Arlington Baths Club

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Reference WMO264395


61 Arlington Street


G3 6DT


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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
  • Metal Bronze
  • Timber Timber (any)
Lettering: Raised
  • First World War (1914-1918)
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: First World War: Wreaths of laurel encircle the inscriptions, and palm leaves separate the four columns of names, while on each corner is the St Andrew's Cross (Saltire). It displays 72 names in four columns. Second World War: This section was added on to the bottom of the memorial and in each bottom corner is the St Andrew's Cross (Saltire). It displays 39 names in four columns. It was unveiled on 12 April 1922. It is situated inside the Arlington Baths Club building in the Reading Room, which is on the first floor. It is possible to visit as long as a time can be arranged when the room is not being used. Please note that there is no lift in the building, and as well as the stairs to the first floor there are several steps up to the front door. Please contact the Arlington Baths Club to ask about visiting to see the Memorial
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First World War: In remembrance of the members of the Arlington Baths Club who fell in the the Great War 1914-1919. Second World War: Also in honoured memory of those members of this Club who gave their lives for their country 1939-1945.

FIRST WORLD WAR: Agnew, James W; Alexander, W F; Ashton, Rodger; Ashton, William; Anderson, Mattw; Arrol, Richard H; Ancill, Sydney; Arthur, Ronald; Bisland, James; Bayley, Peter F; Bruce, Charles I; Bird, William T; Blackie, Frank H; Biggs, Charles; Blue, Dougal; Brown, H A; Christison, Robt C; Cook, A Burton Chalmers, John S Douglas, John Drummond, Robt K Dunlop, Norman L Dick, John Douglas, A S De Nance, Wilfred; Dunn, Robt Hunter; Freeman, Isidor L; Foulis, James B; Freer, Walter; Gillies, Daniel; Gillies, Alexander; Gentles, Thomas; Henry, John; Hubbard, John; Herbertson, Jas D; Holmes, William; Jamieson, Geo. W; Jackson, David; Johnstone, Robt N; Jardine, John; Kinloch, James M T; Kyle, Hugh G; Kennedy, James; Levy, Leon; McNeil, J F; MacFadyen, James; MacBrayne, John B; McKinnon, Andw W; McQueen, Ronald B; MacFarlane, Jas; Murray, Anthony S; Nelson, J Noel; Perry, Ernest; Pollok, Max K; Ross, Malcolm; Reid, James; Rennie, Robert; Robertson, Phil S; Rennie, Malm Stark; Ritchie, J I Austin; Sanderson, John N; Sillars, D R; Somerville, Robt G; Smith, Gordon McL; Todd, John; Taylor, Ewd Graham; Taylor, James; Thom, Laurence W; Vallance, Harold; Workman, Charles; Wilson, James M. SECOND WORLD WAR: Aikman, Wm McA; Aitken, K; Alexander, D F; Armstrong, D J S; Balls, David G; Barr, Patrick A; Buchanan, A J A; Buchanan, S; Campbell, C G; Campbell, M B; Clark, A McL; Clouter, R; Cochrane, T K; Denholm, W B; Dunbar, Ian S; Fraser, James L; Gibson, A H; Gilmour, J R; Hunter, G H; Jack, Robert H; Kerr, Norman; King, Harry; King, K G; Kinloch, J McN; Lewis, C K; MacDonald, D, Jnr; McKellar, A; McKinnon, Ian; MacLachlan, R B; MacNaughtan, D; Morrison, R U; Norton, G H; Paterson, J B; Rankin, Ian D; Smith, Peter G H; Stevenson, G H; Thomson, David; Work, Ian; Young, Jack McC.

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