North Thoresby Roll of Honour

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Reference WMO/263906


St Helen's Church

Church Lane

North Thoresby

DN36 5QQ


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Status: On original site
Type: Other
Location: External
Setting: Attached to a building/structure
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
  • Glass Glass
  • Paper Paper
  • Timber Timber (any)
Lettering: Other
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: A full list of the persons who died in the 1st World War and those who took part is listed in a roll of honour that is fixed to the wall, inside of the church porch. This is accessible by walking up the path to the front door of the church.The porch with the Roll of Honour on the right hand side near the door; the old altar stone lies beneath it, upon which the pot of flowers is resting. The wooden frame measures 490mm x 330mm, and there is a white board inside it with a glass frame.The top few lines of the roll list those who died, which are the names that are on the graveyard memorial.The next two thirds of the Roll of Honour are the people who took part in the war from North Thoresby.
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These are the names of the people who died in the First World War, whose names are on the graveyard war memorial. Rank Name Capt. V. De Hoghton Capt. J.H. Broughton Capt. G.S. Dickinson Sergt. J. Roberts Cpl. P.J. Batten Cpl. H. Neal Tpr. M.H. Campion Pte. H.G. Proctor Pte. G.H. Grantham Pte. G. Milson Pte. T.S. Brown Pte. E.W. Townend Pte. C. Hewson Pte. G. Morley Pte. C.W. Hewson Pte. G. Panton Pte. W.H. Roberts Pte. R.W. Townend Pte. W. Wattam Pte. J.J. Bontoft Pte. W. Thompson These are the names of the people who took part in the war. Rank Name Unit/Regt. Country(ies) Served Notes Pte H. Davies France, Germany Prisoner Lieut E. Robinson Cavalry Reserves England Trooper W. Bosworth Yeomanry Egypt Pte H.W. Morley R.D. Corp England Pte A. Morley M.G.C. Egypt, France Pte R. Morley Duke of Wellington England L. Corpl. E.S. Bradbury 18 Leeds Rifles B.E.F. Miss A. Isaac M.T. R.A.S.C. England Pte F. Lambert North Staffs. England Sergt J. Kettlewell Lincs. Regt. England Sapper J. Lowis R.E. B.E.F. France. Trooper F.W. Campion Yeomanry England Trooper P.H. Campion Yeomanry B.E.F. Egypt, Palestine, France Pte C. Smith Yorks. and Lancs. B.E.F., Salonica Pte A.A. Smith R.E. Salonica Pte G.H.H. Smith Duke of Wellington England Corpl C.W. Drury R.A.S.C. B.E.F., France Driver J.W. Panton R.G.A. B.E.F. France. A.B. F. Panton R.G.A. Falklands, Jutland, Dardanelles Gunner G.H. Simons R.G.A. B.E.F. Pte W.E. Simons R.A.S.C. B.E.F., France Pte F.E. Simons 17th Lancers England Pte E. Fawcett 35th Division B.E.F., France Pte H. Fawcett Lincs. Regt. B.E.F., France, Germany Prisoner Pte F. Fawcett Labour Corps L. Corpl. J.W. Holbeck R.E. B.E.F., Egypt, France Trooper R.B. Ornsby Yeomanry B.E.F., France, Palestine, Egypt Signaller H. Crowson Yorks. and Lancs. B.E.F., France. Gunner W.H. Crowson R.G.A. B.E.F., France. Pte O. Mason 3rd City of London B.E.F., France, Germany Prisoner Pte H. Searson R.G.A. B.E.F., France. Trooper C. Tindall Yeomanry B.E.F., France, Palestine. Pte C.W. Bonner 1st Lincs. Regiment B.E.F., France. Pte G.W.S. Brown Army Veterinary Corps. B.E.F., France. Pte C.A. Brown Cambridge B.E.F., France. Pte A.S. Brown MM, DCM Warwick’s. B.E.F., France. Pte S. Stones 4th King's Liverpool B.E.F., France. Pte W. Barling 3rd Lincs. Ireland Pte Lidgard Pte F. Stevenson B.E.F., France. Sapper A. Graves R.E. B.E.F., France. Trooper F. Dickenson Yeomanry Egypt, Palestine. Pte J. Dickenson Lincs. Regt. B.E.F., France. Driver J.H. Wright R.E. B.E.F., France. Corpl F. Wright R.E. Egypt Pte W.R. Plumtree Lincs. Regt. B.E.F., France. Sapper C. Coxon R.E. B.E.F., France. Gunner A. Moore R.G.A. B.E.F., France. Driver J.W. Moore R.A.S.C. German East Africa Sapper H. Lill R.E. B.E.F., France. Sergt S.W. Townend 3rd Suffolk’s. England Pte F.W. Townend 2nd Lincs. B.E.F., France. Pte C. Townend R.A.S.C. B.E.F., German East Africa Signaller A.T. Broughton Notts. and Derby B.E.F., France. Pte F. Lamming R.F.A. Salonica, Turkey Pte H. Neale 10th Lincs. B.E.F., France. Rev. A.R. Tucker Chaplain, 2/4 Royal Berks. B.E.F., France. Sergt Wm. Horton Pte J. Pickard 2nd Lincs. B.E.F., France. Corpl H. Pickard 3rd Lincs. B.E.F., France. Gunner R. Mumby R.F.A. B.E.F., France. Pte C. Leesing R.A.M.C. Salonica Dr. J. Leesing R.A.M.C. Egypt Sergt R. Makey Lincs. Regt. England L. Corpl. C. H. Brocklebank R.A.S.C. B.E.F., France. Pte T.L. Patchett L.C. England Gunner A. Hill R.F.A. B.E.F., France. Sapper F. Dows R.E. B.E.F., France. Capt. G.W. Miller R.A.M.C., 26th C.C.S. B.E.F., France. Signaller A. Hewson R.N. Russia Pte T.S. Prestwood Notts. and Derby B.E.F., France. Corpl J.H. Markham R.M.S.M. Sergt A.E. Julian Lincs. Regt. B.E.F., France. Pte M. Willerton R.E. B.E.F., France. Pte F.R. Willerton Sherwood Foresters 2nd Lieut G.H. Allison R.E. Mesopotamia, India L. Corpl. F. Foster 1st Lincs. Regiment B.E.F., France. Pte H. Foster 10th Lincs. B.E.F., France. Sapper A. Foster R.E. Egypt. L. Corpl T. Foster MM 1st Lincs. Regiment B.E.F., France. Dr. G. Blackburn MM 1st Lincs. Regiment B.E.F., France. Pte H. Barker Sherwood Foresters B.E.F., France. Staff-Sergt. G. Abbot R.A.V.C. B.E.F., France. Sapper J.R. Cowley R.E., A.E.F. B.E.F., France. Miss M. Smith Q.M.A.A.C England Miss M. Leesing N.A.C.B. England

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