Grimsby WW2 Book of Remembrance

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Reference WMO/270872


Grimsby Minster

St James Court

Freshney Place


DN31 1EP


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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
  • Paper Paper
Lettering: Painted
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: Grimsby-Roll of Honour for Second World War Location The Roll of Honour is in a book form, which is housed in an oak display cabinet, underneath the East Window in the South Chancel The book itself measures 395mm x 295mm x 30mm thick, and is divided into five chapters: The Royal Navy and Royal Naval Reserve, The Army, The Royal Air Force, The Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleet, and Civilians. Below are some photographs showing the Front cover of the book, its content, title page and a typical decorated page. History of Memorial After the Second World War there were many plans as to what sort of memorial should be placed in the church of St James to commemorate the lives of the fallen in that war. The following letter addressed to the people of the town of Grimsby appeared in the Evening Telegraph entitled “Shrine of Remembrance“ It has been suggested that the names of all the gallant men and women of this town who gave their lives for the country in various services during the Second World War should be recorded in a permanent form. A book with the names and Service particulars of the fallen of the First World War is being re-illuminated, and it is now proposed that a similar book be prepared in respect of those who died in the Second World War, and both books placed in an oak cabinet. We have therefore been set up as a representative committee to consider the matter, and it is thought appropriate that the two books should be placed in a Shrine of Remembrance to be set up in the Memorial Chapel of St James Parish Church. The cost of such a Shrine of Remembrance would be approximately £400, and we feel that the people of Grimsby would wish a local fund to be opened in order to give them an opportunity of making their contributions towards the cost. We are therefore appealing for contributions for this object which, we are sure, will meet with the usual generous response from the people of Grimsby. Donations should be sent to the Hon. Treasurer of the Fund, Mr. H. Davis, Manager of the National Provincial Bank, Ltd., Victoria St, Grimsby, and for your convenience, I enclose a form of contribution slip for your use. Yours sincerely G.C. Wilson, ex-Mayor. G, Standler, Standing Conference of Women. J.H. Hopkins, Chairman, N. Brough, R.N. Association. H. Davis, Hon. Treasurer. C. Fieldwood, Trawler Officers’ Guild. D.F. Westacott, Hon. Sec. J. Croft Baker, Trawler Owners’ Association. G.W. Markham, Vicar Kythe Waldram, W.V.S. Ben White, Member of Church Restoration Fund A.E. Wade, School of Art. W.J. Scott, R.A.F.A. W.H. Emerson, Transport & General Workers’ Union. I.G. Bugg, Women’s Section, British Legion However, by October, 1948, Canon Markham wrote in the church magazine of St James that although they (the Civic authorities) had started the process, it was up to the church to take the lead, and start to collect the names of the fallen. On 28th April, 1954, Gladys Chandler, of the Standing Conference of Women’s Organisations, wrote to Telegraph from her home in 8, Park Avenue, Grimsby, appealing for funds as by then only about half the amount had been raised, however by then Miss Marjorie Macilvean had been hard at work for sometime illustrating the book. Gervase W. Markham, vicar of Grimsby, wrote in the Parish Magazine on October 18th 1954 in an article headed “Book of Remembrance” Another year’s arduous spare-time work by Miss MacIlvean has now been accomplished, and the Second World War Book will be dedicated on November 11th at 7-30p.m. We are fortunate in having such an accomplished artist in Grimsby, and Mr. Jackson’s binding is worthy of the contents.” So the funds were raised as the two books were re-illuminated and placed in a Shrine of Remberance within the Chapel of Resurrection of St James Parish Church. In 1996, the Chapel was reduced in size, and the ‘shrine’ removed, and placed in the store at St James House in Grimsby, which is opposite the church. This building also houses the Parish Office and is open to the public, though the store would be ‘off limits’. I enclose a photograph of the ‘Shrine of Remembrance’ as I found it in the store in July 2004. You will see that it is quite a large structure, with two separate display cabinets for the 1st and 2nd World war respectively. The shelf between the two cabinets apparently held a piece of rock which came from the Normandy Beaches, but it’s not certain now as to where that has gone. The second photograph shows the rear of the shrine, with a key to the badges. There are close ups of the badges as well. The shrine measures 1960mm long x 700mm wide x 1480mm high.
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Roll of Honour 1939-1945 The Grimsby Book of Remembrance 1939-1945 The Book contains the names of the Men & Women of Grimsby who died in the Second World War. All these were honoured in their generations, and were a glory in their days. There be of them who left a name behind them, to declare their praises. And some there be which have no memorial. Their seat standeth fast, and their children for their sakes.

Royal Navy & Royal Naval Reserve Acton H. 22-10-40 H.M.T. Waveflower Adams S.S. 29-12-42 R.N.R. Aldred S.M. 23-2-42 H.M.T. Benvolio Allen A.G. 21-3-41 H.M.T. Asama Allen H.E. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Anderssen A.E.I.V. 7-1-43 H.M.T. Jura Angel L.T. 22-10-40 H.M.T. Hickory Askew R.A. 8-3-42 H.M.T. Notts Country Austrin J.F.K. 31-3-41 H.M.T. Lord Selbourne Austwick C.H. 18-6-40 H.M.T. Jupiter Ayre C. 24-6-44 Derrycounty Baker G.I. 7-7-44 H.M.S. Cadorna Baker H.W. 5-11-39 H.M.T. Northern Rover Baker A. 24-9-43 Corvette Baker A.E. 27-8-43 H.M.D. Loch Erebell Baker C.H. 10-3-43 H.M.Submarine Tigris Barker E. 5-2-40 H.M.T. Firefly Barker F.E. 1-8-40 H.M.T. Righto Barker A.O. 14-10-42 H.M.T. Arlette Barker A. 23-11-45 H.M.T. Holka Barton J.H. 5-11-39 H.M.T. Northern Rover Barnsley J.G. 4-11-43 R.N. Baldock R.S. 14-2-44 H.M.S. Cap D'Antifer Balls A.A.G. 3-4-41 H.M.S. Bahram Bargewell A. 18-6-40 H.M.S. Juniper Bass S. 24-10-40 H.M.D. Scalby Wyke Baxter F. 22-9-43 H.M.T. Montano Beard C.L. 18-11-42 H.M.T. Sheraton Belcher C.B. 16-5-44 H.M.T. Lockhope Bennett P.H. 25-6-45 H.M.M.S. 168 Bennett B.V. 7-11-40 H.M.D. Reed Bennington F. 10-6-41 H.M.S. Pintale Beverley R.W. 27-8-43 H.M.S. Egret Bell R.S. 6-3-45 H.M.D. Loch Tulla Beesley T.S. 9-7-42 Manor Billings A.P. 31-3-41 H.M.T. Lord Selbourne Black H. 2-10-42 H.M.T. Lord Stonehaven Blackmore S.W. