Little Coates - Roll of Honour

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Reference WMO/264800


Saint Michael's Church

62 Great Coates Road

Little Coates


DN34 4ND


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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Attached to a building/structure
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
About the memorial: Two separate Rollsof Honour: 1) Latin cross at top centre, names in four columns. Decorative edging. Placed on a wooden frame for display. 2) Latin Cross at top centre, names listed in two columns. placed on wooden frame. Decorative edging.
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1st Roll of Honour: Parish of Littlecoates./ Roll of Honour/ (Names)/ Then said he, I am going to my Fathers, and tho’ with great difficulty I am got hither, yet now I do not repent me of all the Trouble I have been at to arrive where I am. My Sword I give to him that shall succeed me in my Pilgrimage, and my Courage and my Skill to him that can get it. My Marks and Scars I carry with me, to be a witness for me, that I have fought his Battles who now will be my Rewarder. …So he passed over, and all the Trumpets sounded for him on the other side.” The Pilgrims Progress. 2nd Roll of Honour: Little Coates/ Roll of Honour/ Addenda/ (Names)

Roll 1 ALLTOFT, John Holtby, Sergt, R.F.A, Aug. 5th 1917. ALTOFT, Arthur E, R.N.R.T. BARKWORTH, Sydney, Lieut, MM, MC, London Territorials BARNARD, Edward, 1st Norfolk Regt. R.I.P. BARRETT, W. 1st Lincs. Regt. BARRON, Ernest, R.N.A.S BARROTT, John, Lincs. Regt. R.I.P. BASS, Harry, 1st Suffolk Regt. BASS, G. R.G.A. BELL, Frank, 10th Lincs Regt. BELL, George F., R.F.A. BETMEAD, Daniel C. E, R.N.R.T. BETMEAD, James W.A., R.N.R.T BLAND, Robert, Sergt., West Yorks Regt., July 1st 1916 BLOOMFIELD, Frank, 5th Lincs. Regt. BLOOMFIELD, George, 5th Lincs. Regt. BLOOMFIELD, W. 5th Lincs. Regt. Apl 16th 1916 BLOOMFIELD, J. 43rd Labour Coy. BOURNE, F. H.M.S. Seagull BRAINSBY, Sydney, M. M. G. Section BRANSON, W. 51st Batt. Leics. Regt. BROWN Alex. S. R.N.R.T. May 1st 1918. BROWN, W., R.N.R.T. BROWN, George Henry, Petty Officer, R.N. BROWN, W., R.N.R. BROWNING, Robert, R.A.F. BRYAN, Ernest, Lincs. Regt. BULLOCK, E.C., Sergt., M.M., R.F.A. BURKITT, S., 1st Lincs. Regt. BURKITT, W., 11th Lincs. Regt., April 10th 1917 BURKITT, W., 4th Lincs. Regt. BURMAN, Charles Henry, 6th South Staffs. Regt. March 21st 1918 BURRAS, Wilfrid, Lincs. Regt. BUSHELL, Lewis, R.N.R. BUSHELL, Leonard, 5th Lincs. Regt., R.I.P. BUSHELL, Alfred, 5th Lincs. Regt. R.I.P. BYGOTT, Alfred