Nicolson Institute WW1

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Reference WMO/273231


Museum nan Eilean

Lewis Castle

Stornoway, Lewis



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Status: On subsequent site(s)
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
  • Metal Bronze
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Large nowy headed bronze plaque with the dedicatory inscription at the top and the names set out in three columns below. A wreath is in relief between the dates of the war. Relocated in 2016 when the museum moved from Francis Street, Stornoway. Unveiled 13 April 1932. The Francis street premises was the original main building of the school.
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Left panel- James P. Anderson Lieut. Royal Scots/ Norman Campbell Driver R.M.B./ John Carson A.B. R.N./ John E. Conning Pte. Canadians/ Archibald F. Craig Pte. West Yorks/. Norman Crichton Lieut. Seaforths/ Malcolm Crockett Pte. Gordons/ Hugh Disher Pte. Scots Rifles/ Donald Kennedy Pte. Camerons/ Peter Graham Pte. Seaforths/ Alexander Macarthur A.B. R.N./ Donald J. Macarthur Pte. Scots Guards/ John Macaskill A.B. R.N.R./ John A. Macaskill Signaller R.N.V.R./ Donald Macaulay Corpl. Seaforths/ Donald Macaulay Pte. Gordons/ Francis Macaulay Pte. Royal Scots Fus./ George Macaulay Pte. Camerons/ George Macaulay A.B. R.N./ Murdo Macaulay Gunner R.M.B./ Robert Macaulay Corpl. Seaforths/ Alexander D. Macdonald Pte. Argyll & Suthd./ Alexander J. Macdonald A.B. R.N.R./ Donald Macdonald Lieut. R.N.V.R./ Donald M. Macdonald A.B. Mer. Marine/ George Macdonald M. Mariner Mer. Marine/ George Macdonald Pte. Royal Fus./ Ian Macdonald Pte. Royal Scots/ John Macdonald Gunner R.M.B./ John Macdonald A.B. R.N.R./ Kenneth Macdonald Driver R.M.B./ Malcolm Macdonald Sergt Gordons/ Neil Macdonald Lieut. R.G.A./ Norman Macdonald Corpl. Seaforths/ Robert Macdonald W. Offcr. R.N./ William Macdonald Pte. K.O.S.B./ Hudson T. Macfarlane Trooper Can. Mtd. Rfls./ John Macfarlane Pte. Seaforths/ Alexander Macgregor Pte. Camerons/ Matthew Macgregor Pte. Scots Rifles/ Peter Macintyre A.B. R.N.D/ Donald J. Maciver Lieut. Camerons/ Evander Maciver Corpl. Canadians/ Finlay Maciver Sergt. Yorks./ Kenneth Maciver Bombdr. R.M.B./ Murdo Maciver Corpl. Gordons/ Neil D. Maciver Pte. Camerons/ Donald Mackay Lieut. Seaforths/ John D. Mackay Pte. Seaforths/ Central panel Malcolm Mackay Pte. Gordons/ William Mackay Signaller R.N.R./ Alexander Mackenzie Corpl. Camerons/ Duncan Mackenzie Pte. R.N.D/ John Mackenzie Pte. H.L.I./ Murdo Mackenzie Gunner R.M.B./ Murdo Mackenzie Lce. Cpl. Seaforths/ Samuel Mackenzie Wireless Optr. R.N.R./ William Mackenzie Pte. Manchesters/ William Mackenzie Lce. Cpl. Seaforths/ Donald L Maclean Pte. Camerons/ Kenneth Maclean Pte. Seaforths/ Kenneth J. Maclean Pte. Gordons/ Norman Maclean Gunner R.M.B./ William Maclean Engr. Mer. Marine/ Murdo Maclennan Pte. Seaforths/ Alexander Macleod Lce. Cpl. Seaforths/ Alexander D. Macleod Corpl. Seaforths/ Alexander J. Macleod Pte. Yorks. & Lancs./ Angus Macleod A.B. R.N.R./ Donald Macleod A.B. R.N.R./ Donald Macleod Lce. Cpl. Seaforths/ Donald Macleod A.B. R.N.R./ Donald J. Macleod Pte. Canadians/ Duncan Macleod Corpl. Canadians/ George Macleod Lieut. R.N.V.R./ George M. Macleod Lieut. Gordons/ John Macleod A.B. Mer. Marine/ John Macleod Pte. Camerons/ John A. Macleod Gunner R.M.B./ John W. Macleod Pte. Seaforths/ Hector Macleod A.B. R.N.R./ Hector Macleod Pte. Camerons/ Malcolm Macleod Pte. Canadians/ Malcolm Macleod Sgt. Maj. Life Guards/ Malcolm Macleod Pte. Scots Rifles/ Malcolm Macleod Pte. Seaforths/ Malcolm Macleod Pte. Seaforths/ Murdo Macleod Pte. Canadians/ Norman C. M. Macleod Major Canadians/ Norman Macleod Pte. Seaforths/ Peter J. Macleod Pte. Seaforths/ Roderick R Macleod Pte. Gordons/ William Macleod Pte. Seaforths/ William J. Macleod Sergt Seaforths/ William P. Macleod Corpl. Seaforths/ Angus Macneill Pte. Gordons/ Neil Macqueen A.B. R.N./ Alexander Macrae Signaller R.F.A./ Donald Macrae Pte. Canadians/ Right panel- John Macrae Pte. Camerons/ John Macrae Pte. Canadians/ John A. Macrae Pte. West Yorks/ James D. Macrae Pte. Canadians/ Peter M. Macrae Lieut. Northants/ Allan Macsween A.B. R.N.R./ George Macsween Pte. Gordons/ Hugh Mair Gunner Austr. F. A./ Joseph J. Mair Gunner Austr. F. A./ William H. Matheson Sergt Canadians/ Finlay Montgomery Gunner R.N.R./ Kenneth D. Montgomery Pte. Scots Guards/ Murdo Montgomery Pte. Royal Scots/ Alexander D. Morrison Pte. R. Welsh Fus./ Donald J. Morison Gunner R.F.A./ George Morrison Pte. Canadians/ Hector Morrison Pte. London Scots/ John Morrison Lieut. Camerons/ John Morrison Pte. Gordons/ William Morrison Pte. Canadians/ George Munro Pte. Seaforths/ John Munro Lieut. Seaforths/ Alexander D. Murray Pte. Australians/ Allan Murray Pte. Canadians/ Donald W. Murray Pte. Canadians/ Hugh B. Murray A.B. R.N.R./ Kenneth Murray Sergt 9th Gordons/ Malcolm Murray Pte. Canadians/ Matthew Murray Pte. Argyll & Suthd./ Murdo Murray Sergt Seaforths/ Robert Murray Pte. Argyll & Suthd./ Thomas Murray Pte. Canadians/ Alexander Nicolson Pte. Seaforths/ Alexander D. Nicolson Carpenter H.M.A.N./ John M. Nicolson 2nd Officer Mer. Marine/ Robert N. Nicolson Pte. Seaforths/ Samuel Nicolson Gunner R.M.B./ Angus Ross Pte. Canadians/ William S. Ross Sergt Seaforths/ John Smith Pte. U.S.A./ John M. Smith Lieut. Scots Rifles/ Neil Smith Pte. Seaforths/ Donald Stewart Sergt Argyll & Suthd./ Donald Stewart Pte. Seaforths/ James Stewart Pte. Canadians/ John Stewart A.B. Mer. Marine/ Robert Stewart Pte. Seaforths/ Rose A. Sutherland Gunner R.F.A./ John Thomson Col. Sgt. Gordons/

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