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Borman A.R. 19-8-41 H.M.S. Europa Booth J.E. 30-10-42 H.M.S. Sikh Boyd. R.L. ?-3-42 H.M.S. Syrtis Braithwaite J. 20-4-41 H.M.S. Topaz Braithwaite A.E. 5-5-43 S.S. Lorient Brackley A.T. 3-2-41 H.M.T. Artic Trapper Brocklesby C.A. 24-2-44 H.M.S. Ellsmere Brocksom K. 23-7-43 R.N. Broughton F. 28-7-40 H.M.S. Wren Brown W. 22-7-40 H.M.T. Campina Brown E.R. 21-3-41 H.M.T. Asama Brown A.C. 13-10-42 R.N. Brown J.T.D. 2-5-45 H.M.D. Ebor Wyke Branson J.A. 31-3-41 H.M.T. Lord Selbourne Burnell F.E. 17-12-47 R.N. Burke N. 11-1-42 H.M.T. Sheraton Burgess H. 17-2-45 H.M.S. Bluebell Burnett R. 2-2-41 H.M.T. Almond Bush F.C. 14-6-42 H.M.S. Liverpool Bye F.H. 27-7-40 H.M.S. Staunton Byrom W.A. 1-9-44 M.S. 117 Cale J.A. 23-3-43 H.M.S. Thunderbolt Call F.J. 25-10-44 R.Y.R.S. 2077 Calvert W.H. 22-7-40 H.M.T. Campina Campbell S.W. 27-7-40 H.M.S. Staunton Cartwright 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Carlisle L. 4-9-45 H.M.S. Bentley Carter H.R.T. 2-2-45 H.M.S. Baronia Cass F. 27-7-40 H.M.S. Staunton Cave W.L. 30-5-41 H.M.S. Cairndale Chafer R.S. 10-12-41 H.M.S. Repulse Clark A.W. 26-11-42 H.M.S. Arethusa Clarke G.B. 25-10-40 H.M.S. Charlton Clayton C.B. 30-1-43 H.M.S. Samphire Cleveland 14-6-40 H.M.T. Myrtle Cole E.W. 1-9-40 H.M.Y. Heron Collins J. 11-7-45 H.M.S. Dragonfly Connell J. 12-2-41 H.M.S. Cleopatra Cooper F. ?-?-42 H.M.S. Martin Cook G.M. 30-5-40 H.M.D. Wm. Purby Cox L.L. 24-5-41 H.M.S. Hood Crag T.H. 27-2-41 H.M.S. Remillo Crawford J.N. 3-4-41 H.M.S. Bahram Critten E.W. 17-5-40 Botanic Crook E.A.H. 19-9-42 H.M.T. Allouette Cummings 16-2-41 H.M.T. Ormonde Cutting G. 1-6-40 Stella Dorado Davidson A. 25-11-42 H.M.S. Lord Nuffield Davies J. 9-5-47 Mull of Kintyre Davy C. 22-1-47 Bracken Dene Davy G.E. 17-2-44 H.M.S. Vicereine Denton J.H. 14-5-42 H.M.S. Trinidad Dillon A.S. 14-6-40 H.M.S. Myrtle Dobson C.W. 24-8-42 Troopship Donald W. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Donaldson W. 27-7-40 H.M.T. Staunton Douglas R. 19-12-41 H.M.S. Stanley Draper H. 15-4-43 H.M.S. Adonis Duffy F. 17-5-41 William Cole Dukes H.T. 1-9-40 H.M.S. Royal Dunk J.W. 12-5-42 H.M.S. Pladda Dunn A.E. 19-6-40 Motor Patrol Durrant G.F. 30-9-41 H.M.T. Star of Deveron Durrant W. 29-1-40 H.M.T. Riggoletto Dyke R.A. 3-4-41 M.M. Bahran Eden M.C. 8-12-41 H.M.T. Phineas Beard Elliott H. 13-5-42 Corvette Ellis A.D. 4-8-40 Marsona Emmison W. 22-10-41 H.M.S. Hornbeam Emsley W. 12-1-43 H.M.T. Kingston Jacinth Eyles G.T. 21-7-44 H.M.S. Hornbeam Farrow C. 25-10-43 Frane Tireur Feeney J.W. 28-2-40 H.M.T. Remillo Fenty J. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Fleming J. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Fletcher J.L. 15-4-43 H.M.T. Adonis Foot T.A. 1-2-43 H.M.S. Welshman Forester H. 16-10-45 R.N.R. Forrester F.A. 20-4-41 H.M.S. Topaz Forster A.E. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Drummer Foster J.E. 15-9-41 H.M.T. Glos. IV Freer J.A. 27-7-40 H.M.T. Staunton Frith C.L. 3-11-39 H.M.S. Waveflower Gallagher 13-3-43 S.S. Empress of Canada Galvin J. 22-7-40 H.M.T. Campina Garforth A. 13-11-45 H.M.T. Morano Garland W. 1-1-43 H.M.S. Fidility Garner G.L. 21-7-40 H.M.T. Staunton Gellett H.A. 2-6-40 H.M.T. St. Achilles Gilbert L. 12-11-42 H.M.T. Henla Gilchrist M.N. 30-9-40 H.M.S. Milford Queen Gladwell S.T. 2-11-40 H.M.T. Rinovia Godfrey T.M. 3-6-40 S.T. Westella Godsall C.W. 21-1-46 H.M.S. Beaver Good. A.L. 22-7-40 H.M.T. Campina Govis J. 15-12-45 S.T. Etruscan Govis W. 5-8-43 Red Gauntlet Grant W. 25-5-40 H.M.S. Charles Boyes Grainger W.M. 25-12-43 H.M.S. Kingston Beryl Gray W.E. 6-1-48 H.M.M. 1012 Gray H.W. 14-10-39 H.M.S. Royal Oak Green C. 17-5-43 Drifter Hosanna Green J.H. 24-5-41 H.M.S. Hood Green E.A.R. 24-12-45 H.M.S. Mendick Green O.W. 31-10-44 H.M. Tug T.I.D.99 Gregory W.E. 26-7-41 H.M. Whaler "Pol. V" Hammond F. 22-3-41 H.M.S. Jeanie Leash Handley E.A. 18-5-43 H.M.T. Barwick Hards I.J. ?-?-42 H.M.S. Blean Harris F.S. 22-7-43 Paynter Harvey G.M. 11-11-43 H.M.M.L. 1289 Harwood A.H. 7-4-41 H.M.S. Rockbonne Hayles G.A. 8-2-43 H.M.T. Bredon Hayter W.H 5-1-40 H.M.T. Kingston Cornelius Hebden J. ?-3-42 H.M.T. Notts County Heenan W. 19-3-42 H.M.S. Stella Capella Hendry J. 25-1-45 R.N.R. Patrol Ship Henson F.A. 12-6-42 H.M.S. Sisapon Hewitt D.T. 23-9-42 Royal Marine Hobson J.A. 20-9-42 H.M.S. Leda Hodson W.A. 9-4-45 H.M.S. Copinsay Holliday R.L. ?-5-42 H.M.T. Barking Hooper E.W. 8-11-42 H.M.S. Walney Horsley F. 27-7-40 H.M.T. Staunton Horton J. 6-7-42 H.M.S. Niger Horner K. 2-10-42 H.M.S. Curocoa Hostad T.L. 22-8-44 H.M.S. Bickerton Howard J.L.V. 27-8-44 H.M.S. Hussar Howden C. 27-7-40 H.M.T. Staunton Hucklesby W. 11-12-44 H.M.S. Cassandra Hughes T.E. 3-2-41 H.M.T. The British Ireland E.L. 9-1-42 H.M.S. Vimiera Ives G. 12-4-41 H.M.T. Rosette Jaines G.F. 22-10-40 H.M.S. Suffolk Jaines G.F. 19-10-41 ditto James B. 30-3-48 R.N.R. Jarvis H.H. 27-2-41 H.M.T. Remillo Jefferies W.W. 1-12-42 H.M.T. Sternus Jenner A.F.S 2-10-42 H.M.T. Lord Selbourne Jenson V.E.H. 7-8-41 H.M.M.S. 39 Jerome H.J. 25-7-42 H.M.T. Laertes Jolliffe L. 15-5-43 H.M.T. Lariat Jones J.W. 21-8-40 H.M.D. Kylemore Johnson R.C. 8-12-41 H.M.T. Phineas Beard Johnson A.J. 1-4-41 H.M.T. Lord Selbourne Johnson F. 22-7-40 H.M.T. Campina Julier H. 7-5-41 H.M.D. Uberty Kelly A. 22-6-40 H.M.S. Campeador Kelsey R. 25-3-43 H.M. Sub. Thunderbolt Key G.E. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Kilkie J. 21-8-40 R.N. Knight T.N. 2-3-43 H.M.T. Dunraven Castle Knight E. 5-1-45 H.M.M.S. Mason Lambley G. 7-2-43 H.M.T. Servani Lancaster W.S. 9-10-40 H.M.T. Sea King Larder C.G. 7-1-43 H.M.S. Horatio Larsen A.M. 28-940 H.M.T. Recoil Lea J.T. 12-1-40 H.M.T. Valdora Leonard W. 18-5-41 H.M.D. Jewel Lewis J.W. 1-10-40 H.M.T. Argyleshire Lingard A.H. ?-3-41 H.M.S. Sturton Liles C.R. 11-3-42 H.M.S. Naiad Lill J.C. 11-6-40 H.M.S. Europa Loades R.W. 20-2-40 Fifeshire Love E.C. 12-11-42 H.M.S. Karanja Love G.S. 15-4-43 H.M.T. Adonis Macaulay R. 13-7-43 R.N.R. Maidens F. 1-2-43 H.M.S. Welshman Malliband F. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Marsona Malliband G.G. ?