Lye & Woolescote WW1

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Reference WMO/261808


Christ Church

High St





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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Within a garden/park/churchyard/enclosure/Marketplace
Description: Pillar/column
  • Stone Stone (any)
Lettering: Incised
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: The memorial to the men of Lye and Wollescote was erected in front of Christ Church in October 1926. The builder was George Brown and Sons of Kidderminster who were also responsible for the Brierley Hill Memorial. The infantryman holding rifle and bayonet and standing on the top is Stanley Harley DCM, the same figure as at Brierley Hill.: Two hundred and forty five names were inscribed on three faces of the main pillar and five were later added at the base. One was inscribed in error and removed, making a total of two hundred and forty nine names. Two Stepped Square Base Surmounted By Stepped Plinth, Pedestal And Figure Of A Serviceman Standing In The Advance Position With Fixed Bayonet. Inscription in Gold Lettering on the Sides of the Pedestal Materials: Marble – Grey Materials: Marble – Sicilian Date: 23rd October 1926 Attended by: Brig Gen T E Hickman CB DSO 6 O'clock Face: 1914 - 1918
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6 O'clock Face: 1914 - 1918 To the memory of the men of this district Who At The Call Of Duty Left All That Was Dear To Them, Endured Hardships, Faced Dangers And Finally Gave Their Lives To The Memory Of The Men Of This District That Others Might Live In Freedom. Let Those Who Come After/ See To It That Their Names/ Shall Not Be Forgotten 1939-1945 3, 9 And 12 O'clock Face:

Allchurch W/Allen H/Aston J/Baker B/Bartlett A/Bashford H/Bashford T/Bateman J/Batham D/Beasley A/Beasley G/Billingham A/Billingham D/Bingham A/Bingham H /Bishop A/Boots W/Boxley F/Boxley J/Bretell C/Brettell S/Brettle A/Brettle S/Bridge G F R/Bristow F/Bromley G/Brooks A/Burford F/Carpenter W/Cartwright E/Cartwright H/Cartwright H Y/Cartwright J/Cartwright J/Cartwright S/Challoner J/Challoner T/Challoner W/Chance B/Chance J/Chance S/Chaplin A B/Checketts H/Coleman A/Conan-Davies B/Cook F/Cook G/Cook J/Cooper J/Cooper W/Cooper W M/Crockett A/Crockett S/Dainty C/Dainty C H/Davies J/Davies J H/Daws J/Deeley H/Dicken S/Dickens H/Dudley F/Dudley J T/Farley T/Farmer A/Farmer D/Farmer W/Fleming J/Fletcher T/Foley W/Forrest T/Foxall E/Foxall S/Foxall W/Gauden T/Gauden W H/Girling C J/Girling E F/Gray B/Green B J/Green John/Green Jos/Green T/Griffiths W/Grist J/Grove J/Gulliver H/Hall B/Hall S/Hamblett H/Harris C/Hart F/Hart F C/Hart F L/Hart R/Hart W/Haycock W/Hewitt J/Hill A/Hill B/Hill B A/Hill H/Hill J/Hill J A S/Hill J H/Hill S/Hill T/Hill Wilfred/Hill W M/Hodgetts A/ Hodgkiss P/Holden A/Holden J R/Holt T L/Homer W/Hutton G/Hyde A/Hyde Albert/Hyde G/Jasper H/Johnson W/Jones H/Jones J/Jones J H/Jones P/Jordan W/Keyes H T/Knowles J/Knowles S/Knowles W/Laurence H J/Laurence J H/Laurence T/Laurence W H/Leake H/Leedham A/Mallen B/Mallen W/Mathews J/Meers A/Meredith J/Meredith S/Mills W/Millward T/Millward W/Newey J/Newton C/Pardoe A/Pardoe C/Pardoe H/Pardoe W/Parkes J/Parkes John/Parkes Jos/Parkes W/Parton A H/Parton J W/Pearshouse J/Pearson A/Pearson A S/Pearson B/Pearson C/Pearson F/Pearson J/Pearson John/Pedford J/Penn J/Perkins G/Perkins J T/Perks H/Perks W/Perrins T/Perry J L/Pete W/Phillip Wes/Phillips Ben/Phillips Bert/Phillips W/Phillips W M/Phipson C/Phipson W/Pickering F S/Pitts C E/Potter A/Price J/Price P H/Priest D/Raybould F/Robbins B/Robbins E/Robinson B/Robinson W/Roper P/Roper T/Round J P/Rutter T/Ryder T/Saunders S/Scott S/Shaw G/Shaw W/Skelding J/ Skidmore B/Skinner J/Smith B/Smith J/Southall C/Southall F/Southall H/Southall J/Southall W/Stafford H/Stafford H V/Stevens W Taylor A/Taylor A/Taylor C/Taylor E/Taylor F/Taylor Frank/Taylor H/Taylor H Y/Taylor J/Taylor S/Taylor W/Taylor W M/Walker W H/Wallens E/Wassell S/Wassell T H/Waterhouse W/Watkins W H V/Westwood D/Westwood H/Wiley W/Willetts S/Willetts T/Williams W/Wood H/Wooldridge A/Wooldridge B/Wooldridge C L/Wooldridge D/Wooldridge H/Wooldridge L/Wooldridge M/Wooldridge P/Wooldridge S/Wooldridge W/Wynn W

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