Morton - Morton WW1

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Reference WMO/264217


St Paul's Church

10-16 Front Street



DN21 3AA


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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: Unknown
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Red leather coated book, with gold title 200 x 250 x 55mm Lettering in Old English script, with first letter of names and initials in red, crosses in gold 146 served and returned, 43 died, total 180
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MORTON BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE MEN WHO SERVED IN THE GREAT WAR 1914 1918 Page 1 War declared against Germany August 4th 1914 Armistice November 11th 1918. Treaty of Peace signed at Versailles, June 28th – 1919. Total Casualties of all Ranks, killed, wounded and missing, to November 10th – 1918. 3.107.713 © Charles J. Anderson Page 2 Alfred Edward Addison, R.A.S.C. George Walter Addison, R.F.A. Rev Felix Amcoats, R.E. Rev William Amcoats, Chaplain, Manchester Regt. Lloyd Anderson, Corpl., 2nd Lincolns John William Atter, R.G.A. Page 3 Albert Ernest Bailey, 5th Lincolns George Ball, Scottish Borderers John Samuel Anthony Barber, R.A.F., 1st A.M. Thomas Ambrose Barber, R.N., Motor Mechanic Arthur Barlow, R.M.L.I. George Herman Barlow, 52nd Leicesters, Corpl. 2nd Lincolns Page 4 † John William Barlow, R.E. James Henry Barlow, Army Cyclist Corps Stephen Barlow, 5th Lincolns † William Clarke Barlow, R.E. William Edward Barlow, R.E., Inland Water Transport Sydney Barton, Sergt., 5th Lincolns Robert William Bayles, M.M., Sergt., Yorks Page 5 George Bell, Corpl., 3rd Lincolns † George Leonard Bell, Durham Light Infantry † Arthur Bemrose, H.M.S. Britannia † Ernest Bemrose. Corpl., 2nd Lincolns James Arthur Bettison, 5th Lincolns † Joseph Bingham, 5th Lincolns † Percy Bingham, 5th Lincolns © Charles J. Anderson Page 6 Percy Bingham, 3rd Liecesters William Arthur Black, R.F.A. † Norman Bradbury, L-Corpl., K.R.R. George Bradbury, 19th London Thomas Henry Bradford, R.G.A. Gerald Arthur Augustine Bradnack, Indian Medical Service Leonard Bradshaw, L-Corpl., Scottish Horse Page 7 † Samuel Frederick Briggs, 1st Lincolns Leonard Brighton, 8th Lincolns Percival Durham Brighton, 51st Leicesters † William Henry Brighton, 8th Lincolns Frank Brock, Q.M.S., R.E. William Blow, 10th Lincolns Archibald Henry Burkill, Northumberland Fusiliers Page 8 Charles Hubert Caldicott, L-Corpl., R.E. Frederick Clapham., R.A.S.C Charles William Clarke, 8th Lincolns George Clayton, Sergt., 7th Lincolns Page 9 † William Emmerson Cooper, 7th Lincolns John William Coulson, 1st Coldstream Guards Frederick Coulson, 10th Lincolns; Labour Corps John Thomas Clarkson, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Page 10 George Darby, Sherwood Rangers; 7th and 8th Notts and Derby Sam Drinkall, R.E. James Rennie Duncan, Sergt., 5th Lincs, M.G.C. † Fred Dunderdale, 1st Lincolns; Northumberland Fusiliers † Thomas Durdey, 5th West Yorks Page 11 Francis Henry Elsagood, H.M.S. Starlight (Minesweeper) George Henry Elston, Corpl., 2nd Lincolns † George William Emerson, Durham Light Infantry Walter Emerson James Emmerson, R.A.M.C., 2nd Lieut., Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry Page 12 Frederick Fitchett, 12th Lincolns, West Yorks, South Staffords, Corpl. Suffolk Regt. † John William Forrington, 1st Lincolns Harrold Forrington, 1st Coldstream Guards Albert Henry Reynolds Fox, Q.M.S., York and Lancaster Frank Lewis Fox. Sergt., Royal Veterinary Corps Frank Percival French, M.C., Corpl., 5th Lincolns John Frow, 1st Lincolns Page 13 William Gabbitas, 5th Lincolns Arthur Mellor Gamble, 2nd Lieut., R.E. Arthur Baden Glenn, Seaforth Highlanders Charles Richard Godson, H.M.S. Tomahawk † Edward Godson, R.F.A. Page 14 Ernest Godson, 10th Lincolns † Charles Eldin Gould, 1st Lincolns David Goulding, R.F.A. Walter Goulding, Leicesters † George Arthur Green, Sergt., 5th Lincolns Page 15 † Francis William Haggett, Corpl., M.G.C. John William Harrison, 18th York and Lancaster; 1st K.O.Y.L.I Arthur Harrop, Tank Corps Frederick Harwood, H.M.S. Crescent Henry Douglas Hewson, Lieut., Lincolnshire Yeomanry attached M.G.C. John Tacey Hessey, Motor Transport Frank Hilton, 3rd and 7th Lincolns, M.G.C. Page 16 Arthur Hilton, Labour Corps George William Hindley, 8th