-1-45 H.M.S. Porpoise Marriott D. 2-1-45 H.M.T. Hayburn Wyke Martin J.H. 25-11-41 H.M.S. Bahram Marwood L. 3-4-41 Ditto Mann J.E. 20-4-41 H.M.S Topaz Marshall W. 4-6-40 H.M.T. Van Meer Lant McBride I.J. 10-12-41 H.M.S. Repulse Meadows J. 9-4-41 H.M.S. Ben Medie Merrikin L. 21-3-45 H.M.S. Pembroke Meredith J.R. 24-12-45 H.M.S. Porcupine Miall A.S. 3-10-44 M.S.2154 Midforth W. - - - H.M.S. Penzance Miller A.E. 10-7-44 H.M.M.S. 55 Miller G.E. 29-11-40 H.M.S. Javelin Mills W.A. 7-3-42 H.M.T. Northern Princess Muress T.E. 30-8-47 Ditto McCall A.H. 12-1-40 H.M.T. Valdora MacDougal W.R. 5-11-39 H.M.S. Northern Rover McKenzie R. 5-11-39 Ditto McUrich H. 5-11-44 R.N. McUrich E. 16-2-41 H.M.T. Ormonde McUrich A. 12-1- 40 H.M.T. Valdora Nalden J.W. 22-7-40 H.M.S. Campina Nelson J. 8-5-41 H.M.S. Silicia Newey V.A. 7-1-43 H.M.S. Salamander Neslen W. 7-11-40 H.M.S. Reed Newton J.H. 23-11-42 H.M.T. De La Rue Nicholson E. 8-5-41 H.M.S. Silicia Nicholson J. 2-6-40 Blackburn Rover Norton G.C. 13-10-41 Stag Div. K.A.2. Nuttell F. 8-5-41 H.M.S. Thistle Osborne J.B. ?-2-41 Lincoln City Osborne H. 1-7-41 H.M.T. Devon County Orsborn J.A. 6-1-45 H.M.S. Formidable Osgar W.E. 22-10-42 H.M.T. Waveflower Osgothorpe H.E. 13-4-43 H.M.L.S.T. 404 Osgothorpe W. 22-12-43 S.S. Norhawk Parkinson L. 13-12-47 R.N. Patterson A.W. 25-12-43 H.M.T. Kingston Beryl Payne H. 12-3-41 H.M.T. Revello Pearson A.W. 28-12-40 H.M.T. Orizaba Peel J.R. 13-10-41 H.M.S. Stag Penistone H. 2-11-40 H.M.T. Rinovia Pennock E.W. 27-7-40 H.M.T. Staunton Percy A.L. 7-7-40 R.N.R. Sea Mist Perring G. 2-10-45 H.M.T. Lady Stanley Phillips R.A. 7-10-43 Patrol Pickett D. 12-1-40 H.M.T. Valdora Pickett A.W. 28-1-45 H.M.S. Avonstream Pile F. 8-8-40 R.N.R. Cape Padliser Platt R.A. 20-2-40 H.M.S. Fifeshire Potterton A. 12-1-40 H.M.T. Valdora Powell T.H. 27-7-40 H.M.T. Staunton Preston. J.J. 31-10-48 Manitoulin Preston. F.W. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Priestley A. 13-6-44 H.M.T. Altair Quickfall C.W.H. 5-6-41 H.M.S. Van Meer Lant Randall J. 27-2-41 H.M.T. Remillo Ranson E.H.F. 10-7-45 H.M.S. Curd Raworth S. 1-5-46 H.M.S. Wrestler Redfern R. 5-8-45 H.M.S. Springdale Redgrave W.S. 20-3-41 H.M.T. Glonning Rendall J.S. 12-6-40 H.M.S. Sisapon Rice J.F. 10-12-41 H.M.S. Prince of Wales Rice T. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Ringrose A. 29-7-44 H.M.T. Lord Wakefield Ringrose W.E. 8-3-42 H.M.T. Notts County Robertson F.S. 19-12-41 H.M.S. Perseus Robinson H. 1-2-42 H.M.S. Welshman Robinson J.A. 27-7-40 H.M.T. Staunton Rowbotham R.T. 18-12-42 H.M.T. Pollux Rushby L. 9-10-40 H.M.T. Sea King Salenius S. 25-10-43 H.M.T. William Stephen Scaife R.H. 12-11-44 H.M.S. Sancroft Scott H. 2-8-42 H.M.S. Goodwin Sharpe W.C. 27-3-43 H.M.S. Dasher Shearer G.V. 7-3-47 H.M.S. Europa Sheppard R. 18-12-43 H.M.T. Indian Star Simmons E.H. 10-12-39 H.M.S. Scawfell Slater A.E. 20-1-41 H.M.T. Relonzo Sleeth T.A. 9-10-40 H.M.T. Sea King Smirke W. 13-10-41 H.M.T. Mirror Smith J. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Smith O. 12-1-40 H.M.T. Valdora Smith S. 15-3-42 H.M.S. Vortigen Smith J. 4-8-40 H.M.T. Oswaldian Smith J.S. 10-12-39 H.M.T. Ray of Hope Snelling R.A. 11-3-43 H.M.S. Harvester Sparkes E. 10-11-40 H.M.T. Kingston Alalite Sparks J. 6-7-41 H.M.T. Jennifer Spence R.W.H. 14-10-39 H.M.S. Royal Oak Spencer J. 7-8-47 H.M.S. Comus Stannard H.B. 21-3-42 H.M.S. Witherington Sterne B. 24-5-41 H.M.S. Hood Stoakes C.G. 19-11-42 H.M.T. Ullswater Stocks R.W. 14-12-39 H.M.S. Sedgefly Sturman J.W. 20-6-42 H.M.S. Barfoam Swaby T.O. 12-1-40 H.M.T. Valdora Swallow G.T. 29-10-44 R.N. Sykes S.J. 9-2-40 H.M.T. Fort Royal Tasker J. 15-12-41 H.M.S. Ombra Taylor E.F. 29-12-43 H.M.S. Lewes Taylor G.G. 30-3-44 H.M.S. Laforey Taylor B. 18-12-41 H.M.S. Stanley Titterton E.S. 6-1-44 H.M.S. Wallasea Thomas E.G. 21-7-44 H.M.S. Hornbeam Thomson H. 24-5-41 H.M.S. Hood Thompson F.R.O. 18-5-43 Tug Barwick Thompson G.W. 8-2-43 H.M.S. Bredon Thornton H.A. 22-3-44 H.M.S. Europa Topliss C.L. 13-2-44 H.M.S. Cap D'Antifer Trash. A.E. 8-12-41 R.N.R. Minesweeper Trench W. 11-4-41 H.M.T. Othello Trowbridge H.T.A. 13-6-44 H.M.S. Birdlip Tuxworth F.A. 24-5-41 H.M.S. Hood Vernon T.A. 24-7-40 Kingston Galena Vincent J.W. 19-1-41 H.M.T. Alfredian Walker H.E. 3-4-41 H.M.S. Barham Walker H. 4-11-41 H.M.S. Northern Princess Walker H.C. 18-11-41 H.M.T. Scarron Walmsley D.E. - - - H.M.S. Illustrious Walton G.F. 21-8-40 H.M.T. Kylesmore Watkinson F. 31-3-41 H.M.T. Lord Selbourne Watson R.H. 14-10-39 H.M.S. Royal Oak Watson J.T. 14-6-40 H.M.T. Myrtle Webb A. 22-7-40 H.M.S. Campina Webb H.E. 29-5-40 H.M.T. Comfort Webb K. 6-1-44 H.M.S. Wallasey Weldon T. 12-1-40 H.M.S. Valdora Whitehead J.W. 3-3-41 H.M.S. Cobbers Whittleton R.W.P. 3-4-41 H.M.S. Barham Wicks T.A. I2-8-42 H.M.S. Nigeria Wilkins A.E. 16-1-45 H.M.Submarine Porpoise Wilkinson H.C. 28-9-40 H.M.S. Ocean Trailer Willis J.J. 13-6-44 H.M.S. Birdlip Willis J. 24-5-42 H.M.S. Muroto Wilson R.M. 4-4-42 H.M.S. Douwe Aukes Wilson N. 21-9-41 S.S. Lissa Wilson W.H. 7-1-43 H.M.T. Jura Wilson J. 22-7-40 H.M.T. Campina Wilson T. 27-7-40 H.M.T. Staunton Wink J.H. 24-9-42 Wood T. 5-11-43 H.M.S. Roger Robert Wood J.H.M. 5-11-39 H.M.S. Northern Rover Woods G. 20-2-41 H.M.S. Ouse Wooldridge W. 19-1-45 H.M.S. Barfield Wigglesworth C.H.R. 8-5-41 H.M.S. Viva II Wright B 29-11-40 H.M.S. Javelin Wright E. 5-11-39 H.M.S. Northern Rover Wright F.E. 7-3-42 H.M.T. Northern Princess Yorston G.W. 8-12-41 H.M.T. Phineas Beard Young J.S. 12-10-44 M.M.S. 176 ARMY 20 Abbott F. 24-6-41 Royal Artillery Allison J. 20-7-44 Lincolnshire Regt. Armitage A.H. 8-744 S. Staffordshire Regt. Arnold W.A. 5-4-44 K.O.Y.L.I. Atkin J.E. 22-346 Royal Engineers Atkin G.W. 22-1-44 Green Howards Atkinson H. Royal Welsh Fusiliers Bagshaw E.G. 22-10-42 Royal Artillery Baker S. 4-6-42 Hon. Artillery Coy. Balding R. 11-8-44 S. Staffordshire Regt. Balmforth H. 15-8-44 A. & S. Highlanders Balderson F. 30-3-43 Lincolnshire Regt. Ball F. 7-4-43 Royal Irish Fusiliers Ball A. 10-5-42 R.A.M.C. Barnes F.V. 18-1-45 Royal Artillery Barrett J.H. 9-3-43 Lincolnshire Regt. 21 Bell J.F. 14-1-42 Royal Artillery Bennett C.C. 8-2-44 Sherwood Foresters Bennett W.J. 14-12-42 Royal Armoured Corps Bennett A. 19-10-46 R.A. Lincolnshire Regt. Bennington J.H. 17-6-43 Royal Engineers Bensley W. Berry K. 6-5-43 Reconnaissance Corps Bessant G.W. 13-12-45 West Yorkshire Regt. Blackburn E.A. 13-6-44 Royal Artillery Blake F.E. 18-11-43 Royal Artillery Blyth T.E. 1-1-43 Royal Artillery Boon E. 16-8-44 Royal Leicestershire Regt. Borrill P. 27-7-44 Royal Engineers Borsberry A.J. 12-9-44 Royal Artillery Bosley A.C. 19-7-44 2nd Monmouth Regt. Bowden H.C. 2-4-45 Lincolnshire Regt. Bowles C.W. 20-2-45 Royal Artillery Bowman D.F. 12-9-44 Royal Leicestershire Regt. Boyington R. 30-12-41 Royal Artillery Bramley G.H. 18-6-41 Royal Artillery 22 Brannan A.G. 10-5-44 York’s & Lancs Regt. Brickley S. 24-1-40 R.A.S.C. Briggs J. ?