South Wales Borderers Boer War Memorial

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Reference WMO/258590


Brecon Cathedral

Cathedral Close




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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
  • Metal Brass
Lettering: Inscribed on a plaque
  • Boer War, Second (1899-1902)
About the memorial: Large, rectangular, metal plaque associated with the North Transept Window. The right hand plaque of three. Red and black lettering. Fleur-de-lis pattern at top of plaque below which are Regimental badges. Inscription and names are surrounded by a foliate border. Names and numbers were difficult to decipher from my photos so may not be totally accurate.
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The Window in the North Transept of this Church was erected by their comrades in the 1st and 2nd Battalions to the Glory of God in memory of the following Officers, N.C.Os., and Men of the 2nd Battn. South Wales Borderers (24th Regt.) killed in action and died of wounds and disease in the South African War 1899 to 1902.

Captain H. De C. Moody, Lieut. W.A.G. Williams, D.S.O., Lieut. A.J. Forbes, D.S.O. 702 Arm. Sgt. Patrick R. 363 Col. Sergt. Owen W. 4451 Sergt. Davies J. 7643 Sergt. Francis R. 4209 Sergt. Harris T. 6677 Sergt. Murphy M. 5463 Sergt. Pearce F. 3369 Sergt. Stevens T. 5414 L. Sgt. Wyatt H. 583 Corpl. Hyde J. 6688 Corpl. Smyth C. 3646 Corpl. Withers C. 6622 L. Corpl. Adams A. 1585 L. Corpl. Brown F. 3445 L. Corpl. Cartwright G. 3318 L. Corpl. Cyphus F. 1446 L. Corpl. Morgan J. 6050 L. Corpl. Morgan T. 3069 L. Corpl. Tooke A. 3010 L. Corpl. Willis H. 4973 Dr. French W. 2746 Dr. Mullen J. 3177 Pte. Adams H. 3711 Pte. Addis T. 3673 Pte. Allen G. 6019 Pte. Barber W. 2786 Pte. Barnes W. 3490 Pte. Bateman W. 1756 Pte. Bayliss T. 4281 Pte. Beale J. 1683 Pte. Bevan J. 3196 Pte. Bowler E. 5830 Pte. Breeze W. 7621 Pte. Bridges J. 6416 Pte. Britton J. 6046 Pte. Brown H. 6398 Pte. Carroll J. 4580 Pte. Clarke K. 6157 Pte. Clarke G. 3457 Pte. Clutterbuck O. 3288 Pte. Cobbett J. 6748 Pte. Collins R. 3465 Pte. Corps L. 6319 Pte. Croxford C. 851 Pte. Davies D. 2717 Pte. Davies A. 4640 Pte. Davies E. 3689 Dawson A. 1485 Pte. Evans C. 4950 Pte. Foster F. 158 Pte. Francis A. 6277 Pte. Garner E. 6698 Pte. Gaynor P. 6739 Pte. Gibbons E. 3121 Pte. Gliddon C. 6314 Pte. Gower H. 6594 Pte. Gregg H. 2981 Pte. Grimes J. 6091 Pte. Grimshaw E. 3468 Pte. Hamilton C. 5699 Pte. Hanker J. 5760 Pte. Harris G. 6160 Pte. Harris T. 5814 Pte. Harrison B. 3563 Pte. Hemmings F. 5638 Pte. Hendy E. 6645 Pte. Herriman J. 2395 Pte. Higgs G. 6394 Pte. Hilton J. 3649 Pte. Hopkins E. 5882 Pte. Horsefall J. 5868 Pte. Horseman T. 6536 Pte. Horton J. 5668 Pte. Hughes T. 6151 Pte. James W. 2678 Pte. Jarrold G. 4428 Pte. Jones J. 6633 Pte. Jones F. 7509 Pte. Jones G. 7521 Pte. Jones W. 7576 Pte. Jones H. 3334 Pte. Landsdowne V. 2997 Pte. Lethbridge A. 5152 Pte. Lewis J. 3491 Pte. Lovell H. 6522 Pte. Luck E. 6596 Pte. McGrath J. 6779 Pte. Mahagan M. 6422 Pte. Maloney T. 6498 Pte. Marjoram J. 2894 Pte. Mills S. 1674 Pte. Morgan A. 5986 Pte. Morgan G. 8910 Pte. Morgan W. 7615 Pte. Morgan A. 4841 Pte. Moses D. 3497 Pte. Murray J. 6059 Pte. Mytton E. 6651 Pte. Nicholson C. 6594 Pte. Norris P. 6385 Pte. Patenall J. 6239 Pte. Payne J. 6243 Pte. Pears W. 5411 Pte. Perkins F. 3745 Pte. Phillips D. 7515 Pte. Powell E. 6984 Pte. Power G. 2738 Pte. Preece A. 2454 Pte. Prosser D. 3670 Pte. Rees S. 3753 Pte. Ricketts R. 3504 Pte. Roberts G. 6491 Pte. Rogen J. 6281 Pte. Ryan A. 6371 Pte. Ryan R. 6563 Pte. Sainsbury W. 6224 Pte. Seago A. 2883 Pte. Selwood A. 3150 Pte. Sexton W. 4222 Pte. Sexton A. 3702 Pte. Sharrow S. 6072 Pte. Sysum H. 1520 Pte. Thomas E. 3901 Pte. Thomas H. 5506 Pte. Thomas H. 3312 Pte. Timmins G. 3475 Pte. Walters N. 6830 Pte. Whalley F. 6204 Pte. Wilkinson A. 5893 Pte. Williams J. 5964 Pte. Williams A. 6373 Pte. Williams V. 3189 Pte. Willing E. 7652 Pte. Wills E. 2715 Pte. Young A.

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