Grimsby Minster Calendar Roll of Honour

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Reference WMO/270746


Grimsby Minster

St James Court

Freshney Place


DN31 1EP


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Status: On original site
Type: Other
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
  • Paper Paper
Lettering: Painted
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: This memorial is situated in St James Parish Church, St James Square, Grimsby. St James is the mother church of Grimsby, and has stood in the busy town centre for 900 years. There are a number of car parks in the area, the main one being in the neighbouring shopping centre. The church is open for visitors on Tuesdays and Fridays between 0930 and 1230, during which time the coffee and gift shop is also open. There are services on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday & Friday evening, when the services are sung, as this is the only Parish church with a choir school. The Chapel itself is in the south aisle, adjacent to the chancel. It was originally built on the site of Rayner’s Chantry Chapel. The Roll of Honour is a book which is opened to the day of the week and found in a oak display chest under the east window of the chapel. The book cost around £400 to be written and illuminated. Below can be found the 130 pages of the book; on each page can be found the day of the month, followed by the surname and initials , rank or unit or ship on which they died.
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Inscription Below are the inscriptions on the front cover of the book and the inside page which describes how it came to be written, illuminated by Marjory F. Macilvean

1 Jan-01 Brown E.A. 1919 H.M.S. William Jones Hutton W.R. 1915 H.M.S. Formidable Murphy A.W. 1917 Lincolnshire Regt. Jan-02 Davis A.J. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Jan-03 Hann C. 1916 H.M.T. Granadier Slack H. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Jan-04 Stewart J. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Jan-05 Oxcroft W. 1917 Notts & Derby Regt. Vickers J.A. 1918 10th West Yorks. Regt. 2 Jan-06 Edland G.W. 1916 H.M.T. Courtier Lingard H.W. 1916 H.M.T. Courtier Neeve 1916 H.M.T. Courtier Jan-07 Blackburn 1917 H.M.T. Culbousin Gray W. 1919 H.M.T. Bostonian Poole I. 1917 H.M.D. Lloyd George Rickatson A.E. 1917 1st North Midland Brigade, R.F.A. Jan-08 Stead T. 1916 R.A.S.C. Jan-09 Carpenter A.B. 1919 H.M.T. Mitrea 3 Jan-10 Bell E.J. 1915 23rd Keld Company, R.E. Butterworth J. 1917 Notts & Derby Regt. Williams J.T. 1917 6th Lincolnshire Regt Winn A.I. 1917 2nd Royal Warwickshire Regt. Jan-11 Mchugh J. 1920 H.M.T. Rigoletto Jan-12 White S.T. 1918 Royal Engineers Jan-13 Balchwin F. 1918 H.M.S. Princess Mary Buck F.H. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Ewart G.F.P. 1918 H.M.S. Vienor Sargent J.H. 1919 5th Lincolnshire Regt. 4 Jan-15 Thomas A.P. 1918 Lancashire Fusiliers Jan-16 Riches J.E. 1916 H.M.S. Willowy Yeomans J.R. 1919 H.M.S. Restless Wave Jan-17 Farmery C.H. 1917 1/5th Leicestershire Regt. Jan-19 Murray J 1916 H.M.S. Colleen Jan-20 Brown W.E. 1915 H.M.T. Kymrie Weaver W.T. 1917 H.M.S. Raglan Jan-21 Budd J.V. 1919 Tank Corps 5 Goodwin F.J. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Ives A. 1917 H.M.T. Duchess of York Phillips I.R. 1918 12th Royal Sussex Regt Waudby G.C. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Jan-22 Sellars E.W. 1918 Lincolnshire Regt. Jan-24 Clark F. 1918 15th Notts & Derby Regt. Jan-26 King E.S. 1919 H.M.S. John Cope Sword A. 1918 S.S. Glenfruin Jan-28 Barron W. 1917 H.M.S. North Queen Blanchard J. 1916 Royal Engineers Walters S.A. 1917 H.M.T. Jacamore 6 Jan-29 Halliday J.W. 1916 4th East Yorks. Regt. Harrison H. 1918 Royal Navy Kiff H. 1916 Royal Sussex Regt. Watkinson C.J. 1919 H.M.T. Nimrod Jan-30 Coupland F.M. 1918 Northumberland Fusiliers Smith A.J. 1917 H.M.T. Argon Walkley F. 1915 Lincolnshire Regt. Jan-31 Cheeseman J.H. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Finch W. 1918 H.M. Submarine K 17 Moore J. 1918 R.A.M.C. Feb-01 Chawley A.H. 1918 H.M.S. Cleon Martin D.C. 1919 H.M.D. John Robert Watson 1918 H.M.S. Halcyon II Feb-02 Bage F. 1917 H.M.D. White Oak Hamilton H.E. 1918 H.M.T. Remindo Smith J.W. 1918 H.M.T. Remindo Trushell J.W. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Wright W.J. 1917 H.M.S. Haldine Feb-03 Armin W. 1915 H.M.S. Clan McNaughton Armstrong G. 1915 100th Battery, R.F.A. Glover J.S. 1915 H.M.S. Clan McNaughton Nichols W. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Rook W.H. 1917 H.M.T. Cutsmuir Feb-06 Hague. W. 1917 H.M.M. Longset Mason. H.A. 1916 1st Middlesex Regt Feb-08 King B.L. 1917 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Feb-09 Bolder A.E. 1918 H.M.T. King Egbert Feb-10 Coates N. 1917 16th Northumberland Fusiliers Porkess W.A. 1917 R.F.C. Feb-12 Catterall J. 1918 8th Leicester Regt. Charlton R. 1916 S.S. Leicester Cosman E. 1916 S.S. Leicester Goodey E 1916 S.S. Leicester Hague E. 1916 S.S. Leicester Harrington G.H. 1916 S.S. Leicester Hollingsworth A. 1916 S.S. Leicester Hudson A. 1916 S.S. Leicester Larsen C. 1916 S.S. Leicester Shepherd F. 1916 S.S. Leicester Wringe A. 1916 S.S. Leicester Feb-13 Gilchrist C.F. 1919 Royal Engineers Sullivan J. 1919 Mould W. 1919 R.A.F. Feb-14 Fanshawe F.C. 1917 1st Royal Lancaster Regt. Rodwell T.G. 1919 R.A.S.C. Steele S.H. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Feb-15 Carey A.W 1918 H.M.D. Cosmos Park R.G. 1917 H.M.T. Clifton Watchman C.J. 1918 H.M.D. Silver Queen Feb-16 Chase S. 1919 Royal Fusiliers Riggall E.G. 1915 R.N.A.S. Feb-17 Goulding P. 1917 Royal Fusiliers Stapeley H.W. 1919 R.A.M.C. Feb-18 Bascomb H.C. 1917 H.M.T. Clifton Buffam J.W. 1917 R.F.A. Elmore F. 1917 Notts & Derby Regt. Rollinson J.R. 1917 H.M.T. Clifton Stream J.H. 1918 R.A.F. Feb-19 Ayscough A.C. 1917 2/5th West Yorks. Regt. Smith R. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Feb-20 Apples P. 1918 H.M.S. Harrage Wright J. 1916 2nd North Lancs. Regt. Feb-21 Darnell W.A. 1918 9th Yorks. Regt. Sandforth J.H. 1916 H.M.S. Carlton Feb-22 Charlesworth T.A. 1915 2nd Northhumberland Fusiliers Milam A. 1918 Notts & Derby Regt. Robinson G. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Windridge F. 1919 Northumberland Fusiliers Feb-24 Lewis C. 1917 Notts & Derby Regt. Wray A.H. 1916 H.M.S. Otranto Feb-25 Holmes C.H. 1917 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Maddison C.H. 1919 R.F.A. Mulholland W.F. 1919 Lincolnshire Regt. Feb-26 Balch P.F. 1919 R.A.F. Bell J T 1915 R.G.A Flinn P.A. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Winters G.W. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Feb-27 Ashworth C. 1917 H.M.T. Evadne Dobbs S.S. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Guy G.E. 1918 R.A.F. Whitbread J.G. 1916 Mar-01 Dent W. 1917 13th East Yorks. Regt. Elliot W. 1918 H.M.T. Vesta Higgins J.W. 1919 S.S. Southward Holland J. 1919 S.S. Southward Hornshaw J.F. 1917 H.M.S. Arethusa Kretchmar C.W. 1919 H.M.T. Princess Breatrice Twyman F.L. 1917 H.M.D. Pheasant Walker C. 1918 Lincolnshire Regt. Mar-02 Hewitt. A. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Gordon A. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Mar-03 Steele G.M. 1918 H.M.S. Northfield Mar-04 Bowles J.W. 1919 R.F.A. Connah J. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Hockley E.P. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Mar-05 Edgerton J. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Love S. 1919 5th Brigade, R.F.A. Needham J. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Mar-07 Evans F.C. 1917 H.M.T. Vitante Norton F. 1917 H.M.T. Vitante Simpson C.E. 1917 H.M.T. Vitante Sleeth J.F 1917 H.M.T. Vitante Stafford R.E 1917 H.M.T. Vitante Mar-08 Baumber F.C. 1917 Royal Engineers Wright A. J. 1915 H.M.T. Okino Mar-09 Appleyard E. 1915 H.M.S. Blenheim Boswell. S.E. 1919 R.F.A. Ingram B.S. 1915 H.M.T. Okino Mar-10 Calcut J.H. 1918 R.F.A. Caldercott A. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Coulam E. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Gotham T. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Hollgeth H.G. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Hughes J. H. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Johnson E. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Lewis G. 1918 H.M.S. St. George Luddington A. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Simpson B. 1915 K.R.R. Smith E. 1915 Lincolnshire Regt. Wray C.H. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Wright E. 1915 K.R.R. Mar-11 Collinson G.W. 1917 9th Devon Regt. Fulthorpe J. 1918 S.S. Haven Macers H. 1916 H.M.S. Maidstone Smart J.E. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Mar-12 Cullum R.J. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Morrison G. 1915 H.M.S. Fatima Smith W.J. 1915 Rifle Brigade Mar-13 Stead F.G. 1919 Lincolnshire Regt. Mar-15 Minkley C. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Mar-16 Hodgson G. 1918 R.F.A. Preston G.H.W. 1915 H.M.S. Adrian Mar-17 Flannery T.P. 1918 H.M.T. Queen Empress Portess G.H. 1918 R.A.M.C. Mar-18 Bell J. 1918 Lincolnshire Regt. Doran J.H. 1918 H.L.I. Grice J. 1915 H.M.T. Lord Airedale Leman A.H. 1915 H.M.T. Lord Airedale Salt T.E. 1915 H.M.T. Lord Airedale Stephenson A. 1915 H.M.T. Lord Airedale Taylor A. 1915 H.M.T. Lord Airedale Mar-19 Turner J.G. 1919 H.M.T. Highland Prince Mar-20 Broddley F. 1918 R.M.L.I. Bromfield A.E. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Donaldson C H.M.S. Conway Hutton E. 1916 Coldstream Guards Laver G. 1915 H.M.T. Ferret Wright E. 1017 17th Middlesex Regt. Mar-21 Ashcroft T.W. 1918 R.F.A. Banks F. 1918 R.F.A. Bell G.W. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Bills D.H. 1916 Rifle Brigade Bird C.G. 1919 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Blow A.A. 1919 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Burnham C.H. 1918 6th S. Staffs Regt. Charlton R. 1918 2/6th S. Staffs Regt. Colbridge W. