Grimsby - Men of HMT Minesweepers and Fishermen

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Reference WMO/268679


Fishermans Chapel

The Grimsby Central Hall

Duncombe St


DN32 7EG


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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Attached to a building/structure
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
  • Stone Marble
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Large marble tablet divided into three sections. Central section depicts a bas relief carving of a widow and her child and outer sections list the dedicatory inscription and names of the fallen. A trawler is carved in the background behind the two figures in the centre panel.
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Newell Port Missioner A. Thornham C. Harrison A. True W. Crossley ---------- W.H. Taylor H.W. Pearce T. Thirkettle W.H. Pearce G. Taylor A. Ives J. Tuplin J. Thornton s.s. IMPERIAL QUEEN C.E. Hill J.W. Venney W. Chapman F. Vicars H. Boyington R. Williamson C. Wright D.J. Croucher J. Wakham F. Richardson J. Westcott S.E. McIvor C. Wing F. Fletcher H. Walker W. Byrne F. Wright A. Russell P. Whitebread J. Jacobsen B. Webster P. Wincope

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