30th Division Chalice and Paten

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Reference WMO/268001


St Wulframs Church

Church Street


NG31 6RR


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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Communion or Altar Ware
  • Metal Silver
Lettering: Incised
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: “PALS BATTALIONS” MEMORIAL It will be recalled that, just prior to leaving Belton Park, toward the end of last year, the members of the Manchester and Liverpool Battalions, 30th Division, familiarity known as the “Pals,” desired to place in the Parish Church a token expressive of their gratitude for all the Church in Grantham had been to them, and amongst them about £40 was raised, and it was learned from the senior chaplain that nothing more popular had ever been done in connection with the Division. The memorial as now taken a definite form, for there have been placed in the care of the Vicar and church-wardens a handsome chalice and paten. The chalice, which stands ten inches high, has a plain bowl, decorated only with a calyx of vine foliage, and grapes, the leaves of silver and the fruit of tourmalines, rubies and amethysts. The upper part of the stem is an arcade with a plain dome, supported by silver columns in the round. The interstices are filled alternately with cloisonné enamels of the three Solder Saints (St George, St Alban and St Martin), surrounded by vine foliage and rose trees in gold, over a recessed background of crimson enamel. The columns are supported in silver branch brackets, each of which carries a precious stone. The base is dome shaped, and is surrounded by a chain of battlements, from which stand out four towers, bearing each a small amethyst as a dome. The towers are flanked by simple arched bridges connecting them, and undulating lines engraved beneath represent the waters of a river flowing under the arches. Each tower has on each side of it a tree, a vine on the left, and a rose on the right, in gold, growing out of small precious stones. The work was designed by Edward Spencer and made by Charles Moxey and Fred Job, of the Artificers Guild. On the paten is inscribed the nineteen names of the various units concerned with the gift, and the following Latin inscription: - In Usum Ecclesiae S. Wulframi D.D. Beneficiorum Memor Legio XXXMA E. Mancunio et Liverpoolio Maximam Partem Conscripta MCMXV. The chalice and paten will, of course, be dedicated, and it is hoped to use them for the first time on Easterday. Grantham Journal, Page 8, April 1st 1916 The line LEGIO XXXMA, as engraved, is meaningless and does not adhere to any known Roman numeral system. It is thought that it should have been engraved as "LEGIO XXX MA" with a space as indicated (ancient Roman inscriptions rarely use full stops). Were this to be the case, "MA" could be translated as "Milites Auxilia" - in other words, a Reserve/TF/Conscripted force as is borne out by the line, "MAXIMAM PARTEM CONSCRIPTA" (for the most part conscript). . [Morris Felton} Around the circumference starting in the 12 o’clock position and in a clockwise direction are engraved the following 30th Divisional Signals Coy County Palatine R Engs. / 30th Divisional Train / 17, 18, 19 and 20 Kings Liverpool Regt. / 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 24 Manchester Regt. / 11 South Lancashire Regt. / 148, 140, 150 and 151st Bde, R.F.A. The Chalice, at 268mm, is actually taller than described and the diameter of the cup, which is gilded inside, is 111mm. The Paten’s diameter is 170mm. [Morris Felton]
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