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Kendal Archive Centre, County Hall

Busher Walk




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  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: Leather bound 49 page book listing those who fell and those who served, from all Provincial Insurance Offices, executed in beautifully executed illuminated calligraphy. There is a page for each casualty giving their full biography- dates of birth and death, schooling, career at Provincial, forces career and circumstances of death. This is a hugely important but little known document. Originally at Provincial Insurance Head Office, Sandaire House, Stramongate, Kendal. Morris R Conway (Designer and Calligrapher. Dedicated 24 May 1949 by Revd PA Burnon –former Chaplain to HM Forces. Within the uncatalogued collection WDB 21/2
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On Spine- BOOK/OF/MEMORY On Front- Badge of Provincial Insurance and ‘1939-/1945 Page 1 In this Book/are written the names of/those Members of the Staff/of the Provincial Insurance/Company & its associated/Offices who served their Country in the Armed Forces/& Civil Defence Services/during the War 1939-1945 With Pride & Affection/we cherish the Memory/of those among them/who gave their lives that human/values might survive upon the Earth./Inheriting their Task & their Tradition/let us see to it that their Sacr-/fice & the example set by these our friends & fellow workers be not cast/away Pages 2 to 34- [Casualty Details] Page 35-Members of the Staffs of the/ associated Companies who gave/full-time service in the Forces/of the Crown/ [names on Pages 35 to 44- arranged by Office in alphabetical order, then by surname] Page 45-Members of the Staffs of the/associated Companies/who gave/part-time service to Home Defence/[names on Pages 35 to 44- arranged by Office in alphabetical order, then by surname]

Page 2- Sergeant/Geoffrey R Adams/Royal Air Force/Born 14th November 1914/Educated at William Hulme’s/ Grammar School, Manchester/ Joined Birmingham Branch/Staff 5th August 1936 as/Agency Inspector at Hereford/later promoted to Inspector/at Coventry/Mobilised 26th February 1940/lost during operations in/Crete 26th May 1941 Page 3- Cadet/James Armitstead/Royal Air Force/Born 25th March 1925/Educated at Sedbergh/North Yorkshire/Joined Head Office, Kendal/Staff 5th January 1942 as/ a clerk in the Accounts/Department/Mobilised 7th April 1943/Killed in a Flying Accident/in South Africa during train-/ing operations in May 1945 Page 4- Ordinary/Telegraphist/Arthur James/Ashworth/Royal Navy/Born 29th November 1910/Educated St Margaret’s Central/Boys School, Whalley Range,/Manchester/Joined Head Office, Kendal/Staff 16th August 1937, as/Stationery & Printing Clerk/Mobilised 2nd September 1941/Was serving in HMS Tynedale/when the ship was blown up by/enemy action in December 1943/Reported missing there-/after and presumed killed/in action Page 5- 2nd Lieutenant/Noel Henley Barber/8th Company Welsh Guards/Born 26th November 1925/Educated Bishops Stortford/College/Joined Head Office, Kendal/Staff 21st October 1941/as a clerk in the Motor/Department/Mobilised 30th June 1942/Killed in action in Burma/29th May 1944 Page 6- Sergeant Pilot/John Hugh/Broadhead/Royal Air Force/Born 27th August 1919/Educated Cotham Secondary/School.Bristol/Joined Bristol Office Staff/as a clerk November 