Matthew Humberstone School WW1

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Matthew Humberstone Foundation School

Clee Road


DN35 9HU


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Status: On subsequent site(s)
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
  • Metal Bronze
  • Paper Paper
  • Stone Marble
  • Timber Timber (any)
Lettering: Inscribed on a plaque
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: There has been a Church of England School on this site since 1882 when the school first opened its doors to just fifteen boys! Over a hundred years later there are over fourteen hundred students on the roll. This school is situated on the south side of Clee Road, Cleethorpes, between the junctions with Clee Crescent. Clee Road forms the A46 road, which runs in a westerly direction from Isaacs Hill and the junction with A180 to a junction with the A1031 commonly known as Love Lane roundabout. Before 1973, the school was Clee Grammar School (Boys), under the authority of Lindsey Education Committee. In September 1973, under re-organisation, the school went comprehensive, with a lower school on Clee Road and the upper school at Chatsworth Place where it is sometimes called Beacon Hill. In September 2019, the school closed, and the new school, Bursar Primary Academy opened. The war memorials were removed from the old school & are currently in possession of North East Lincolnshire Education Committee in Grimsby. The Great War memorial is unusual in that as well as a plaque in bronze on a marble background fixed to the wall, there are also two other plaques containing photographs of the fallen in uniform. It would appear that families of the fallen were asked to provide recent photographs of their loved ones and these were added to the memorial. In most cases, the photographs are of men in the uniform of the regiment in which they served, but in one or two cases this differs. I have shown below the full memorial plaque, showing coat of arms of the school, and the inscription on the plaque, together with the names. In subsequent photographs the names of the persons commemorated and shown in more detail, in columns 1, 2 and 3 reading from left to right. The name Thompson R, appears on the Bronze Memorial Tablet, but Thompson R.M and Thompson A.R. on the photograph board. Altogether there are 41 names on the Memorial Tablet and 42 names on the photograph board. Great War 1914 – 1919 “The Humberstonian” was the Clee Grammar School Magazine, produced by the school for the pupils. Throughout the War years, the magazine published the names of the former pupils “Old Humberstonians”, who had gone to take part in the war, together with those who failed to return. Each year the number who took part increased as did the names of the fallen. On the 23rd October, 1919, The Old Humberstonian Association held its Victory Re-union dinner. The amount remaining after paying expenses amounted to £6 16s 10d (before decimalisation) which was used to form the nucleus of the War Memorial Fund. There was somewhat of an informal discussion after the Dinner, resulting in the majority of the members present expressing the feeling that the Memorial should take the form of a permanent clubhouse for Old Humberstonians. The editor of the magazine expressed his feeling that perhaps such a decision was reached without proper regard to the pros and cons of such a memorial. Such a scheme would require a large capital outlay, followed by a considerable annual expense. It would benefit the ‘Old Boys’ only, and then there was the question of the sort of licenses required and availability of opening times. Nevertheless the organisation had decided on a fund