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Cribb R.M. 1918 Royal Munster Fusiliers Ely. L. 1918 E. Yorks. Regt. Feeney W.H. 1918 Notts & Derby Regt. Fletcher H. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Holt. A.V. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Howard A.A. 1918 R.F.A. Little C.E. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Neal G.H. 1918 R.G.A. Pawson E. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Ryder E.C. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Sanderson G.W. 1918 R.F.A. Segelman P. 1918 Notts & Derby Regt. Shipman R.G. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Skipworth W.H. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Stark W. 1918 14th Worcestershire Regt. Srevens C.H. 1918 R.A.M.C. Sutton R. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Taylor C.E. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Watson W.R. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Mar-22 Backway G. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Bellamy A. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Borman C.R. 1916 H.M.S. Stryman Cowie A.E. 1918 19th Liverpool Regt. Ebbs G.F.J. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Ellis T. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Emerson A. 1918 K.O.Y.L.I. Finnerty W.E. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Graves E 1918 R.F.A. Goodwill J. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Harrison H. 1918 15th Notts & Derby Regt. Lison W. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Phillipson B. 1918 Middlesex Regt. Shepherd E.V. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Taylor F.J. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Thompson H. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Tooley H.A. 1917 4th Training Res. Willman D. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Mar-23 Barnes G.F. 1918 1st Gordon Highlanders Clifton T. 1916 H.M.S. Ceto Ellis A. 1915 H.M.T. Lord Airedale Green E.W. 1918 11th Royal Fusiliers Ives H. 1919 H.M.T. Carslong Jones W, 1916 H.M.Y. Corona Naylor F. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Thornton F.E. 1916 H.M.T. Corona Wilson W.E. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Mar-24 Boon J. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Graves W. 1917 H.M.S. King's Gray Morris T.H. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Lowery A.M. 1917 R.F.C. Pinder J.W. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Riggall 1918 R.F.A. Mar-25 Balderstone J.H. 1918 Lancashire Fusiliers Borman F. 1918 8th Machine Gun Corps Curzon, T.P. 1918 20th Hussars Denison C. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Goodrich W.M 1918 8th Manchester Regt Mumby F.E. 1918 R.E. Robinson H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Mar-26 Blow H.R. 1918 Notts & Derby Regt. Firman G.H. 1918 R.F.A. Grant F.J. 1918 R.F.A. Guild. R.W. 1916 H.M.S. Diadem II Kitching H.R. 1918 15th D.L.I. McCall F.J. 1918 R.F.A. Poole G. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Shackleton N. 1918 D.L.I. Sidebottom W. 1918 R.F.A. Mar-27 Brinkley R.J. 1918 2nd East Yorks. Regt. Hanson J.E. 1918 5th West Yorks. Regt. Holmes L. 1918 S.R.Imperial Yeomanry Rands R.T. 1918 1st Coldstream Guards Smith J.M. 1918 R.F.A. Stampe G.H. 1918 M.G. Corps Wright A.H. 1918 10th East Yorks. Regt. Mar-28 Brooks C. 1918 Seaforth Highlanders Cawkwell J.R. 1918 Royal Lancashire Regt. Jackson G.H. 1918 Royal Fusiliers Leeman B. 1918 Notts & Derby Regt. Wilson C. 1917 H.M.T. Evangel Mar-29 Borman S. 1917 14th London Regt. Ladds I 1916 H.M.T. Bonalaw Mackey S.T. 1916 Lincolnshire Regt. Robinson C. 1917 1st Coldstream Guards Mar-30 Parr R.E. 1918 R.F.A. Mar-31 Bird W. 1918 Lincolnshire Regt. Eaton C.E. 1917 26th Northumberland Fusiliers Mantle P. 1918 Royal Warwickshire Regt Day Unknown Bartle P. 1915 Coldstream Guards Corringham F. 1918 R.F.A. Murray J. 1917 R.F.A. Apr-01 Fawcett J.R. 1918 East Yorks. Regt. Horn P.A. 1916 H.M.S. Alberta Roberts A.P. 1917 East Kent Regt. Underwood S.A. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-02 Forsyth J.J. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Fowler J.W. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Heritage C. 1918 Royal Defence Corps Apr-03 Burnett E.S. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Fletcher C. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Hopper G.F. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Hyldon R.C. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Martin W.F. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Robinson W. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-04 Bevers G.W. 1918 Essex Regiment Drury P 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Meredith E. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Warmsley B. 1917 H.M. Minesweeper Apr-05 Askey C.H.L. 1918 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Green W.A. 1918 Grenadier Guards Moody H.F. 1918 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Ryder C. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Smith C.T. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-06 Beedham W.H. 1916 H.M.T. Rodino Borthwick C.H. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Heldt. G.F. 1916 27th Winnipeg Regt. Shaw W. 1916 1st Gordon Highlanders Stannard J.E. 1918 Royal Fusiliers Thornton C.E. 1917 H.M.T. Rodino Apr-07 Dalton G.W. 1918 R.W. Surreys Giles W.A. 1919 H.M.S. Wallington Miller H. 1917 295th Brigade, R.F.A. Nightingale E. 1917 R.F.A. Apr-08 Dye J.E.R. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Kelly F.H. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-09 Ayre H 1917 2nd Wilts. Regt. Brown C 1916 20th Canadian Infantry Belben J.A. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Fryman H. 1917 Royal Scots. Goldstone M. 1917 1st East Yorks. Regt. Johnson G.B. 1917 12th West Yorks. Regt. Pullen J. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Tasker E.P. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Topliss G.E. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Wilkinson G.E 1918 Yorks. Regiment Apr-10 Lee J.T. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Rowley G. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Apr-11 Boswell G.H. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Brown S.J.W. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Bryan H. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Charlton W. 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Cooke F.A. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Dobbs C.W. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Dobbs C.W. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Emsden F.H. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Fawcett J. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Gilbert G. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Moore W.H. 1917 20th S. Staffs. Regt. Murray J. 1918 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Pawson T. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Reed W.E. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Rice E. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Smith S.B. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Taylor I.W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Woods W.H. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-12 Brannan A.G. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Cox A.S. S. Staffs. Regt. Shaw G. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Walker C.W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. West A.H. 1918 12th Northumberland Fusiliers Apr-13 Smy G.A. 1918 R.F.A. Apr-14 Beard R. 1916 H.M.T. Alberta Girdley W. 1916 1/4th Norfolk Regt. Roberts H.J. 1918 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Stratford S. 1916 H.M. Minesweeper Wright E.T. 1916 H.M.T. Alberta Apr-15 Ault R. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Bradbury C.T.B. 1917 S.S. Martin II Brown W. 1918 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Cardy C.W. 1918 Liverpool Regt. Child J. 1918 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Johnson C. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. McCran J. 1917 Royal Irish Rifles Walker G. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-16 Croucher 1918 H.M.S. Stoic Halliday S. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Hurley J. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Limb. E. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Stimson. J. 1918 H.M.T. Condor Watkin. H. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-17 Blower A. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Bott C.S. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Coombe A.S.W. 1918 R.A.F. Fanthorpe B. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Gillespie J.D. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Grimoldby J.H. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Lock. R. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Mundy R.E. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Smith A.J. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Smith P.W. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Wilson C. 1916 Apr-18 Brogden T.E. 1918 5th North Staffs. Regt. Hood D.E. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Marshall J.R. 1918 R.F.A. Apr-19 Edland A.L. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Scandlan W. 1917 London Regiment. Smith C.T. 1918 2/5th Gloucester Regt. Tonge J. 1917 1st N.M. Brigade, R.F.A. Apr-20 Fisher W.S. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. White H.B. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-21 Conrads W.B. 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Wilde R. 1919 R.F.A. Wilkinson J.S. