J/Davis W John/Day Mark/Deacon William J/Dean George F/Deave Arthur G/Difford William M/Dixon Edgar A/Dixon Norman R W/Dowers Francis J/Draper Percival/Drewett Stanley/Drury William/Dulin William M/Dyer Frank E/Edge Charles/Edwards John/Edwards Joseph/Ellis A Cecil/Emery Sam/English Francis J/Ethell John O/Evans Thomas D/Everett Francis A/Everleigh William C/Eyels Edward/Fell Colin G/Fisher Ernest/Fisher Harold E/Fletcher Thomas/Ford William F/Forest Walter/Fowler Thomas/Fry William B/Fullaway William J T/Gapp E J Bromley/Gardiner Alfred D/Garland Charles E/Gates Albert G/Gleed Frank/Goddard Jack/Godwin Harold/Goodfellow Fredk J/Goss Percy F/Gough Frank/Green Henry A/Greenaway James J/Greer Percy A/Gregory Fredk J/Griffin Percy C/Guley Edward G/Gunning A E Tom/Guthrie Richard/Hacker George/Hale Alfred/Hale Edwin H/Hall Edward/Harrison Arthur/Haward Frederick/Hawkins Albert E/Heap Richard/Heath George/Hepbert W Alfred/Herman Jesse/Hill James/Hilliard Herbert/Hinton Harry/Hobson Harry/Hole Charles H/Hunt Albert V/Hunt Harry/Huntley John G/Inge Frederick/Johnston Cecil T/Jones Edgar/Jones Francis W/Jones Fred/ Jones Frederick G/Jones Samuel J/Joyce Frank B/Keel Harold A/Keene Arthur D/Kibblewhite Chas/King Frederick R/Lee Sydney G/Leggett Ernest G/Leggett William S/Lewis Frederick J/Lewis Henry S/Littler Tom/Love George/Lucas Thomas H/Lugg William J/Lynes Norman/Mabberley Harry/McGillivray R K/Manning John/Mant Frank/Marsh Alfred H/Marston Eddie/Mildenhall Cecil/Minett J/Moreman Reginald/Moreman Walter H/Morris William T/Morse Joseph R B/Mutton Ernest/Nethercott Harold/New William C/Nicholls Edwin/North George/O’Brien Harold/O’Keefe Timothy/Padgett William G/Painter William E/Palmer Walter W/Parsons Frank/Paynter Bert E/Peers Will/Pelling Arthur G/Phillips Arthur H/Phillips Sydney/Pictor Tom/Pitman Ernest/Ponting Archibald/Ponting Edward/Porter Thomas/Press William/Prior George/Rand James/Read Jack/Reveley Vernon M /Richards Reuben/Roberts Chas W H/Robinson Fredk T/Robinson John/Robinson William/Rowland Eli T/Saloway William L/Sansom Albert J/Sapworth Joseph/Scull James T/Scull Reginald W/Sexton Harry G/Sheldon William G/Sheppard Alfred/Shergold Reginald/Simmonds Wm A/Singer Harold/Smallbone Robt/Smith Ernest/Smith George J/Smith R Reginald/Snooks Benjamin C/Southwell Harry/Speake Harold V/Spreadbury B B/Sprules Percy/Stacey E Tom/Stallard George/Stevens Albert/Stevens Ernest L/Stevens Herbert A/Stevens John E/ Stevens William H/Tanner Walbyrt/Taylor Coleridge/Telling Edward W/Thomas Albert E/Thomas W Henry/Till Joseph/Titcombe John E/Titcombe William/Tombs George J/Tovey Archibald A/Townsend Ernest/Townsend Charles/Townsend Walter/Townsend Reg/Trueman Wm C/Turner Cornelius/Turton Herbert/Uzzell Harry/Vivash Jacob B/Walker J Charles/Walstow William H/Walters E Charles/Ward William G/Warren Harold V/Watts William/Webber Albert H/Wells Herbert G L/Wetham Chas E/Wetham Geo J/Whale Arthur/Wheatcroft Fredk/White E Gordon/Whitefield Edwd/Whitefield Henry/Wilks Alfred H/Williams Edward A/Wilson Henry D/Wilson James/Woodham Thomas/Woodley William H/Woodman Albt F/Woodward Albt V/Woolford Albt E/Woolford Sidney/Hammond J Stanley

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