Skirbeck - Muster Roll WW1

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Reference WMO/265643


Holy Trinity Church Boston

Spilsby Rd


PE21 9NS


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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Unknown
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Chalk Landscape Feature
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: Below the tablet, on a specially designed oak stand. Is a handsomely bound book, in which are written on parchment the names of those in the parish who served. An in section of the book, which bears the following inscription, “Holy Trinity Church, Skirbeck, Muster Roll of those who served in the Great War, 1914-1918.”,
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Granville Airey, G. Akrill, Sam Alcock, J. Altoft, Wm Arkiss, Edw, Asling, Alfd. Atkinson and J. H. Atterby. Fred Barber, J. Bannister. O. Bannister, R. Bannister, Charles Barlow. Frank Barlow, Wm. G. Barnett, A. Basketter, Charles Basketter, F. Battle, A. E. Baumber, Ben. Baumber, T. B. Baumber, J. H. Baxter, John Beebe, Harry Beecham, T. Bellamy, W, Bennett, Edwd. Berry, Frank Berry, George Berry, Frank Bird, Ronald Black, Harry Blancher, W. Bond, Charles W. Borman, S. Brackenbury, Harry Bourne, Gordon Botterill, Harold Bradley, Fred Brough, Fred Wm. Briggs, Ton E, Briggs, Dean Brittain, Leonard Brown, Sidney Brown, Horace Burrell, J. Burrows, T. W. Burrows, Frank Burt, J. Harry Burt, and Wm Burt, A. G. Cade, W. W. Carby, W. Carr, Donald T. Carter, T. Richard Carter, Arthur Chambers, Oswald Chambers, Albert Chapman, Thomas Charlton. Leonard Cheavin, A Clift, Joseph Cole, Anthony Copping, J. W. Copping, Phillip Copping, Wm H. Copping, N> Coupland, W. Coupland, Harry Cox, Tom Cox, A. F. Crow, Richard W. Crow, and J. Cummings Alan Deal, Arthur Davey, G. W. Dann, Chas. H. Deane, F. Dickinson, C. H. Drain, S. Maddison Dring, Herbert Dunmore, Sydney H. Dunmore, and Wm. B. Dunmore. Charles Eaton, George Ehrenfried, Cecil Elmitt, G. Elvin and H. Elvin. Harold Field, Harold L. Flear, Arthur Fletcher, Walter Flintham, George Futter, Albert Fox, George W. Fox, John W. Fox, and Cecil Forman. Noel Gardiner, O. B. Giles, Charles Green, Geo. Green, Walter Green, J. V. Goodman and Wm. Groom. Sam Harding, Herbert Hardy, Cyril Harlow, P. Hartley, M. W. Herriot, Hector Heyward, T. W. Hipkin, G. R. Holland, L. Holland, H. Horrey, Amos Horry, J. Geoffrey Horton, Bob Howes, Charles Howard, S. Hoyes, Joseph Huggins, Ernest Hull, and Henry Hutton G. Iley and A. W. Isaac. Vere Jessop, H. T. Keal, T. R. Keal, Benjamin Kent, John Kent, and Wm. Kent. Percy Lister, Fredk. Leggott, M. Mackinder, Hubert Maltby, George Maltby, R. H. Manton, J. Marjason, S. Marjason, F. Martin, G. Melton, T. Arthur Marris. Harold C. Marris, Edgar N. Marris, O. Geoffrey H. Marris, Charles Marsh, Arthur Marriott, A. E. C. Marshall, Albert Mawer, W. H. Mawer, Cyril Mawson, Harry Molsom, J. G. Molsom, H. H. Moore, George Morris, W. Morley, G. Motley, H. I. Motley, G. Mowbray, H. W. Mowbray, J. R. Mowbray, C. H. Moxon, and W. P. Mowbray. A. Naylor, B. Newton, G. Nightingale, and W. Nightingale. A. Overton, R. Overton, W. Overton, Charles Ostler, Frank Ostler, Fred Ostler, Percy Ostler, and Walter Ostler. Fred Palmer, Tom Palmer, F. Parker, J. R. Parker, C. Patrick. Alf H. Peatling, E. Pesterfield, A. Pocklington, L. Pocklington, Harry Plumridge, J. Poole, Charles Porcher, and W. H. H. Price. Leonard Rasen, B. R. B. Rees, H. Richardson, E. Robinson, F. E. Robinson, C. H. Rogers, E. Rogers, S. V. Rogers, Arthur Ryan, Frank Ryan, Harry Ryan, and T. Ryan. James A. Sadler, A. Saville, John Saville, Arthur Schofield, Ernest Schofield, Wilfred Schofield, Arthur Sculthorpe, Wm. Sculthorpe, J. L. Semper. George Sharpe, J. H. Sherwin, T. W. Sherwin, Alfred Slinger, Lawrence Smith, Sydney Smith, James R. Standfield, George Stephens, and Tom Stephenson. Sheriff Taylor, B. Tealby, Arthur Tebbs, George Tebbs, -. Templeman, and D. W. Tipler. F. A. Vere and George Vines. G. W. Waidbow, Arthur Waite, Alfred Waite, Frederick Waite, Sydney Waite, Frank Walters, R. W. Ward, Charles Watson. Harry West, Joe West, Tom West, W. West, C. L. Wilcock. A. Webber, H. Webber, T. Willcox, J. Wisbey, B. J. Williamson, S. Williamson, A. Wilson, Reg Wilson, Robert Wilson, H. S. Woodham and P. Woodward. P. C. Yateman. NURSES. C. M. Beanland, Jessie O. Black (Misses). E. Freda O. Black, Irene Carter, E. M. Comer (Mrs), Marjorie Kent, Mary Kent, K. M. Reekes (Mrs), Nora Sexton, Elsie M. Simpson, I. M. Tuxford, Mary E. Gilliatt, A. de B. Johnson (Mrs), and F. Deal.

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