1935/Mobilised 19th June 1940/Killed in action during the North Africa campaign/March 1942 Page 7- Pilot Officer/James Kenneth/Broderick/Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve/Born 19th June 1915/Educated Alleyn’s School, Dulwich/Joined London Office Staff 8th/July 1935 as Junior Clerk, later/promoted to the Claims/Department/Mobilised 8th September 1939/on his 36th raid over enemy/territory, his Lancaster bomber/of which he was Captain, failed to return and he is presumed/to have been killed in action on/the night of 8th & 9th July/1942 Page 8- Sergeant/Air Gunner/John Douglas/Burnley/Royal Air Force/Born 4th June 1921/Educated Normanton Grammar /School & Cockburn High School,/Leeds/Joined Leeds Office Staff as/junior clerk, progressing to the/Motor Claims Department 1st July 1937/Volunteered for flying duties/12th July 1940/Missing presumed killed on air/operations over Germany 27th/April 1942 Page 9- Flight Sergeant/Navigator/Richard Lawrence/Chitty/Royal Air Force/Born 24th April 1922/Educated Selhurst Grammar/School, Croydon/Joined Marine Department/London, as a clerk October/1938/Mobilised 6th September 1940/Served in Coastal Command and/later transferred to Bomber/Command as Navigator of a Lancas-/ter bomber which was lost with/all its crew during operations/near Essen 13th January 1943 Page 10- Sergeant/(Fighter) Pilot/John Cotton/Royal Air Force/Born 12th November 1920/Educated County Grammar School, Altrincham/Joined Manchester Office/21st April 1937 as a clerk/in the Accident Department/Mobilised 18th August 1941/Killed in Air Operations in/Middle East Theatre of War/7th September 1943 Page 11- Lieutenant/Norman Crampton/East Surrey Regiment/Born 14th January 1914/Educated Wembley County/Secondary School/Joined the Company’s Service/1st July 1939 as Resident/Inspector for Gloucester/attached to Bristol Office/Killed in action during the/North Africa campaign/27th November 1942 Page 12- Flight Sergeant/Navigator/William Waller/Dawson/Royal Air Force/Born 4th November 1922/Educated Queen Elizabeth’s/School, Kirkby Lonsdale/Joined Head Office, Kendal/Staff 28th March 1938 as a/clerk in the Motor Dept/Mobilised 9th October 1940/killed when plane crashed/in flames in Belgium/during night operations over/enemy territory April 1943 Page 13- Sergeant/Michael Dickinson/9th Queens Royal Lancers/Royal Armoured Corps/Born 30th April 1914/Educated Victoria Grammar School, Ulverston/Joined Head Office, Kendal/Staff in 1930, later promoted/to be assistant Inspector/at Lancaster Branch/Mobilised 18th April 1940/After having fought with his/unit from Alemain to Tunisia/was seriously wounded on 14th/September 1944 at San Savino,/Italy and died of wounds/following leg amputation 18th/September 1944 Page 14- Lieutenant/David Wylie Gairnes/2nd Lothian & Border horse/Royal Armoured Corps/Born 26th November 1911/Educated Grangemouth High/School & Glasgow University/Joined Glasgow Branch Staff/19th June 1939 as Assistant/Accident Superintendent/Mobilised December 1940/killed in Action in Tunisia/21st February 1943 Page 15- Corporal/James Gauld/2nd Royal Durham/Light Infantry/Born 22nd December 1915/Educated at Gordon Public/School, Aberdeenshire/Joined South Africa Branch/Staff 25th August 1938 as/Clerk at Durban Office/Mobilised 15th June 1940/Following capture at Tobruk/in June 1942, whilst prisoner/of War, was killed in Germany during an Allied