Cargilfield Prep School

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Reference WMO/277886


Cargilfield School

Gamekeepeer's Road




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Status: On original site
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Board/Plaque/ Tablet
  • Timber Timber (any)
Lettering: Incised
  • First World War (1914-1918)
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
About the memorial: Rectangular board with three vertical panels. Panels form the shape of half a hexagon, with the middle panel sitting flush against the wall and the other two panels jutting outwards. A wooden cross is mounted atop the central panel. Decorative carvings are featured throughout the board. Lettering carved in gold. It is in the school chapel
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WW1- Abel, John Duncan, 2nd Lieutenant, Seaforth Highlanders/ Adams, Ord, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Artillery/ Alston, Robert Charles Wallace, Captain, Highland Light Infantry/ Anderson, Charles Hamilton, Captain, Highland Light Infantry/ Anderson, Edward Kerr, Captain, Highland Light Infantry att Royal Flying Corps/ Balfour-Melville, James Elliot, 2nd Lieutenant, Black Watch/ Bannatyne, Douglas Alexander, Lieutenant, Royal Scots/ Benton, Ronald Mackenzie, 2nd Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry att Sikhs/ Bidie, George Maxwell Vereker, Lieutenant, Royal Scots att Royal Flying Corps/ Black, James Elliot, Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps att Bedfordshire Regiment/ Black, Maurice Adam, Major, Dragoon Guards att Royal Flying Corps/ Blair, Alexander McPherson, Captain, South Lancashire Regiment/ Blair, Patrick Edward Adam, 2nd Lieutenant, Black Watch/ Boyd, James Wilson Brack, Captain, York & Lancaster Regiment/ Boyd, Nigel John Lawson, 2nd Lieutenant, Black Watch/ Boyd, William Noel Lawson, 2nd Lieutenant, Seaforth Highlanders/ Broadrick, George Fletcher, Lieutenant-Colonel, Borders Regiment/ Bruce, Colin, Lieutenant, Black Watch later 14th att 6th Highland Light Infantry/ Campbell, Torquil Lorne, 2nd Lieutenant, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders/ Campbell-Colquhoun, Ernest Forbes, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers/ Carmichael-Gibson, Alexander David, Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Navy/ Chalmers, Archibald Douglas, Lieutenant, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders/ Clarke, Ian Hay Steuart, Lieutenant, Wilde’s Rifles, Indian Army/ Conn, James Fullerton Caldwell, Captain, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders/ Cooper, William Dermot, Captain, Ayrshire Yeomanry/ Cotterill, John Henry, 2nd Lieutenant, Black Watch/ Cowan, Robert Craig, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Scots/ Cowan, John Orr Craig, Captain, Royal Scots/ Cross, James, 2nd Lieutenant, Divisional Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery/ Darnell, Aubrey Hugh, Major, Australian Infantry Force/ Davidson, Duncan Hemelin [or Hamlyn], Captain, Seaforth Highlanders/ Dewar, Ian Dalrymple, Captain, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders/ Dickson, Alan James, Lieutenant, Highland Light Infantry/ Dobie, James Jardine, Captain, King Edward’s Hussars/ Don, Reginald Gilbert, 2nd Lieutenant, Black Watch/ Donald, Colin George Hamilton, 2nd Lieutenant, Seaforth Highlanders/ Duff, Guy Leith Assheton, Captain, Royal Field Artillery/ Duncan, Alexander Bell, 2nd Lieutenant, Indian Light Cavalry/ Dunn-Pattison, Richard Phillipson, Captain, Devonshire Regiment/ Ellice, Alexander, Captain, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders/ Ellice, Andrew, Robert, Lieutenant, Grenadier Guards/ Ellice, William, Midshipman, Royal Navy/ Findlay, Robert De Cardonnel, Captain, Seaforth Highlanders/ Fisher, Edward Humbert, 2nd Lieutenant, Yorkshire Regiment/ Fraser, Andrew Knowles, Captain, Seaforth Highlanders/ Gallaway, John Henry, Private, Royal Army Service Corps/ Gallie, Edward Archibald, Lieutenant, Highland Light Infantry/ Galloway, Ronald Moncrieff, Lieutenant, 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Australian Infantry Force/ Inglis [or Ingles], James Arthur Chetwynd, Lieutenant, Highland Light Infantry att Seaforth Highlanders/ Johnston, Robert Graham, Lieutenant, Seaforth Highlanders/ Keating, George Henry, Lieutenant, Cambridge Regiment/ Ker, William, Lieutenant, Royal Naval Division/ Kirk, Henry Buchanan, Brigadier-General, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders/ Laidlaw, Robert Stewart, Lieutenant, Australian Royal Navy/ Littleboy, Frederick Graham, Lieutenant, Royal West Kent att Worcestershire Regiment/ Low, David Carmichael, 2nd Lieutenant, Gordon Highlanders/ MacAlpine-Downie, James Robert, Lieutenant-Colonel, Argyll &Sutherland Highlanders/ McCosh, Edward, Major, Highland Light Infantry/ McCowan, Hew, Lieutenant, Scottish Rifles [Cameronians]/ MacDonald, John, Captain, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders/ MacDuff, Alexander, Captain, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders/ Macfie, Claud William, 2nd Lieutenant, 3rd South Staffordshire Regiment att Bedfordshire Regiment/ McJannet, Hector 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