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Reference WMO/267015


St Andrew’s Church

Church St

Epworth Doncaster



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Status: On subsequent site(s)
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Attached to a building/structure
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: Framed and glazed illuminated Roll f Honour, 1185 x 805mm, re-located to the west wall of the nave. Those who died denoted by an asterisk
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1914 1919 The Great War To the Glory of God A cry for help rang o'er the land To us the call of honour came To rescue from a tyrants hand A nation which our aid did claim. Epworth Roll of Honour (names) Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

*ALDAM. Geo. Pte. (Burnham) ALDAM. Geo. Pte. (Epworth) * ARCHER. H. Pte. ARCHER. Fred. L.Cpl. ARCHER. R.J. Driver ATACK.L. Pte. BALMFORTH.W. Tpr. BALMFORTH.H. Pte. BARRATT.H. Pte. * BRADWELL. A, Pte. BREEZE. A. Pte. BARLOW. H. Gnr. BARLOW.W. Pte. BOOTH. Ernest Signllr. * BRETT. F. Rfman. BROCKLESBY. A. L.Cpl. BROOKS. T. Sergt. BROOMHEAD.E. Pte. BROWN.A. Tpr. BROWN.E. Tpr. BROWN. Fred. Tpr. BRUNDISH.I. Cpl. BUTTRICK. A.H. Pte. CAMP.F. Pte. CAVE.G. Pte. CAWTHORNE.A. Pte. CAWTHORNE.A. Tpr. CARTWRIGHT.F.U. 2nd Lt. CHAFER.A. Pte. CHAFER Arthur Cpl. CHAFER George Cpl. CHAFER George Gnr. CHAFER Willie Pte. CHAFER.T. Pte. CHAFER.J.T. Pte. CHANT George Pte. CLARK Ernest. Cpl. CLAYTON.R.S. Tpr. COGGON. Albert Pte. COGGON. George Pte. COGGON.G.E. Pte. COGGON Johnson Pte. COOPER Fred. 2nd AM COLLINSON. Jos. Pte. COGGON Wm. Sergt. * COOK Herbert Pte. CROSBY Enoch. Pte. CROSBY Selwyn. Pte. CUMBERLAND.J.H. Spr. DAWSON George 2nd AM DAY John Pte. DEMPSTER Harry Spr. DICKS Willm. Pte. DEWHURST.S. Tpr. DURDEY James Pte. DURDEY John Wm. Pte. EMERSON. J.H. Pte. ENGLAND Ernest Pte. FLATTERS David Cpl. FENTON.F. Driver FIELDS Charles AM FIELDS James Pte. FOSTER.H. Trooper FOSTER John Driver FOSTER.G.H. Driver FOX. Horace Pte. FOX.J. Private FOX Ralph Corpl. GARNER Harold Tpr. GIBSON Bernard. Pte. GIBSON Leslie. Pte. GILBERT James Pte. GLEW Raynor Spr. GLEW Samuel Pte. * GORBUTT Isaac 2nd Lt. * GOLLAND Rowland E. Gnr. * GRAVILL.A. Spr. * GRAVILL.E. Pte. GRAVILL Fred. Pte GRAVILL Joseph Pte. GRAVILL Sidney Pte. GRAVILL Tom Pte. GREAVES Batty. G. GREAVES.F.N. Pte. GREAVES Percy Pte. LILBURN Arthur L.Cpl. * GREAVES Regd. Tpr. * HARRISON George. Sergt. HARRISON Regd. Pte. HARRISON Wm. Farrier HILL Charles Pte. Senr HILL Charles Pte. Junr. HARRISON Arthur. Pte. HILL Harold