Wigton St Cuthbert's Roman Catholic School Roll of Honour (LOST)

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Reference WMO/272414


St Cuthbert's School

King Street




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Status: Lost/missing
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
  • Paper Paper
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Illuminated Roll of Honour in calligraphy- all details are from The Wigton Advertiser 12 June 1915 page 4e
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Pvt J Armstrong 5th Border Died on Active Service/ Pvt W Armstrong 5th Border/ Pvt J Allerdice 5th Border/ Pvt T Barnes Kitchener’s Army/ Pvt JJ Barnes 5th Border/ Pvt A Barnes 5th Border/ Pvt T Brady 5th Border killed in action/ Pvt F Brannigan Yorkshires/ Pvt R Bowman 5th Border/ Pvt JW Bushby 5th Border/ Cpl J Carr 2nd Border Killed in action/ Pvt J Carson 5th Border/ Pvt N Chicken 5th Border/ Pvt W Corrigan 5th Border/ Pvt T Coates Army Remounts/ Pvt F Coates 5th Border/ Pvt T Cook 5th Border/ Pvt J Darwood Northumberland Fusiliers/ Pvt R Darwood Northumberland Fusiliers/ Pvt F Darwood Northumberland Fusiliers / Pvt S Darwood Northumberland Fusiliers/ Pvt S Denwood Motor Transport/ Pvt J Denwood 4th Border/ Pvt T Dewsnap Royal Field Artillery/ Pvt S Dixon 5th Border/ Pvt W Dixon 5th Border/ Pvt T Dixon 5th Border/ Pvt W Dixon Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry/ Pvt A Dodd 5th Border/ Pvt G Donohue Lonsdale Battalion/ Cpl B Fell Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry/ Pvt J Fell 5th Border/ Pvt H Fell 5th Border/ Pvt WS Fell 5th Border/ Cpl JJ Frill/ Pvt J Frizzel/ Pvt S Graham Army Remounts/ Pvt T Graham Army Remounts/ Pvt W Gray 5th Border/ Pvt J Hamill/ Pvt J Haney 5th Border Reported Missing/ Pvt J Irving 5th Border/ Pvt G Leake/ Pvt W McGough 5th Border/ Pvt T McQuiggans 5th Border/ Pvt J McQuiggans 5th Border/ Pvt F Mitchell Kitchener’s Army/ Pvt J Menkhouse 5th Border/ Pvt H Moore 5th Border/ Pvt H Nicholson Kitchener’s Army/ Pvt F Nicholson 5th Border/ Pvt WJ O’Hare 4th Border/ Pvt E O’Neil 5th Border/ Pvt C O’Neil 2nd Border/ Pvt JW O’Pray/ Pvt W Pattinson 2nd Border/ Pvt J Pattinson 2nd Border/ Pvt J Pape/ Pvt J Pearson 5th Border/ Pvt W Prescott 5th Border/ Pvt T Prescott 5th Border/ Pvt RW Plenderleath/ L Powley Navy/ Sgt L Pyle 1st Border/ Cpl E Pyle 1st Border/ Pvt W Reay/ Pvt W Reid Northumberland Fusiliers/ Pvt R Robinson 5th Border/ Pvt WG Robinson 5th Border/ Pvt G Robinson 5th Border/ Pvt J Robinson 5th Border/ Pvt R Robinson 5th Border/ Pvt TJ Robinson 5th Border/ Pvt T Robinson 5th Border/ Pvt J Scott/ LCpl JG Short 5th Border/ Pvt T Simpson / Pvt JW Smith 18th Hussars/ Pvt S Smith 5th Border/ Pvt J Story Kitchener’s Army/ Pvt J Studholme 4th Border/ Pvt T Studholme 5th Border/ Pvt John Sharp 5th Border/ Pvt R Thornton Northumberland Fusiliers/ Pvt J Waite Kitchener’s Army/ L Sgt JJ Wallace 5th Border/ Pvt W Wallace 5th Border/ Pvt J Wilson 5th Border/ Pte G Warby/

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