St Patrick's Boys School Roll of Honour

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Reference WMO/272485


Newman Catholic School

Temporary Site

Silverdale Road





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Status: Damaged
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building - public/private
Description: Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance
  • Paper Paper
Lettering: Other
  • First World War (1914-1918)
About the memorial: Two scrolls in modern frames, presumed to be a Roll of Honour listing former pupils and teachers of the school who served in World War One. Original and later Arms of Carlisle either side of a figure, possibly representing 'Education' and two children with Carlisle Castle in the background. The adult figure appears to be handing a book (representing 'learning'?) to the child on the right while the child on the left appears to have received a sword (of truth?). Behind the figures, two books rest on the floor to the left while to the right is a globe. A garland of leaves borders the left and right sides, plus beneath the names listing. The garland is surmounted on the left and right by three flowers while a seventh flower is below, in the centre. These appear to be parnassus flowers, the county flower of Cumberland which also features on both versions of the Arms of Carlisle. Also recovered were photographs of Lieutenant J H Collin VC and Lieutenant Colonel William Kerr DSO MC together with a scroll of honour for the latter. Significant physical and damp damage was sustained following the Carlisle flood of 2015 (Storm Desmond) and subsequent vandalism of the premises. The items were recovered from the wrecked building by the Secretary of Carlisle and Stanwix Royal British Legion. The items were on display at the school's temporary site pending relocation to a newly-built replacement school building in Upperby. They were removed from there in July 2020, pending relocation to a new site and selection of an appropriate location there. A project is under way to have the items conserved and securely stored with reproductions planned to be put on display in the new school when it opens in autumn/winter 2020. There are also two framed photographs of 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Henry Collin, VC of the Kings Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) and Lieutenant Colonel William Kerr, DSO, MC of the 2nd Border Regiment which are displayed in apparently contemporary frame and a scroll of honour for 2nd Lieutenant Collin in a modern frame.
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Be Just and Fear Not (Motto of the City of Carlisle from Shakespeare's 'Henry V', Act III Scene II_ PRO PATRIA ST PATRICK'S BOYS SCHOOL Names listed alphabetically by regiment On a small label at the base of one of the framed boards (the other label has been lost): ST PATRICKS SCHOOL ROLL OF HONOUR Believed to be a list of former pupils and teachers who served in the Great War

St Patrick's Boys' School Roll of Honour at Newman School As listed on boards Royal Navy - Barnes J; Royal Navy - Higgins, William John; Royal Navy - Maxwell, William; Royal Navy - O'Neil, Charles; Royal Navy - Shields, Robert; Royal Navy - Smith, John; Royal Navy - Stevenson, James; Royal Navy - Swatts, John; Royal Horse Guards - McDonald, William; 17th Lancers - McDonald, John; Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry - Brown, John James; Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry - Butler, P L; Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry - Donaldson, John; Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry - Halliburton, Bert; Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry - Parker, John; Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry - Parker, William; Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry - Short, John; Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry - Smith, Sydney; Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry - Stordy, Thomas; Royal Field Artillery - Brown, John James; Royal Field Artillery - Finn, Frank; Royal Field Artillery - Gallifer, Edward; Royal Field Artillery - Gannon, Toner; Royal Field Artillery - Kavanagh, Thomas G; Royal Field Artillery - Mullen, Arthur; Royal Field Artillery - Ratchford, J; Royal Field Artillery - Rome, Isaac; Royal Field Artillery - Rooney, Reginald; Royal Field Artillery - Spottiswood, Joe; Royal Field Artillery - Tweddle, Geo; Royal Engineers - Brown, William; Royal Engineers - Gardiner, John H; Royal Engineers - Sloan, James; Royal Engineers - Spottiswood, George; Royal Engineers - White, Charles; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Bowman, Philip; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Burgess, Alfred; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Burgess, Richard; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Chandler, Alfred; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Collins, Joseph; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Connolly, Robert Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Cunningham, George; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Dolan, Matthew; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Dunne, John; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Foster, John; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Graham, Charles; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Graham, Clarence; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Henry, George; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Henry, John; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Hodgson, George; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - McGuinness, George; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - McKenna, Michael; Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Parker, James; Black Watch - Brannon, John; Border Regiment - Birkett, William John; Border Regiment - Maxwell, James; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - Brett, Patrick J G; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - Gardiner, Richard; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - Higgins, George; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion -Higgins, William; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - Hounam, Robert; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - Mahoney, Frank; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - Mahoney, Kenneth; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - McManus, Andrew; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - Metcalf, Charles; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - Queen, William; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - Sheridan, Joseph; Border Regiment, 1st Battalion - Walsh, John; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Boyd, Matthew; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Burgess, Thomas; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Green, George; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Green, Thomas; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Henson, William (Sen); Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Henson, William (Jun); Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Hounam, Thomas; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Jackson, Wilfrid; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - McMinnis, Edward; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Riley, Ernest; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Riley, William; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Robinson, John; Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion - Rudden, Reginald; Border Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Boyle, J W; Border Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Doherty, Frank; Border Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Graham, David; Border Regiment, 3rd Battalion - McCormac, John W; Border Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Moses, James; Border Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Nicholson, Henry; Border Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Ronson, Alec; Border Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Ronson, E; Border Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Rudden, Bernard; Border Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Telford, Thomas; Highland Light Infantry - McIntre, Alfred; Irish Rifles (Royal) - McClusky, James?; King's (Liverpool) Regiment - Brannon, ???; King's (Liverpool) Regiment - Mason, John?; King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) - McMullen, Thomas?; King's Own Scottish Borderers - Connolly, D; King's Own Scottish Borderers - Connolly, Hugh; King's Own Scottish Borderers - Cowan, Alfred; King's Own Scottish Borderers - Cowan, Felix; King's Own Scottish Borderers - Kavanagh, Henry; King's Own Scottish Borderers - McDermott, James; King's Own Scottish Borderers - McDermott, John; King's Own Scottish Borderers - Mulholland, John; King's Own Scottish Borderers - Ronson, John; King's Royal Rifle Corps - Obertellie, Anthony; Lancashire Fusiliers - Henson, Robert; Lancashire Fusiliers - Minnis, Thomas; Lancashire (South) Regiment- Haugh, Richard; Lancashire (South) Regiment - Waters, Oliver; Manchester Regiment - Fuller, Arthur; Northumberland Fusiliers - Gannon, Chris; Northumberland Fusiliers - Riley, Arthur; Northumberland Fusiliers - Telford, Frank; Queen's (London) Regiment - Johnston, Bernard; Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) - Munday, William; Royal Scots - Cowan, John; Royal Scots - McDermott, James; Sherwood Foresters - McNarney, William; Suffolk Regiment - Fay, Thomas; York & Lancaster Regiment - McManus, James; Army Service Corps - Berry, Henry; Army Service Corps - Berry, John; Army Service Corps - Fehrenbach, James; Army Service Corps - Friel, Joseph; Army Service Corps - Gannon, Cuthbert; Army Service Corps - Haley, Joseph; Army Service Corps - Mulholland, Robert; Army Service Corps - O'Connor, James; Army Ordnance Corps - Berry, Henry; Army Ordnance Corps - Berry, John; Royal Marines - Gilbertson, John; Royal Marines - McCluskey, William; Royal Marine Light Infantry - Cassidy, James; Royal Marine Light Infantry - Cassidy, Tom; Royal Marine Light Infantry - McDonald, J;

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