Appleby Roll of Honour

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Reference WMO/272720


Moot Hall


on the south wall of the Council Chamber


CA16 6XE


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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Attached to a building/structure
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
  • Glass Glass
  • Other Parchment
  • Timber Timber (any)
Lettering: Other
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Parchment Roll of Honour in a wooden frame flanked with columns and a pedimented top. The Roll of Honour is executed in calligraphy with the names in 9 columns. It has the flags of the allied nations at top and the shields of Australia, India, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Newfoundland at the bottom. (by J Whitehead and Son, Calligrapher)
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In Wooden Frame at the top-ROLL OF HONOUR At the top-BOROUGH OF APPLEBY/THE MEN WHO ANSWERED THEIR COUNTRY’S CALL At Bottom Left Hand Corner-WAR DECLARED AUGUST 4 1914 At Bottom Right Hand Corner-PEACE SIGNED JUNE 28 1919 In a Series of Scrolls above the country shields at the bottom-NO PRICE CAN BE TOO HIGH WHEN HONOUR & FREEDOM ARE AT STAKE

Column 1- Pte George Addison/Pte John D Addison/Pte John Addison/Sgt Robert Addison/ Pte Thomas A Airey/AM Fred Alderson/+ Pte John Alderson/Cpl William J Alderson/ Spr Hugh Allan/Pte John Allan/Pte Richard C Allan MM/Pte William Allan/Pte John Allen/ Pte John Anderson/ Gnr Frederick W Armstrong/ Pte Frederick Atkinson/ Dvr Henry Atkinson/ Pte Joseph Balmer/ Pte Robert W Balmer/ + LCpl John Bardgett/ Pte Wilfrid Barker/ Bdr James Barrett/ + Gnr John Barrett/ Cpt Augustus I Bedingfield/ Pte James Beeby/ Cpl William J Beeby/ Pte Albert E Bell/ Cpl Jacob Bell/ Pte Edward Benson/ Column 2-Surg Prob Alfred Bartwistle/ Pte Joseph Bird/ Pte Henry H Blake/ Cpl Herbert W Blake/ Flt Officer Joseph J Bland/ Sgt Frances I Blenkinsopp/ +Pte R Charles Blenkinsopp/ Pte William Bland/ +Pte George Bowman/ Pte George Bowron/ Pte Arthur Bradshaw/ +LCpl John Brunskill/ +Pte J Dargue Brunskil/l 2AM William D Brunskill/ Pte Arthur Burne/ Sgt Henry Burne/ Pte Frank Burns/ Sgt Thomas Cassells/ +Pte W James Cassells/ Pte John H Chaplow/ Nurse Chatfield/ Capt HL Chatfield MC/ Pte D Clementson/ Pte Christopher Cooper/ Spr T Albert Cooper/ +Pte Robert Henry Coulthard/ Lt Benjamin J Cussons/ +Gnr Charles Couzens/ Pte William H Cox/ Column 3-Sgt Henry Crook/ Pte Charles J Crow/ Pte Percy Cussons/ Dvr George Dargue/ +Pte Percy Dargue/ Cpl Walter Dargue/ +Lt Claude R Darwell/ Major George Darwell MC/ Capt Guy P Darwell/ A/Lt C Herbert Darwell MC/ Lt William Darwell/ +Pte John N Davidson/ +LCpl George P Davidson/ Pte William Davidson/ Lt Harvey de Montmorency/ Major Herbert B de Montmorency/ Sgt Raymond de Montmorency/ Cpl Trevor R de Montmorency/ +Pte Alfred Dent/ Cpl Christopher Dent/ Pte Edwin Dent/ Dvr Frederick Dent MM/ Pte Herbert Dent/ AM Edwin Dickinson/ Lt R Stanley Dickinson/ LCpl Thomas B Dickinson/ Pte Edward C Diewall/ Pte Adam Dodgson/ Sgt Frederick Dodgson/ Gnr Tom Dodgson/ Column 4-Pte T Arthur Dodgson/ Col Sgt Thomas W Dodgson/ RSM William Dodgson/ LCpl Thomas W Dawson/ Gnr William Dunn/ LCpl Edward Ellwood/ Pte Ernest J Ellwood/ Sgt JE Ellwood/ Pte George Elliott/ Pte Herbert Elliott/ +Sgt J Railton MM/ Lt Percy G Railton/ Pte Robert Ellison/ CQMS George S Evans/ Sgt William Evans/ Sister M