Hoyle's Mill Roll of Honour of men who worked in the mill and served in WW1

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Reference WMO256155


Longwood Mechanics Hall

Longwood Gate





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Status: On subsequent site(s)
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
Lettering: Painted
About the memorial: This memorial lists the names of 192 men who worked at Joseph Hoyle's Mill Longwood who served in world war one. Sixteen men on the list are marked as Killed or Missing. Research work has been undertaken on all the men on the Honour Board and further information is held at the Hall on all these men but particularly those that wrre listed as killed or missing.
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Ainley Fred, Ainley Hubert, Ainley John Arthur, Ainley Thomas Hubert, Akroyd Fred, Akroyd Harold, Armitage Sam, Baily William, Baldwin Arthur, Barker George, Barker John Edward, Barnes Frank, Barraclough Joe, Barrett A J, Battye John Richard, Battye Sam, Baxter John, Beardsell G D, Binks Cyril, Binks Ernest, Blakey Edward, Blakie John, Booth Frank, Booth Norman, Booth W, Bower G J, Bradley Edgar, Bradwell W A, Brierley Thomas, Brierley Walter, Brook Joe, Brook William Henry, Buckley Leonard, Bullett John William, Campernot Harry, Cartwright S R, Chapman Joe, Cocking Stanley, Collier Harold, Crampton Willie, Crawshaw I J, Crowther Fred, Cunningham L, Darlington Herbert, Darlington John Robert, Dawson Cyril, Dawson Ernest, Diamond Fred, Dudley Thomas Barber, Dyson David, Dyson Eddelstone, Dyson Frank, Dyson Hubert, Edinbro Arthur, Ellis Benjamin, Ellis John H, Fletcher Maurice, Fletcher Norman, France Oliver, France Percy, Guy Thomas, Gee Harold, Gelder Albert, Gledhill Edwin, Gledhill James R, Gledhill Walker, Goldthorpe Ernest, Grange Walter, Haigh Harold, Haigh Jack, Haigh S, Hall Norman, Harrold William Alfred, Hartley Joe, Hawksworth Arthur, Healey Colin, Heywood J W, Hinchcliffe David, Hinchcliffe Willie, Holden Fred, Holdsworth Albert, Holland Herbert, Holmes Herbert, Hough Thomas, Hoyle John Herbert, Hughes David H, Hunt Thomas, Iredale Haigh, Jackman Willie, Jackson Albert, Jackson Harry, Jessop Frank, Johnsey Walter, Kaye Robert, King Thomas, Knowles John William, Lewis Richard J, Ledwidge Charles, Lilley George, Lister Arthur, Littlewood Gilbert, Littlewood Hubert, Littlewood Kay, Littlewood Robert, Livesey Ernest, Livesey H H, Lockwood Albert, Lovick Edward, Lumb Herbert, Mager Percy, Mallinson Joe, Mellor Harold, Metcalfe G R, Metcalfe W C, Milner Thomas, Mitchell Noel, Moore Geo Henry, Netherwood James W, Newsome Percy, Newton Willie, Nutton Wilfred, Oxley Harry, Parkin Sam H, Pearson Arthur, Pilling Arthur, Pilling James, Pilling Joe, Pilling W H, Plant Harry, Priestley David, Quarmby Thomas, Radcliffe Ernest, Reilly David, Riley Albert, Riley Charles F, Riley Walter, Scott Robert, Senior Fred, Shackleton Arthur, Shaw Arthur, Shaw Charlie, Shaw Harry E, Shearman J W, Shepard George, Shuttleworth G S, Smith Roy, Smith R H H B, Smith Wilfred, Sowden Leonard, Spencer Ben, Spencer J H, Stamper W H, Stead Arthur, Stewart John Rattery, Sugden Arthur, Sykes Albert, Sykes David, Sykes Fred, Sykes Joe, Sykes Willie, Taylor Ernest, Taylor G E, Taylor Irvin, Taylor Joe, Taylor Thomas William, Thompson Leonard, Thornton Harry, Tomlinson Jack, Turner Thomas, Wagstaffe Leonard, Walker Geoffry S, Walker John, Walker Lawrence, Ward Tom, Waterhouse Fred, Whitehead Willie, Whiteley Norman, Whitwam Albert, Whitwam Frederick W, Whitwam Jack, Whitwam Mike, Whitworth Frank, Wilson Alfred, Wombwell K, Wood Harry, Wood Tom, Woodhead John, Wood Fred, Wray Harry, Wright Thomas Edwin, Zikking Alfred, Medley E.

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