-?-40 Pioneer Corps Briggs F.W. 13-4-44 Royal Artillery Briggs W.H. 28-5-44 3rd Monmouth Regt. Brocklesby R. 9-3-44 Dorsetshire Regt. Brown F. 12-7-44 Durham Light Infantry Bromfield A.E. 25-2-45 Gordon Highlanders Brydges D. 11-9-44 Royal Scots Fusiliers Butterworth K. 12-9-44 Royal Artillery Cade J. 14-7-44 Yorks & Lancs Regt. Capps K. 2-7-41 Royal Artillery Capron E. 1-9-44 2/5th Leicestershire Regt. Carter J.E. Royal Engineers Chesman A. 15-2-43 Suffolk Regiment Clarkson R. 19-7-44 Northants Yeomanry Cob W.G. 25-11-43 Suffolk Regiment Cobb H.G. 22-5-45 Yorks & Lancs Regt. Collier W.G. 10-6-44 6th Airborne Division Cook J. 25-2-42 Duke of Wellingtons Regt. 23 Cooper J.A. 8-9-43 Royal Artillery Copland J.D. 6-4-43 Royal Tank Corps Cowley G.H. 3-2-45 Royal Artillery Cracknell W.J. 28-6-42 Royal Artillery Critten A.R. 6-6-42 Royal Artillery Culyer G. 26-10-42 R.A.S.C. Dale P. 23-10-44 Black Watch Danby O.E. 5-8-43 Royal Corps of Signals Daniel P. 15-5-43 R.E.M.E. Dannatt A.E. 30-5-42 9th Lancers Dannatt B. 3-9-42 Dragoon Guards Davidson D.J. 11-11-44 Royal Artillery Davies W.S. 5-1-45 Royal Corps of Signals Davis J.E. 26-5-42 Royal Artillery Deakins K.H. 21-2-44 Lincolnshire Regt. Dean S.C 23-3-44 Royal Artillery Denniss H. 7-2-45 Royal Irish Fusiliers Dixon J.W. 29-3-45 Cameron Highlanders Dodsworth E. Cameron Highlanders Donaldson T.F. 2-3-43 Sherwood Foresters 24 Drant J.C. 14-2-45 Royal Artillery Downing R. 2-3-45 Royal Leics. Regt. Dunk E. 17-11-43 Eason H.H. 24-6-44 Royal Armoured Corps Eason A.E. 24-6-44 Eastoe A. 8-3-42 Corps of Military Police Edges W.A. 14-6-44 Royal Lincs Regt. Edwards H.R. 22-5-44 R.E.M.E. Edwards F.C. 6-9-44 R.C.A. 2nd Div. Elkington F. 9-4-45 K.O.S.B. Ellis J.R. 6-12-46 Royal Artillery Essex R. 9-7-43 S.Staffordshire Regt. Farthing R. 8-12-42 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Fewster G. 20-6-41 Royal Engineers Fisher E.L. 31-12-40 Fleet A.G. 25-12-40 Royal Corps of Signals Fleet H.T. 13-6-45 R.A.S.C. Frances A.W. 24-10-42 Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry Friskney W.E. 21-1-43 A.A.C. Fyfe J.D. 22-1-44 Royal Norfolk Regt. 25 Gaunt S. 3-6-44 Royal Artillery Genney L. 17-2-46 R.A.S.C. Gibson H.H.H. 8-3-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Girbow J. 3-1-40 Royal Artillery Gislam H. 10-9-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Goodhand F. 16-11-44 Royal Welch Fusiliers Goodwin C.G. 22-6-42 Commandos Goodwin R. 3-9-44 39th L.A. A. Regt., R.A. Goodwin W.H. 3-8-42 Sherwood Foresters Grant A.H. 28-10-44 Royal Scots Fusiliers Gray R.B. 29-8-43 Royal Artillery Green C.L. 17-6-43 R.A.S.C. Greenleaf F. 30-6-45 Royal Artillery Grice L. ?-?-44 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Hall S.V. 9-9-43 Royal Engineers Hall W.G. 6-6-44 Inns of Court Regt. Harmston R. 20-10-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Harris F. 11-12-44 Rifle Brigade Harrison T.W. 8-11-42 Royal Engineers Harrison H. 12-2-41 Royal Artillery 26 Hatch E.C. 20-1-48 East Surrey Regt. Haywood J. 27-6-44 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Henshaw W.H. 8-5-45 Cheshire Regiment Hull H.G. 10-12-39 Lancashire Fusiliers Hobbs S. East Surrey Regt. Hollingsworth A.W. 19-2-44 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Honey R.L. 24-7-44 Royal Scots Fusiliers Hopkins R. 15-12-43 London Irish Rifles Howell H.W. 31-5-43 Royal Artillery Howell W.B. ?-8-44 Hoyle W.H. 7-3-45 Welch Regiment Holmes L. 19-6-44 Royal Artillery Hudson J.A. 5-6-42 R.A.O.C. Hufton. R. 18-2-44 Royal Artillery Hughes R. 15-3-? Isaac H. 1/2-10-42 Jacques R. 12-9-45 Royal Warwickshire Regt. Jagger E. 18-6-43 Royal Engineers Jennings G.E. 26-6-44 Royal Scots Fusiliers Jewitt R. 18-11-42 Royal Artillery 27 Johnson J.F. 8-4-43 Notts Yeomanry Johnson A. 4-3-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Johnson J. 4-4-41 Royal Artillery Jones H.W. 35-3-43 Royal Tank Corps Jones V. 20-4-45 A.T.S. Jullien A. 23-6-44 Royal Artillery Keightley F. 1-4-43 Pioneer Corps Lawson C. 24-12-41 Royal Tank Corps Lea A.D. 7-6-44 Pioneer Corps Leaning J.E. 19-8-44 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Leary H. ?-6-44 Royal Corps of Signals Leeson C.H. 21-12-41 Royal Engineers Lilley A. 28-7-41 Royal Artillery Lilley J. 28-2-46 Royal Artillery Lister C.M. 8-8-44 Royal Corps of Signals Lord E. 20-4-40 Royal Artillery Mace J.V. 14/15-2-42 R.A.M.C. Marklew J.R. 24-7-43 R.A.S.C. Marshall H. 21-9-44 R.A.O.C. Marshall J. 5-6-42 Royal Engineers 28 Martin R. 2-12-43 Royal Irish Fusiliers Mason W.J. 27-6-43 S.Staffordshire Regt. Mason T.H.E. 30-5-42 Royal Horse Artillery Metcalf J.F. 18-8-44 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Miller J.S. 9-9-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Miller A. 7-2-44 Sherwood Foresters Moore I. 11-5-43 A.T.S. Muckleroy W. 10-7-44 Durham Light Infantry Mumby G. ?-6-40 Royal Engineers McUrich A.J. 18-1-44 Seaforth Highlanders Nangle W.O. 21-10-44 Royal Norfolk Regt. Newby C. 29-6-40 S.Staffordshire Regt. Newman W.J. 26-7-45 Royal Artillery Newman J.T. 18-4-45 R.A.S.C. Nickerson M. 28-6-44 Royal Artillery Norris R.A. 4-4-41 Royal Artillery Nurse J.H. 1-6-48 Royal Engineers Oldershaw G.W. 20-11-42 Royal Engineers Ornsby H.W. 20-7-44 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Osgarthorpe N. 2-7-44 Royal Norfork Regt. 29 O'Callaghan T.H. 29-5-40 R.A.S.C. O'Connor J. 3-7-42 Royal Artillery Paddison R. 29-5-40 R.A.S.C. Page C.W. 10-5-41 Royal Artillery Page G. 3-6-40 Royal Engineers Parker C. 6-3-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Parsons W.C. 7-2-42 Royal Leicestershire Regt. Patchett H. 22-9-44 Royal Artillery Patience H. 6-8-44 Royal Northumberland Fus. Pattinson H.S. 26-10-42 R.E.M.E. Pearson G.W. 4-5-43 R.A.S.C. Pearson R.J. 11-5-43 A.T.S. Perry W.F. 26-9-43 R.A.S.C. Phillips F. 15-11-42 Royal Engineers Pickering G. 21-8-43 R.A.C. Plaskitt J.E. 9-4-45 Royal Engineers Playford G.W.T. 23-5-44 Royal Artillery Preston A.W. 15-6-44 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Prike H. 21-5-40 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Proctor J.W. 13-5-45 South Wales Boarders 30 Pye B.W. 24-3-41 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Quinn B.P. 29-6-42 Irish Guards Redding C. 27-6-44 23rd Hussars Revell A.R. 13-5-40 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Revell E. 21-6-45 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Reynolds R. 17-7-43 Royal Engineers Rimes F.A. 22-6-44 Royal Engineers Roberts W.F. 17-12-41 Royal Artillery Roberts C.R. 14-6-43 Home Guard Robinson J. 9-6-44 Pioneer Corps Robinson E.W. 5-5-45 R.E.M.E. Robinson J. 9-6-44 Pioneer Corps Rotherham E.B. ?