raising scheme for a memorial to be erected in memory of the ‘old boys’ of the school who had died in the Great War. In subsequent issues of the magazine, the amount in the fund is given, though it continues rise, it does but slowly, so much so that the organisation realised that the scheme for the clubhouse would be unviable. In November 1925, the following was written in the magazine:- The War Memorial, by one of the Committee Some six years ago-when the war seemed all too near for some of us, in fact very soon after the Armistice-when we were still heaving profound sighs of relief that at last the war was over, a small and enthusiastic committee was appointed to go into the whole question of the erection of a suitable memorial to those old boys who had given their all for their country. On September 24th last, the results of their efforts were crystallised in the form of a bronze tablet affixed to the wall of the School Gymnasium. That committee had its ups and downs. Beginning with a most ambitious scheme-nothing less than a substantial Sports Pavilion on the new playing field-it became increasingly clear as time went on that this was far beyond our means(especially in those early days of inflated prices), and so our early enthusiasm waned. After sending out large numbers of Appeals, to which only a fair response was received, we were soon convinced that we must be content with a hundred pounds or so instead of the thousand we were led to anticipate. And so, ideas had to be revised and a fresh scheme decided upon. But by this time enthusiasm was low and things began to drag; and drag they did for four or five years, until most of us thought the scheme had died of neglect. However, a sum of £180 had been subscribed and had to be dealt with, and the Committee decided to restrict the Memorial to this sum, to close the fund, and proceed with some tangible effort. After careful consideration it was decided to put up a Bronze Tablet bearing the names of the fallen, with a suitable inscription of the school crest and motto. Such a tablet has now been erected ad may be seen by all Old Boys who care to go and look at it. The Memorial was unveiled by Rev. A. Abbott, in the presence of the whole school and a representative body of Old Boys and others on Thursday September 24th last. ‘The Old Man’ (still the same old Mr Abbott) gave a helpful and earnest address, and the simple service of Dedication was conducted by Canon Dalby. The Lesson read by the Headmaster, a few prayers and hymns and we left in the keeping of the school; for ever the memory of those old schoolfellows of ours, with whom we had worked and played in the years of long ago. And yet surely we have left to all the generations of boys yet to pass through the school, something more than a mere tablet-a tribute, and stimulus to devotion and self sacrifice that cannot help and encourage them for all time. And so the Committee has finished and fulfilled its purpose except for the service round the Memorial on Armistice Day. To that service all Old Boys are invited to share together in the remembrance of those who have ‘gone’, and it is worth making the necessary effort judging by the Service held on November 11th, 1925. WAR MEMORIAL ORDER OF SERVICE Sentence “The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them they are in peace” Hymn: “O God our help in ages past” Lesson read by the Headmaster, Wisdom 111, vv. 1-10 Unveiling of Memorial Tablet by Rev. A. Abbott. Reading of the Inscription:”In Memory of the Old Boys of this School who gave their lives for their country in the Great war 1914-1918” Reading of the names of the 40 Old Humberstonians who fell. Dedication of the tablet by Canon