Wigton Memorial Garden

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Reference WMO/272413


opposite the Sportsman's Inn/the old Auction Mart sometimes called The Goose Market

junction of High Street and Water Street




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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Roadside
Description: Garden
  • Flora and Fauna Flora and Fauna (any)
  • Metal Metal (any)
  • Stone Sandstone
Lettering: Inscribed on a plaque
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: Long sandstone wall with 3 stainless steel plaques on, and garden areas at either end, also a flagpole
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Large Plaque: WIGTON/MEMORIAL GARDEN Plaque 1- Wigton’s 1914-18 War/In the 1914-18 war almost every household in Wigton had a close/relative lost in the conflict./We had 26% killed or died from wounds, with a similar/percentage receriving very seriius injuries./The hardest hit family in Wigtom throughout the war was Mr/& Mrs Thomas Dodd from Union Street, this family lost 4 sons./The first son to be lost was Private William Dodd, Border/Regiment./Followed by Private homas Dodd, Military Medal, South/Lancashire Regiment./The third son lsot was Sergeant Albert Dodd, Border Regiment/The fourth son to be lost was Private Harry Dodd, Border/Regiment./Harry was the oldest son, he served in France in October 1914, and was wounded at Neuve Chapelle, after he recovered, he was/sent to the Dardanelles (Gallipoli) and once again, after recuperating from illness, was sent back to France, and was klled there in October, 4 years to the month from the first time he was/wounded and only 1 month from the end of the war./Mr & Mrs Dodd had another son, Private Frank Dodd, he served/out the war in France. In 1919, The Wigton Memorial Committee awarded 27 Gold/watches to the Wigton men who had gained Military Honours. One well known Wigton character was William Stewart Fell./Willy was one of the very few men to win 3 Military Medals, he died aged 87 in 1978. Plaque 2: THEY GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR THEIR COUNTRY/1914-1918/[names in 4 columns] 1939-45/[names in 2 columns]

Column 1- Pte John Armstrong/Cpl Jos Carr/Spr DA Sutherland/Sgt JW Powley/Cpl TJ Williamson/Lt LH Davis/Pte T Park/Pte TJ Brady/ Pte R Wilson/Pte Jos Haney/Pte John Baxter/Pte John Fell/Pte Wm Dixon/Trooper Jas Hampson/Pte John Robinson/ Pte Jos Storey/Pte Robert Pearson/Pte Geo Fisher/Pte Jos Reay/Lt NHP Salusbury/LCpl WP Chicken/Lt FRL Bell/Pte J Hogg/ Gnr Wm Lawson/Pte Robt Carr/Pte H Pearson/Stoker John Hyslop/Pte HR Hoodless/Pte S Darwood/Cpl H Greenup/ Pte L Hodgson Column 2 Pte H Askew/Pte TW Heslam/Gnr John Ashbridge/Lt JA Lawson/Sgt E Marsden/Pte Jos Ashbridge/Pte Jos Carson/ Pte Wm Dodd/Sgt J Highmoor/Pte Thos Barnes/Sgt RW Plenderleath/Pte H Mitchinson/Pte A Denholm/Lt AL Humphreys/ Pte WP Weightman/LCpl Jos Hill/Driv Wm Clark/Pte C Tennant/Cpl John Irving/Pte JH Shepherd/Cpl TH Walker/ Pte Jos Graham/Pte HH Pearson/Pte TB Holdsworth/Pte J Pennington/Sgt Thos Dixon/Pte Jas Brady/Lt John Donald/ LCpl RC Frizzell/Pte Thos Dodd/Rfm Jos Blair Column 3 Pte C McCahy/Pte W Mecahy/Sgt W Studholme/Pte R Twentyman/Pte Arthur Hall/Lt ET White/Rfm Jas Scott/Pte JW Musgrave/ Gnr John Short/Pte JW Graham/Sgt Jos Hampson/Lt Wm Sinton/Pte JS McQuiggans/Sgt Albert Dodd/Pte Thos Cook/ Pte Jas Chicken/Sgt John Veitch/Major Sam Rigg/Cdt JHB Kayss/Pte JFC Pattinson/Pte JP Wilkinson/Pte J Gilbertson/ Sgt JS Holliday/Pte J McLachlan/Lt Stanley Rigg/Pte Chris Barnes/Pte Isaac Peel/Pte Thos Pearson/Pte BJ Carrick/ Pte Anthony Barnes Column 4 Sig JO Oversby/Pte Jos Snodden/Pte T Coulthard/LCpl JR Harris/Bomb F Barnes/Pte Jas H Holliday/Pte Bert Watson/ Pte Harry Dodd/Pte GT Henderson/LCpl JG Strong/LCpl Wm Waite/Pte W Armstrong/Drv Wm Martin/Lt JJ Twentyman/ Gnr Alf Dessauer/Lt JC Lazonby/Lt JE Moffat/LCpl PR Wilson/LCpl Wm Stanley Pape/Pte WS Wilson/Pte JH Muirhead/ Pte Freeman Robinson/Pte Wm MCKenzie/Pte Jos Oliphant/Pte TW Little/Joseph Frill/John Hamill/Driv John Slee/ Pte G Oliphant/Nurse Isabella Hope Column 5-1939-45/ GW Ashbridge/R Ashbridge/M (Kathy) Barnes/T Barnes/JS Bell/JJ Brady/W Crellin/T Donnelly/L Easdon/H Fell/R Foster/ E Graham/T (Binky) Armstrong/G Graham/HN Hall/J Hampson/F Haney/W Feddon/WS Irwin/J Miller/T Musgrave/H Scott/ JA Scott/J Shepherd/GH Smith/V Smith/JT Stoddart/E Sturdy/RG Thomlinson/D Thwaite/J Watson Column 6 GD Wilkinson/RM Aitken/J Ashbridge/MK Barnes/F Bragg/P Williamson

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