Boston - Baptist Chapel WW2

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Reference WMO/265819


Bourne RBL Club

7A, Burghley Street


PE10 9NS


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Status: On subsequent site(s)
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Unknown
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: Framed and glazed Roll of Honour
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Grants to support the repair and conservation of war memorials are available from the charity War Memorials Trust if it has raised funds. Support is focused on war memorials in Very bad or Poor condition or where there is a serious Concern.

Before applying for a grant you should read the advice available on War Memorials Trust`s website. The What we can and cannot fund helpsheet explains what types of work the charity can fund.

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As a charity, War Memorials Trust relies on voluntary donations and every contribution, no matter how large or small, makes a really big difference to our work. Your donation will help protect and conserve war memorials for future generations so please support War Memorials Trust’s work.

Raymond Cooper Stella Brake Edward Cliffe Rank. Name Regt Rank. Name Regt Rank. Name Regt Pte C. H. Gray R.A.S.C. Pte F. Wass Pioneer Corps Spr Harold Gelsthorpe R.E Ac2 A. Brown R.A.F. Pte G. Osgerthorpe R. Fusiliers Gnr George Cole R.E. Dvr. J. Ward R.A.S.C. AC2 R. Cabon R.A.F. Pte Geoffrey Grummitt R.A.O.C. Cpl. C. Pool Irish Fusiliers Sig W. Reed R.N. Tpr. Phillip Stubley R.A.C. Sgt. A. Watson Lincs L.Cpl. G. Lambert R.A.S.C. Tpr Ernest Smart R.A.C. L.Cpl J. Watson Lincs Pte A. Mc Intyre R.A. M.M David North R.N. Spr J. Asher R.E? AC2 E. Ward R.A.F. AC2 Ron Burchnell R.A.F. Gnr L. Barnes R,A,A,A, Pte H. R. Simpson A.S.C. Gnr Haydn Sampson A.A. L.Cpl H. Clare Lincs AC2 S. Hare R.A.F. Sig Tom Hill R.C.S. Pte. J. Wright Lincs AC2 N. Hall R.A.F. Pe Claude Abbott R.A. Gnr. D.Wright Essex Pte A. H. Parker Hamps Tpr Jeffery Pick R.A.C. Spr. J. Johnson R.E. Pte A. E. Parker R.N. Pte Peggy Lunn A.T.S. Bdr. H. Stennett R.E. Pte V. E. Parker Leicestershire Gnr David Gelsthorpe R.A Pte V. Hall R. Norfolk Pte. N. Thistleton R.A.M.C. Gnr Geo. A. Johnson R.A. Pte S. Smith Pioneer Corps Pte H. Wells R.A.M.C. Gnr F. H. Johnson R.A. Sig A. Barnett 5th London AC2 S Hemsell R.A.F. Pte Arthur Dewey Sig W, Asher R. Signals AC2 F. J. North R.A.F AB Eric Watson R.N. L.Cpl. L. Sandall R.A.S.C. Miss Gwen Pool N.F.S. AB Tom Williamson R.N. Pte. J. Billings Lincs Dvr. C. H. Ward R.A.S.C. L.Cpl L. Dewey AC2 W. Stanford R.A.F. Spr. G. Handley R.E. L.Cpl R. Dewey Lincs Spr L. Herd R.E. Sig Jack Burchnell R.C.S. Cpl. L. N. Dewey Pte R. Herd Lincs Tpr Harold Barnes R.A.C. Pte A. Dimbleby R.A.M.C H. Tegerdine R.N. Spr Ronald Stubley R.E. Trevor Pool R.A.C. Clarence Lunn Raymond Cliffe Pte Ronald Lunn

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