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-22 Bauckham F. 1918 New Zealand Forces Graves A.J. 1917 Royal Lancaster Regt. Lashbrook T.E. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-23 Atkinson R.a. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Baldock H. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Barne S. 1917 20th Hussars Bell G.R. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Clarkson G.E. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Hurst J.W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Waugh T. 1915 Canadian Scottish Apr-24 Booth A.E. 1917 Royal Berks. Regt. Budd F.J 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Daulton J.L. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Dore A.S. 1918 7th Middlesex Regt. Draper C.J. 1917 H.M.T. Margate Draper J. 1917 5th S. Staffs. Regt. Harris E.W. 1917 H.M.T. Margate Hill R. 1918 R.F.A. Horn W.C. 1917 H.M.T. Margate Jackson A. 1917 H.M.T. Margate Jennings F. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Over W.B.A. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Plumtree J.H. 1917 H.M.T. Margate Ridgway W. 1917 H.M.T. Margate Speed J. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Turner A. 1917 R.F.A. Apr-25 Cammack W.S. 1918 R.F.A. Doughty G.H. 1917 18th Manchester Regt. Foat V. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Mobbs G. 1919 Yorks. Regiment Newby C.C. H.M.S. Ganges Tasker E. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Apr-26 Foster F.G. 1919 M.G. Corps Kavanagh J. 1917 H.M.S. Repro Lomes S.A. 1918 16th Yorks. Light Inf. Robinson H.S. 1917 H.M.S. Repro Rowson E. 1918 16th Yorks. Light Inf. Steeley G.W. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. West W.R. 1917 H.M.S. Repro Apr-27 Allison W. 1919 K.O. Yorks. Light Inf. Balls L 1916 H.M.S. Russell Clarkson A.J. 1918 16th Notts & Derby Regt. Crouch A.B. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Fuller R.J. 1918 2.6th Warwickshire Regt. Garton R. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Harmston J.S. 1917 R.F.A. Hunt G.K. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Moss C.E. 1917 10th Notts & Derby Regt. Apr-28 Clark A.V. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Cobley W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Coulbeck S.T. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Day R.B 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Dewson W.G. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Dolby H. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Earl A.E. 1917 Norfolk Regt. Frow A.E. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Grinstead A. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Hanslip J. 1918 22nd Durham Light Inf. Hendin H.P. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Hool F.L. 1917 10th N. Lancs. Regt Johnson J.W. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Lucking F.H. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Morris W.E. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt Nelson J.C. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Newsom J.T. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt O'Flinn G.A. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Oxley J. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Pearson A. H. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Plowman J.L. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Ramshaw W.J. 1917 99th M.G. Corps. Shepherd G. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Sheppard D. 1918 14th Durham Light Inf. White G.D. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Wilson J. 1915 1st Boarder Regiment Winks A.J. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Worthington F. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Apr-29 Marshall C.H. 1917 16th Notts & Derby Regt. Apr-30 Abrahams J 1917 H.M.S. Arton Aisthorpe M. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Dabb R. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Kent D. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Rowland H.G. 1918 Yorkshire Regt. Sawyer R.L. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Young E.J. 1917 H.M.S. Arton Apr. Cooke J.M. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Freeston J. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Murray R.E. 1918 H.M.T. Alberta Taylor W.E.H. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. 38 May-01 Needham A. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Tripp G.A. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. May-02 Stanley G. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. May-03 Clark T.W. 1918 2nd York & Lancs. Regt. Edwards A.L. 1917 10th West Yorks. Regt. Hadley F.W. 1915 1st Warwicks. Regt. Healey F.W. 1917 West Riding Regt. Kitching G. W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Little S.G. 1917 East Yorks. Regt. Nelson. G. 1916 2nd Suffolk Regt. Purves J.S. 1918 Royal Lancaster Regt. Walters F.W. 1917 West Riding Regt. Walton A. 1917 1st Northumberland Fusiliers 39 May-04 Barker R. 1917 2nd Warwicks. Regt. Hutton J.R. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Jones W. H.M.S. Indefatigable Mumby G.R. 1917 Royal Sussex Regt. Needham F. 1917 2nd Warwicks. Regt. Pennock J.T. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Plumtree H. 1915 Cheshire Regiment Searle J.A. 1917 Notts. & Derby. Regt. May-05 Boyce J.A. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Cook A. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Cullum R.B. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. London W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. May-06 Brooks C.H. 1918 13th East Yorks. Regt. Troop W. 1919 5th Lincolnshire Regt. 40 McKenzie W. 1915 R.N. Division Wright W.A. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. May-07 Jordan B. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt Rayton W.O. 1917 H.M.T. Repton May-08 Butters H. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Hines W.E. 1917 8th Machine Gun Corps May-09 Andrew E.W. 1915 H.M.S. Lord Ridley Croft C.E. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Goulding A. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Lincoln E.W.A. 1915 H.M.S. Lord Ridley Nash J.T. 1917 H.M.S. Lord Ridley Near C. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Ousey J.A. 1917 10th Middlesex Regt. Robinson J.V. 1915 H.M.S. Lord Ridley 41 Robinson w. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Willis T.G. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. May-10 Finch W.J. 1917 H.M.S. Lord Ridley Hodgman W.H. 1917 H.M.S. Lord Ridley Money D. 1917 H.M.S. Lord Ridley Shaw H. 1917 H.M.S. Lord Ridley Sutton W. 1917 H.M.S. Lord Ridley Wilson J. 1917 H.M.S. Lord Ridley Winks F. 1916 17th Lincolnshire Regt. Young C.J. 1917 R.E. Young E 1918 13th Lincolnshire Regt. May-12 Bryant T. 1915 H.M.S. Goliath Cooper C.H. 1915 13th Manchester Regt. Jones T. 1917 H.M.S. Scooper Merson J.F. 1917 10th Lancashire Regt. 42 May-13 Ellis E. 1917 R.A. Ordinance Corps May-14 Bray E. 1915 H.M.S. Mank Hero Carlisle H. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Coggan A. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Markham J.B. 1917 1st N. Staffs. Regt. Winfred F.E. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. May-15 Baker W. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Toms A. 1915 May-16 Birkwood C.A 1917 H.M.T. Prince Victor Turner C. 1915 2nd Border Regiment Wilson C.B. 1918 R.A.S.C. 43 May-17 Garlick B. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Leake A.C 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. May-18 Finch T.H. 1918 R.M.L.I. Hillary B. 1916 H.M.S. Landrail May-19 Dodsworth F. 1918 6th Lincolnshire Regt Gray L. 1917 H.M.S. Drake May-20 Bellamy F. 1916 Botterill A. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Dent C.C. 1916 Highland Light Infantry Slater T.C. 1917 R.F.A. 44 May-21 Bowen G.W. 1919 R.E. Carty C. 1916 R.F.A. Hollingsworth G. 1916 R.F.A. McCaulay F.W. 1916 R.F.A. Pratt S.H. 1916 R.F.A. May-22 Beckett F.R. 1917 H.M.T. Merse Mumby A.C. 1916 1st N.M.B. R.F.A. May-23 Gibson H.C. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Hay A. 1917 H.M.T. Epworth Hawthorn F.H. 1915 Osborne W.A. 1918 7th Gloucester Regt. True A. 1917 H.M.T. Tattenhall 45 May-24 Catley R. 1918 11th West Yorks. Regt. Kinnaird J 1917 H.M.S. Cambridge May-25 Hotson G 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Westlake A. 1918 R.A.M.C. May-27 Brown W.R. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Chantry S. 1918 Notts. & Derby. Regt. Farthing G.M. 1918 4th Durham Light Infantry Fulford H. 1918 R.E. Lumley A.H. 1917 R.F.A. Neilson E.A. 1918 Notts. & Derby. Regt. Newham G.W. 1918 15th D.L.I. Oxley C. 1918 5th Leicestershire Regt. Peace W.H. 1915 H.M.D. Admiral Jellicoe Rogers C.E. 1918 Machine Gun Corps 46 Wright S.B. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. May-28 Carrington J. 1915 20th London Regt. Davies A.E. 1915 12th Northumberland Fusiliers Fisher O.E 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Fox R 1918 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Peacock G.W. 1916 H.M.S. Natal May-29 Chapman M. 1918 13th Manchester Regt. Greaves F.W. 1918 25th Machine Gun Corps Robinson C.E. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Whitby A.W. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt. May-30 Bushell L. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Clayton A.E.W. 1917 H.M.S. Ina Williams Dawn J.H. 1917 H.M.S. Ina Williams Harper J. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt. 47 Norton P 1918 H.M.S. Ina Williams May-31 Balderson L.E. 1916 H.M.S. Queen Mary Brown C.H. 1916 H.M.S. Black Prince Freshwater A. 1916 H.M.S. Invincible James C.E. 1916 H.M.S. Invincible Metcalf G. 1916 H.M.S. Invincible Rands G. 1916 H.M.S. Queen Mary Robinson G.C. 1916 H.M.S. Queen Mary Willis A.E. 1916 H.M.S. Shark Jun-02 Carbutt F. 1917 1/14th London Regt. Store S.J. 1918 East African Supply Corps Jun-03 Lindford G.W. 1918 2/4th S. Staffs. Regt Jun-04 Marshall J.R. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Pishown F 1915 Lincolnshire Regt. Setter W.F. 1915 Thurgood J. 1919 R.F.A. Westcott J.W. 1919 H.M. Submarine L55 Jun-05 Barber C.R. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Fleming J.H. 1916 H.M.S. Hampshire Huxford H.S. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Reeve F. 1916 7th Border Regt. Stamp G.W. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Jun-06 Ewart P.P. 1916 H.M.S. Lilly Mellin Smith A.J. 1918 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Smith A.G. 1918 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Jun-07 Gibney J. 1917 7th S. Lancashire Regt. Hall W.S. 1917 6th Lincolnshire Regt Harman F. 1917 11th Notts & Derby Regt. Harrison J.W. 1917 18th London Regt. Herrott W.F. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Parkinson J.H. 1918 Jun-08 Barrett J.H. 1917 8th Yorks. & Lancs Regt. Hockney J. 1918 1/5th Yorks. & Lancs Regt. Jesney G.F. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Smith F. 1917 K.O.Y.L.I. McVarney 1917 Lincolnshire Regt. Jun-09 Lazenby F. 1917 8th K.O.Y.L.I. Long E.C. 1917 Royal Fusiliers Morris R. 1918 H.M. Minesweeper Jun-10 Anderson D.L. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Croft A. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Jun-13 Cooper J. 1917 2nd S. Staffs. Regt. Jun-14 Robinson R.J. 1915 3rd Coldstream Guards Trafford A. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Wiseman W.J. 1916 23rd Royal Fusiliers Jun-15 Bristow A.T. 1917 1st Royal Lancaster Regt. Elliott H. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Hargreaves W. 1918 H.M.T. William Carrick Ratten J. 1917 R.F.A. Raworth J.W. 1918 5th Durham Light Infantry Summers H.F. 1917 H.M.S. Thowee Jun-16 Blanchard J. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Jennings T. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Lanckham W. 1918 K.R.R. Watson J.H. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Wells G.W. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Jun-17 Cobley F. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Genney A. 1917 Lincolnshire Regt. Locking J. 1918 R.F.A. Smith A. 1916 R.F.A. Stratten C.W. 1917 16th Yorks. & Lancs. Regt. Usher A.E. 1918 R.E. Jun-18 Ball R.F. 1917 H.M.T. Haleyon Redford C. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Scott J.E. 1917 H.M.T. Borneo Smith G. 1915 1/5th S. Staffs. Regt. Weston G.A. 1915 3rd Gordon Highlanders Wileman E. 1917 H.M.T. Borneo Yates F. 1917 H.M.T. Borneo Jun-19 Gissing E.Q. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Kerton C.R. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Lee F. 1916 3rd Coldstream Guards Spashett J.W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Wells C.A. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Wilson A. 1915 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Jun-20 Coulson J.B. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Jun-23 Bass T.E 1917 H.M.T. Coriento Bell F.A. 1917 H.M.T. Coriento East A.H. 1917 H.M.T. Coriento Jun-24 Gale T.J. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Jun-25 Creer T. 1918 Royal Irish Rifles Payne J.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Jun-26 Holmes G. 1915 H.M.T. Helcia McNee H. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Porter G.R. 1915 S.S. Fernhill Jun-27 Chantler G. 1918 14th Brigade R.G.A. Fletcher J.R. 1918 Lincolnshire Regt. Overton A.J. 1918 H.M.S. Achilles II Jun-28 Hannigan J. 1919 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Morris W.E. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Olsson V. 1918 Jun-29 Lincoln H. 1918 10th East Yorks. Regt. Jun-30 Adams H.E. 1916 H.M.T. Whooper Girdley J.W. 1917 Royal Fusiliers Harrison W.E. 1916 18th K.R.R. Holden J.C. 1918 R.F.A. Johnson J.E. 1916 H.M.T. Whooper Jun. England J.W. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Newton G.H. 1918 Labour Corps Williams R. 1915 Wilmot B. 1917 Northumberland Fusiliers Wroe W.D. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt 55 Jul-01 Baker T. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Barrett J. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Barley J.G. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Barnes C. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Barton J.M 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Beels C. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Bell F. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Beswick 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Boon A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Brown A.J. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Brunsden J.A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Burrell H.E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Cammack H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Campling J. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Carter E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Carter W. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Chapman J.A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Chambers J.H. 1916 15th West Yorks. Regt. 56 Clark J.D. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Clarke P. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Codington J.W. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Cooper B.R. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Cox H. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Cox F. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Cummings L. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Davison E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Dennis E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Dornan H.E. 1916 London Regiment. Drakes F.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Eason R.P. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Eves P. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Gill H. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Grant A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Greenaway F.C. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Hall A.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Hall A.G. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt Harrison P.J. 1916 16th West Yorks. Regt. Hempstock J. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt 57 Hewitt H.W. 1916 Royal Fusiliers Hockley J.R. 1916 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Hunter G.E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Hurley A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Inman E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Jaines A.W.V. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Jones S.R. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Jones A.E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Kirk W. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Leeson A.P. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Locke A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Mace E.W. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Marshall T.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Marshall C. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Mason S.W. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. McFall J.R. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. McGoun W.S. 1918 Royal Engineers Moore T.E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Mundy G. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Munson R. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. 58 Neale F.J. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Norrie G.E. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Oldroyd W.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Olson F.C. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Page B.G. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Parker R. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Paterson R.B. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Pearson M.T. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Petzel G.W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Powell A.E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Read W.F. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Roberts R. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Robinson J. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Rushby S.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Russell J.T. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Saunby A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Sempers R.J. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Shaw C. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Showler E, 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. 59 Simpson N.L. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Small T.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Smith F.A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Streets W.F. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Taplin A.E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Tasker F. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Taylor G.S. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Thompson R.M. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Towl A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Turner E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Walker P. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Walton J.F. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Ward G.A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Watson A. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Watts S.J. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Webb A.W. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Webster E. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. White H. