Brough, Helbeck and Brough Sowerby Roll of Honour

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Reference WMO/272715


Memorial Hall

New Road

on the north wall


CA17 4BZ


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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Attached to a building/structure
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
  • Glass Glass
  • Paper Paper
  • Timber Timber (any)
Lettering: Other
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Richly illuminated Roll of honour executed in calligraphy in five columns: the centre column is WW1 dead and outer columns are those who served and returned-2 columns on each side. The Roll of Honour is decorated with gold floral borders, with wreaths in each corner. At the top a gold Latin cross is flagged by two Union Jack's. It is in a glazed wooden frame.
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Top: BROUGH HELBECK 1914 1918 & BROUGH SOWERBY (Left-hand and right hand sides): To the Glory of God and in proud & affectionate/ recognition of brave and gallant service rendered/ during the Great War 1914-1918 by the Men who,/ in the Providence of God were permitted to return/ to their homes/ (Names) (Centre): TO THE GLORY OF GOD AND/ IN SACRED MEMORY of THOSE/ WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR/ HUMANITY IN THE/ GREAT WAR 1914-1918/ (Names)

Central Panel- [The Fallen] LIEUT CT HOLLAND RFA/ LIEUT H WILD MC NF/ SERGT TA BOWNES 8TH BORDER/ SERGT AR HALL 2ND BORDER/ SERGT AS BOWMAN DCM RF / CPL JW FLETCHER PWO SL/ SIGNALLER TOM JOHNSON NF/ RIFLEMAN A BRUNSKILL W YORKS/ PTE TW LAMB OTAGO MR NZ/ PTE J SCRIVENS 3RD BORDER/ PTE WM M MASON 5TH BORDER/ PTE A MORLAND COLDSTREAM G/ PTE H BELL 1ST E YORKS/ PTE C SANDERSON MG CORPS/ PTE W BROGDEN SAC/ PTE N HEAVISIDE NF/ PTE DF BRUNSKILL LANCS F/ PTE R GASKARTH LANCS FUS/ Died through War Service BRIG GENERAL BREEKS CB RA/ Left Hand Panel- [The Served]- Column 1- Major H Oxley Ingham TD RFA/ Capt CW Brooks SAMC/ Cpl TW Iceton 11th Border/ Cpl Ron Longstaff 11th Border/ Cpl J Ellwood 11th Border/ Pte S Nicholson 11th Border/ Pte T Tinkler 11th Border/ Pte C Hutchinson 11th Border/ Pte E Wilkinson 11th Border/ Pte Wm Jackson 11th Border/ Pte R Slee 11th Border/ Pte Jas Yare 12th Border/ Pte JW Lee 12th Border Pte J McNaughton 12th Border/ Pte JJ Dinwoodie 12th Border/ Pte AJ Jones 12th Border/ Pte J Coates 3rd Border/ Pte JH Nicholson 3rd Border/ Pte J Dobson 3rd Border/ Pte Wm Whelpdale 3rd Border/ Pte JR Harrison 3rd Border/ LCpl SH Wilkinson 1/4th Border/ Pte Wm Dinwoodie 4th Border/ Pte HD Hall 5th Border/ Pte HG Luff 2/4th Border/ Pte G Swall 2/4th Border/ Pte H Davidson 2/4th Border/ Pte Jas Lamb 2/4th Border/ Column 2- Pte JM Lamb 2/4th Border/ Pte JE Ellwood 2/4th Border/ Cpl PR Ward KORL/ Pte AH Ward KORL/ Pte Geo W Harrison KORL/ Sgt JW Brogden RE/ Cpl F Sayer RE/ LCpl T Bowman RE/ Pionr WH Bailey RE/ Spr T Taylor RE/ Spr TA Cooper RE/ Spr Geo Wilson RE/ Spr Wm Bowman RE/ Spr Geo Bowman RE/ Spr J Bowman RE/ Spr D Alderson RE/ Spr T Burne RE/ Spr Wm J Slee RE/ Spr Rbt Longstaff RE/ Spr Horace Wilson RE ROD/ Lieut TB Allison RASC/ Dvr HA Thompson RASC/ Pte HJ Ward RASC MT/ Pte Reg Bowman RASC MT/ Pte Wm W Thompson RASC MT/ Pte B Whelpdale RASC MT/ Pte JT Bowman RASC MT/ Cpl WH Sanderson ASC/ Pte JW Craig MGC/ Right Hand Panel- [The Served] Column 1- Pte R Bowman MGC/ Pte Jas Sanderson MGC/ Pte JD Wilkinson MGC/ Siglr Geo Binks RFA/ Gnr JF Hunter RFA/ Gnr JN Houston RFA/ Dvr JE Fletcher RFA/ Dvr F Allison RFA/ Pte FJ Cooper 3RD Yorks/ Siglr J Taylor 4th Yorks/ Pte T Bell 5th Yorks/ Pte JSR Davis 5th Yorks/ LCpl P Dent D of Wellingtons/ Pte R Burton D of Wellingtons/ Gnr CGH Davis RGA/ Gnr TR Tunstall RGA/ Gnr T Lambert RGA/ Gnr TR Allison RGA/ LCpl Wm B Dinwoodie DLI/ Pte Jas Binks DLI/ Pte H Dent DLI/ Pte JW Robinson DLI/ Pte Geo Guy DLI/ Pte Cecil Dent DLI/ Pte H Wilson DLI/ Pte Wm F Ewbanke DLI/ Pte IW Nicholson DLI/ Pte TH Stephenson DLI/ Pte Rd Tunstall LPool Scottish/ Column 2- Pte JB Blackett LPool Scottish/ Sglr F Johnson 2.1 CL Yeo/ Pte ME Scott CL Yeo/ Pte A Rudd LN Lanc/ Pte T Hall LN Lanc/ Pte R Sayer N Lanc// Pte J Deighton 2.5 Cheshire/ Pte GW Allerton 1st Y & L/ Pte TW Binks 4th D Guards/ Pte J Binks QMC-USA/ LCpl G Moss NF/ LCpl N Hoole KL/ LCpl D Dinwoodie RAOC/ Pte AL Hook S Staffs Pte AE Lamb Labour Cps/ Pte JA Brunskill Labour Cps/ Pte WT Brunskill W Kent Yeo/ Pte T Thompson AIF/ Pte C Wilson Manchesters/ Pte AC Blain Seaforth Hglds/ Lieut Geo Bainbridge RAF/ Aircraftn A Abram RAF/ Aircraftn FF Yare RAF/ Pte J Wearmouth RAF/ Pte J Sayer Royal Navy/ Stkr TD Sayer Royal Navy/ Stkr Ed Deighton Royal Navy/ Stkr TD Wilkinson Royal Navy/ Stkr GM Dent Royal Navy/

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