-?-44 R.A.M.C. Rowson K.O. 26-11-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Sargent C. 24-9-40 Royal Leicestershire Regt. Sanders G. 16-8-44 Sherwood Yeomanry Sanderson H. 16-10-40 Royal Engineers Sanderson H. 7-6-46 Royal Artillery Sate J.R. 22-9-44 Royal Artillery Saxton N.J. 23-2-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. 31 Shardlow K. 9-8-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Sibson A.H. 9-2-45 Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders Simpson H. 7-6-44 Royal Armoured Corps Smith L. 10-8-44 Hampshire Regt. Smith A.E. 10-9-44 Royal Artillery Smith S. 10-7-40 Royal Warwickshire Regt. Smith F.H. 11-6-45 Royal Corps of Signals Snape D. 10-7-46 Grenadier Guards Stead T.A. 13-11-43 Royal Engineers Stead H.F. 29-7-43 Royal Artillery Stegeman E. 26-1-42 Royal Artillery Stevens F.R. 1-6-42 Royal Artillery Stockdale K.W. 14-6-43 Home Guard Strugnell T.F. 26-2-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Sylvester W.R.A. 27-6-42 Royal Engineers Taylor F.H. 13-8-41 Royal Leicestershire Regt. Taylor T.G.J. 23-11-41 Royal Artillery Taylor S.T. 13-9-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Taylor D.C. 30-10-43 Royal Berkshire Regt. Theaker F. 26-2-44 R.A.S.C. 32 Thomas C. 26-7-42 Royal Tank Corps Thomas F. 7-8-44 Royal Artillery Thomas A. 17-9-44 6th Royal Lincs. Regt. Thompson C. 16-6-45 R.A.S.C. Thompson B. 1-7-43 Ox. & Bucks. Light Infantry Thompson W.E. 20-10-45 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Thompson W.D. 7-11-43 Royal Engineers Till E.E. Royal Corps of Signals Tilmouth S. 16-8-44 Green Howards Tomlinson F. 8-3-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Trench A.J. 10-9-42 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. True A. 7-5-45 Pioneer Corps Tucker H.W. 20-4-45 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Turner J.W. 13-7-46 Pioneer Corps Turner R. 19-8-44 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Turner J. 16-9-47 Cheshire Regiment Turrell R. 19-11-42 Coldstream Guards Tuxworth E. 25-11-44 London Scottish Regt. Wake J.A. 4-11-43 Royal Artillery Walker J.E. 21-1-44 A.T.S. 33 Walker C.W. 29-5-41 R.A.S.C. Walmsley J. 20-7-43 Hampshire Regt. Walmsley R.J. Royal Artillery Walton G. 2-3-44 R.A.S.C. Ward A.E. 10-4-44 Seaforth Highlanders Waters E.T.W. 14-6-43 Home Guard Watkins L. 9-12-41 Royal Artillery Watson E. 17-6-43 Royal Engineers Webster J.R. 4-3-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Webster G.E. 14-12-41 Royal Leicestershire Regt. Welsh C.N. 23-8-44 Royal Leicestershire Regt. Whitehead E. 10-8-43 Royal Artillery Whittaker F. 31-12-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Wilkinson W. 28-3-45 Royal Engineers Williams J.F. 23-2-45 Royal Marines Willis C. 25-5-40 Worcester Regiment Wilson T. 20-11-44 Royal Artillery Winn T.E. 27-11-40 R.A.O.C. Wolfe J.W. 22-3-42 Green Howards Wood J.C. ?-1-45 Royal Armoured Corps 34 Woodliff A.M. 17-6-43 Royal Engineers Wright H. 18-8-43 R.A.S.C. Wright J. 29-3-45 Middlesex Regt. Yearing F. 14-6-40 Royal Artillery Young J.T. 1-7-44 Black Watch Young H. Royal Artillery Young R. 9-9-42 Royal Artillery Young R. 26-4-43 Royal Lincolnshire Regt. Taylor W.I. 31-8-42 40th R.T.R. Royal Air Force 35 Adams P.D. 1-11-40 R.A.F. Annis A.B. 11-9-40 R.A.F. Annis L . 16/17-1-45 R.A.F. Baker J.D. 29-6-42 R.A.F. Barber B.S. 13-8-45 R.A.F. Barber J.D. 1-7-40 R.A.F. Barton P. 8/9-10-43 R.A.F. Beales R.W. 25-8-42 R.A.F. Bee. I. 10-9-42 R.A.F. Beeson J. 2-1-44 R.A.F. Belton J. 22-4-44 R.A.F. Bonner S. 26-6-43 R.A.F. Borrill S. 20-8-43 R.A.F. Brannan J.R. 2-10-43 R.A.F. Bray K. 28-1-44 R.A.F. Brees A. 23-8-45 R.A.F. 36 Breese G. 23-2-40 R.A.F. Brett A.F. 27-1-44 R.A.F. Brown F.P. 15-7-42 R.A.F. Browne W.A.C. 15-4-42 R.A.F. Byatt C.V. 31-3-44 R.A.F. Canning C.D. 6-11-40 R.A.F. Cawthen D.A. 10-7-41 R.A.F. Chester J.H. 18-11-44 R.A.F. Clarke J.W. 6-8-42 R.A.F. Clarke G.R. 4-9-47 R.A.F. Clegg A. 15-3-44 R.A.F. Cooke E. 10-4-43 R.A.F. Cooper W.E. 22-1-42 R.A.F. Coulbeck L. 18-6-44 R.A.F. Cross G.S. 25-3-40 R.A.F. Culyer H. 15-8-45 R.A.F. Davies G.L. 11-4-45 R.A.F. Davies R.T.E. 11-4-45 R.A.F. Dore R. 30-9-44 R.A.F. Douglas G. 25-6-45 R.A.F. 37 Dowse E.E. 3-9-41 R.A.F. Dunk R. 6-6-44 R.A.F. Farmer K. 22-4-44 R.A.F. Farthing C. 1-4-44 R.A.F. Finneran A.T. 10-5-42 R.A.F. Finney J.G. 22-9-43 R.A.F. Fisher G. 27-4-43 R.A.F. Fitchett R. 8-5-45 R.A.F. Frith R. 4-11-43 R.A.F. Gibson C.G. 8-4-41 R.A.F. Gledhill F.H. 28-12-12 R.A.F. Green J.W. 8/9-4-43 R.A.F. Green H.W. 7/8-3-44 R.A.F. Green W.T. 19-4-41 R.A.F. Greenbeck 18-9-42 R.A.F. Gregson N.P. 10/11-8-42 R.A.F. Guest I.A.W. 21-12-42 R.A.F. Hallett R. 1-9-41 R.A.F. Hallett N. 27-2-43 R.A.F. Hamilton F.R. 7-2-44 R.A.F. 38 Hannah W.A. 22-7-41 R.A.F. Hart W.G. 11-3-42 R.A.F. Haselden J.H. 27-6-40 R.A.F. Hillelson J.H. 21-10-40 R.A.F. Hinde D.A. 23-6-41 R.A.F. Hogger H.A. 28-11-40 R.A.F. Howarth J. 31-3-44 R.A.F. Hudson R.T.A. 29/29-5-43 R.A.F. Hutson K.F. 19/20-1-44 R.A.F. Ireland J.R. 8-6-44 R.A.F. Jacobson N. 25-8-40 R.A.F. James R.W. 8-8-44 R.A.F. Jennison G.C. 12/13-5-44 R.A.F. Kitchman J.E. 3-2-41 R.A.F. Kivell A.R. 5-10-46 R.A.F. Lammin J.D. 10-7-43 R.A.F. Lee R.G.A. 28-8-42 R.A.F. Leaning N.L. 5-6-45 R.A.F. Lewis J.R. 2-1-40 R.A.F. Mason G.W. 22-9-42 R.A.F. 39 Major H. 23-3-41 R.A.F. Moody H.L. ?-?-41 R.A.F. Moore F.W. 21-1-45 R.A.F. Mumby T.L. 25-7-45 R.A.F. Murphy D. 14-7-43 R.A.F. Parker C.S. 15/16-7-42 R.A.F. Pawson G.S. 4-9-43 R.A.F. Peart H. 30-9-39 R.A.F. Pearson C.B. 10-9-41 R.A.F. Plastow A.H.J. 12-9-44 R.A.F. Powrie R.A. 9-10-43 R.A.F. Pulfrey A.N. 13-5-40 R.A.F. Ramsden C. 11-2-45 R.A.F. Rands E.A. 16/17-10-40 R.A.F. Rippon D.C. 13-6-44 R.A.F. Roe F. 27-6-42 R.A.F. Sampson S. 7-3-45 R.A.F. Scatchard H.O. 11-11-47 R.A.F. Sherburn D.H. 23-8-43 R.A.F. Shortland P. 20-4-43 R.A.F. 40 Skipworth W. 17-12-40 R.A.F. Smith H.A. 21-9-45 R.A.F. Smith W.E. 14-2-43 R.A.F. Southwell W.H. 23-4-49 R.A.F. Spencer J. 10-4-41 R.A.F. Stanley J.B. 21-6-44 R.A.F. Steel W.A. 4/5-7-44 R.A.F. Storey J.H. 16-7-41 R.A.F. Taylor N. 14-10-44 R.A.F. Taylor S. 23-11-39 R.A.F. Teasdale G.M. 29-11-43 R.A.F. Thomas L. 30-3-45 R.A.F. Tidman A.R. 17-941 R.A.F. Tilson J.D. 26-12-40 R.A.F. Tuxworth J.E. 4-10-43 R.A.F. Waite K.C. 5-9-42 R.A.F. Walker R. 14-9-44 R.A.F. Walker G.A. 11-9-44 R.A.F. Wilcock R.F. 7-6-44 R.A.F. Wilson G.W.W. 27-3-41 R.A.F. 41 Williams J.R. 20-6-42 R.A.F. Williams W.P. 31-8-43 R.A.F. Winn A. 4-12-44 R.A.F. Wilson W.E. 28-10-44 R.A.F. Waud J.K. 8-3-45 R.A.F. Merchant Navy & Fishing Fleet 42 Albery A.A. 21-9-40 S.S. Blairangus Andersson H.O. 20-5-41 Darlington Court Ashman W.G. ?