Air/raid 28th August 1944 Page 16- Pilot Officer/Robert Goulding/Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve/Born 25th January 1920/Educated Creighton School,/Carlisle/Joined Carlisle Office Staff/2nd Decedmber 1935/Mobilised 3rd September 1939/As Pilot and Captain of a/Bomber on operations over/enemy territory was killed/in action over Holland 6th/July 1941 Page 17- Lance Corporal/Arthur Borwick/Guest/4th (Territorial) Battn /The Border Regiment/Born 21st April 1919/Educated Stramongate School/Kendal/Joined Head Office, Kendal/Staff as a clerk in the/Accident Department/Mobilised with his unit for/active service 1st September/1939/Killed in action in France/24th May 1940 Page 18- Miss/Joan Stuart/Haylock/Born 9th September 1916/Educated Bournemouth Girl’s/School & West Bridgford/Miss Haylock joined the Staff/at Nottingham Branch as/typist and clerk in the Motor/Departmemt, 27th May 1940/She served in a part-time/ capacity with a local unit/of the British Red Cross/Although not on duty at the/time, Miss Haylock was/killed by Enemy Action dur-/ing an Air Raid on the City/of Nottingham on the 8th/May 1941 Page 19- Captain/William Kitching Hodgson/1st Battalion The Border Regiment/Born 6th January 1920/Educated Heversham School/Joined Head Office, Kendal/Staff 27th January 1936 as/a clerk in the Motor Department/Mobilised with his unit for/active service 1st September /1939/Killed in action at Arnheim/September 1944 Page 20- Sergeant Observer/Graeme Michael/Hughes/Royal Air Force/Born 16th July 1921/educated Bradford Grammar/School/Joined Bradford Office Staff/as junior clerk progressing/to the fire Department/Presumed killed in air operations/over Pantallaria in/May 1943 Page 21- Sergeant Pilot/Eric Harold Johnson/Royal Air Force/Born November 1919/Educated Wyggeston Grammar/School, Leicester/Joined Leicester Branch Staff/as Junior Clerk progressing/to the Accident Department/Mobilised 3rd September 1939/Presumed to have lost his/life in a flying accident in/the western Atlantic whilst/on navigation exercise on/3rd January 1943 Page 22- Sergeant/William Gibbons/Markland/Royal Air Force/Born 15th July 1921/educated Bolton School/Joined Head Office, Kendal/Staff 23rd January 1939 as/a clerk in the Fire Department/Mobilised 27th June 1940/killed in action in the/Far Eastern War Zone/3rd March 1942 Page 23- Flight Sergeant/Pilot/Arthur James/Maton/Royal Air Force/Born 4th April 1922/Educated West Norwood/Central School/Joined Head Office London/Staff 25th April 1938 as/a clerk in the Maritime/Department/Mobilised 13th July 1942/Reported missing, presumed/killed on operations Page 24- Lieutenant/Donald Stuart/Murray/Reconnaisance Regiment/52nd (Lowland) Division/Born 30th April 1923/educated Kendal Grammar School/Joined Head Office Kendal/Staff 2nd October 1939 as/a clerk in the Accident/Department/Mobilised 12th February 1942/Killed in action whilst/serving with the British/Liberation Army 28th/September 1944 Page 25- Driver/Arnold O’Loughlin/197 Field Ambulance/Royal Army Medical Corps/Born 11th June 1914/Educated Kendal Grammar School/Joined Head Office Kendal/Staff as a clerk in the Accident/Department, later transferred/to the Motor Department 22nd/July 1929/Mobilised 3rd June 1940/died whilst a Prisoner of War/in Japanese hand in July 1945 Page 26- Gunner/Dennis Stanley/Freeman Rogers/Royal Artillery/Born 27th June 1921/Educated Roundhay