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Newport Pagnell Congregational War Memorial

United Reformed Church

This is a memorial to members of the Congregational Church, which merged with others to form the United Reformed Church in 1973. A square, arched topped plinth supporting an octagonal spire with fo...

Willen WW2

St Mary Magdalene Church

Circular plaque with wooden backboard

St Andrew's Church WW1

St Andrew's Church

Marble tablet

Trooper J P Dover

All Saints Church

Battlefield Cross with plaque.

Wolverton Scouts - WW1

Scout Hall

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Woughton on the Green (St Mary's Church lychgate)

St Mary's Churchyard

Wooden lychgate with tiled roof.

Haversham WW1

St Mary the Virgin Church

Brass plaque with stone backboard

Bucks Battalion (Wolverton Detachment) WW1

TAVR Drill Hall

Brass plaque

Lt A Taylor

St Peter & St Paul's Church

Small wooden plaque, with nowy shaped base, showing coloured regimental crest and dedication in incised gold lettering.

St Peter and St Paul's Church altar screen

St Peter and St Paul's Church

Altar screen with 16 panels in 2 rows (Upper WW!, Lower WW2.

Wolverton Boer War

Wolverton Cemetery

Short obelisk mounted on tapering plinth showing dedication & names. This stands on two further, bevelled edge blocks.

Private J M Gould

St George's Church

A brass plaque with badge of Bucks Rifle Volunteers and Oxfordshire Light Infantry.

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