Dalby Prayers. Hymn: “For all the Saints” Benediction God Save the King Last Post sounded by Bugler Scott, British Legion. After the ceremony, the president of the O.H. Association and the school captain laid wreaths at the foot of the Memorial. The Grimsby News of Friday September 25th, 1925 described the day as one of “solemn remembrance”, and ”the memorial as a massive cast bronze mural in a marble surround, set in the wall of the Assembly Hall of the school, bearing the school arms and motto, “Fox mentis honestae Gloria”. The Rev. A. Abbott, the rector of Crowle, and former headmaster of the school, in his address explained that the motto of the school meant “Ambition is the stimulus of a noble mind” The paper also listed the names of some of the audience present at the unveiling ceremony. The Grimsby News also reported that the Memorial tablet was covered with a Union Jack, before it was unveiled by Rev. A. Abbott. After the dedication, the captain of the school, S.T. Wood, laid a wreath of laurel and red roses, bound with the school colours, black & white under the Memorial. Other wreaths were laid by Mrs. Read, Mrs. Leeson, and by one of the boys on behalf of Mrs. Croft, the mother of one whose name was on the Memorial. Using the names from the 1st World War Memorial and the Photograph Boards I have compiled 2 charts showing the names of the fallen, their rank, regiment, unit, service no, names of next of kin and home address, burial place and plot or place on memorial from Commonwealth War Graves Website. In cases where there is no known grave no information other than that on the War memorial is given. Where I cannot be certain from the information given on the Photograph board as to the war record of that person I have left the entry blank. Name, Next of Kin and Place Buried/Memorial Name Date of Death Next of Kin and Home Address Where Buried Grave & Memorial Ref. Abbott, Lionel Pilkington 14/07/1916 Son of Rev. Arthur Abbott & Lucy Blanche Abbott of Corby Vicarage, Grantham Bell, Charles Ockley 12/10/1914 Blanchard, Robert 04/10/1917 Son of Henry & Margaret Blanchard, husband of Philomena Blanchard, 57, Asling St, Brighton, Victoria, Native of England Bott, William Ernest 18/09/1918 Son of Rev. William Ernest & Ellen Bott of Partney Rectory, Spilsby, Lincs..: husband of Ursula Vera Bott, of 5, St Andrews Hill, Cambridge, native of Derby. Broadhead, F St Nicholas, Great Coates, Grimsby Buckley, Edward 30/09/1917 Son of J.R. Buckley of Riby, Lincolnshire Loos British Cemetery Cooper, Arthur William 30/11/1917 Son of Elizabeth Saunders(formerly Cooper) of Woodhill Road, Chelmsford, and the late Arthur William Cooper Cambrai Memorial, Louverval Panel 9 Coulson, J B 20/06/1916 Le Treport Military Cemetery Plot 2 Row O Grave 13 Croft, G.W. 16/02/1918 Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Croft, Hillside, Brigsley, husband of Sybil Croft, 65, Grimsby Rd, Cleethorpes, Lincs. Ham British Cemetery, Muille Villette Croft, Thomas James 07/10/1916 Son of James and Annie Croft, 8 Knoll St, Cleethorpes, Lincs. Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 12D & 13B Cross, F 22/05/1918 Vailly British Cemetery 1.AA.16 Davis, Albert James 03/01/1918 Son of Mrs M. Davis Cambrin Military Cemetery M.38 Eason, Raymond Praed 01/07/1916 Son of J.W. Eason J.P., and Elizabeth Praed Eason, Scartho House, Grimsby Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boiselle VI.F.6 Falkner, Leonard 25/09/1915 Loos Memorial Panels 31 to 34 Fowler, Bateman 23/09/1917 Son of Hiram & Eliza Fowler of The Avenue, Healing New Irish Farm Cemetery XXVIII D. 9 Fryman, H 09/04/1917 Son of Arthur Henry & Sarah Jane Fryman of 135, Kent St, Grimsby Rolincourt