High School, Leeds/Joined Leeds Office Staff as a/junior clerk 9th August 1937/later promoted to clerk in the/Accident Claims Department/Mobilised May 1941/taken a prisoner of war by the/Japanese during the fall of Singapore/in June 1942, is presumed/to have been drowned in a /Japanese Transport bound from/Rabaul, New Britain for an/unknown destination sunk in/March 1943 Page 27- Lieutenant/Raymond Rogan/Reconnaisance Regiment/Born 28th May 1920/Educated in Port Louis, Mauritius/and in France/Joined Head Office London/Staff 1st May 1938 as a clerk/in the foreign Fire Department/Mobilised for active service with/his territorial unit 31st August/1939/having fought a most gallant/action against the enemy in/Italy and having penetrated/deep into their lines, he/repulsed two counter attacks/before being killed 27th August/1944 Page 28- Lieutenant/Walter Hubert Rushton/York & Lancaster Regiment/Born 4th September 1916/Educated Belle Vue High School, Bradford/Joined Huddersfield Office Staff/as Inspector 1st August 1939/Volunteered for service with the/Honourable Artillery Company/in January 1940; was trained/at Sandhurst & commissioned/to the 1st Battalion York &/Lancaster Regiment in 1941/After service in India, Persia/& North Africa, took part in/the Sicily landing where on/20th July 1943 he sustained/severe wounds from which he/died 21st April 1945 Page 29- Captain/James Philip/Edmund Scott/The King’s Royal Rifle Cps/Born 13th August 1915/Elder son of Sir S H Scott Bart/Chairman of the Provincial/Insurance Company Ltd/Educated at Gresham’s School, /Holt, Norfolk & Oriel College/Oxford/Mobilised 3rd Sept 1939/Died 13th May 1942 from/wounds sustained in/action in North Africa Page 30- Sergeant/Frank Carr/Scrimgeour/South African Artillery/Anti-Aircraft Brigade/Born 22nd June 1918/educated Rondebosch Boys’/High School, Cape Province/Joined South Africa Branch/Staff, Cape Town 11th July/1938 as renewal clerk/Mobilised 2nd September 1939/Killed by enemy action in/North Africa 2nd December/1941 Page 31- Sergeant Pilot/Desmond Smith/Royal Air Force/Born 1st June 1922/Educated Kendal Grammar School/Joined Kendal Head Office/Staff 25th March 1939 as/a clerk in the Accounts Department/Mobilised 8th September 1941/Killed in a flying accident/over New Brunswick 22nd/November 1942 Page 32- Sergeant/Geoffrey Stuart/Smith/Royal Air Force/Born 20th April 1920/Educated Aston Grammar /School, Birmingham/Joined the Monument staff/at Birmingham Branch/7th June 1937/Mobilised 5th December 1939/The aircraft of which he was/Air Gunner & Wireless/Operator, returning to Base/from operations over Cyre-/naica reported engine/trouble; no further news of/their fate has been heard &/he is presumed killed on the/29th December 1941 Page 33- Bombardier/Arthur Netherway/Ward/Royal Artillery/Born 17th December 1919/Educated Norbury College,/London/Joined the Monument Head/Office, London Staff 2nd/March 1936 as a clerk in/the Accounts Department/later transferred to the/Fire Department/Mobilised 1st September 1939/Died in hospital at Lincoln/2nd February 1946, from/the effects of illness con-/tracted during service in/Burma and a few days before/he was due for demob-/lisation Page 34- Sergeant/Norman Wormall/Royal Artillery/Born 18th December 1919/Educated at West Kensington/Central School, London/Joined the Monument/Head office London Staff/clerk in the Plate Glass/Department/Mobilised 