Ewbank/ AM George B Fairer/ Pte J Percival Fawcett/ +Pte Norman Felton/ Dvr George Furness/ Pte Sidney Furness/ Pte James Arthur Furnass/ Pte J Holliday Furnass/ Bdr Stanley Furnass/ +Pte Robert Gasgarth/ Pte Frederick Graham/ Pte John Thomas Graham/ Cpl Joseph P Graham/ Dvr Joseph W Graham/ Column 5-+Pte Samuel Greaves/ +Pte George Gregson/ CQMS J Arthur Gregson/ Cpl William Gregson/ Pte Walter R Gregson/ Pte Arthur Goodsell/ Pte George Gowling/ Cpl Robert Hanson/ Pte Edward Hayton/ Gnr John Hayton/ Pte Joseph Hayton/ Major George H Heelis/ Lt Guy H Heelis/ Nurse M Heelis/ Sgt Christopher Heppinstall/ +Pte Wilfrid Hetherington/ Lt G Dufour Hodgson/ +Nurse HS Hodgson/ Pte Albert Hogg/ Pte Frank Hogg/ Pte John Hogg/ Pte Stanley Hogg/ Sapper Thomas Holmes/ Pte Frank Hornsby/ Pte James Hornsby/ Cpl Henry Horne/ Pte Thomas Howe/ Sig Sydney Hullah/ Pte Thomas Hunter/ Pte Walter Irving/ Column 6-Sgt James Jameson/ Pte Charles Jones/ Cpl Thomas Jones/ Pte Joseph Knowles/ Pte Oswald Kay/ Pte Harvey Lancaster/ RSM Richard Langley/ Lt Laurence V Little/ Pte Joseph W Lothian/ Cpl Richard B Maynard/ Capt John B McGhie/ Pte Frank Metcalfe/ +Cpl James Metcalfe/ Pte James Metcalfe/ +Pte J Edward Metcalfe/ Pte Thomas H Metcalfe/ Pte J Laurence Millray/ Pte George McVittie/ Pte Robert McVittie/ Pte Thomas McVittie/ Pte Robert Nelson/ Sapper John A Newsome/ Sapper William H Nicholson/ Pte Henry Nixon/ Pte Arthur Noon/ Pte John Nuttall/ Pte Arthur William Parkin/ Pte Frederick J Parkin/ Pte J Norman Parkin/ Column 7-Pte Joseph J Parkin/ Pte Henry Parkin/ LCpl T Ernest Parkin/ Pte Robert J Parkin/ Pte John Park/ +Pte John Pattinson/ Dvr John Pattinson/ Gnr John J Peacock/ +LCpl T Spencer Petty/ +Pte Frederick Pickard/ Spr Thomas A Potts/ Cpl Herbert W Powley/ Pte William H Raw/ Sgt Major Arthur Richardson/ Capt Gerald C Rivington/ Capt John M Rivington/ Pte George W Robinson/ Pte John Robinson/ Spr Joseph Robinson/ Pte Leonard Robinson/ Pte Thomas Robinson/ Pte William Roskell/ +Pte Angus Ross/ Pte Ernest L Salkeld/ Pte Thomas Sanderson/ Pte Walter Seward/ Pte Albert Shaw/ Pte Thomas Shepherd/ Pte Walton J Simpson/ Cpl Robert Sisson/ Column 8-Pte Thomas Sisson/ Seaman Frederick Slack/ Leading Stoker Herbert Slack/ Pte Tom Slack/ Pte George Southward/ +Pte Joseph W Southward/ Pte Richard Southward/ Sgt Henry Sowerby/ Pte Joseph Sowerby/ Pte Robert Sowerby/ +Pte William Sowerby/ +Pte William Sowerby/ Lt Allan Sprott/ +Capt Douglas A Sprott/ Lt William P Sprott/ Pte Anthony Stamper/ Sgt George Stamper/ Pte George Stephenson/ +LCpl Maurice H Stephenson/ Sgt George Stogdok/ Staff Sgt John Stogdok/ Pte John Taylor/ Nurse A Teasdale/ Pte Arthur Teasdale/ +Pte John Teasdale/ Sgt Richard Teasdale/ +Pte Thomas Teasdale/ Pte William Teasdale/ Pte Albert Thompson/ Column 9-Pte George ES Thompson/ Sgt Henry Thompson/ Pte John W Thompson/ Sapper James Thompson/ +Pte Thomas Y Thompson/ +Pte F Hugh Thornton/ Pte Joseph Thornton/ LCpl Edward Tuer/ Cpl Thomas Tuer/ Major the Hon John SR Tufton DSO/ Pte Joseph Wallace/ Gnr W Henry Wallace/ Pte George Wappett/ LCpl James Ward/ Cpl J Griffin Ward/ Pte William Ward/ Pte Tom Warton/ Gnr Hetherington Welsh/ Pte James Welsh/ RQMS T Peter Welsh/ Staff Sdlr Sgt Willis Whaley/ Capt John Whitehead/ Pte John Whitehead/ Cpl James F Whitehead/ Lt Henry F Williamson/ Cadet H Baden P Williamson/ Sapper George William Ward/ Gnr John Young/ Pte Isaac Young/

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