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War Memorials Trust works to protect and conserve war memorials across the UK. It provides advisory and advocacy services, financial assistance for repair and conservation through grant schemes and is a key referral point for all issues regarding war memorials.

The Trust promotes an understanding of the historical and cultural significance of war memorials to ensure they are cherished and preserved for future generations. It also offers educational resources to engage young people in exploring their war memorial heritage. War Memorials Trust is an independent registered charity which relies upon voluntary income and support to undertake its work.

War Memorials Trust is supporting War Memorials Online because it recognises the importance of having accurate and up-to-date information on war memorials and their condition. The ability for the public to highlight concerns and submit photographs online makes dealing with concerns more efficient. An ongoing online programme of condition surveys will create a better understanding of the condition of our war memorials over the years. This greater understanding will help War Memorials Trust identify the resources required to provide its advice and grants and enable the charity to plan ahead to ensure it can help as many local communities as possible protect and conserve their war memorials.

War Memorials Trust
14 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0QP
020 7834 0200 / 0300 123 0764
www.warmemorials.org / www.learnaboutwarmemorials.org


Historic England is the Government’s statutory adviser on the historic environment. It exists to champion historic places, to help today’s generation get the best out of our heritage and to ensure it is protected in the future. Historic England encourages everyone to value the historic environment by promoting an understanding of its significance and assisting with its care through advice and grant funding. Historic England advises on 17,000 planning applications each year and gives out more than £24 million in grants.

Historic England believes War Memorials Online is a vital project which will help protect, record and conserve thousands of war memorials around the country. By involving the public in the creation of the online database, we hope more people will engage with these powerful memorials to sacrifice and ensure they survive and remain valued in the future.

Historic England
4th Floor, Cannon Bridge House, 25 Dowgate Hill, London EC4R 2YA
020 7973 3700

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