1st September 1939/killed in action in North/Africa 4th December 1942 Page 35 - Members of the Staffs of the/ associated Companies who gave/full-time service in the Forces/of the Crown/ Kendal Chief Office- Column 1- Airey GE Pte RASC Baker Margaret Munitions Banks TP Sigmn CS Barber JB Lt RNVR Bare RE MM LSgt 4 Batt Border Rgt POW Beck TH Sgt RAF Bickerton RV Major KOSB Birkett JD PO RN Blamire JE Pte Pioneers POW (japan) Blenharn KR Lt RNVR Burford BJ Sgt ATS Campbell JR Cpl RAMC Clark RW Cpl RAF Coles B Capt 4 Batt Border Regt Cragg K LCpl 1 Batt Border Regt Cragg Marjorie Munitions Crook M AB RNVR Dixon J POW Cpl 4 Batt Border Regt Duckworth JH PO RNAS Dugdale J CQMS Border Regt Douglas AJ Capt RA Dunn R Flt Sgt RAF Ellison RW AC2 RAF Gibson J Sgt HLI Gibson M LAC RAF Gould JLW Cpl 5 Battn Border Regt Greenwood HW SSgt RAOC Guest ME Rfmn ATS Hazlehurst C Capt N Indian Field Rgt India Comd Heywood GW Sgmn RCS High W Sglr RN Hodgson D WLA Hughes KM Pte RAMC Johnson JW Capt 9 Battn Border Regt Martindale C Pte REME Column 2- Postlethwaite AM Pte ATS Parker M WLA Richardson B Pte ATS Richardson E LACW WAAF Riley C Lt CMP Robertson BJ ACW2 WAAF Robinson BM LAC RAF Robinson K Capt Manchester Regt Robinson W Cpl RCS Rawlinson EA PO RAF Sisson M Sgt RAF Smith B Flt Sgt RAF Stainton KM Croix de Guerre with Palms Lt Commander RNVR Templeton AJ POW LSgt 4 Battn Border Regt Thompson E LAC RAF Thompson NW Tpr 12th Royal Lancers Turney SL Lt Glider Pilot Regt Tyson SVG Gunner RA Waine N Typist Munitions Walling SW Sgt RE Wildman AAS PO RNAS Wilkinson H LAC RAF Willbourn DM FO RAF Williams W CPO Tel RN Wilson GW Ldg Sgmn RN Wright Joan Munitions Young H Cpl RAF Page 36- London Chief Office Banahan PJ FLt RAF Barnes LH Cpl RAMC Bennett EW LCpl 13th Queens Chapman DR Major RASC Collins HFC Cpl AD Corps Coombes HA FSgt RAF Drewell BW Capt Pioneer Corps Edwards WG LAC RAF Ellis SEG Cpl RAF Ellison EL Capt Claims Cmd WO Evans HAC FLt RAF Hughes RAE LSgt RA Inglis JE Major RA Jones PH SSgt RAOC Maskell RS Sgt RAF Pearce FL Gnr RA Savage GH LSgt REME Shelton RJ Sergt RA Sinton LG Cpl RAF Steynor MB Flt Officer ATA Willott HC LAC RAF Marine Department (14) Ballard LWG Sgt RA Brine CD Cpl RA Crawford WR LAC RAF Dawson LC Cpl RAF Dean PW Lt RNVR Derby WI Capt RAC Emery BV Lt Cmdr RNVR Godfrey LF Sgt RASC Hirst PJ Lt RA Hook W Lt RA Hopwood H Lt RA Williams EM Pte ATS Wilson PAF Capt RTR Wright CA Sgt RA Foreign Department- Crawford ER Lt RNVR Daines BR WBdr RA Evans BL TD DL Col Sub-dist Cmdr, Staffs Hodgson WG Major RA Mott AD LBA RN Lewis W Sgt RAF Paxton ER LAC RAF Sleat MA SLt RNVR Strone BC Capt RE Monument - Baker RW Spr RE Bidmead J Cpl RE Blackshaw RG Pte RAOC Bleeze NE LBdr RA Brown AJ Bdr RA Clake LJ LBdr RA Cole EJ PO RN Cooper RF Sgt Gordon Hldrs Easom CW Sgt RAF Ebling JS Cpl RAF Harris D Gnr RA Loades EH Sgt RE Lee EG Cftsmn REME Paul WJ Pte E lancs Rgt Stevens R Pte KRRC Terry R Gnr RA Troup JR Bdr RA Young MA Major RA Aberdeen Branch- Gardiner HCJ Sgt ATS Stonebanks EB Sgt RAF Whitehead F Gdsmn Scots Guards Barrow in Furness Branch- Newman DM Pte ATS Page 37- Belfast Branch-McMillan H Capt RA Birmingham Branch- Chambers WA Pte RAMC Comery SM WRNS Dudley H LSergt RA Emery BW WO RAF Fairhurst E Constable Birmingham Women Police Garner A O Coder RN Hussey Women’s Land Army Jackson PC Pte RASC Norris A Capt CMP Powell LF Pte RAOC Wheeler HJ LAC RAF