H., 6th Lincs Regt., July 2nd 1916 BYGOTT, E.F., R.F.A. BYGOTT, Arthur H., 8th Lincs. Regt. CALLENDER, William John, R.N.R. (Skipper) CALLIN, R. Wilfred, Army Chaplain CHAPMAN, Harold, 11th East Yorks. CHAPMAN, J.J., 2nd Durham L.I. CHARLESWORTH, W. Sergt. R.F.A. CHILDS, H. T. Jack, Rifle Brigade COOK W.., 5th F.A.V.C. COULDSTONE. Francis Thos., R.F.A. COULDSTONE, Charles Edward, 5th Lincs. Regt. Aug. 22nd 1916 COWL, Harry, R.F.A. CRANCHER, R.A., R.N. CUTSFORTH, J.T., East Yorks.Regt. CUTSFORTH, E.D., Sergt, R.A.S.C. CUTSFORTH, A., Motor Transport CUTSFORTH, G.H., R.F.A. CUTSFORTH, J.T., 10th Lincs. CUTSWORTH, W., R.F.A. CUTSWORTH, R.A., 14th Kings Hussars DANBY, Ralph, R.N.R. DAVEY, George Henry, R.A.M.C. DAVIS, Bert M’Clure, R.N.R. DEAKINS, Edward, 7th Lincs. Regt. DENNIS, J.R., Highland Light Infantry. DENNIS, Thomas, 10th Lincs. Regt. DIXON, Oscar, Captain, 5th Lincs. Regt. D’ORSEY, Benjamin, Skipper, R.N.R. DOWSE, William, Chief Engineer, R.N.R. DRINKELL, G.S., L/Cpl. 9th Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons DRINKELL, T.H., 9th West Yorks DRINKELL, T., R.F.A. DUKES, Henry Thomas, Chief Engineer, R.N.R. DUKES, Henry Thomas, Jnr., R.N.R. EDMONDSTON, James Scott, Lieut., Royal Warwick Regt. EGLETON, William Alsford, Rifle Brigade, R.I.P. ELLIS, Henry, 3rd Lincs. Regt., March 25th 1918 EVERLEY, William Edward, 1st Lincs. Regt. FANTHORPE, Joseph, R.N.R. FANTHORPE, John W., 5th Lincs. Regt, Aug. 9th 1915 FANTHORPE, Benjamin, 5th Lincs. Regt., April 17th 1917 FANTHORPE, Tom, 6th Lincs. Regt. FRISKNEY, Hector, 5th Lincs Regt., R.I.P. GARNER, Harry, R.I.P. GIBBONS, Albert, 6th Lincs. Regt. GIRLING, J. T., 5th Linc. Regt. GRANTHAM, Hewson, 2nd Durham Light Infantry, ; Sept. 16th, 1917 HAAGENSON, O., Lincs. Regt. HAMILTON, E., R.N. HARGITT, Harold, R.N.R. HARMSTON, John William, 21st Mid. Rifle Brigade. HARMSTON, William, 1st Air Mechanic, Royal Flying Corps. ; Aug 21st. 1916 HARRISON, Herbert, 5th Lincs. Regt. HARRISON, Frank, 5th Lincs. Regt. HARVEY, Harry, Sergt., R.F.A. HARVEY, George, 7th Lincs. Regt. HEWSON Charles J., 1st Gloucester Regt. ; Sept. 15th ,1918. HEWSON, Percy G., 5th Lincs Regt.; June 16th, 1920 HILL, F. C. , Lance-Cpl., 1st Lincs. Regt. ; March 25th, 1918. HODSON, Charles, R.A.M.C. HOPKINS, Benjamin, 10th Gordon Highlands. R.I.P. HOPKINS, W., 3rd Lincs. Regt. HOPKINS, R., R.N. HORNSHAW, James, Senr., Royal Navy & 5th Lincs. Regt. R.I.P. HORNSHAW, James, Junr., 5th Lincs. Regt. R.I.P. HORTON, Walter, 5th Lincs. Regt. HORWELL, John, 2nd 1st Royal East Kent Regt. HOSKEN, H., 5th Lincs. Regt. HOUGH, James, 