Stafford Borough War Memorial

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Reference WMO251263


Earl Street


ST16 2QR


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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Roadside
Description: Serviceman/woman sculpture
  • Metal Bronze
  • Stone Portland stone
Lettering: Incised
  • First World War (1914-1918)
  • 20th Century Wars
About the memorial: Figure by Joseph Whitehead Portland stone ashlar and bronze. Tall square memorial supporting bronze figure. Plinth has inscription to west face; body has angle nook shafts and inscribed names to all faces; stepped top has further inscription and bronze wreaths. Very good, well detailed figure of soldier in field uniform standing on heaped debris, rifle in left hand, who is waving helmet and cheering. c Historic England listing entry • Unveiled : 28 Oct 1919 • Dedicated : 28th October 1922 • Rededicated : 10th November 1991 • Date:1975 • Description: The Borough War Memorial was unveiled in 1922 in memory of the Stafford men who lost their lives in the First World War. The statue of a soldier originally faced the railway station, from which many of the soldiers had departed to fight. After the building of the new Crown Courts the soldier was turned 180 degrees to face St. Mary's Church.
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Grade II (England)


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