Valley Cemetery III. A. 14 Goddard, H J Goddard, J.W. St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen O.I.F.3. Greenaway, Frederick Charles 01/07/1916 Son of Reuben Greenaway, 161, Fairmont Road, Grimsby Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 1C Hague, Phil 05/11/1918 Cleethorpes Cemetery J.K. 15 Hodgson, R N McCarthy, C. D. 13/11/1916 Son of Mrs. Emma McCarthy, 19, Walkergate, Beverley, Yorkshire Queens Cemetery, Puiseux E.60 Leeson, Arthur Percy 01/07/1916 Son of Thomas & Alice Leeson of 70, Harrington St, Cleethorpes Thiepval Memorial Pier & Face 1C Morris, Andrew 26/08/1918 Husband of Maud E. Morris of 6 Park St, Grimsby Pozieres British Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boiselle II.A.2. Nightingale, E 07/04/1917 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Bellard Nightingale of Station Road, Healing Bray Military Cemetery II.H.50 Page, Meaburn Staniland 21/03/1918 Son of Arthur Henry & Edith Marion Page of Midland Bank House, Brigg, Lincs. Arras Memorial Bay 3 & 4 Read, Leonard St. Clair Riggall, Edward Gordon 16/02/1915 Chatham Naval Memorial 12 Robinson, George Henry 20/07/1916 Son of Harold & Harriet Robinson, of Eastfield House, Louth, Lincs. Scartho Road Cemetery, Grimsby 9.E.2. Rowston, Arthur Winter 08/09/1917 Loos Memorial Panel 31 to 34 Seaton, William Haig 04/10/1917 Son of Kemp & Jane Seaton of King Edward Avenue, Bayswater, Auckland, New Zealand native of New Zealand Tyne Cot Memorial 2 Sowerby, Victor Holgate 31/07/1917 Ypres (Menin Gate) memorial Panel 21 Stream, John Harvey 19/02/1918 Son of Ernest John & Beatrice Frederica Stream of “Glenville”, Heneage Road, Grimsby, Lincs. Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery XXVII.E.7. Taylor, B W Thompson, A R 10/08/1918 Lillers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery III.BB.5. Thompson, Ralph Motson 01/07/1916 Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 1C Topliss, Ernest Edward 23/07/1918 Son of W.E. Topliss & Almena Topliss, of “Kirkdale”, Waltham, Lincs. Roye New British Cemetery IV.F.2. Waddington, James Hubert 06/07/1916 Son of James Haig Waddington and Elizabeth Emily Waddington, of Briton Ferry House, Briton Ferry, Glamorgan, native of Swansea Morlancourt British Cemetery No. 1 A.6. Watson, Harry 15/08/1916 Arras Memorial Bay 3 & 4 Windeatt, Alexander 25/03/1918 Son of Walter & Lucy Arm Windeatt, of 433, Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes St. Pierre Cemetery, Amiens VII.G.3. Wood, G Roll of Honour 1st World War In the July 1919 edition of “The Humberstonian”, a Roll of Honour is printed which I re-produce below. The actual edition of the magazine is Volume IV, July 1919 number 1 edition, pages 13 to 18. The Roll was produced from information given to the magazine editors by the relatives of the Fallen/survivors of the war. In the magazine’s editions published throughout the war, the list of the fallen grew, so by 1919, this was produced as the full and last edition. I read the article in the Grimsby Central Library, Reference Section, in the Local studies area. The Roll lists the surname, initials, then rank and any decorations, then regiment and unit. In the section listing the rank of the named person, in many cases this is blank, suggesting that that person was a private or lowest ranking officer. I have used the abbreviations used by the editor of the magazine. The magazine is currently owned by North East Lincolnshire, and is in the library, and available to all to read there, not take away. The local studies section is separate part of the library, protected by a combination lock. Subscribers are asked to sign a diary to keep a track of persons using it. Only pencils