The Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment Wall

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Reference WMO/289052


Leros Barracks

Sturry Road




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Status: On original site
Type: Freestanding
Location: External
Setting: Within a garden/park/churchyard/enclosure/Marketplace
Description: Wall
  • Brick Brick
  • Metal Metal (any)
  • Stone Stone (any)
  • Timber Timber (any)
Lettering: Inscribed on a plaque
  • Afghanistan (2001 -)
  • Iraq (2003-2009)
  • Northern Ireland
About the memorial: Brick built memorial to The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment commemorating those that died in operations and in service. In front is a grey slab area with part inscribed with a quote from Shakespeare. Mounted on both sides are benches eah inscribed with The Tiger motif. Built from bricks of past Howe Barracks. A number of bricks are inscribed with past bases of The Tigers. The opposite side is mounted with individual commemorative plaques, with those that died in operations inscribed in gold lettering. See full set ofhohitos on IWM Register link.
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Main Plaque: This memorial is dedicated to all the Officers and Soldiers of / The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, both past and present. / It sits here in Leros Barracks within the City of Canterbury, / the ancestral home of the Regiment. / The Memorial Wall was dedicated in teh presence of The Colonel of the Regiment / Lieutenant General DM Chalmers DSO OBE / by Padre Lieutenant Colonel S Rowlands on the 19th January 2019. / The front of the memorial honours all those that have / died on operations and whilst in service. / The rear of the memorial shows what the regiment, known as The Tigers, / has achieved and where it has been based since its formation on the / 9th September 1992. / Within the wall there are 1500 reclaimed bricks from Howe Barracks, / a place of special and historical significance to all Tigers / and where Regimental Headquarters was located for 20 years. / "Fierce Pride" Left side slab: The / Royal / Hampshire / Regiment / 1946 - 1992 Right side slab: The / Queen's / Regiment / 1966 - 1992 Centre slabs inscription: "In peace there's nothing so becomes a man as modest / stillness and humility; But when the blast of war / blows in the ears then imitate the action of the tiger." / William Shakespeare. King Henry V Left side brick inscriptions: Resolute Support, Herrick 19, Worthing, Tangham, Aldershot, Portsmouth, Ballykelly, Grapple 2, Telic 9, Monogram, Firic, Herrick 18, Roei Roshan, Eastbourne, Dover, Pitchpole, Tarrock, Alamo, Fingal, Edgware, Brighton, Toral, Vogal, Rectify, Telic, Palatine, Agrigola B, Telic 7, Shader, Newcombe, Gabriel, Redhill, Leeway, Forge, Grapple 1, Acacia, Tidworth, Ruman, Canterbury, Charge Of The Knights, Knuckle, Colchester, Telic 10, Lecturer, Herrick 6, Tor Paraang, Pimlico, Ashford, Oculus, Hayward Heath, Joint Endeavour, Sond Chara, Veritas, Warden, Couesmore, Telic 3, Langar, Essential Harvest, Knightsbridge, Silkman, Harlequinn, Darus. Right side wall: Herrick 12, Horsham, Omagh, Oriental, Telic 2, Guildford, Romsey, Rainham, Olympic, Rochester, Woolwich, Hounslow, Herrick 11, Achilles, Herrick 7, Toral 7, Herrick 10, Maidstone, Herrick 16, Grapple 4, Gillingham, Maray Takhta, Dark Tiger, Trenton, Metro, Bladon, Tosca, Herrick 17, Cobham, Herrick 9, Herrick 15, Telic 8, Banner, Telic 4, Waterloo, Baronet, Paderborn, Dhekeila, Percival, Faction, Mansion, Panchai Palang, Oyster, Determinant, Dalmin, Swanley, Telic 12, Crawley, Hammersmith, Valcan, Mar Nonu, Brockdale, Hastings, Isle Of Wight, Magpie, Agricola 4, Yemen, Kent, Whitechapel, Harvest, Herrick 8, Odestar, Fresco, Zmaray, Telic 13, Sinbad. Rear inscription: Unconquered I Serve Rear Wall a plaque reads: In Memory of all those / PWRR Veterans / That have died of their physical / and mental wounds attriputable to / their time in service. / "Once a Tiger always a Tiger" Rear Wall: (Names)

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