-9-42 Bombay Austin G.J. 18-3-40 Limol Bacon A.E. 23-12-44 S.T. River Ytham Bacon E.G. 28-4-45 Dinorah Baker G.A. ?-1-44 S.T. Emerald Balderston T. 28-4-45 Dinorah Barber J.C. 11-3-41 S.T. Aberdeen Barker F.H. 17-4-43 S.T. Dynamo Barker F.H. London Trader Barley J. ?-5-40 S.T. Hercules Barratt A. S.T. Windsor Bartholmew F. ?-5-40 S.T. Penn Bartlett W. S.T. Calvi 43 Beckett C. ?-5-40 S.T.Athelstone Bedford A.M. 30-10-42 S.S. Marylyn Beet G.A. 26-4-43 S.T. Thora Bennett J.A. 23-12-44 S.T. River Ytham Bennett W.D. 24-4-46 Earl Essex Bennett S. 24-4-46 Earl Essex Bensley W. 8-6-41 S.T. Hopton Berrier S.A. 13-12-39 S.S. Deptford Bird A. 20-10-40 S.S. Thistlegarth Blanchard F. ?-10-40 S.T. Carlton Blackman J.W. 1-9-41 S.T. Sedlos Bland A.F. ?-3-42 S.T. Rononia Bland R. ?-1-44 S.T. Iranian Bond G.C. ?-10-41 S.T. King Erik Bore C.F. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Bore W. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Bratley D. 24-12-40 British Premier Bradbury E.H. 11-1-44 Felspar Brambles W. ?-1-44 S.T. Iranian Bray E. 23-12-44 S.T. River Ytham 44 Brightmore H. 23-12-44 S.T. River Ytham Bromfield H. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Brooks F.C. 23-9-42 S.S. Ocean Honour Broughton S. 13-6-41 S.S. Tregarthen Brown J. 20-1-41 S.T. Florian Brown W. 25-7-44 S.T. Portsea Bruford T.M. ?-4-41 S.T. Ena de Laringa Broughton C. 8-9-42 S.T. Pride of Humber Broughton T.C. 17-10-40 S.T. Albatross Bryan J.G.W. ?-1-44 S.T. Emerald Bryant T.B. ?-1-44 S.T. Iranian Bullock F. 23-12-44 S.T. Ytham Buley R. 3-3-45 Aquarius Burrett H. ?-1-44 S.T. Emerald Burrows T. 15-10-40 S.T. Thistlegarth Burrows P. 6-1-41 S.T. Gadra Butt G. 18-12-39 S.T. Etraria Calvert W. 24-7-40 H.M.T. Campina Camber W.G. 26-5-42 S.T. Rononia Carle J. 30-11-41 S.T. Tetrarch 45 Carlton S.T. ?-2-40 S.T. Reporto Carlton W. 24-7-40 H.M.T. Campina Casidy F.G.M. 27-4-41 S.S. Embassage Chapman S.E.A. 15-12-45 Etruscan Chapman H.W. 25-5-48 S.T. Oswald Charlish R.R. 10-4-45 Falmouth Charlton A.H. ?-1-41 S.T. Emerald Chatwin G.E. ?-1-41 S.T. Gadra Chester A.E. ?-1-44 S.T. Iranian Chilvers G.L. 12-6-40 S.S. Barbara Marie Clark R. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Clark G.W. S.T. Rigoletto Clarke A.E. 23-9-44 S.T. Wolseley Clayton H. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Cole E.W. 1-9-40 H.M.T. Heron Collison F. 3-3-45 Aquarius Collridge J. 23-0-44 S.T. Wolseley Connor M.P. 16-4-45 Falmouth Cook H.G. 28-6-40 S.T. Castleton Cook A.W. 5-9-40 S.T. Salacon 46 Cook W.A. ?-4-40 S.T. Leonora Corcoran L. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Coulam A.G. 12-7-40 S.T. Volante Coultas H. 15-10-40 S.T. Thistlegarth Crisp H.H.J. S.T. Ophir II Cressey C.H. 31-12-49 S.T. Boxhill Crocker F.L. 28-9-40 S.S. Dalveen Cuthbert S.V. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Dann J.E. 24-3-41 S.T. Elmira Davidson F.H. 15-10-41 S.T. King Erik Davies F. 12-9-42 S.S. Laconia Davis W.C.W. 8-6-41 S.T. Hopton Dawn J. 22-11-40 S.S. Bradfyne Denison C. 7-9-41 S.T. Ophir II Dillon C.J. 28-6-40 S.T. Castleton Dobson C.W. 24-942 Troopship Donovan A. 2-8-42 S.T. Bombay Dore A.C. 28-6-41 S.S. Rudby Downing J.W. 8-10-40 S.T. Natia Dumbleton H. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore 47 Duncan H.F. 25-10-40 S.T. Carlton Dunk J.W. 12-5-42 S.T. Pladda Dyble G.W. 3-3-45 Aquarius Dyble W.G. 28-4-45 Dinorah Dyer A.E. 28-4-45 Dinorah Dye H.B. 2-8-42 S.T. Bombay East J.L. ?-10-40 S.T. Carlton Edwards B. ?-10-40 S.T. Carlton Edwards E.A. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Elliott J.C. ?-1-42 S.T. Lord Shrewsbury Ellis W. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Evans H.S. ?-1-44 S.T. Iranian Evardson AR. 8-6-41 S.T. Hopton Faill C. 20-1-43 S.T. Leo Ferneaux W.S. S.T. Athelston Ferrand W.J. 31-12-43 S.T. Fort Wellington Fincham W.E. 15-10-40 S.T. Mistletoe Fish L. ?-1-40 Kingston Cornelius Fisher J. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Fitzgerald H.A. ?-1-44 S.T. Iranian 48 Fitzpatrick J.F. ?-10-40 S.T. Carlton Flear H. 15-12-45 S.T. Etruscan Flowers J. 23-9-44 S.T. Wolseley Foley J. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Ford H.S. ?3-42 S.T. Rononia Foster J.G. 23-12-44 S.T. River Ytham Fox A.F. 23-9-44 S.T. Wolseley Fox A.F. 23-9-43 S.T. Wolseley Fuller S.J. 12-6-41 S.T. Hopton Garrod E.W.M. ?-5-40 S.T. Leonora Garving J.H. 25-5-48 S.T. Oswald Geddes J.G. 3-3-45 S.T. Aquarius George D.R. 24-4-40 S.T. Earl Essex George H. 4-4-41 S.T. Welcome Germaney G.W.H. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Germaney A.E. ?-5-40 S.T. Penn Germaney H.V. ?-1-42 S.T. Lord Shrewsbury Girling A. 16-4-45 S.T. Falmouth Glynn J. ?-9-42 S.T. Bombay Goddard A. S.T. Athelston 49 Gordon J.J. 24-4-46 S.T. Earl Essex Goring 13-12-39 S.S. Deptford Gray N. 20-11-40 S.T. Leo Graves C.F. 23-12-44 S.T. River Ytham Hack J.R. 8-6-41 S.T. Hopton Hall H. 25-10-40 S.T. Carlton Hallam G. ?-9-40 S.T. Leonora Hallam A.W. 7-9-40 S.T. Salacon Hammond A.H. ?-1-41 S.T. Gadra Hancock C.W. 25-2-45 S.T. Aquarius Harness F. ?-1-41 S.T. Gadra Harness H.G. 3-3-45 S.T. Aquarius Harper R.J. 24-3-41 S.T. Elmira Harper T.E. 27-1--44 S.T. Emerald Harris B. ?-1-40 S.T. Valdora Hartley A.E. ?-4-40 S.T. Athelston Harwood A. 18-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Hatton J.J. 1-2-42 S.T. Tacoma Star Havercroftchafer A. 11-8-41 S.S. Empire Hurst Hide W. 20-5-41 S.S. Darlington Court 50 Hill C.W.J. S.T. Rendlesome Hitchman J. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Hockney D.C. 15-10-40 S.T. Mistletoe Holmes J.J. -4-40 S.T. Leonora Honeywood S.E. S.T. Edwardian Hornby W.I. 17-10-41 S.T. Nabia Howling C.A.E. ?-1-44 S.T. Emerald Hubbard T.G. 28-6-40 S.T. Castleton Hughes J. 12-6-41 S.T. Hopton Hunt H.C. 8-9-42 S.T. Pride of Humber Hunter H.L. 23-12-44 S.T. River Ytham Hutchings W.H. 5-9-44 H.M.M.V. Moor Fowl Jackman W. ?-9-42 S.T. Bombay Jackson I. 15-10-40 S.T. Mistletoe Jackson S.S. ?