51st Liecester Regt. HOWELL, John, 2nd 1st R.E., K.M.R. HOWSAM F., 8th Lincs Regt. ; Oct. 11th, 1917. HYDE, James, Sergt., 10th Lincs. Regt. HYDE, Percy, Lance-Cpl., 5th Lincs. Regt. JACKSON, John, M.G.C. JAMES, Edward, R.A.S.C. JENNINGS, Charles. JENNINGS Tom, Corporal, 1st Lincs. Regt. ; June 16th, 1918 JENNINGS, Frank, Corporal, M.G.C. and R.N.V.R. JENNINGS, Hector A., R.N.R.T. JESNEY, G. F., 4TH Lincs. Regt. ; 1917. JOHNSON, Richard Clark, R.A.S.C. JOHNSON, Arthur, Sergt., 16th K.R.R.C. JOHNSON, G. E., Rifle Brigade. JOHNSON, Frederick T., I.W.T., R.E. JONES, J. E., 5th Lincs. Regt. JONES, Henry, 6th Lincs. Regt. JONES, Wilfred, 15th Durhams. JONES, Peter, R.F.A. KELK, John, R.F.A. KENDALL, Arthur, R.A.M.C. KENNEY, J. A., Lance-Cpl., Durham Light Infantry ; March 26, 1918. KNOT, Thomas William, 10th Lincs. Regt. R.I.P. LAZELL, Henry, R.N.R. LAZELL, Richard, R.N.R. LEEMAN, Benjamin, M.M., Sherwood Foresters. R.I.P. LITTLE, Thomas, Lincs. Regt. R.I.P. MACKINTOSH, H., Stoke P.O., R.N. MALKINSON, Charles Hexrbert, D.C.M., 2nd Lieut., 6th Lincs. MALKINSON, Joseph, Northants Regt.; Sept. 27th 1918. MARSHALL, Joseph. 2nd Lincs. Regt. R.I.P MARSHALl, Thomas Henry, 10th Lincs. Regt. R.I.P MARSHALL, Charles Henry, R.I.P MARTIN, E. J., 5th Lincs. Regt. MASTERMAN, H. S., 8th Lincs. Regt. MATHERS, John, Lincs. Regt. MORAN, Fred. R.N.R.T. MORAN, J. Thomas, R.N.R.T. MORRIS, Harold, R.F.A. ; Oct. 13th, 1917. MORRIS, Albert, 6th Northants Regt. MORRIS, Ernest, 9th South Lancs. Regt. NALDER, Tom, R.N. NEAL, Harry, R.F.C. NEWTON, Frederick Sydney, R.N.R. NEWTON, Fred W., R.N.R. NEWTON, Arthur Cyril. K.O.Y.L.I. NEWTON, John Thomas, R.I.P. NEWTON, J. C., Sergt., Lincs. Regt. OLLEY, Stephen, Corporal, 11th Lincs. Regt. PEARCE, John, 1st Lincs. Regt.; Nov. 1914 R.I.P. PEARCE, Edward, Welsh Regt. R.I.P. PEARCE, Edward, R.I.P. PETERSON, Joseph William, R.N.R.; Dec. 25th, 1915. PETZEL, George, 5th Lincs. Regt., R.I.P. PETZEL, Ernest, 2nd Lincs. Regt. PETZEL, John, 15th Durham L.I. POOLE, Lewis L., H.M.T. “Lloyd George”, Jan. 7th 1917. POOLE, George, Lance-Cpl., 5th Lincs. Regt.; March 26th 1919. PRATT. J. W., Chief Engineer, R.N.R. PRATT, G. H.. West Yorks. Regt. RANDALL, J., 1st East Yorks. Regt RAYNOR, Harry, 21st Hussars REVELL, H. Royal Engineers REVELL, S., Sergt., R.F.A. REVELL, Alfred, H.M.T. “Barbados” RICHMOND, A. P., Loyal North Lancs, Regt. RILEY, Edward, Lincs. Regt. R.I.P. RILEY, J. W., R.F.A. ROBERT, Alfred, R.N.R.T. ROBINSON, Thomas, 2nd Engineer, R.N.R.T. ROBINSON, Wm., 2nd Lincs. Regt. ROBINSON, George. R.N.R.T. ROBINSON, Fred, 5th