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. White F. S. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Wilcox E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. 60 Willis A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Witton E. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Woolner R.S. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Jul-02 Dobbs J.W 1918 6th Northants Doughty W.W. 1917 232nd Brigade R.F.A. Dunn G. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Hanson C. 1916 Northumberland Fusiliers Harness J.H. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Hopkins B. 1919 10th Gordon Highlanders Milson A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Walcot L.G. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Jul-03 Baines J.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Blythe D. 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Driver E.H. 1918 13th Middlesex Regt. Scoyles J.H. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Shankster S. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Sowter F.R. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. 61 Taylor C. 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. White S.C. 1916 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Jul-04 Alcock C.C. 1918 R.G.A. Blackwell T. 1918 H.M.M. Loyal Prince Wood J.V. 1918 R.F.A. Jul-05 Driver I.W. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Dunning E.R. 1918 6th Leicester Regt. Emerson M.W. 1916 K.O.Y.L.I. Hackford A.D. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Munson R. 1917 R.F.A. Page G.F. 1917 Gloucester Regt. Jul-06 Driffill W. 1916 62 Jul-07 Edmond G. 1915 H.M.S. Glenavon Jul-08 Ward A. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Jul-09 Maw H.S. 1916 17th Royal Welsh Fusiliers Rowley F.H. 1917 R.F.A. Smith W. 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Jul-10 Barber H.M. 1917 K.R.R. Corps Chase A. 1917 6th Middlesex Regt. Keyworth W.G. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Sayer F. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Wardell R.S. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. 63 Jul-12 Blake R.J. 1917 H.M.T. Melburne Brookes A. 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Buttle J.E. 1916 10th Lncolnshire Regt. Cooke A.H. 1919 R.F.A. Jul-14 Bannister H.W. 1917 10th Lncolnshire Regt. Day E.E. 1916 Peart W. 1918 10th Lncolnshire Regt. Wilkinson P.A. 1918 R.E. Wright W. 1917 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Jul-15 Berry J. 1915 H.M.S. Agamemnon Clark H. 1915 H.M.S. Agamemnon Jepson C.F. 1915 H.M.S. Agamemnon Strutt F. 1915 H.M.Minesweeper 64 Jul-16 Bonner G.E. 1918 R.G.A. Jul-17 Bromley J.W. 1916 York & Lancs. Regt. Burton G.W. 1917 R.G.A. Johnson W. 1917 9th Essex Regt. Waller C.B. 1917 R.F.A. Wringe A.W. 1916 10th Lncolnshire Regt. Jul-18 Dann W.R. 1917 10th Army Cyclists Corps Freshney A.E. 1916 10th Lncolnshire Regt. Wardle G.H. 1915 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Jul-19 Smith J. 1918 H.M.T. Savita 65 Jul-20 Heeney A. 1915 1st East Yorks. Regt. Jackson W. 1918 2/4th West Riding Regt. Kelly O. 1917 H.M.T. Queen of the North Mouncey J.T. 1917 2/5th West Riding Regt. Ranyard W.W. 1918 2/4th York & Lancs. Regt. Riley E. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Robinson G.H 1916 16th Middlesex Regt. Webb F. 1918 2/5th West Riding Regt. Jul-23 Atkinson F.B. 1918 8th West Yorks. Regt. Bellamy C.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Grantham F. 1918 R.A.M.C. Storr A. 1915 R.F.A. Jul-24 Cruttenden W. 1917 R.G.A. Darwood E.W. 1915 H.M.T. … 66 Mellins H. 1915 S.S. Ventnor Turner G.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Walton H. 1917 R.G.A. Jul-25 Broughton C.R. 1916 Canadian Division Clarkson I. 1916 1/6th West Riding Regt. Jul-26 Daniel R.W. 1917 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Gould W. 1918 12th Liverpool Regt. Walker P. 1917 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Jul-27 Pexton. G. 1917 7th S. Staffs. Regt. Simmons C.W. 1916 17th Middlesex Regt. Jul-28 Collins W.A. 1918 10th Essex Regiment Hawes A.E. 1916 Royal Fusiliers. 67 Kitching A. 1916 17th Middlesex Regt. Needle N. 1916 17th Middlesex Regt. Jul-29 Bluette A.T. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Cook G. 1916 R.A.M.C. Dock rill E.M. 1916 Royal Lancashire Regt. Pearce H.W. 1916 H.M.Minesweeper Richardson C. 1918 2nd Notts & Derby Regt. Shear smith F. 1918 H.M.T. Queen II Smith J. 1915 H.M.S. Reliance Jul-30 Fisher O. 1918 R.A.F. Newby J.W. 1917 R.W. Surreys Smart J.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Templeman F.J. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Jul-31 Chapman H.T. 1917 2nd Scottish Rifles 68 Ellis J. 1917 2nd Wiltshire Regt. Farmery F. 1916 R.E. Hickinson E. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Hunter W.S. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Rushby C.W. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Sims C. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Stanforth R. 1917 1st North Staffs. Regt. Taylor. A.E. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Jul. Barton J.R. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Flesbourne G.E. 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Freshney F. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Wharton W. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Aug-01 Dixon S. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Henfray C.R. 1917 North Staffs. Regt. Aug-02 Stocks J. 1918 H.M.S.Ariel Rose T. 1916 R.F.A. Aug-03 Doust W. 1917 M.G.C. Hornshaw C.W. 1918 Scottish Rifles Aug-04 Dixon F. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Hornshaw F.J. 1915 Rifle Brigade Aug-05 Davison R 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Frost G.S.R. 1916 17th Royal Fusiliers Lammin S.H. 1916 10th Royal Fusiliers Springall V. 1918 H.M.T. Seddon Wensley F.M. 1916 10th Royal Fusiliers Aug-06 Cormack F. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Fisher T.C. 1918 R.F.A. Murphy H.P. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Newsom H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Pratte A.W.S. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Rowley J.H.H. 1918 Royal Warwicks. Regt. Aug-07 Cook R.L. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Cooper R.J. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Lown J.T. 1917 H.M.S. Kingsway Parker S. 1915 H.M.T. Leandres Parkes W. 1916 H.M.T. John High Sparks W.P. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Aug-08 Anderson B.G. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Chapman C.H. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Coulam H. 1916 Notts & Derby Regt. Prike J. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Woodcraft A.H. 1915 R.F.A. Aug-09 Bristow G. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Chase W.A. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Clayton E.A. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Denniss A. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Drury T.E. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Fleming W. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Hall C.W. 1916 Notts & Derby Regt. Harper A. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Harper A. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Hayden V.W. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Horton J.E 1916 R.N. Division Moseley H. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Sellars W.H.R. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Wellham H.B. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Wilde C.W. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Williamson H.D. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt Aug-10 Adlard W.B. 1917 12th Notts & Derby Regt. Thompson A.R. 1918 R.A.F. Aug-11 Marris W. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Aug-12 Fytche W.F. 1918 7th East Yorks. Regt. Lambert J.W. 1916 R.G.A. Aug-13 Fanthorpe J.W. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Juggings J. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Aug-14 Edmonds E.C. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Richardson F. 1917 16th Notts & Derby Regt. Shearsmith H. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Sproston A. 1916 12th Royal Welsh Fusiliers Aug-15 Anderson W. 1918 Canadian Scottish McDowell T 1917 York & Lancaster Regt. Watson H. 1916 10th Notts & Derby Regt. Aug-16 Greenwood C. 1917 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Johnson A.E. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Mitchell J.A. 1917 Royal Dublin Fusiliers Richardson T.H. 1915 H.M.T. Japan Westcott J.W. 1915 H.M.T. Japan Whitfield S. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Aug-17 Booth J.A 1915 11th Cameron Highlanders Davy C. 1917 8th North Staffs Regt. Troop E. 1918 R.E. Aug-18 Broadhead F. 1918 R.A.F. Harper G.W. 1917 9th Lancashire Fusiliers Whiteley F.J. 1916 7th Rifle Brigade Aug-19 Goulding A. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Marshall W.G 1915 R.F.A. Staples H. 1915 Submarine E.13 Aug-20 Bott F.G. 1920 Indian Army Edgoose S.C. 1917 West Yorks. Regt. Larsen P. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Rack A. 1917 5th Dorset Regiment Aug-21 Aldin C.D. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Harmston W. 1917 R.F.C. Ramskill R. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Smith A.D. 1917 R.F.C. Willows T.C. 1915 Royal Bucks Hussars Aug-22 Daynes H. 1918 1st East Lancs. Regt. Gouldstone C.E. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Hann A.G.B. 1917 H.M.T. Sophron Horsley J. 1917 H.M.T. Sophron Robinson T. 1917 H.M.T. Sophron Aug-23 Bett J.R. 1917 R.F.A. Burgess B. 1915 H.M.S. Minra Elliott J. 1916 R.F.A. Elliott O. 1918 1st East Surreys Horton W. 1917 H.M.S. Kent Jackson C.W. 1918 Royal Fusiliers Pinney J. 1917 6th Lincolnshire Regt Woolnough W.H. 1918 R.F.A. Aug-24 Gait S.J. 1916 K.R.R. Jagger J.W. 1918 Rushforth B. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Aug-25 Branfoot C. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Aug-26 Bacon W.H. 1916 1st Middlesex Regiment Chapman B.M. 1916 2/15th London Regiment Cook A. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Cormack J.F. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Haines H. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Leaney G. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Morris A. 1918 12th Manchester Regt. Smith J. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Tye A.E. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Aug-27 Cooper A.W. 1918 7th London Regt. Marlor H. 1918 2nd Manchester Regt. Taylor J.T. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Aug-28 Bryce J. 1918 H.M.S. Hercules Lumley G.F. 1918 M.G.C. Warnes W.E. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Aug-29 Burnley F. 1918 21st Rifle Brigade Holmes H. 1918 R.F.A. Leake H. 1918 2nd West Riding Regt. Partner C 1916 R.F.A. Sparling H.C. 1917 Highland Light Infantry Aug-30 Stiff F.W. 1916 14th Hussars Storr L. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Aug-31 Harbord N.H. 1917 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Keyworth J. 1918 Lazenby W.N. 1918 R.E. Moran F. 1918 R.F.A. Woodruffe J.G. 1918 8th North Staffs Regt. Aug. BennissJ. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Forward C. 1918 H.M.S. Lynx Gray E. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Hack J.C. 1917 Patrol Trawler Sep-01 Bishop J. 1917 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Borman. H. 1915 H.M.T. Malta Curry H.J.R. 1918 London Regiment. Francis H. 1915 H.M.T. Nadine Hull E. 1915 H.M.T. Malta Shillito E.S. 1915 H.M.T. Nadine Turner T.W. 1915 H.M.T. Malta Sep-02 Lees R. 1918 H.M.S. Actacon May J. 1919 Lancashire Fusiliers Sep-03 Burgess C.J. 1916 Royal Fusiliers Clark G.J. 1917 H.M.S. Pembroke Flint J. 1916 1/5th West Yorks. Regt. Goodwin W. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Grant R. 1918 Essex Regiment Hewson F. 1916 West Yorks. Regt. McLoughlin G. 1917 The Mercury Markham A.W. 1918 5th Northumberland Fusiliers Sissons S. 1916 Verney J.W. 1917 H.M.S. Pembroke Wilkins T.A. 1916 West Riding Regt. Sep-04 Denney G. 1916 H.M.T. Jessie Nutton Hills G. 1916 H.M.S. Humber Mann G.W. 1917 9th Lancashire Fusiliers Teanby H. 1914 1st Irish Guards Wolfe E. 1918 2nd Leinster Regiment Sep-05 Billingham J.H. 1917 R.F.A. Spright. G. 1918 Essex Regiment Sep-06 Walton T.A. 1917 1/18th London Regt. Sep-07 Byatt A.H. 1917 H.M.T. By George Eggleston A. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Fletcher A.E. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Greenfield W.P. 1918 34th K.R.R. Joyce G. 1917 Royal Lancaster Regt. Lott J.H. 1916 Sep-08 Darnell P.C. 1918 6th East Yorks. Regt. Fryman J.H 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Gale M. 1915 H.M.T. Devonian Gibson F.S. 1918 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Sep-09 Capes J.T. 1917 8th West Yorks. Regt. Easton W.H. 1918 1/5th Royal Warwicks. Regt. Wray G.E. 1018 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Sep-11 Earle W 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Holt A. 1918 1/6th Liverpool Regt. Sep-12 Pitt F. 1917 R.F.A. Cargill G.W. 1918 Highland Light Infantry Sharpe R. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Sep-13 Else J. 1916 Canadian M.R. Martin R.A. 1917 R.F.A. Sep-14 Chantry H. 1917 R.F.A. Fields J. 1916 Grenadier Guards Jar man J.C 1918 1/4th West Yorks. Regt. Johnson. T.M. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Port A.C. 1914 Coldstream Guards Towl G. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Sep-15 Coltish G.S. 1914 R.F.A. Downie W.G. 1916 1/15th London Regiment Flint W. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Hewson C.J. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Robinson A. 1916 1st Coldstream Guards Rooked M. 1918 H.M.T. Silver Queen Walters R. 1917 R.F.A. Sep-16 Kitching G.H. 1916 Canadian Black Watch Mash ford J.W. 1917 R.G.A. Yell S.W. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Sep-17 Barne M. 1917 Scots Guards Hawes H. 1918 Notts & Derby Regt. Jennison D.A. 1916 13th Manchester Regt. Johnson A. 1917 6th Northumberland Fuss. Maidens A.M. 1916 1/8th London Regt. Sep-18 Bolt W.E. 1918 9th Royal Fusiliers Drakes H. 1918 2nd Notts & Derby Regt. Fields W.A. 1918 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Sep-19 Bennington F. 1917 R.F.A. Lincoln W.S. 1918 6th R.W. Surreys Perrin J.W. 1917 R.F.A. Sep-20 Hartley L.B. 1916 4th West Yorks. Regt. Moores F. 1917 East Yorks. Regt. Naulls C.B. 1917 Durham Light Infantry Pattinson C.H. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Stinson G 1917 West Riding Regt. Tindall F. 1917 R.F.A. Sep-21 Green F. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Langham J.G. 1918 Essex Regiment Price G.P. 1918 R.W. Surreys Sands G.R. 1917 R.F.A. Stanley H 1917 Durham Light Infantry Sep-22 Boag H 1914 H.M.S. Cressey Borman E. 1917 R.E. Bygreaves A.G. 1917 H.M.S. Hastfin Codd H.C. 1914 H.M.S. Cressey Holland J.W. 1914 H.M.S. Aboukir Hudson B.H. 1917 2nd R.W. Surreys Statham L. 1914 H.M.S. Hague Statham L.F. 1914 H.M.S. Hague Sep-23 Cliff R.B.T. 1915 R.F.A. Dadd G.W. 1916 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Ellis F. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Jacklin H. 1918 R.A.M.C. Kelsey A. 1818 R.F.A. Swales G.F. 1917 99th M.G. Corps. Sep-24 Osbourne F.W. 1917 H.M.T. Jas Secker Tighe G. 1916 6th Lincolnshire Regt Sep-25 Beswick J. 1916 4th East Yorks. Regt. Flack H. 1915 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Fytche W.L. 1917 7th East Yorks. Regt. Hodson J.H. 1918 6th Lincolnshire Regt Peace C.A. 1917 H.M.T. Seckar Petman F.C. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Plaskitt R.J. 1917 Royal Sussex Regt. Sep-26 Belcher R. 1915 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Duffy H 1915 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Fraray F.A. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Gibbs R.C. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Grice C.H. 1915 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Griffin. W. 1916 H.M.S. Sarah Alice Hardy F.H. 1916 Grenadier Guards Hasler J.H. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Hutton W.H. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Morris W.J. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Naylor P. 1915 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Neilson H. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Nelson T.W. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Tyas E.P. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Tyndall H. 1918 Royal Defence Corps Urquhart J.L. 1915 7th Northampton Regt. Webster G. 1917 4th Lincolnshire Regt. Williams. H. 1916 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Wood. J.H. 1915 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Sep-27 Beasley A. 1918 H.M.S. Weymouth Setchell J.H. 1917 H.M.D. Ocean Star Trafford 1916 6th Lincolnshire Regt West E. 1915 R.G.A. Wood E.L. 1917 Royal Scots Fusiliers Wright L. 1918 1st K.R.R. Sep-28 Dryden H. 1917 R.G.A. Nicholson G.H. 1916 6th Lincolnshire Regt Parker F.O. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Revill P. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Waltham B. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Sep-29 Jenkinson S. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Lucas W.H. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Peckham F.J. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Sisson S. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Sutherland F. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Sep-30 Berry C.W. 1918 Lancashire Fusiliers Colebrook A.R. 1917 R.E. Elson H. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Lloyd G.T. 1918 M.G.C. Malkinson H. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Naylor J.H.R. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Sep. Bowman F. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Buxton E. 1916 Notts & Derby Regt. Henderson A. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Spencer W. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Ware W. 1914 H.M.T. Oxford Oct-01 Barnard A. 1918 R.A.F. Bridgland E. 1918 Grenadier Guards Bridgman T.L. 1918 M.G.C. Clark W. 1918 H.M.T. Cedar Finney B.K. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Honeyble J. 1917 West Riding Regt. Onn J.H. 1918 R.E. Reynolds W.S. 1917 2nd K.O.Y.L.I. Wilkins J.R. 1918 4th N. Staffs. Regt. Oct-02 Tuplin J.W. 1916 S. Staffs. Regt. Oct-03 Goldberg G.H. 1918 K.O.Y.L.I. Haste F.W. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Vickers S. 1917 Notts & Derby Regt. Oct-04 Avis J.G. 1916 K.O.Y.L.I. Bevitt G. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Dales W.F. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Forge A.F. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Glover A.E. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Hall T. 1917 S. Staffs. Regt. Hinds J.E. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Ogden T. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Osbourne F.S. 1917 8th Somerset L.I. Overton. W. 1917 8th North Staffs Regt. Pickersgill. H 1915 3rd Hussars Oct-05 Clifton E.P. 1915 6th Lincolnshire Regt Cullum T.E. 1916 Royal Berks. Regt. Lester H.E. 1916 Yorkshire Regt. Oct-06 Fenwick F. 1918 R.F.A. Henrickson S.J. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Johnson S. 1917 H.M.T. Allustria Smith W. 1915 H.M.S. Brighton Queen Oct-07 Clarke P. 1916 12th London Regt. Fox F.M. 1918 H.M.T. Exyhane Holgate H. 1917 R.F.A. Jacobson I.W. 1918 18th K.R.R. Lingard R. 1917 R.F.A. Morris H. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Reed W.A. 1917 R.F.A. Short S.G. 1918 Essex Regiment Slater G.E. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Willerton E.J. 1916 1/18th London Regt. Oct-08 Auckland P. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Eggitt A. 1917 Essex Regiment Steele B.C. 1915 1st Northumberland Fusiliers Oct-09 Davy H. 1917 2nd Royal Fusiliers Elson W. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Elston C.H. 1915 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Hewitt W.C.L. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Lock F.B. 1917 West Yorks. Regt. Near H. 1917 2nd Royal Warwickshire Regt. Smith A.W. 1918 H.M.T. Dragon II Whitley J.W. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Oct-10 Beecham F. 1916 R.F.A. Colbrook B.J. 1918 9th West Yorks. Regt Knott T.W. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Ranyard R.T. 1916 R.E. Shankster G. 1916 6th Northampton Regt. Oct-11 Birkett C. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Charlesworth E. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Colville D.M. 1916 Gordon Highlanders Hammond G.T 1915 H.M.M. Helsia Howsam F. 1917 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Wherry W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Oct-12 Bingham J.F. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Coates T 1916 R.E. Dawkins W. 1916 7th Norfolk Regiment Hutchinson S. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Osborne R.A. 1917 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Todd A. 1917 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Winn. A.L 1917 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Oct-13 Allison A.E. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Anderson W.J.L. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Bemrose A. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Burton A. 1917 R.F.A. Carty J. 1915 R.F.A. Clark G.E. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Cockett W.T. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Cooper J.G. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Dawkins G. 1914 1st Dorset Regiment Dickinson J.L. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Dann F.M. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Freeston J.H. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Frayne L.H. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Harrison H. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Houghton de V. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Lake F.H. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Lamming G.H 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Lockwood N.L. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Marshall G.W. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Moody G. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Nicholson H.W. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Nuttall J. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Rainforth C.R. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Russell E.J. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Scrimshaw F. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Showler G.R. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Smith B.J. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Speight A.S. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Stainton S.C. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Sunley E. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Tester C. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Turner P. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Vickers T.H. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Walker A. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Wherry C. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Whitelam J.R. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Wilkinson T. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Wood G.W. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Wright O. 1917 31st Punjabis Oct-14 Brodley H. 1919 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Hawes H. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Musgrave T. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Pritchett J.W. H.M.T. Yarmouth Taylor C. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Walker W. 1917 Labour Corps Young W. 1918 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Oct-15 Bush C. 1917 R.F.A. Oct-16 Borthwick A. 1917 Canadian Infantry Oct-17 Beckitt W. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Bryan D. 1917 H.M.T. Ruby Cockayne A.W. 1916 M.G.C. Dodds J. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Dowie W.J. 1916 Royal Berks. Regt. Grunnill W. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Heyhoe H. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Hubbard H.T. 1917 H.M.T. Ruby Stanbridge E. 1917 H.M.T. Ruby Thornley A.S. 1916 H.M.S. Devonia Thornton J.F. 1915 H.M.T. Rosedale Oct-18 Bell C.O. 1914 Bedford & Herts. Regt. Hooton T. 1915 7th K.R.R. Pitt F. 1917 R.F.A. Snelling S. 1916 Royal Lancaster Regt. Oct-19 Robinson F. 1914 17th Lancers Tinsley W. 1918 Oct-20 Bennett G.W. 1918 R.F.A. Field A.E. 1918 R.F.A. Kendall A. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Little T.C. 1918 Devonshire Regt. Phillipson F.E. 1914 Royal Warwicks. Regt. Sherriff P. 1918 Hampshire Regt. Oct-21 Cartwright J.W. 1916 Royal Lancaster Regt. Metcalf J.L. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Oct-22 Breeze S.R.P. 1918 R.E. Marriott F.W. 1917 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Weston A.M. 1916 Notts & Derby Regt. Oct-23 Baumber R.R. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Bellamy H. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Bodsworth G.W. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Catlin A. 1916 Royal Lancaster Regt. Cawthorne W. 1916 Royal Lancaster Regt. Dent H. 1916 Royal Lancaster Regt. Dunwell F. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Ellis H. 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Epton B. 1918 6th Leicester Regt. Jones A.H. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Naylor S. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Nicholson A. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Oglesby E.C. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Orford E.V. 1916 Essex Regiment Perry J 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Robinson G.E. 1916 1st Royal Warwicks. Regt. Schofield H. 1916 Royal Lancaster Regt. Taylor J. 1916 H.M.S. Genista Walkington W. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Wallis C.W. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Waulmsley 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Wooders W. 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Wright F. 1914 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Oct-24 Burley G.W. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Clark R. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Jones A.F. 1917 R.F.A. Mazingham 1916 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Oct-25 Archer F. 1916 R.G.A. Franklin W.D. 1918 Royal Fusiliers Giles W.E. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Newell W. 1917 10th Yorks. Light Infantry Oct-26 Borman J. 1916 H.M.T. Bradford Cowley S. 1917 R.F.A. Englefield P.R. 1916 H.M.T. Bradford Jacobs G.R. 1916 H.M.T. Bradford Sharp J.H. 1916 H.M.T. Bradford Walker H.E. 1916 H.M.T. Lord Roberts Oct-27 Blackman D. 1914 H.M.T. Ivanhoe Cox F. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Donkersloot E. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Kennington H. 1917 R.F.A. Tyson H. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Oct-28 Foulston J.W. 1918 R.A.S.C. Hawes G.H. 1917 Notts & Derby Regt. Mason T. 1917 H.M.T. Strymon Oct-29 Chapman W.H. 1916 12th Royal Sussex Regt. Meeres J.A. 1917 4th Coldsteam Guards. Michael A.B. 1918 Royal Army Veterinary Corps. McLaughlin C. 1918 H.M.S. The Rat Mussell E.W. 1917 H.M.S. Monarch Oct-30 Connell J.R. 1915 S.S. Vulture Constable. H. 1916 Royal Lancaster Regt. Earl C. 1917 R.G.A. Farr G.H. 1918 H.M.T. Vidette Greetham F. 1917 R.F.A. Lockwood. H. 1918 H.M.T. Amiable Myres E. 1918 Labour Corps Sissons B.C. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Oct-31 Alward H. 1915 H.M.T. Arica Enderby T. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Lammin A.E. 1917 6th Northumberland Fus. Pickard J. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Proctor S.H. 1914 2nd K.R.R. Taylor F.C. 1918 R.G.A. Ward S.C. 1918 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Oct. Mackinder J. 1914 2nd K.R.R. Postill E. 1917 1st Royal West Kents Proctor W. 1918 2nd Notts & Derby Regt. Nov-01 Clark A. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Jeffries C.E. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Lill J. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Poxon J. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Taylor H.W. 1918 R.F.A. Walker T. 1914 H.M.T. Roger Wallis H. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Willis R. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Wilson S. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Wright H. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Nov-02 Conder C.H. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Kitching S.R. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Spring R. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Nov-03 Atkin E. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Biggott G.R. 1916 8th Gloucester Regt. Bills H. 1916 H.M.S. Glenprossen Coleman A. 1914 4th Dragoon Guards Elmes P.C. 1916 16th K.R.R. Forrester R.W. 1918 11th Cameron Highlanders Jacobsen H. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Partner C.W. 1918 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Peterson R. 1915 Lincolnshire Yeomanry Rainey J.A. 1918 H.M.T. Golden Grain Robinson J.E. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Sparling W.W. 1916 7th Lincolnshire Regt. Nov-04 Powell C.C. 1918 R.E. Underwood C. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Whate W.H. 1918 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Nov-05 Baker A.T. 1916 East Yorks. Regt. Goddard J.W. 1916 R.M.L.I. Hewitt A.L. 1915 R.E. Jack W. 1916 H.M.T. Cantatrice Martin W.G. 1916 M.G.C. Pearson S. 1914 H.M.S. Mary Smith A.S. 1916 H.M.S. Glenprossen Turner G.A. 1918 R.E. Walker S. 1916 H.M.T. Cantatrice Young F.H. 1915 Lincolnshire Yeomanry Nov-06 Askew E. 1918 6th Lincolnshire Regt Goddard A. 1917 R.M.L.I. Long R. 1918 6th Lincolnshire Regt Welton W. 1918 8th Lincolnshire Regt. White C.E. 1918 Pioneer Nov-07 Blanchard V. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Day. F. 1918 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Johnson W.E. 1918 R.F.A. Piercey S.C. 1918 3rd Worcester Regt. Ward J.W. 1917 2/22nd London Regt. Nov-08 Child C.R. 1918 H.M.M. Prince Leo Johnson F. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Priestwood W.M. 1917 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Turner E.F.H. 1918 K.O.Y.L.I. Nov-09 Archer T.A. 1916 H.M.M. Fair Maid Foster F.W. 1914 2nd K.R.R. Needham J.R. 1918 R.A.S.C. Rogerson 1914 1st East Lancs. Regt. Nov-10 Fletcher H. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Redding H. 1918 Nov-11 Anderson G.P. 1917 H.M.T. Thuringia Greenacre W.H. 1917 H.M.T. Thuringia Grew A.E. 1917 H.M.T. Thuringia Johnson W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Lincoln R. 1917 R.F.C. Pilot R.L. 1917 10th R.H.A. Robinson W.N. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Thornham A.W. 1917 H.M.T. Thuringia Wood B.W. 1917 R.F.C. Nov-12 Baldwin J. 1917 Lincolnshire Regiment Holberry H. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Miles H.H. 1918 H.M.T. Sarpedon II Sheridan I. 1918 R.E. Snowdon G.I. 1918 H.M.T. Sarpedon II Nov-13 Dinsdale W. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Field J.R. 1918 10th Notts & Derby Regt. Grainger E.J. 1917 R.G.A. Lewis E.A. 1918 R.A.S.C. Powell B.H. 1916 H.M.S. Sentinal Thompson F.H. 1916 11th East Yorks. Regt Walker E. 1916 11th East Yorks. Regt Nov-15 Crane J. 1915 H.M.S. Zaria Smaller J. 1918 R.E. Nov-16 Donnington G. 1916 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Goodfellow J.G. 1916 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Ross A. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Woole. G. 1918 H.M.S. Ascot Nov-17 Baker W.W.J. 1918 H.M.T. Westwood Ho Lamming A.V. 1917 Manchester Regt. Nov-18 Brown C. 1917 Lincolnshire Regt. Hockney F. 1915 8th Gloucester Regt. Marshall E. 1916 2/5th Gloucester Regt. Mew W. 1916 8th Gloucester Regt. Newton G.H. 1916 8th Gloucester Regt. Rhodes H. 1916 1st Gloucester Regt. Smith C.W. 1916 8th Gloucester Regt. Nov-19 Wardle F.J. 1915 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Watkinson W.S. 1918 R.A.S.C. Willerton G.C. 1916 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Nov-20 Mundy C.E. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Pearson J. 1916 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Spring J. 1917 M.G.C. Nov-21 Bentley J.H. 1918 H.M.S. Research Houldershaw G.S. 1917 2nd Royal Berks. Regt. Ironmonger G.H. 1917 6th East Surreys Lilley A. 1915 H.M.T. Sulby Nov-22 Carlisle A. 1916 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Sanders W. 1916 R.A.S.C. Nov-23 Horsewood E. 1917 6th Lincolnshire Regt Johnson H.R. 1917 Tank Corps Warren J.T. 1919 H.M.D. Camelia Watson F. 1914 Coldstream Guards Nov-25 Wood H. 1916 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Nov-27 Clarke S. 1917 17th London Regt. Woods H.S. 1917 Grenadier Guards Nov-28 Blagg A. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Briggs O.C. 1918 H.M.T. Loyal Prince Nov-30 Adams J.T. 1918 H.M.S. Eagle II Barker W.F. 1917 North Staffs. Regt. Nov. Cole A.E. 1915 R.F.A. Proctor T. 1917 R.F.A. Dec-01 Baker J. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Borlein J. 1917 H.M.S. Excellence Cullum A.H. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Doyley F. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Lingard A.S. 1918 2/5th Durham Light Infantry Dec-02 Curphey C. 1918 Fenwick E. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Fenwick T.E. 1917 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Dec-03 Grove J. 1916 H.M.T. Remarko Hartley H. 1916 H.M.T. Remarko Newham C.T. 1917 16th Northumberland Fusiliers Pearce T. 1916 H.M.T. Dagon Dec-04 Rollinson W.A. 1917 H.M.S. Hannibal Turner S.A. 1918 R.A.M.C. Dec-05 Brookbank W.H. 1917 R.F.A. Brown G. 1914 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Preston G.H. 1916 H.M.T. Tenvani White A. 1917 H.M.T. Travania Dec-06 Addison W. 1918 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Cromer E. 1918 H.M.T. Red Rose Hurst C. 1917 6th North Staffs. Regt. Meeghan W.C. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Dec-07 Cook T. 1914 H.M.S. Ladysmith Wright W.H. 1915 Lincolnshire Yeomanry Dec-08 Raper W.T. 1918 H.M.T. Dragon Stout J. 1916 20th Manchester Regt. Dec-09 Flintham H.A. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Grayburn G.W. 1914 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Simmonds A.H. 1918 H.M.S. Reparvo Dec-10 Barney J. 1914 1st East Yorks. Regt. Bowden T 1915 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Dec-11 Sherwood J. 1916 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers Dec-12 Grice E.C. 1915 Australian Forces Isle G. 1917 8th R.W. Surreys Dec-13 Blackburn E.A. 1918 H.M.S. Marmoca Dec-14 Hall O.J. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Dec-17 Izzard H.W. 1918 H.M.T. Pavlova Dec-19 Baker W. 1917 East Yorks. Regt. Dec-20 Watson E. 1915 H.M.S. Natal Dec-21 Albery J. 1915 H.M.T. Lady Ismay Brocklesby P. 1915 H.M.T. Lady Ismay Henderson A.J. 1915 H.M.T. Lady Ismay Maltby M. 1918 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Sanderson B. 1915 H.M.T. Lady Ismay Sharpe R. 1915 H.M.T. Lady Ismay Shortland J 1915 H.M.T. Lady Ismay Taylor G. 1915 H.M.T. Lady Ismay Webster B. 1915 H.M.T. Lady Ismay Dec-22 Bilton W. 1917 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Kimber F.H.E. 1917 H.M.T. Empyrean Stephenson G. 1917 Boarder Regiment Dec-23 Ashmore G.T. 1918 S.S. Manda Bristow S.T. 1915 H.M.S. Kimberley Chapman J. 1914 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Jackson W. 1917 H.M.S. Destroyer Dec-24 Henson W.B. 1916 Royal Lancaster Regt. Dec-25 Church J. 1914 H.M.T. Night Hawk Hearne A.H. 1914 H.M.T. Night Hawk Meanwell G.F. 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Routledge J.H. 1916 M.G.C. Shearsmith T.H. 1914 H.M.T. Night Hawk Dec-26 Cole J.W. 1916 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Netherton J.T. 1915 H.M.T. Resono Peterson J.H. 1915 H.M.T. Resono Dec-27 Priest F. 1918 H.M.T. Excellent Wesseldine W.R. 1917 6th Lincolnshire Regt Dec-28 Harrison J. 1916 6th Lincolnshire Regt Smith W.H. 1917 15th Durham Light Infantry Dec-29 McLoughlin J. 1918 S.S. Reliance Dec-30 Booth J.H.C. 1917 M.G.C. Dec. Lacey L.L. 1916 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Parsons. W. 1915 H.M.T. Dale Castle Dates unknown Names 119 ??? Alcock C. 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Allen H. R.E. Altoft J.H. 2nd Lincs. Bty. R.F.A. Atkinson J.W.H. 20th Manchester Regt. Avis J. H.M.S. Pekin Augustus E.F. H.M.S. Actacon Bacon A. 8th Somerset Regt. Bacon W. 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Bagshaw Bailey F. 2nd Manchester Regt. Baker T.L. H.M.T. Laurel Crown Baldwin F. Banfather H. 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Bargewell E. H.M.S. Royal Prince Barker F. Barnard E. 1st Norfolk Regt. Barrett T.R. Notts & Derby Regt. Beardsall F. 120 Beardsall F. H.M.T. Earl Essex Bell A.E. 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Bennett I. London Regiment Bennington J.F. H.M.S. Shark Beswick W.G. 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Binneyworth H. H.M.S. Attentive Bloomfield W. 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Booth A.H. R.F.A. Brassington A. 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Brinkley C. H.M.S. Research Briggs E. 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Brown G. 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Brummond G. Bruckley J.R. East Yorks. Regt. Budham W.H. H.M.S. Rodney Bush J. 21st Rifle Brigade Bushell R.L. Butters J. 1st West Yorks. Regt. Bygott A.H. 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Calven C. 1st Norfolk Regt. 121 Cartwright G.R. Wiltshire Regt. Catt A. Royal Fusiliers Chapman G.W. Labour Corps Clark H. R.E. Clarke H.B. 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Claypham J. 5th Lincolnshire Regt. Clayton T. M.G.C. Clayton W. H.M.T. Ina William Coggan H. Lincolnshire Regt. Cohen A. D.L.I. Collins A.E. 10th Lincolnshire Regt. Collins G H.M.T. Northumbria Collins H.H. 7th East Yorks. Regt. Connell W. 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Copestake H. 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Copestake W.A. Liverpool Regt. Coulthard G.H. 1st West Yorks. Regt. Cox H. Cox H. Notts & Derby Regt. Craven G.A. R.G.A. 122 Craigen A.A. Northumberland Fusiliers Croft A.S. S. Staffordshire Regt. Crossley C.V. R.N.R. Crump H.B. 7th East Yorks. Regt Cumberland H. H.M.T. New Comet Cumblidge J. Curt A. H.M.S. Victory Curtis H.C. Northumberland Fusiliers Dale W. H.M.T. Rale Dales F.D. Lincolnshire Regt. Daley A. Lincolnshire Regt. Dalton H. Lincolnshire Regt. Dalton G. 1st Lincolnshire Regt. Dalton G.F. D.L.I. Davies W.J. York & Lancs. Regt. Dawson W. 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Deer J.W. 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Delaney J. Labour Corps Dick W.J. 7th East Yorks. Regt. Dixon F. 1st Lincolnshire Regt. 123 Dobbs J.W. Loyal N.Lancs. Regt. Donner J.W. 2nd Lincolnshire Regt. Drant U.

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