Wild LP Tel RN Wilkinson EH FO RAF Bolton Branch- Abbott M Cpl ATS Atherton DF Cpl RASC Hargrove RA Sergt RAF Johnson N AFTE RN (FAA) Richards TL Cpl RAF Rothwell L Sergt ATS Wakeman HH Tpr Life Guards (Bt Household Cavalry) Wolstenholme AP Sub Lt RNVR Wright S Bdr RA Bournemouth Branch- Dobson CH Capt 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry Hatch LG WO RA (seconded Claims Commission) Ludbrook LH Capt RASC Newnham JC 2nd Lt RASC Shepherd RV WO RAF Bradford Branch- Abercrombie RM Agriculture Barker JT 1st RO MN Barker T 1st RO MN Bradley K Cpl RAF Clegg L Pte Pioneer Corps Rasmuss DM Photographer RN Stephenson WA Pte RAOC Waithman JM Sergt RAOC Page 38- Brighton Branch (Monument)-Paley WJ Lt RA Bristol Branch-Harries JH Lt RA/Watkins AR Cpl RTA Cambridge Branch-Allen LA Cpl RAF Canterbury Branch-Jordan RE Cpl RAF/Shaylor JPG Capt RA Cardiff Branch- Neale HMRE Sergt RAF Seaborne SE Cadet 8th Sherwood Foresters Sutton A Capt Intelligence Corps Thomsop HL Maj RAOC Wilson RW LAC RAF Carlisle Branch- Backhouse RN LAC RAF Bolton WH LAC RAF Coates JJ Cpl RAF Holland C LACW WAAF Judd A Cfmn REME Dobinson R LAC RAF Darlington Branch- Clementson WA Flt Lt RAF Nichol M W/D ATS Stephenson T Lt RNVR Page 39- Dorchester Branch-Roberts JE Capt 121L Mil Govt Det BAOR Dumfries Branch-Peters GE Dvr RASC/Sutherland RA Mines Edgware Branch-Douglas AJ Lt RA/Lee HC WD Constbly Edinburgh Branch- Brown M AC RAF Cant J Cpl RAOC Edgar TS SSgt RAOC Finan P Major RA Kerr RH TD Lt Col RA Urquhart D Capt RA Glasgow Branch- Calderwood A FO RAF Campbell A Sgt HLI Donald JD Sgt RAF Gray RR AO RAF Haigh SR Cpl RAF Jenkins MH Pte ACS Johnston WG ASM REME Lindsay WT Pte RASC Lunn J LAC RAF Mitchell JRP Fl Lt RAF McGubbin E Wren WRNS MacDonald HWW Observer ROC McGowan W Pte RASC McKelvey AK Cpl RAF Sheal WR Maj Pioneer Corps Sommerville Gnr RA Sneddon J OCoder RN Spiers JM LACW WAAF Thomson WG Sgt WAAF Watt J Lt RE Williamson F LCpl RCS Monument- Campbell CL Wireless Operator Admiralty Cumming A OTel RN Finan P Major RA Wingate AM Sergt RA Page 40- Hanley Branch-Dunn AL FLt RAF Huddersfield Branch-Hobson R Pte DWR/Sykes R LAC RAF Hull Branch- Carter L Sergt RAF Hobbs J Sub Lt RNVR Kennington E Coder RN Leinster GST Capt Notts (SR) Y RTR Ilford Branch- Barker EG Lt RAC Jackson EA Bdr HAA Moore RA MM sergt RTR Ipswich Branch-Sawyer TF Pte RAOC Lancaster Branch-Hargreaves DE Pte ACS Leeds Branch-Armitage FS Dvr RASC Bennett N NAAFI Best F Coder RN Blakey D LAC RAF Bridgen JR Lt RA Brown WJN Lt RA Cheetham BS Woman Obsvr ROC Dewhirst EH PO N Driver C AC RAF Flatow F Major RTR Gill A AC RAF Hargreaves J Woman Observer ROC Hickey J LAC RAF Hobbs J LACW WAAF Page 41- Leeds (Continued)- Hollingworth JH Sub Lt RNVR Holloway EH WO REME Macdonald M Pte ATS Middleton D OTel RN Padgett S Lt Col RAOC Parker EC Sgt RF Pepper FJ Cpl RE Phillips S Sergt RAF Proctor N Capt RA Knighton K AC RAF Smith H Capt RAOC Thompson JM W/O RAOC Leicester Branch- Ashby FT Sergt RE Bosher D Staff QMS RASC Hill FG Sergt RE Hill SB Cpl 1st Airborn Corps Sigs Jary C Pte ATS Parsons AJ capt 1st Special Air services Regt Roderick JW Major RA Liverpool Branch - Blaylock PAS Capt RAC Burkhill HW WO1 REME East GC Cpl RAF Hodgson CWT Lt Col Cheshire Regt Hobnett FR Sgt REME Laybourne A Capt S Lancs Rgt Rogan PJ Mines Schofield B CPO N Turner F WO1 RAOC Walker HV Capt S Lancs Rgt Wilding Sergt RASC Macclesfield