-5-40 S.T. Leonora Jackson R.W. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Jackson A.R. 24-5-46 S.T. Earl Essex Jennings C. 13-10-40 S.T. Thistlegarth Jennings A. 9-6-44 Jobson T. ?-1-42 S.T. Lord Shrewsbury 51 Joel P. 15-9-42 S.S. Stone Street Joel S. ?-9-42 S.S. Empire Stephenson Joel F. 5-9-40 S.T. Salacon Johnson W.G. 13-10-42 S.T. Southern Express Johnson V.A. ?-2-45 S.T. Aquarius Johnson G.K. ?-1-44 S.T. Iranian Johnson R.H.W. 17-1041 S.T. Nabia Johnson J.E. ?-3-43 Kemp J.F. ?-3-42 S.T. Renonia Key W.T. ?-4-40 S.T. Penn Kirk C. 28-4-45 S.T. Dinorah Krogh O. ?-4-40 S.T. Penn Laking N.K. 20-11-42 Ocean Crusader Lamb J.T. 28-4-42 S.T. Dinorah Lancaster A.E. 25-10-40 S.T. Carlton Laver J.G. 2-4-40 S.T. Penn Lawrence N. ?-9-42 S.T. Bombay Lawson J.E. ?-2-40 S.T. Fifeshire Leonard A. 16-4-45 S.T. Falmouth Lewis M.W. ?-10-41 S.T. King Erik 52 Line C.H. 24-4-46 S.T. Earl Essex Loraine N.G ?-5-40 S.T. Leonora Lott R.H. 28-4-45 S.T. Dinorah Love E.T.S. 30-11-41 S.T. Tetrarch Loveday J.E. 18-12-39 S.T. Pearl Loveridge H. ?-4-41 S.T. Welcome Lowry H.C. Charles Boyes Lynch S.H. 7-4-40 S.T. Penn Madin G. 15-12-45 S.T. Etruscan Mallett A.C. 28-11-45 Tuscan Marland A.B. ?-3-42 S.T. Rononia Marshall C.P.H. ?-1-44 S.T. Emerald Marshall J.W. 8-6-41 S.T. Hopton Martin C.S. 20-1-43 S.T. Leo Melbourne R.A. 11-3-40 Arthur Cavanagh Metcalf W.C. 17-3-41 S.T. Dewsbury Metcalf J.F. 18-8-44 Lincolnshire Miles A.E 23-12-44 S.T. River Ytham Miles F.A. 25-10-40 S.T. Carlton Mills W.T. 11-3-41 S.T. Aberdeen 53 Miller A.E. ?-3-42 S.T. Rononia Mold C.W. 7-3-40 S.T. Hercules Moore F. 20-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Morgan G.H. 3-4-40 S.T.Dunoon Morgan F. 22-11-41 S.T. Apollo Morris S.J. 17-3-40 S.T. Hercules Morris S.H. 31-1-48 B.Y.M.S. 2175 Mortlock C.F. 28-4-45 S.T. Dinorah Moyers J.G. 21-4-40 S.T. Hercules McCann S.A. 25-5-48 S.T. Oswald McGillivray J.L. 22-4-40 S.S. Natia McPhillie W. ?-5-40 S.T. Hercules Neal H.A. 26-9-41 S.S. Cortes Newman R.A. ?-5-40 S.T. Leonora Newson E.H. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Nicholls J.H. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Noble I.H. 8-12-41 S.T. Lord Shrewsbury Noble I.J. 8-12-41 S.T. Lord Shrewsbury Norris T.W. 30-11-41 S.T. Tetrarch Oliver T. ?-1-44 S.T. Emerald 54 Osborne B. 7-1-41 S.T. Gadra Osborne L.A. 28-6-40 S.T. Castleton Osgothorpe W. 22-6-42 S.T. Bromelia Ottley J. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore O'Connor D. 6-9-40 S.T. Salacon O'Leary M. 21-8-40 Anglo-Saxon O'Scanlon P.J. 12-3-40 Leakos Page G.H. 12-3-41 S.T. Aberdeen Pallson T. 3-3-41 Rodney Parkinson J.R. 16-4-45 S.T. Falmouth Patrick B.F. ?-5-40 S.T. Hercules Patterson W.W.J. 24-6-44 Derrynevigh Pearson J. 30-11-41 S.T. Tetrarch Pearson A.G. 22-1-41 Tug Englishman Peck R.D. 8-6-41 S.T. Hopton Peel R. 21-10-41 H.M.Lighter Pell W.L. 17-10-40 S.T. Albatross Penman J. ?-9-42 S.T. Bombay Perrin F.A. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Perring G. 2-10-45 Lady Stanley 55 Perritt C.H. 8-12-41 S.T. Lord Shrewsbury Petersen L.H. 20-6-40 S.T. Otterpool Philpott E. ?-5-40 S.T. Leonora Pirie H. ?-5-40 S.T. Hercules Playle C. 8-6-41 S.T. Hopton Popple E.E. ?-1-44 S.T. Iranian Potts J. ?-2-41 M.V. Seaforth Powrie A. 10-2-40 S.S. Creofield Pratt H.A. ?-1-44 S.T. Emerald Prestidge A.F. 27-11-40 S.T. Margaret Prime A.A. 23-5-41 S.T. Norman Monarch Pullan F.E. ?-9-42 S.T. Bombay Pullman G.R.B. 16-2-41 Thomas Deas Quanttrill A.R. 28-5-45 S.T. Dinorah Quickfall M. ?-1-44 S.T. Iranian Rawlins C.G. ?-9-42 S.T. Bombay Rawlins C.H. 16-4-45 S.T. Falmouth Redgrave W.S. 20-3-41 S.T. Gloaming Reid C.A. 3-3-45 S.T. Aquarius Remblance A.A. ?-9-42 S.T. Bombay 56 Rendall W. 30-11-41 S.T. Tetrarch Revell V. 30-11-41 S.T. Tetrarch Riches W. ?-1-44 S.T. Emerald Rice W. 5-9-40 S.T. Salacon Rice T. ?-9-42 S.T. Bombay Rix F. 28-4-45 S.T. Dinorah Robbins F. ?-9-42 S.T. Bombay Robinson J.A. 27-7-40 H.M.T. Straunton Robinson R.J. 3-3-45 S.T. Aquarius Robertson G. ?-1-42 S.T. Lord Shrewsbury Rogers T. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Rodgers S.A. ?-1-42 S.T. Lord Shrewsbury Roebuck C.H. ?-1-41 S.T. Gadra Rolf. J. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Ross T.H. 17-10-41 S.T. Nubia Rowbotham R.G. 28-4-45 S.T. Dinorah Rowles W. ?-12-39 S.T. Etruria Rowston J.R. 8-6-41 S.T. Hopton Rumbelow D. ?-1-40 S.T. Valdora Rushley L. S.T. Sea King 57 Ryan J.D. 28-6-40 S.T. Castleton Rymell J.A. 16-4-45 S.T. Falmouth Sampson A.D. 23-4-41 S.T. Elmira Sams G.H. 7-9-41 S.T. Ophir II Sargent T.R. S.T. Athelstone Savage W.E. 15-12-45 S.T. Etruscan Savoy R. 2-10-40 S.S. Anglo-Saxon Score A. ?-5-40 S.T. Athelstone Shackles H.W. 31-12-39 S.T. Box Hill Shardlow F. 4-4-41 S.S. Welcome Share J. 15-12-45 S.T. Etruscan Sibley W. 28-6-40 S.T. Castleton Silver J.H. ?-5-40 S.T. Athelstone Sinclair W.J. 15-12-45 S.T. Etruscan Singleton G.L. 30-11-41 S.T. Tetrarch Sjoholm. R. 6-9-40 S.T. Salacon Skelton C.E. 8-6-41 S.T. Hopton Skelton W. ?-9-42 S.T. Savanage Skinner W. 18-4-43 Skipworth R.J. 4-4-41 S.T. Welcome 58 Slater W.S. ?-5-40 S.T. Penn Smee G.D 15-10-40 S.T. Thistlegarth Smith J.E. 4-4-41 S.S. Welcome Smith G. 2-6-40 S.T. Greynight Smith J.M. 24-3-41 S.T. Elmira Smith G.A. 23-12-44 S.T. River Ytham Smith G.W. 26-8-41 S.T. Tremoda Smith J. 7-2-43 S.S. Empire Light Smyth F.W. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Sparkes L. 8-1-42 S.T. Lord Shrewsbury Spencer H.J. 23-2-43 S.S. Stockport Squire J.T. 28-6-40 S.T. Castleton Squire D.F. 5-940 S.T. Salacon St.PIerre W. 24-3-41 S.T. Elmira Staff E.G. ?-1-44 S.T. Iranian Stanforth J. 17-10-41 S.T. Nubia Stevens E.R. ?-3-42 S.T. Rononia Stevens S. 4-4-41 S.S. Welcome Stevenson H.F. 15-12-45 S.T. Etruscan Stewart W. 28-6-40 S.T. Castleton 59 Stratton A. 8-3-? H.M.T. Notts County Sullivan F.W. 23-12-44 S.T. River Ytham Sutherland S.C. 8-6-40 S.T. Hardingham Sutherland W.V. 8-6-40 S.T. Hardingham Swain H.W. 5-9-42 S.S. Saganago Swallow C.F. ?-5-40 S.T. Leonora Syembridge M.A. 16-4-45 S.T. Falmouth Taylor R. 14-10-40 S.T. Lord Stamp Taylor C.S. 20-1-43 S.T. Leo Taylor W. ?-2-41 S.T. Florian Templeman W.A. 7-4-41 S.T. Sylvia Tems A.E. ?-4/43 Thomas A.L. 3-3-41 S.T. Rodney Thompson W.H. 24-3-41 S.T. Elmira Thompson W.F. 24-3-41 S.T. Elmira Thornton F.R. ?-9-42 S.T. Bombay Thrower A. ?-5-40 S.T. Penn Thrower A.E. 16-4-45 S.T. Falmouth Treacher A.E. 24-4-46 S.T. Earl Essex Tilley W. 20-1-43 S.T. Leo 60 Tilling J.W.W. 24-4-46 S.T. Earl Essex Turrell J.A. 25-2-43 S.S. Stockport Tyrell S.G. ?