Spalding - Remembrance Book WWI

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Reference WMO/269983


Church of St Mary and St Nicholas

The Vista


PE11 2RA


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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Blue grossgrain leather bound book with gold celtic decorations at the corners and a central wreath design, housed in an ornately carved wooden case. The case is inscribed with the Latin phrase 'Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori' and 1914 / 1918. The text in the book is printed in caligraphy style with black inked text and first letters in red.
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CECIL SIDNEY ADAMS L'CPL 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. W. ALLCOCK, PTE. ERNEST MARTIN ALLEN, PTE. YORKS AND LANCS REGT. ALEX ALVES, LT. JOHN ANDERSON, PTE. 1ST LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. THOMAS ANDERSON, PTE. LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Albert Andrew.Pte 8th LINCOLNSHIRE REGT Harry Andrews. Pte 3RD LINCOLNSHIRE REGT A. Archer. Pte. A. R. Arthuton. Pte George Ashling. Pte. William Rickard Bailey. L'cpl 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Francis Edward Baines. Cpl 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT Sidney James Barfield. Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. S. B. Barker. Pte. J. Barlow. Pte. George Arthur Barnett. Pte. 63RD COY.. MACHINE GUN CORPS Harry Robson Barnett. Sgt. ROYAL ENGINEERS Richard Robson Barnett. Spr. ROYAL ENGINEERS A. Batterham. Pte George Henry Baxter. Boy,1st.ClASS H.M.S. BLACK PRINCE J. H. Beeby. Pte S. B. Beech. Pte James Albert Bowman. L'cpl. 3rd LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Thomas William Balderson. Pte. 1ST LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Henry Beecham. Pte Fred Beeken. Pte. 18TH LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS H. R. Blackburn. 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W. E. Chamberlain, Pte. John Willie Blanchard Chapman, Pte, WEST YORKSHIRE REGT. Robert Chappell, Pte. 6TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Alfred Cheney, Pte Charles Cecil Clark, Pte 2ND ROYAL FUSILIERS John Raymond Clayton, Pte 2ND LINCOLNSHIRE REGT William A, Clifton, Cpl. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Edwin Albert Coleman, Pte. 1ST LINCOLNSHIRE REGT John Coley, Pte Henry Collin, Pte G. Cooper, Pte. L. Cooper, Pte. A. C. Coulson, Pte. Harry M Crowther, Pte Gerald Cutforth, Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT W. H. Cuttoo, Pte Herbert Cook, Pte 1ST LINCOLNSHIRE REGT Jack Dade. Pte. James Darley, Pte. 1ST LINCOLNSHIRE REGT C. F. Decamps, Pte Cecil Dexter, Pte J. Dickinson, Pte J. H. Darley, Pte Edwin Albert Davis, Pte George Davis, Pte. Samuel H. Doades, Pte A. Dodd, Pte Walter Driffill. Pte W. E. Dring, Pte. C. F. Edwards, Pte Wilfred G. Edwards, Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. A. Eggitt, Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT L. Eley. Pte George Eliff, Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Harold Elsom, 2'Lt. 10TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. J. Elvidge, Pte. Fred Faulkner, Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. George H. Foreman, Pte F. Fox, Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Harry Facer, Sdlr Dvr R.A.S.C. H.Q. Fred Freeman, Pte. John Henry Fletcher, Pte 2ND LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT G. Freeman, Pte. Sidney W. Freeman, Pte F. Frost, Pte. Arthur Gamblin, Pte SHERWOOD FORESTERS Henry Gay. Pte Arthur Gibbons, Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT John Victor Ariel Gleed. Lt. ROYAL FLYING CORPS W. E. Glenn, Pte Jack Goodison, Pte H. Goodison. Pte. G. Goodley. Pte D. Goodyear, Pte. Harry Goodrum. Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Arthur G. Gostelow, Pte. George Greathead. Pte 1ST LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. G. Green, Pte. S, Grooby. Pte Ernest Griffin, Pte. 7TH LEICESTERSHIRE REGT. A, Hanes, Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. A. Hankin, Pte Isaac Hardy, L'cpl. 2ND LINCOLNSHIRE REGT John Alfred Harrod, L'cpl. 7TH DURHAM LIGHT INF. Charles Lewis Harvey, Capt. 2/4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT John H. Hastings, Pte Robert Arthur Hayes, Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. C. W. 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LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Murray Edward Gordon Mackman Cpl Sig. 15TH CANADIANS William Maddison, Sgt. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Albert Marchant, L'cpl SOUTH LANCASHIRE REGT. A. Marshall, Pte. Arthur Mason, Pte. 1ST LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Harry Mason, Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT Fred Maxwell. Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. H. A. May, Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. J. Merryweather, Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Eric Sutcliffe Milne, 2'Lt. 12/13TH Bn. NORTHUMBERLAND FUS. Herbert H. Moody. M M. L'cpl Jack C. Morrison, Tpr. LEICESTER YEOMANRY George Mountain, Pte. Arthur John (Jack) Nainby, Pte. 13TH PLATOON, 1/4THL'DN., ROYAL FUS C. Newton, C.S.M. Fred Nicholls, Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT E. A. Nightingale, Pte Richard Harold Olney, Pte. 2ND LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. James Pack, Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT, Meaburn S Page, 2'Lt. Frank Twigg Palfreyman, Pte. NORTHUMBERLAND FUS John Palfreyman, Pte. COUNTY OF LONDON REGT. William Arthur Parker, Gnr , ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY Harry Pask, Pte. Harry Peake, L'Sgt. H. S. 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Thomas Rowland Symons, Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT John William Smith, Pte 5TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT George William Starlight. Pte 5TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT Levi Smith, Pte J. J. Tasker, Pte. W. Templeman, Pte F. Thorpe, Pte. Arthur Tinkler, Pte. O. R. Titherley, Pte. G. W. Tooke, Pte. Horace Aubrey Tucker, Pte 2ND ESSEX REGT. J. F. Tungate, Pte. George Robert Turner, Pte. 5TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. John H. Twelvetrees, Pte Frederick Chapman Todd, Cpl, 7TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT Bertus J, Van Elk, Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. William Vidgeon, Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. Roland Vine, Pte. 10TH ESSEX REGT Edward Wade, Pte 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT. William W Waters, Cpl A, Watson, Pte Jacob Welbourne, Pte J. Welbourn, Pte Isaac Welbourne, Pte. 4TH LINCOLNSHIRE REGT Glynne Everard Earle Welby Major, 1/24 STH WALES BDRS Ernest Henry Wetherell. Pte 2ND LINCOLNSHIRE REGT George H. White, Pte Richard J White Pte. Stanley Clorfield White Rfln. Queens Westminster Rifles John D Willerton, Pte. Arthur Robert Wilson, Pte. 56th Inf. Regt. Australian I.E.F. G. Wilson, Pte. George Wilson, Pte 8th Lincolnshire Regt. John Measures Wilson, Pte. 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Tom Wilson, Pte. 8th Lincolnshire Regt. W. R. Wilson, Pte. W H Winch, Pte 4th Lincolnshire Regt. George Robert Woolley, Pte. 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Charles Wright, L'cpl. 1st Lincolnshire Regt. William Wright L'cpl. 1st Lincolnshire Regt. John Wilkinson, Pte. 6th Lincolnshire Regt. Albert P. Yorke, Pte. Royal Marines

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