are allowed to be used in this section of Matthew Humberstone School Roll of Honour 1st World War Killed in Action or Died from their wounds Name Rank Regiment Additional Information Abbott L.P. Lieut Leicester Regt Bell C.O. Lieut Beds Regt. Bott W.E. Lieut Royal Fusiliers Broadhead F Sec Lieut R.A.F. Buckley E. Capt Yorks and Lancs Regt. Cooper A.W. London Regt. Coulson J. Sec Lieut Lincs. Regt. Croft G. Sec Lieut R.A.F. Croft T.J. Lance Corporal Middlesex Regt. Cross F. Lance Corporal Lincs. Regt. Davies A.J. Lincs. Regt. Eason R Lieut Lincs. Regt. Falkner L Lieut Lincs. Regt. Fowler B Royal Field Artillery Fryman H Royal Scots Goddard H T ERA Goddard J.W. Lincs. Regt. Greenaway C Lance Corporal Lincs. Regt. Hague P A.S.C Died on Service Hodgson R.N. South Staffs Regt. Leeson P Lincs. Regt. McCarthy C.D. Sergt. E. Yorks Regt. Morris A. Sec Lieut Manchester Regt. Page M. S. Sec Lieut Lincs. Regt. Reed C. de L. Lieut Royal Field Artillery Died on Service Riggall E.G. Flight-Lieut. Royal Naval Air Service Robinson G. Sec Lieut Middlesex Regt. Rowston A. Lincs. Regt. Sowerby V.H. Sec Lieut Lincs. Regt. Stream J.H. Lieut Royal Flying Corps Taylor B.W. Lincs. Regt. Thompson R. Sec Lieut Lincs. Regt. Topliss E.E. Lincs. Regt. Waddington J.H. Sec Lieut Welsh Regt. Windeatt A. Royal Field Artillery Wood G. Cadet Munitions Transport Wood H Cadet Munitions Transport The Following have Served:- Amos W.R. Lincs. Regt. Atkinson D. Marconi International Marine Company Ayre E.C. Sec. Lieut. Army Service Corps Ayre, H.W. Sec. Lieut. MM Lincs. Regt. Ayre, H.C. Royal Engineers Ayre, H. Gordon Highlanders Austin, F. Lincs. Regt. Babington, J. King’s Royal Rifles Bancroft, F. Lance. Corporal Royal Fusiliers Bannister, A. Lieut. Lincs. Regt. Baker, F. Royal Engineers Barker, J Lieut. R.A.F. Barker, J.A. Royal Navy Barker, L.H. Northumberland Fusiliers Barkworth, S, Sergt. Lincs. Regt. Barraclough, M. Sec. Lieut. Lancs. Hussars Bedford, L.H. Cadet Transport, R.N.R. Beeley, Rev. B.D. Chaplain to H.M. Forces Bell, G., Royal Field Artillery Bell, J., Coldstream Guards Buckley, Bert, Lieut. Canadian F.A. Buckley, Bruce, Capt. MC Royal Field Artillery Buston, S.J., Sec. Lieut Lincs. Regt. Butler, G., Army Pay Corps Butt, A.W., Sergt. Lincs. Yeomanry Carter, H., Lincs. Regt. Cattermole, J., R.G.A. Chapman, O., Major Royal Army Medical Corps Chapman, W.H. Capt. MC East Yorks. Regt. Blackbourn, J.R. Royal Flying Corps Blackbourn, G.E. Tr. B. Boulton, R., Corporal Canadian Infantry Boyers, A., Northumberland Fusiliers Bramhill, F., Bombadier Royal Field Artillery Bramhill, W., Notts. & Derby Regt. Briggs, F., Lieut. Sherwood Foresters Broadhead, J., Lieut. Royal Engineers Brockway, G.E., Sec. Lieut. R.A.F. Brocklesby, D., Lieut. Army Service Corps Brocklesby, H., R.G.A. Brocklesby, A., Royal Engineers Brown, F., Corporal Royal Engineers Brown, H.C., Sergt. Lincs. Yeomanry Brown, J., Oxford & Bucks. L.I. Brown, W.H., Royal Field Artillery Brown, F., R.G.A. Brown, J.H., R.N.R. Browne, W.L., Corporal Lincs. Regt. Browning, B.R., R.A.F. Brumpton, H., Capt. Yorks. & Lancs. Regt. Buckley, J.F., Major Royal Canadian Artillery Gray, A.A. Army Service Corps Gray, J., Army Service Corps (M.T.) Green, C. Chief Petty Officer R.N.V.R. Green, C.E. Corporal S.W. African Infantry Greenwood, S. Sergt. Imperial Yeomanry Haines, G., Lincs. Regt. Harrison, J.H., Sec. Lieut. Lincs. Regt. Harrison, T. Sergt. M.G.C. Hayes, C.E. Royal Field Artillery Hearne, J. Lincs. Regt. Herbert, G., Yorks. Regt. Hitzen, E.J. Capt. Lincs. Regt. Hollingworth, F.S. Lieut. MC Tr. M.B. Holloway, C.A., Cadet O.T.C. (Notts) Holmes, C.B. Sergt. Canadian Infantry Hopkins, A.E. Q.R. West Surrey’s Hops, J., Sec. Lieut. R.A.F. Houghton, A.W. Cadet