Pte. HIRST John 2nd AM HIRST Tom L. Sergt. * HIRST Victor Pte. HOODLESS William O.Tel. HUGHES George. Pte. * ISLE Willie. Pte. JOHNSON Herman. Tpr. JOHNSON.W.H. L.Cpl. JOHNSON Frank. Pte. JOHNSON Herbert. Cpl. JOHNSON Sidney. Pte. JOHNSON Wm.S. Pte. JUBB James. Pte. * KEALL Edwin. Cpl. KEALL Harold. Pte. * KELSEY Edwd. S. Pte. KELSEY George. Gnr. KELSEY Oscar. Pte. KERSHAW Arthur. Pte. LAISTER Chas. Pte. LEADBEATTER.C. Tpr. LINDLEY Albt. (Tommy). Tpr. LINDLEY Arthur. Pte. LAISTER Samuel. Pte LINDLEY Fred. Tpr. LINDLEY Henry. Tpr. * LILBURN Frank. Pte. LILBURN George L. Lt. LILBURN John Hy. Pte. LINDLEY Walter. Pte. LINDLEY Wilfred. Sergt. LEGGOTT Robt. Gnr. * LLOYD Horace. Pte. MAKINGS Fred, Pte. MASON Tom. Cpl MAW Alfred H. Pte. MATTHEWS Arthur. Pte. MATTHEWS Cyril. Pte. MATTHEWS Rainham. Pte. MATTHEWS Edward. Pte. MATTHEWS Fred. L.Cpl. MATTHEWS Eric. Pte. MATTHEWS Harry. Pte. * MATTHEWS Roland. Pte. MELL Joseph. Cpl. MELL Linsley. Pte. MAW. Harold. Pte. MELLORS Fred. Pte. MELLORS Harry. Pte. MELLORS Willie. Tpr. MILNER Harry. Gnr. MOORHOUSE Sidney. AB MYATT William. Pte. NEWBITT Albert. T. 2ndAM * NEWBITT Wilfred. L.Cpl. NEWBITT Frank. Tpr. NEWTON Alfred. Tpr. NICHOLSON Thro.W. Pte. OGILVY George. Pte. OGILVY Kenneth. Pte. OGMAN George. T. Sergt. * OLIVER Jesse. Pte. OWEN G.W. Pte. PARKIN.T.E. Pte PETTINGER Arthur. Pte. PICKSLEY W. Pte. PILSWORTH Arthur. Pte. * PILSWORTH Fred. L.Cpl. PILSWORTH A.J. Sergt. PILSWORTH Harold. Pte. PILSWORTH J. Pte. PILSWORTH J.W. L.Cpl. PILSWORTH W. Pte. * POWELL Edwin. Pte. PROUDLEY Sidney. Pte REED Willie. Flt.Sgt. * RICHARDSON E, Pte. * RIMINGTON Tom. Sergt. RUSLING Wilfred Cpl. *PILSWORTH T. Pte. SHARMAN G. Pte. SHILLITO Edwin. Pte SISSONS Fred. Cpl. * SISSONS Harry. Pte. SHIPLEY Ernest. Pte. SMITH Ernest. Pte. SMITH George. Pte. SMITH Harry. Cpl. SMITH Herbert. Pte. SMITH W. Pte. SNOWDEN Walter. Pte. SPOFFORTH Hy. L.Cpl. * SPENCER William. Pte. * STONES George. Pte. * STONES Tom. Pte. STORR John. Pte. SYKES R. 2ndAM. TAYLOR R. Gnr. THOMPSON Frank. 2ndAM. THOMPSON Harry. 2ndAM. THOMPSON.J.R. Spr. TOMLINSON Sam. QMS TORR George. Pte. TORR Tom. Pte. TUNE.W. Driver * TURNER.A. Pte. (PINFOLD) TURNER Arthur. Pte. WADE CHAS. Sig. * WARD Bertie. Driver * WARD G. Pte. WARD L. Driver WARD Wilfred. Pte. WELLS G. Wheeler. WELLS Tom. Driver. * WEST George. Pte. WESTON.C.J. Cpl. MBE WHISLEY John. Pte. * WIDDOWSON Ar. Tpr. * WIDDOWSON F. Pte. WRENCH Bernard. Rfman. * WRENCH Ronald. L.Cpl. WRENCH Walter. Pte. * ROSE Arthur. Pte. * THOMPSON Herbert. Pt

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