-5-40 S.T. Penn Upton J.F. 30-3-41 S.T. Chandos Utting G.G. ?-11-40 S.T. Randlesome Vicars C.W. 15-10-40 S.T. Mistletoe Walker W. 3-3-45 S.T. Aquarius Walker J.C.H. 17-10-41 S.T. Nubia Ward D. 17-10-40 M.B. Albatross Ward R. 17-10-41 S.T. Nubia Ward R. 26-1142 S.S. Ocean Crusader Ward J.A. 17-10-40 M.B. Albatross Ward J.W. 17-10-40 M.B. Albatross Wareing G. 30-11-41 S.T. Tetrarch Waters B.W. 5-9-41 S.T. Volesue Watson A. 24-4-46 S.T. Earl Essex Webb W.E. ?-7-42 S.T. Bromelia Webb J.A. 28-6-40 S.T. Castleton Weedon W. S.S. Tacoma City Weir W. 24-3-41 S.T. Elmira 61 Weldon H.J. 11-1-40 H.M.T. Valdora Westerman A.S. ?-3-42 S.T. Rononia Westwood G.H ?-1-44 S.T. Emerald Wharton H. ?-6-41 S.T. Rudby White A.C.M. 28-6-40 S.T. Castleton Whitcombe J.A. 18-12-39 S.T. Etruria Wilde T.A. 24-3-41 S.T. Elmira Willett J.W. 15-12-45 S.T. Etruscan Willey K.W. ?-4-40 S.T. Hercules Williams C. 6-5-40 S.T. Athelstan Willis R. 15-12-45 S.T. Etruscan Wilson E. 16-4-45 S.T. Falmouth Wilson J. 22-7-40 S.T. Campina Wilson W.H. 25-10-40 S.T. Carlton Windley H.S. Submarine Wingfield A.W. 5-9-40 S.T. Salacon Wink H.J. 24-9-42 Winn E.D. ?-11-39 S.T. Wigmore Woby B. 6-12-42 S.S. Ceramic Woods J.H. 15-1-43 S.T. Macclesfield 62 Worrell C.H 1-3-41 S.T. Stanwold Wortley G.E. 8-9-41 S.S. Ben Nevis Wright B.H. 29-11-40 S.T. Javerlin Beels J. 10-1-42 S.S. Empire Surf Holliday R.M.C. 4-8-40 S.S. King Alfred Jennings V.J. 20-9-43 S.S. Almenara Jones J.E. ?-3-43 S.S. Reedhurst Sheridan P. ?-12-39 R.N.R.T Civilians 63 Alcock G.F. 13-7-43 464 Cleethorpe Rd Atkinson D. 13-4-42 11 Park Avenue Beel J.W. 14-4-43 118 Nelson Street Benson I.S. 14-6-43 11 Newton Grove Bilton D.M. 31-1-44 Blagdon S.J. 13-7-43 68 Bath Street Bloomfield G. 2-9-43 84 Garibaldi St Blundell H. 14-6-43 113 Garden St Bonsall H. 14-6-43 1 Wood Street Bradford J.W. 13-7-43 124 Fildes Street Bridge A.A. 14-6-43 3 Fairfield Road Buck F. 14-6-43 11 Kingsley Grove Burden T.H. 14-6-43 4 Central Market Burley J. 27-2-41 58 Humber Street Cardwell J.H. 13-7-43 49 Albion Street Chamberlain J.T. 25-7-43 123 Harold Street 64 Childs F. 25-3-44 3 Abbey Road Chilvers C 13-7-43 64 Harold Street Chilvers R.A. 14-6-43 3 Fotherby Place Collins W. 17-7-43 22 Lord Street Constable F. 14-4-42 106 Nelson Street Coulbeck B. 14-6-43 81 Thesiger Street Couldson M.M.B. 13-7-43 132 Castle Street Coupland A.L. 27-2-42 80 Burgess Street Cowl M. 14-6-43 193 Roberts Street Crann L.R. 4-2-41 147 Lord Street Crann M. 4-2-41 147 Lord Street Crowder E. 14-6-43 191 Roberts Street Dane G.P. 13-7-43 66 Bath Street Dennis A. 14-6-43 11 Wall Street Duckett R. 14-6-43 27 Rookery Avenue Earle C.A. 13-7-43 76 Guildford Street Earle S. 13-7-43 76 Guildford Street Easey E.W. 20-6-42 53 Harold Street Eaton A. 14-6-43 32 Milton Road Eaton B. 13-7-43 48 Bath Street 65 Eaton L. 13-7-43 48 Bath Street Ellis A.E. 13-7-43 52 Bath Street Ellis M. 13-7-43 52 Bath Street Eversley 27-2-41 30 Stanstead Street Eyre B. 13-7-43 6 Duchess Street Fell C.S. 13-7-43 46 Bath Street Fisher F.E. 27-2-41 6 Malmesbury Drive Fox D. 14-6-43 244 Victory Street Freer G.E. 14-6-43 9 Ainslie Street Gandy B. 13-4-42 6 Park Avenue Garnham J. 14-4-42 1, 8th Terrace, Hope Street Gell B. 14-6-43 75 Thesiger Street Goodfellow H.F. 4-2-41 149 Lord Street Goodfellow S.D. 4-2-41 149 Lord Street Goodwin T. 14-6-43 104 Convamore Road Green A.G. 13-7-43 23 Peppercorn Walk Gregory W. 14-6-43 91 Church Street Gresham J. 14-6-43 91 Sutcliffe Avenue Gude F.H. 14-6-43 16 Sutcliffe Avenue Hales S.C. 14-6-43 40 Duncombe Street 66 Hamilton J. 14-6-43 Salvation Army Hostel Harvey F. 13-7-43 45 Albion Street Harvey H. 13-7-43 45 Albion Street Heath C.H. 14-6-43 113 Wintringham Street Heath W.H. 14-6-43 107 Wintringham Street Hildred C.E. 14-6-43 224 Victoria Street Howson M.C. 14-6-43 72 Duncombe Street Humphrey E.M. 14-6-43 105 Burgess St Hurst A.W. 14-6-43 21 Cooper Road Ingham J.E.D. 13-7-43 57 Albion Street Ion J.D. 14-6-43 56 Littlefield Lane Jackson G.J. 14-6-43 2 Sutcliffe Avenue Jermyn W. 13-7-43 58 Bath Street Johnson F.J. 14-6-43 61 Milton Road Johnson S.A.M. 27-2-41 244 Cleethorpe Road Keeler E.W. 14-6-43 75 Garibaldi Street Knight H. 13-4-42 3 Spring Terrace, Spring Street Leary E. 13-7-43 18 Crescent Street Leary S. 13-7-43 18 Crescent Street Lee G. 14-6-43 228 Victoria Street 67 McGuire T. 14-6-43 224 Victoria Street Miller F. 14-6-43 14 Eleanor Street Miller G. 14-6-43 14 Eleanor Street Miller L.C. 13-7-43 49 Albion Street Miller S. 13-7-43 1 Railway Cottages Miller T.J. 13-7-43 78 Harold Street Montague G. 24-7-43 28 Donnington Street Moore T. 14-6-43 173 Burgess Street Mumby H.H. 14-6-43 224 Victoria Street Nixon E. 14-6-43 224 Victoria Street Norman J.M. 14-6-43 48 Albion Street North F. 20-8-40 5 Abbey Drive West Nutter W. 14-6-43 19 Fotherby St Ogden S. 14-6-43 6 Charlton Road O'Neill P.J. 14-6-43 224 Victoria Street Panton R. 23-12-40 215 Heneage Road Parker N. 13-7-43 86 Harold Street Parkinson B. 13-7-43 130 Fildes Street Parkinson R. 13-7-43 130 Fildes Street Pickersgill H.B. 28-2-41 60 Beeley Road 68 Robertson O.M. 14-4-42 116 Nelson Street Robinson A.J. 14-6-43 Chapman's Hotel Robinson D.M. 13-7-43 124 Fildes Street Robinson P.J. 13-7-43 124 Fildes Street Robinson T. 13-7-43 124 Fildes Street Robinson E. 27-2-41 36 Elliston Street Robinson J. 14-6-43 49 King Edward Street Rouse W. 14-6-43 1 Rookery Avenue Russell S.W. 18-5-44 31 Stanstead Street Seddon T.R. 14-6-43 10 Scarthoe Road Selby G. 13-4-42 1 Railway Cottages Sharpe I.E. 4-2-41 151 Lord Street Shelton T.H. 14-6-43 Rose Cottage, Great Coates Sissons A. 14-6-43 224 Victoria Street Smith H. 13-7-43 86 Harold Street Smith J.W. 13-7-43 106 Guildford Street Springhall W.H. 13-7-43 96 Albion Street Steele E.A. 13-4-42 13 Park Avenue Steele E.O. 13-4-42 13 Park Avenue Stewart C.H. 14-6-43 226 Victoria Street 69 Still W. 22-10-41 Park Avenue Stockdale W. 14-6-43 87 Macaulay Street Sullivan J. 14-6-43 224 Victoria Street Tidswell J.C. 13-4-42 2, 9th Terrace, Hope Street Towriss W. 13-7-43 27 Anderson Street Turney A. 13-4-42 3 Spring Terrace, Spring Street Tye A. 14-6-43 25 Railway Street Upson W.T. 13-7-43 260 Hope Street Wallhead K. 13-7-43 128 Fildes Street Wallhead P.E. 13-7-43 128 Fildes Street Wilkinson N. 14-6-43 6 Charles Avenue Williamson H.A. 13-7-43 42 Thesiger Street Wills W.H. 14-6-43 224 Victoria Street Wilson G. 14-6-43 101 Gordon Street Wright W.H. 13-7-43 94 Heneage Road Young J.W. 14-6-43 28 East Marsh Street

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