R.A.F. Howard, J., Lincs. Regt. Hurst, H., Chief Engineer Transport, R.N.R. Hutchinson, L., Lieut. Manchester Regt. Hutchinson, J., Corporal King’s Royal Rifles Ingham, B., Lincs. Regt. Jackson, S., Corporal Duke of Westminster’s Regt. Jobling, Rev. J.S., Chaplain to H.M. Forces Johnson, C.R.S. Sec. Lieut. Royal Army Medical Corps Johnson, L., Corporal Lincs. Regt. Jowers, J., Canadian Infantry Kennington, H. Sherwood Foresters King, L., Lincs. Regt. Kirman, A.J., R.M.L.I. Lane, A., Sec. Lieut. Manchester Regt. Lister, W., Munitions Transport, R.N.R. Lyons, M., Sec. Lieut. Durham Light Infantry Mackintosh, A., Sergt. Lincs. Regt. Mackrill, H., Lieut. Australian Navy Mackrill, J.R., H.A.C. Maltby, R, Sec. Lieut. Lincs. Regt. Maltby, J. Engineer Transport, R.N.R. Marshall, F.S. Lance. Corporal Grenadier Guards Marshall, L., Sergt. Royal Field Artillery Martell, S.C., Cadet R.A.F. Mason, S.M. Sec. Lieut. Royal Engineers McCarthy, R., Corporal East Yorks. Regt. Mills, F., Sub. Lieut. Engineer R.N.R. Millward, D., Sub. Lieut. DSC R.N.R. Midgley, A.E., R.H.A. Moody, W., Lincs. Yeomanry Morley, H. Lincs. Regt. Mountain, B. Capt. Royal Army Medical Corps North, F.J., Lieut. MC Manchester Regt. Orford, G., Sec. Lieut R.G.A. Oxley, J.S. Royal Navy Paddison, S.J., Royal Engineers Parker, E., Royal Sussex Regt. Parker,H., A.S.C. Perritt, H., Lincs. Regt. Piercy, J., Corporal London Regt. Plaskett, J., Tr. RB Porri, C., Capt. R.A.F. Powell, J., Royal Field Artillery Price, H., Engineer Transport, R.N.R. Prior, W.P. R.N.R. Pye, J.F., Corporal Royal Army Service Corps Quickfall, J., Royal Fusiliers Roberts, F., Capt. Duke of Wellington’s Regt. Robertson, F.S. Sec. Lieut. Royal Field Artillery Robinson, H.W. Lieut. Suffolk Regt. Robinson, G., Royal Field Artillery Robinson, G.H. Middlesex Regt. Robinson, J.W. Royal Field Artillery Rose, W.G. Welsh Regt. Rycroft, J., Sub-Lieut R.N.R. Savery, M., Lieut. Royal Army Medical Corps Savery, S.W., Middlesex Hussars Savery, W., B.R.C. (France) Sellers, H. Tr. RB Shearsmith, E., Signaller R.N.R. Simons, F., H.L.I. Sindserson, H., Major Royal Army Medical Corps Sindserson, J.W. Rifleman Leeds Regt. Sleight, A.H. Sergt. I.C. Sleight, W.E. Lincs. Regt. Smead, H., Corporal R.A.F. Smith, C.T. Durham Light Infantry Smith, W., Royal Field Artillery Sowerby, H.E. Lieut. Lincs. Regt. Spendelow, C., Sergt. Royal Army Medical Corps Suggitt, R., Staff Sergt-Major K.O.Y.L.I. Suggitt, W.E., A.S.C. Taylor, J., Sec-Lieut. Manchester Regt. Taylor, J., Lance. Corporal Lincs. Regt. Taylor, F., Royal Engineers Thickett, V.G. Durham Light Infantry Thompson, Robert Bombadier Royal Field Artillery Thompson, A.R. R.A.F. Tickler, A., Capt. Somerset Yeomanry Tickler, P.E., Capt. R.A.F. Tickler, Walter Capt. Northumberland Fusiliers Tickler, William Lt.-Col, DSO,MC & Bar Cheshire Regt. Tilley, C., Lance. Corporal A.S.C. Towle, L., Cadet R.A.F. Truman, L., R.A.F. Turner, W.B., Lieut. Royal Field Artillery Turner, C.B., Lieut. Royal Navy Turner, A., R.N.R. Verney, R.H. Lincs. Regt. Wade, F.S. S.A.S.C. Watson, A.H. Corporal MM Tr. M.B. Watts, E., A.S.C. Welby, I., Capt. MC, DFC & Croix de Guerre (Belge), R.A.F. Welby, E.J., K.O.Y.L.I. Westbrooke, G.C.W., Major, MC, DAQMG th corps Westlake, H. Transport, R.N.R. Widcocks, W., Sergt. Leicester Regt. Williamson, H., Sergt. K.O.Y.L.I. Williamson, J., Cadet R.A.F. Willis, S., Artist’s Rifles Willmer, C.R., Lance. Corporal Black Watch Willmer, E., Royal Engineers Willmer, R., Black Watch Wilson, W., Sub-Lieut R.N.R. Wilson, G.C. Pay-Sergt. R.A.F. Wilson, P., Royal Field Artillery Windeatt, J.L. R.G.A. Wiseman, A., Royal Field Artillery Woodhouse, F., A.S.C. Woodward, F., Assistant-Paymaster R.N.R. Wright, H.F., Sec-Lieut. Durham Light Infantry