Lincs. Regt., Oct. 13th, 1915. ROBINSON, William, 5th Lincs. Regt. ; July 1st, 1916. ROBINSON, W. E., M.M., 5th Lincs. Regt. ROWLEY, J. A. H., 4th Lincs. Regt. ; Aug. 6th, 1918. ROWLEY. G. A., 3rd Lincs. Regt. RUSSELL, Robert H., Lance-Cpl., 26th Royal Fusiliers. SHAW, Charles, W.O., R.N.R. SHAW, Harry M., 4th Highland Light Infantry SHAW, William, R.N.R. SIDEBOTTOM, Arthur, R.N. SIDEBOTTOM, Wm., M.M., R.F.A. ; March 26th, 1918 SISONS, L., Corporal, West Yorks. SHIRTCLIFFE, Frank, R.N.R. R.I.P. SMART, F., R.F.A. SMART, David, Labour Corps. SMART, Kenneth, Lincs. Regt. SMITH, Sidney, R.A.S.C. SMITH, W., R.G.A. SMITH, S., R.A.S.C. STEVENS, Ernest, Chief Engineer, R.N.R. TAYLOR, B. R.A.F. TAYOR, Joseph, 8th Lincs. Regt. ; R.I.P. THOMPSON, Joseph, 2nd. Lincs. Regt. ; R.I.P. THOMPSON, James William, 7th West Yorks. Regt. THOMPSON, Jackson, R.F.A. THURGOOD, J. W., R.F.A. TURNER, Samuel Alfred, Sanitary Corps, ; R.I.P. WALTON, Arthur, 1st Air Mechanic, R.A.F. WALTON, Arthur, A.A.P., R.F.C. WALTON, Fred, R.F.A. WARNER, Walter, Sergt., 1st Lincs. Regt. WELLS, H. F., Royal Engineers. WELLS, J. W., R.F.A. WESTCOTT, William. R.N.R. ; R.I.P. WHITE, Arthur L., R.N.R.T. WHITELAM, H., M.M., R.F.A. WHITLEY, T., R.N.R.T. WILES, John, Lincs. Regt. WILLIAMS, John, R.A.S.C., M.T. WILSON, Aaron, M.M., 7th Lincs. Regt. WINKS, Frederick, 6th Lincs. Regt., ; R.I.P. WOOD, Herbert, 4th Army Infantry. WOOD, Cyril, R.A.F. WOOD, Herbert, 8th Lincs. Regt. ; Nov. 25th, 1916. WOOD, William, Notts and Derby. WOODCRAFT, Albert, R.F.A. ; R.I.P. WRESSELL, James, Royal Highland Light Infantry WRIGHT, Jack. 6th Lincs. Regt. WROOT, Herbert, 4th Army I.S.S. WYNN, Frank, Lincs. Regt. Roll 2 BOGIE, John Alexander, R.E. BRIDE, Henry Stuart, 3rd Lincs. Regt. CALTHORPE, Herbert, Sergt. Lincs. Regt. CLARK, George Arthur, R.N.R., T.S. ; R.I.P. COOK, Arthur Walter, M.M.T.S. COOK, Arthur Reuben, K.O.R.Lancs. Regt. COOK, Alfred, 4th Lincs. Regt. COOK, Walter, 8th Lincs. Regt. CURTIS, Charles Sydney, A.S.C. EASTON, John William, 13th Yorks. Regt. ENTWISTLE, William, R.E. FLATMAN, Robert, R.N. GAMBLE, James Beswick, R.E. GENNEY, William Oliver, Corporal, 7th Norfolks. HAVERCROFT, Harry, Herbert, Sergt., R.A. HEFFERMAN, Edward, Royal Naval Division, R.I.P. HILTON, W. G., West Yorks. Regt. HOOPER, Henry Ernest, R.N.R.T. JONES, Charles, R.E., I.W.T.R. KELK, Joseph, 1st South Staffs. Regt. KELK, John, R.F.A. LOFT, Edmund William Boswell, C.F. McGONIGAL, Charles, R.G.A. ; R.I.P. RHODES, Henry, 7th South Lancs. ; Nov. 18th, 1916. WELLS, Frank, R.N.R.

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