Back, Tong, Aird Tong, Upper Coll, Coll, Gress and Vatisker

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Reference WMO/261083


Garden in a small park beside main road from Back to North Tolsta

Back, Isle of Lewis



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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Within a garden/park/churchyard/enclosure/Marketplace
Description: Other landscape feature
  • Brick Brick
  • Metal Metal (any)
  • Stone Stone (any)
Lettering: Incised
  • First World War (1914-1918)
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: The memorial for the Back area of Lewis stands by the church in the village of Back, in a walled enclosure with several stones listing the names of the Fallen. The memorial stands close to the B895 road to Stornoway.Gravel area and brick paths surrounded by stone wall and metal gates. In the centre is a stone cairn with dedicatory plaque on the front face. Surrounding cairn are standing stones with plaques for each village with the names of their fallen inscribed in black lettering. At the entrance gates is a freestanding stone tablet which gives the name of the memorial and its unveiling date. The croft number is shown beside each casualty. Unveiled 10 November 2001 by George Graham, who had served in the Royal Navy in WW2, aged 96.
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CAIRN: mar chuimhneachan/ in memory of all those/ from Tong to Gress/ who fought and died for freedom/ in the two world wars/ 1914-1918 1939-1945/ and those who perished in/ the tragedy of HMY Iolaire/ 1 January 1919/ at the going down of the sun and in/ the morning we will remember them./ "rha iad nam balla dhuinn araon/ a dh'oidhche agus a la/ 1 Samuel. 25.16. STANDING STONES: (names) ENTRANCE TABLET: back/ war memorial/ unveiled by/ George Graham/ (seoras a chran)/ 36 Vatisker/ 10th November2001