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:”In Memory of the Old Boys of this School who gave their lives for their country in the Great war 1914-1918” "Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mort"

Surname & Initials Full Name Nationality Rank Regiment Unit Text Service No. Age at Death On Plaque On Photograph Boards ABBOTT, L. P. Lionel Pilkington UK Lieutenant Leicestershire 7th Battalion 28 Yes Yes BELL, C. O. Charles Ockley UK 2nd Lieutenant Bedfordshire Yes Yes BLANCHARD, R. Robert Australian Lieutenant Australian Infantry AIF 22nd Battalion 29 Yes Yes BOTT, W. E. William Ernest UK Captain Royal Fusiliers "D" Company 9th Battalion 25 Yes Yes BROADHEAD, F. UK Flight Cadet RAF 42nd Training Squadron Yes Yes BUCKLEY, E. Edward UK Captain York's and Lancs 2nd Battalion 30 Yes Yes COOPER, A. W. Arthur William UK Private Middlesex 1st/8th Battalion G/23979 21 Yes Yes COULSON, J. UK 2nd Lieutenant Lincolnshire 5th Battalion 22 Yes Yes CROFT, G. W. UK Lieutenant RFC 48th Squadron 22 Yes Yes CROFT, T. J. James Thomas UK L. Corporal Middlesex "C" Coy. 1st/7th Battalion 21 Yes Yes CROSS, F. UK L. Corporal Lincolnshire 1st Battalion Yes Yes DAVIS, A. J. Albert James UK Private Lincolnshire 1st/5th Battalion 240996 22 Yes Yes EASON, R. Raymond Praed UK Lieutenant Lincolnshire "A" Coy. 10th Battalion 21 Yes Yes FALKNER, L. Leonard UK Lieutenant Lincolnshire 8th Battalion Yes Yes FOWLER, B. Bateman UK Bombadier Royal Field Artillery "B" Battery, 295th Brigade 801048 21 Yes Yes FRYMAN, H. UK Private Royal Scots 1st/9th Battalion 351960 19 Yes Yes GODDARD, H. T. UK E.R. Act R. N. Yes Yes GODDARD, J. W. UK Private Royal Sussex 12th Battalion G/15418 Yes Yes GREENAWAY, C. Frederick Charles UK L. Corporal Lincolnshire 10th Battalion 64 21 Yes Yes HAGUE, P. Phil UK Driver Army Service Corps M/286420 Yes Yes HODGSON, R. N. UK Private South Staffs Yes Yes LEESON, P. Arthur Percy UK Private Lincolnshire 10th Battalion 66 28 Yes Yes Mc CARTHY, C. D. UK Sergeant E. Yorks 13th Battalion 13/518 22 Yes Yes MORRIS, A. Andrew UK 2nd Lieutenant Manchester 4th Battalion attached 12th Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry 34 Yes Yes NIGHTINGALE, E. UK Acting Bombadier Royal Field Artillery "B" Battery, 291st Brigade 801053 29 Yes Yes PAGE, M. S. Meaburn Staniland UK 2nd Lieutenant Lincolnshire 4th Battalion 20 Yes Yes REED, C. De L. Leonard St. Clair UK Lieutenant Essex Yes Yes RIGGALL, E. C. Edward Gordon UK Flight Lieutenant Royal Naval Air Service Yes Yes ROBINSON, G. George Henry UK Private Middlesex/1st King Edward's Horse(formerly SR/656) 16th Battalion SR/1619 23 Yes Yes ROWSTON, A. Arthur Winter UK Private Lincolnshire 1st/5th Battalion 242513 Yes Yes SEATON W. H. William Haig New Zealand Corporal Auckland (NZEF) 1st Battalion 12/4085 27 Yes Yes SOWERBY, V. H. Victor Holgate UK 2nd Lieutenant Lincolnshire 2nd Battalion Yes Yes STREAM, J. H. John Harvey UK Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps & 7th Battalion Lincolnshire 20th Yes Yes TAYLOR, B. W. UK Private Lincolnshire Yes Yes THOMPSON, A. R. UK Lieutenant RAF 6th Squadron No Yes THOMPSON, R. Ralph Motson UK Private Lincolnshire 10th Battalion Yes Yes TOPLISS, E. E. Ernest Edward UK Gunner Tank Corps 9th Battalion 78040 24 Yes Yes WADDINGTON, J. H. James Hubert UK 2nd Lieutenant Welsh 16th Battalion 20 Yes Yes WATSON, H. Harry UK Private Lincolnshire 1st Battalion 1769 Yes Yes WINDEATT, A. Alexander UK Gunner Royal Field Artillery "A" Battery 296th Brigade 240978 23 Yes Yes WOOD, G. UK Cadet Merchant Navy Yes Yes WOOD, H. UK Cadet Merchant Navy Yes Yes

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