Branch-Forster ET Lt RAOC /Williams EA LACW WAAF Manchester Branch- Atkinson TR MM Birch H Cpl WAAF Butler M Pte ATS Cadywould E Cpl ATS Garrick DR Sgt RAF Goss NC Cpl ATS Heap F ACW WAAF Hibbert A Sgt 1st (Gr) Corps HQ Lee JB AB RN McGann Lt RNVR Mooney R Cpl REME Morgan E LBdr RA Nicholas WF Sub Lt RNVR O’Brien K Ldg Wren WRNS Potts SJ Dvr RASC Rayner PP ACW WAAF Shiel KM ACW WAAF Slade P Sergt RAF Thompson H Coder RN Tuffen CJ Cpl RAF Walker E Gnr RA Monument -Antrobus G Sqdn Leader RAF Page 42- Newcastle upon Tyne Branch- Armstrong JR DFC Lt RNVR Bennett HN Lt RN Brown D FO RAF Copeland JC Coy Officer NFS Earnshaw BS Pte DLI Hardy WS Flt Lt RAF Henderson AC DFC & Bar Sqdn Ldr RAF Hogg J Tpr 7th dragoons Lowe TC Flt Lt RAF McCulloch FB DFC Flt Lt RAF Park CR Capt RN Pygall RA AB RNVR Rowe BM Capt RNF RLR Smith S Sub Lt RNVR Spark JP WAEC Taylor GP Lt RNVR Whipp KT Actg PO Airman N (FAA) Northallerton Branch-Farmery K Sgt RE Northampton Branch-Slade E MC Capt RA/Sturgess EE WLA Norwich Branch-Betts GC Corpl RAF Nottingham Branch- Fitch EW Obsvr Cmdr ROC Gatie WR Ldg Coder RN Greenwood F Ldg Seaman RN Palmer FR Sub Lt RNVR Pycock GWC Sergt RAF Shepherd WA LAC RAF Taylor AR Cpl RM POW 1941-45 Tomlinson SO Ldg Sig RN Peterborough Branch-Blakesley KH Capt Northants Regt attd Indian ASC Page 43- Preston Branch-Starkey A Cpl RE Reading Branch- Hunt DG Cpl Leics Regt Joners JWA AC2 RAF Mitchell KDN Chief Obsvr ROC Watts RWL LCpl RASC Scarborough Branch-Simpson GS PO RAF Sheffield Branch- Bentley ES FO RAF Davies PR Cpl RCS White AW Major RASC Shrewsbury Branch-Calcutt WE Constable Police War Res South Africa Branch- Allis JG Pte Capetown Hldrs Berg L Sgt SA Sig Corps Jewell J Cpl SA Sig Corps Jones DR Sgt SA Sig Corps Rayner NJ Lt RNVR SA Thomas WDA Cpl DEOR Williamson RR Cpl SAC of Sigs Wooley GN Lt SADF Swansea Branch-Davies GM Sergt ATS/Mitchell RL LAC RAF Page 44- Wolverhampton Branch-Hands WG Lt RAOC/Wilson JW Coy Officer NFS York Branch-Bellis E Hd Obsvr ROC Page 45- Members of the Staffs of the/associated Companies/who gave/part-time service to Home Defence Kendal Chief Office- Atkinson E WVS Atkinson FL Civil Defence Warden Atkinson N CD Report & Control Barber JA CD Senior Warden Brennan NJ CD First Aid Briggs GS CD First Aid Carradice P CD Report & Control Crook JM Major Home Guard Dobson NJ Fire Guard Duffy E WVS Elvey H CD Report & Control Hall T CD First Aid Hayhurst GT CD Warden Holloway DW CD Casualty Service Murdoch H CD Casualty Service Peel ME Sgt Home Guard Purdham E CD First Aid Reid N CD Report & Control Taylor EB CD Report & Control Thomasson W CD Warden Tolfree JW CD Casualty Service Tyson CB CD Warden Worrall AD CD Warden London Chief Office - Akerman JR BEM Home Guard Anderson AJ CD Warden Griffiths EB CD Warden Holloway N CD Warden Lang JW CD Warden Kirklady EE Fire Guard Leggett CA Pte Home Guard Milbourne R Pte Home Guard Rumsey WA CD Warden Marine Department - Brown HF CD Warden Clucas GF Sgt Home Guard Gilbertson CD CD First Aid Pearce EG CD Warden Pierce FC Pte Home Guard Foreign Department - Chaplin JH Cpl Home Guard Crofts SWF Capt Home Guard Isherwood DS LCpl Home Guard Osmond RD WVS Monument - Blackham SE CD Warden Drewitt GNR Capt Home Guard RA Parry C Gnr Home Guard RA Penhallow L CD Control Powell H CD Warden Smith RR CD Warden Myatt RE CD Warden Young GR CD Warden Aberdeen -Downie C Fire Guard/Reid AG CD Warden