Tong and Aird Tong 1914-1918 Servicemen killed or died from war injuries Tong - Malcolm MacDonald Seaforths April 1916; Evander MacIver R.N.R. March 1915; Norman MacInnes Seaforths Oct. 1917; Malcolm MacLeod Black Watch May 1915; Donald MacLeod H.L.I. Sep. 1918; Malcolm Murray Seaforths Dec. 1914; Murdo MacLeod Seaforths Dec. 1916; Angus MacLeod Seaforths May 1915; Malcolm Finlayson Seaforths Died Bombay. Aird Tong - John MacDonald Seaforths March 1915; Samuel MacDonald Seaforths March 1915; Donald MacDonald Seaforths March 1915; Norman MacFarlane Canadians Died Quebec; Donald Finlayson R.N.R. Feb. 1915; John Smith R.N.R. Oct. 1915; Duncan Smith Seaforths Aug. 1917; Donald MacMillan Gordons Oct. 1915; John MacMillan Camerons Oct. 1918; Angus MacLeod Canadians Apr. 1917; John MacIver R.N.R. Dec. 1918; John MacLeod R.N.R. Feb. 1915; A.J. MacIver Seaforths Dec. 1918; John Thomson R.N.R. Feb. 1917. 1939-1945 Tong Roderick MacLennan R.N.R. April 1940; Aird Tong Murdo MacDonald M.N. Feb. 1943; Aird Tong George MacKenzie R.N.R. Aug. 1943; Aird Tong Donald Finlayson M.N. May 1942; Aird Tong John Finlayson R.N.R. April 1943; Tong Pack John A. MacLennan R.N.R. Aug. 1946. Upper Coll 1939-1945 Servicemen killed or died through war injuries. William Murray M.N. May 1941; John M. MacLeod M.N. June 1942; Norman Morrison R.N.R. May 1940; Neil Graham R.A.F. Sept. 1944; Malcolm MacIver R.N.R. Sept. 1943. Coll 1914-1918 Servicemen killed or died through war injuries. Angus MacDonald Seaforths May 1915; Donald MacLean Seaforths Jan. 1916; William MacLeod R.N.R. Iolaire; John Morrison R.N.R. Iolaire; Donald Murray R.N.R. March 1915; Angus Graham Seaforths April 1917; Kenneth MacIver R.N.R. Feb. 1919; John N. MacRae Seaforths July 1916; Donald MacRae Canadians Aug. 1918; Alex Munro R.N.R. Dec. 1916; John Smith R.N.R. Oct. 1918; John MacDonald R.N.R. Sept. 1918; George MacDonald Seaforths Nov. 1915; Murdo MacLeod R.N.R. Iolaire; Norman MacIver R.N.R. July 1917; Alex MacIver Scots Guards Jan. 1915; Alex Beaton R.N.R. Iolaire; James Beaton Canadians Jan. 1916; Murdo MacIver Gordons June 1915; Norman MacIver Seaforths Jan. 1916; Alex MacKenzie Seaforths June 1915; Murdo MacLeod Seaforths Jan. 1916; Murdo MacIver Seaforths Oct. 1918. Outend Donald Graham Canadians Feb. 1915. 1939-1945 Murdo Morrison M.N. Nov. 1940; Alasdair MacLeod R.N.R. Feb. 1940; William MacIver R.N.R. Dec. 1939; William MacLeod R.N.R. April 1941; Angus MacLeod M.N. Oct. 1941; Angus MacKenzie R.N.R. March 1942; Murdo MacIver R.N.R. Oct. 1944; Malcolm MacIver R.N.R. July 1940. Vatisker 1914-1918 Servicemen killed or died through war injuries. Donald Campbell R.N.R. Iolaire; Norman MacLean R.G.A. May 1915; Murdo MacLeod Gordons March 1917; Murdo Murray Seaforths May 1917; Alexander Campbell R.N.R. Iolaire; Donald MacIver Seaforths April 1915; Norman MacLeod Gordons April 1916; Alexander Beaton Canadians May 1917; George MacIver Seaforths Feb 1917; John MacLeod R.N.R. Oct 1918; John Morrison R.N.R. Nov 1917; John Ferguson Seaforths April 1917; John Stewart R.N.R. Jan 1917. Catherine Hill Donald MacLeod Canadians July 1917; Norman MacLeod Canadians June 1917; Kenneth Murray Gordons Oct 1918. Lighthill Alexander MacAskill Gordons May 1917; John MacAskill R.N.R. Iolaire. Well Cottage Robert Murray R.N.R. Iolaire. 1939-1945 Murdo Campbell M.N. April 1944; Alexander Martin R.N.R. Dec 1943; Norman MacIver M.N. May 1941. Lighthill John MacLeod M.N. Nov 1941; Samuel Graham R.N.R. Nov 1939. Back 1914-1918 Servicemen killed or died through war injuries. Donald MacKay Gordon Highlanders Jan 1915; Donald MacLean Seaforths May 1915; Donald MacDonald R.N.R. Iolaire; John MacDonald R.N.R. June 1919; Murdo MacLeod R.N.R. Nov 1918; Angus MacKenzie Canadians May 1915; Murdo N. MacLeod R.N.R. July 1918; Donald Munro Canadians June 1918; Donald MacKenzie Seaforths May 1915; A. Ferguson Canadians June 1916; Donald Martin Australians July 1916; Murdo MacLeod Seaforths May 1916. New Street Evander MacDonald R.N.R. June 1915. 1939-1945 Roderick Murray M.N. Jan 1942; Alexander Murray R.N.R. Jan 1942; Alexander MacLeod R.N.R. Sept 1941; Malcolm MacIver R.N.R. July 1944; Angus Beaton R.N.R. May 1942; Murdo MacKay R.N.R. Nov 1939; Alexander MacKay R.N.R. May 1940; Alexander MacLeod M.N. Sept 1941. Gress 1939-1945 Servicemen killed or died through war injuries. Donald MacInnes M.N. Nov 1940; Murdo Campbell R.N.R. March 1941; Murdo Stewart Army Sept 1945; Murdo MacDonald M.N. May 1941; Murdo MacDonald R.N.R. May 1943; Donald MacKay R.N.R. Feb 1940.

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