Grimsby All Saints' Church - WW1 Window (Lost)

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Reference WMO/275916


All Saints - Demolished

Heneage Road


DN32 9JH


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Status: Lost/missing
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Attached to a building/structure
Description: Stained glass window
  • Glass Stained Glass
  • Timber Timber (any)
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Two oak memorial boards bearing the names of the fallen and inscribed respectively, as follows, These boards are erected on Freeman Street Market, which see. Part of the East window believed to be in Grimsby General Hospital
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a) “To the Glory of God and in memory of the Men of this Parish who served in the European War 19114 – 1918, the East Window is dedicated, All Saints Day 1919. Here are recorded the names of those who gave their live to defend us.” “Their names liveth for evermore” b) “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his live for his friends. Rest Eternal grant unto them O Lord.”

Recorded b y LFHS in 1990 Army: W. Douglas ABERNETHIE Robert J. COOPER F. Gorden BARNES Albert S. N. COOMBE Edward BORMAN James D. CLARK Joseph BLANCHARD Joe CHILD Colin R. BROUGHTON J. William CAMPLING George W. BURLEY Harry CURRY Roland BELCHER Albert COGGON J. Harry BILLINGHAM Ernest COULAM G. Ernest BONNER Ernest CLAYTON John E. BUTTLE Alfred COOPER F. Cyril BAUMBER Willoughby CARTER George BEVITT Ernest CARTER Violet BLANCHARD Fred DIXON William E. BOTT William R. DANN Charles S. BOTT Joseph L. DAULTON John T. BENNISS Thomas McDOWELL John R. BARRETT Jack DABBS William BILTON Percy DRURY Charles BURGESS Percival F. DOUTHWAIT Cyril BROWN Robert DAVISON J. Alfred BOYCE James W. DONNER John BUTTERS Lewis ELEY S. Kirm BOSWELL Arthur L. EDWARDS John W. BAKER Phillip C. EIMES Albert BARNARD Edgar C. EDMONDS Louis H. BALLANS Harry ELLIS John F. BINGHAM Ernest ELLIS George W. BEVER Frank FRESHNEY A. E. CALE James R. FAWCETT Thomas CHILTON A. Edward FLETCHER Henry B. CRUMP John W. FISHER Bernard M. CHAPMAN Frank FOSTER Percival CLARK Herbert FLINTHAM William C. CRUTTENDEN Jesse D. GILLESPIE John F. CORMACK George GILBERT G. E. CLARK Alfred W. GREEN Henry CONSTABLE Arthur GODDARD Joseph P. COOPER Edward A. GREENWOOD William S. McGOWN Michael ROBINSON George F. HELDT Wilfred A. REED George W. HARPER Horace ROBERTS John R. HOCKLEY William N. ROBINSON Frank L. HOOLE Gorden RIGGALL Frank HEWSON John R. REATIGG John C. HOLDEN Charles H. RUSHBY Roland HOLLINGTON William SPENCER D. Edward HOOD Harold STANLEY John W. HAMMOND Sidney W, SNELLING Albert V. HOLT Charles SMITH F. W. HADLEY J. Herbert SMART George S. HOULDERSHAW Albert SMITH John T. INMAN George H. SLATER Frank JOHNSON George F. SUNLEY Walter T. JENKINS Ernest SUNLEY John JUGGINGS Bert SMITH Sidney R. JONES Bertram C. SISSONS Arthur JOHNSON Harold G. SMITH John W. KITCHING J. Arthur SEARLE William KIRK George SMITH Jack KEYWORTH Roland J. R. SHEPHARD Percy LARSEN William STRHOME Septimus G. LITTLE Alfred TODD Rupert LEES Arnold TOWL Ernest C. LONG George TOWL Arthur C. LEEK William THOMPSON Charles E. MOULSON Herbert TYSON Stanley W. MASON Henry A. TOOLEY Ernest V. MARSHALL JAMES L. URQUHART Wilfred MOULD Sidney B. WRIGHT John W. MASHFORD Algernon WESTLAKE Thomas MUMBY Walter WHARTON Fred MOORES Charles W. WILDE W. Hector MOORES William R. WATSON Jack B. MARKHAM Albert WRIGHT George F. MARSHALL Fred WRIGHT Amos MAZINGHAM William S. WATKINSON Charles T. NEWHAM Ben WILMOT Harold NEWSOME George E. WILKINSON Fred NEEDHAM Herbert WATKIN Thomas W. NELSON Edward WEST Harold NEWBERT Herbert D. WILLIAMSON Joseph NEEDHAM Harold WESTCOTT Francis OSMOND William H. WOOD John A. OUSEY George W. WOOD A. Edward POWELL Ernest J. WILLERTON Joseph E. PEARSON G. Charles WILLERTON George F. PAGE Arthur H. WRIGHT Joseph PINNEY G. Cyril WAUDBY Charles PARTNER L. Ross WHITELAM C. William PARTNER Charles WALLACE Reginald PETERSON Harold WHITE Arthur W. S. PRATTE William E. WILSON George C. ROBINSON William H. A. WHATE Walter ROBINSON “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his live for his friends. Rest Eternal grant unto them O Lord.” Royal Navy and Royal Naval Reserve: H. Ernest ADAMS George R. JACONS Ernest C. BLACKBURN Francis H. E. KIMBER Clarence H. BROWN Leonard LADDS George BALLS Victor OLSSON Charles BRINKLEY Walter A. ROLLINSON Epton BELLAMY Wilfred O. RAYTON Robert CHARLTON Harry C. SMITH John H. CUMBLIDGE William SUNLEY George E. P. EWART James T. SUTTON Joseph FULTHORPE Albert TRUE John F. FINCH Harry E. WALKER Walter JACKSON Mine Sweepers Ernest APPLEYARD Carl F. JEPSON Frederick R. BECKETT Sidney PARKER Edward BRAY Samuel PEARSON Thomas COOKE John WOLFE Archibald H. CAWLEY Frederick SUTCLIFFE Dennis FROSDICK Thomas SALT Percy A. HORN J. William WESTCOTT Henry JENKINS Edward YOUNGS Fishermen Ernest DARWOOD Henry MILLINS Alfred DALES John MONKMAN William GUDGEON Thomas MAYNARD Christopher GLENTWORTH Francis OSMOND Henry HODGSON Ernest PULLEN Fred LADDS George REED Arthur MORTLOCK

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