Lincolns Fred Hindley, R.F.A. Herbert Hindley, 8th Lincolns William Francis Hird, Royal Warwicks † Leonard Holmes, Essex Regt. Thomas Holmes, M.G.C. Page 17 George William Hoult, 3rd and 7th Lincolns † Cyril Hudson, Sherwood Rangers James Herbert Hudson, R.E. Herbert Humphrey, Sherwood Foresters; 1st Notts; Essex Regt. Fred Hudson, Durham Light Infantry Page 18 Richard Jarvill, Q.M.S., 5th Lincolns Albert Frederick Kirkby, R.E. Arthur Henry Kirkby, Sherwood Foresters Arthur Henry Kirkby, 2nd Lincolns; Labour Corps Edward Kirkby, Scottish Borderers Page 19 George Edwin Kirkby, Sherwood Foresters Joseph Kirkby, Signaller, 5th Lincolns John Wright Lascelles, 10th Lincolns William Lascelles, 51st Leicesters; R.A.S.C. † Harry Lawson, 1st Lincolns Page 20 † James Lawson, 2nd Lincolns Harry Leedham, Staffordshire Yeomanry Robert Leedham, 1st Lincolns, 1st South Staffordshire Fred Trevor Lowein, L-Corpl., Leicesters Page 21 † Charles Edward Mackinder, Sergt., Drummer, 4th Lincolns George Wootton Manners, R.A.M.C. Ernest Markham, Sergt., M.M.P. Jack Mason, Corpl., Gordon Highlanders Henry Masters, 20th Hussars George Walter May, Sergt., R.A.M.C. Percy Charles Melliss, 9th Lincolns Page 22 Frank Mills, Lieut., Lincolns † Charles Mills, L-Corpl., 6th Lincolns Dan Daly Murgatroyd, Corpl., Lincolnshire Yeomanry, M.G.C. Albert Neville, M.M., 1st Lincolns William Brattle Augustus Newton, Corpl., Leicester Cyclists Page 23 Albert Oglesby, 5th Lincolns Beaumont Oglesby, 4th East Lancashire † Harold Pacey, K.O.Y.L.I. Page 24 Fred Parnham, Notts and Derby Bantams William Henry Parnham, Nottingham Artillery † Walter Frank Parr, L-Corpl., Grenadier Guards Arthur Petch, Hampshires John Petch, Sergt., M.M.P. Robert Petch, 8th K.O.Y.L.I. Page 25 † Ernest Radley, L-Corpl., 5th Lincolns Herbert Radley, Notts and Derby Bantams Wilfred Radley, Sergt., 5th Lincolns Charles William Ramsden, Corpl., 5th Lincolns † David Logan Rickards, Lieut., K.O.Y.L.I. Page 26 † Charles William Ridley, 5th Lincolns Ernest Edward Ridley, 5th Lincolns Frank Rodgers, Corpl., R.E. Frank Rotherham, Leicesters † Arthur Rowe, 1st Lincolns Frank Rowe, 8th Worcesters Page 27 Charles Shadlock, 4th Lincolns, Labour Corps Robert Shearman, R.A.S.C. Charles William Shepherd, Cadet, R.A.F. Alfred Walter Slater, Training Reserve; 8th Lincs Ernest Edward Simpson Page 28 † John Walker Sleight, Corpl., 8th Lincolns John William Sleight, Corpl., Notts and Derby Samuel Edward Smart, 3rd Lincolns † William Henry Smithson, Lincolns † George Henry Snowden, K.R.R. Herbert Snowden, H.M.S. Havelock Samuel Thomas Sowerby, L-Corpl., 5th Lincolns; M.G.C. Page 29 Bennett Spowage, R.A.M.C. † George Alfred Stainton, R.F.A. Charles Stainton, M.G.C. Herbert Staves, Sherwood Rangers † Charles Steels, M.G.C. George Richard Storrs, Northumberland Fusiliers Page 30 Cyril Swinn, Sergt., R.A.M.C. Horace Swinn, Sergt., 5th Lincolns Joseph Lancaster Tasker, 7th Lincolns Alfred Taylor, M.M.P. Page 31 Fred William Taylor, 2nd Lincolns † Harry Edward Taylor, R.E. Walter Taylor, Sherwood Rangers; 13th Hussars; M.G.C. Cavalry † Joseph Tesh, 5th Lincolns Thomas Frederick Thompson, Sergt., York and Lancaster † Charlie Thornhill, 5th Lincolns Arthur Torr, Corpl., Lincolnshire Yeomanry Page 32 Albert Toyne, Sherwood Foresters † Frank Toyne, Corpl., R.A.S.C. Harold Toyne, 18th Hussars; L-Corpl. East Yorks Harold Ernest Toyne, M.G.C. Herman Toyne, 5th Lincolns Walter Hiram Henry Toyne, 5th Lincolns † Sydney Toyne. K.O.Y.L.I. Page 33 William Toyne, George William Turtle, K.O.Y.L.I.; Notts and Derby Ernest William Turford, 5th Lincolns Frederick Arthur Vincent, Sherwood Foresters Page 34 William Walter Weall, 10th Lincolns; Lieut. Liecesters John Alfred WEALL, Sergt., 10th Lincolns George Wilson, Transport John William Wilson, R.G.A. Joseph Wilson, Durham Light Infantry Thomas Edward Wood, R.A.S.C. Page 35 † Charles Frederick Woodhead, Essex Herbert Woodhouse † George Henry Wray, 5th Lincolns Page 36 Proudly you gathered, rank on rank to war, As who had feared Gods message from afar; All you had hoped for, all you had, you gave, To save Mankind – yourselves you scorned to save Splendid you passed, the great surrender made, Into the light that nevermore shall fade; Deep your contentment in that blest abode, Who wait the last clear trumpet call of God

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