Page 46- Ayr -Deans AD CD Warden Barrow in Furness-Stubbs JR Special Constable Belfast-McMillen E Sgt Home Guard Birmingham- Bain GM Special Constby (M) Bland H Special Constby (M) Clayden J HG Auxy Driver C Fire Guard Dale-Evans C Fire Guard & 1st Aid Froggett WT Fire Guard Hamilton N VAD Hogan JM VS Hook M CD Report & Control Monument- French WK Capt Home Guard Hastings GGW Lt Home Guard Wadley DG Fire Guard Bolton - Grumblehulme JBC Sgt Spl Constby Hesford EA CD Report & Control Longwath HW Hospital Porter Scott E Cpl Home Guard Rothwell WC Fire Guard Rutledge W Fire Guard Whittle H Special Constable Bournemouth-Purdie AC Pte Home Guard Bradford - Barker B CD Amblce Drvr Horsfield D CD Warden Shaw J Cmdr GTC Tipping HS Sgt Spcl Consbly Wilson G Natl Fire Service Brighton-Smith N Pte Home Guard Bristol -Handford PL CD Telephonist/Hunt VM CD Warden/Parkinson C CD Warden Page 47- Canterbury-Angell EW CD Report & Control Cardiff- Jones HM Sgt Spcl Constbly Lewis AE Pte Home Guard Richards TA Special Constable Carlisle- Bulman J Pte Home guard Grierson R Fwmn NFS Moncrieff TR Lt Home Guard Stewart R Ldg Fmn NFS Dumfries-Turner AH CD Warden Dundee-Ingles AS CD Warden Edinburgh- Brown BJ CD First Aid Scott DJAM Lt Home Guard Shierlaw LC CD First Aid South JC Women’s Auxiliary Police Exeter-Williams TH CD First Aid Glasgow- Allison J Pte Home Guard Andrew JM LCpl Home Guard Blair RH Lt Home Guard Davie JG Special Constable Kilpatrick S Fire Guard Learmouth H Sgt Home Guard Morrison JG major Army Cadet Force Oliver MB CD First Aid Wood J Pte Home Guard Hanley- Brown GA Fire Guard Broomfield MN Fire Guard Jones NJ Fire Guard Huddersfield-Kershaw WE Fire Guard Page 48- Hull -Chapman J WVS/Wilson S Fire Guard Ilford-Mensworth FJ CD warden Lancaster-Hunt CS Dep Chief CD Warden Leeds- Ackroyd D WHD (Home Guard) Butterworth C Cpl Home Guard Conway MR CD Instructor Hunter LD CD Warden Jones V Civil Nursing Res Robinson LV Senior CD Warden Tait J MBE Fire Guard Area Captn Walker A Hospital Orderly Walker ET Ldg Fmn NFS Walmsley FC FO ATC Warren EM WHD home Guard Clark ER Lt Home Guard Leicester- Day HV Pte Home Guard Hawley L CD Report & Control Manley A Lt Home Guard Liverpool - Brown R Civil Defence Burgess H Royal Observer Corps Cowley J Civil Defence Hirst GJ Civil Defence Laycock B Civil Defence Leatherbarrow A Civil Defence Quaile CT Home Guard Wilding JC Civil Defence Wilson GL Civil Defence Macclesfield-Hedworth DJ CD Report & Control/Perez JE Fire Guard Manchester- Ashworth GL Lt Home Guard (Certificate of Merit) Rime RT CD Report & Control Walker TH CD Warden Willis CL Fire Guard Newcastle- Bainbridge F CD Warden Cato WR Ldg Fireman NFS Egdell J Ministry of Information Hodge D Coy Officer NFS Miller WP Fireman NFS Sinclair LM CNR BTS Page 49- Northallerton-Howarth DA Royal Observer Corps/Troughton TE CW Warden Northampton-Smith W Pte Home Guard Norwich-Dix CP Lt Home Guard Penrith -Shaw R Pte Home Guard Reading- Atkins NR WVS Gaze HN Sub Area Cmdr Fire Gd Knight SH Post Ldr Fire Guard Lock CJ Post Ldr Fire Guard Roberts KA Special Constable Scarborough-Atkinson DA Fire Guard Sheffield-Stappard JA Fire Guard Swansea-Bevan A Cpl Home Guard Tunbridge Wells -Giles JES Chief Observer ROC Wolverhampton-Harper J CD First Aid (BRC) Worcester-Barker DB Civil Defence Driver/Gwynn Jones NH Royal Observer Corps

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